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Am I helping fund Planetside 2 & Devs by buying DBC (but not spending it yet), or do I actually have to spend the currency in PS2 for that to happen? Same question goes for membership (since it technically applies to the other games in "All Access").

I remember a while ago one of the devs (Andy?) mentioning that DBG's accounting doesn't actually credit PS2 for funding until you spend DBC in PS2 related stuff, but I can't find the source for that and I'm not sure if that was before the RPG switch.

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Its a financial technicality that selling a virtual currency creates a liability the bean counters want us to believe is important, in reality RPG will bank what they get from coin sales immediately and can use it whenever they want leaving the liability as a paper credit that they can devalue on a whim as there is no way to cash it out and the exchange rate is entirely controlled by them.

So tldr, yes its good that you spend it, but if you want to support RPG dont worry about the accounting, just buy the coins and spend them whenever you want.

^This. I'd add that you also support our team just by playing the game - our player count (user base) is just as important a metric to the health and success of the game as revenue.

tl;dr as long as players are playing and having fun, PS2 will be alive and well :)