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Greetings everyone, we just published our construction plans via Dev Letter on our website. Check it out here.

We're curious to know what you think!

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Originally posted by SomeRandomTrSoldier

It looks like this constructions update is veeeeery early in the development, are we going to get any updates before that?

While I'm describing a large, multi-month initiative above, you'll still see plenty of bug cleanup, quality of life improvements, balance iteration, as well as monthly Prime Gaming content and seasonal events in between major releases.

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Originally posted by Teszro

So with piecing multiple structures to make one big structure. Would you still need individual modules to power everything? Or would it require less because you "made a new structure" ?

To be clear, you won't be piecing structures together. The system will work much like it does now, except that modules will be slotted directly into structures instead of scattered around a base, and each module will only benefit the structure it's slotted into. Let me know if there's a part in that article that might have caused the miscommunication, and I'll see if I can rephrase it.

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Originally posted by InterSlayer

Builder main here. Not to keen on the suggested changes, but will keep an open mind and hope Wrel does too.

Just jamming construction into the lattice or overall continent lock mechanics isn't fun, and hasn't done so well int he past (HIVEs etc).

My list of alternative suggestions:

Defensibility of Fledgling Bases

  • Pain Spire
    • Convert to some kind of resist/health/shield/regen buff.
  • Modules
    • Give modules similar resistances of the Spawn Tube.
    • Change the alert module to only fire if the actual player base and its parts are are under attack. Also add ability to detect and warn of Cortium bomb placement.
  • Turrets
    • Make AI turret module require activation, similar to the shield module overload with cooldown.
    • Add shielding to turrets, which is dropped when controlled by AI.
  • Terminals
    • Remove equipment terminal from Bunker. Make it a standalone module or integrate into Spawn Tube.

Flail/Glaive Changes

  • Dart Holder should have high value target marking.
  • Firing an artillery dart should briefly prevent cloak.
  • Combine the Glaive and Flail artillery. On top of normal Flail damage, successive hits build up to the EMP effect on a player base. This removes the "Find the green dot" to simply "Kill the dart holder"
  • Replace Glaive with a SkyLance turret that can only be controlled by a player, and burns large amounts of Cortium with every shot.

Encouraging Activity at Player Bases

  • Allow the ability to spawn heavy vehicles.
  • Player constructed spawns should have an icon in UI if they have vehicle/air terminals nearby.
  • Bastion
    • Make a refueling station for Bastion's that when used, allows it to repair or grant limited extension of its timer before it returns to orbit.
  • Colossus
    • Add a terminal to spawn a colossus (Still requires the same existing resources, but doesn't require a warpgate or tech plant pull).
  • Vanu Artifacts Continent-Wide CTF / DAOC Style Relics
    • Artifacts provide faction wide bonuses such as Ammo Tower AOE repair, ability to hack enemy vehicles, etc.
    • Lesser Artifacts can spawn at high value outposts such as Crown, Ascent, etc and picked up any time.
    • Greater Artifacts can spawn at bases adjacent to a faction warpgate, but can only be picked up if the static base is flipped from the original owner when the continent unlocked.
    • Once an Artifact is picked up, it needs to be transported to a Player Constructed Base with an available constructed Artifact Holder.
    • Artifacts are always visible on the map to all players, encouraging defense and attacks along the way.
    • Players transporting an Artifact can only ride in a Flash or Sunderer.

Edit: Was wrong about building only being allowed at vehicle capture points.

First off, I'm pretty apprehensive of constraining building to vehicle capture hexes.

Building isn't being constrained to vehicle capture hexes.