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We will be having a scheduled a game update tomorrow at 6AM PT. / 3PM CEST. to fix misc. bugs and start a holiday sale event. Server downtime may last up to three hours. --- Sales Events
  • Fathers Day Sales Event with 40% off all infantry weapons coming June 17th - June 19th
  • June's members only bundle hits the depot for the low price of 10 Certs! If you previously missed out on Prime Gaming rewards then here's your chance to grab them with your Daybreak Membership!
    • Because this is offered for Certs, this will only affect the character you purchase the bundle on. You will need to purchase the bundle for all of your characters. We are currently looking into this.
Bug Fixes
  • Purchasing the Aviator Helmets for NSO and Humans will now allow you to receive all of the helmets and the title for your account
    • For those that have purchased the bundles before this fix, please contact customer services. We sincerely apologize for this mistake and thank you for your patience. We are still getting to grips with a few of the systems behind the scenes.
  • G40-F Ranger (Harasser , Ant, Sunderer, Prowler) has had its audio reworked to improve responsiveness and performance
  • G20 Hellion (Valkyrie) has received all new weapon audio
  • Lightning Skyguard audio has been redone and no longer sounds like someone beating on sheet metal with a spoon
  • Sunderer's M18 Palisade-S has had its audio normalized so that its volume is more consistent
  • M20 Basilisk (Harasser , Ant, Sunderer, Prowler, Vanguard, Magrider) has had its audio reworked and improved
  • Dramatically reduced repeated sound issues when quickly firing on the following weapons; AF4-Cyclone, NSX Kappa, NSX Tomoe, Terminus VX9
  • The NSO Defector has had its animation audio blending adjusted to fix issues with 3rd person running and sprinting audio
  • VHO Reflex (2x) now has an icon that correctly represents its in game visuals
  • The Damage/Distance graph in the UI will now draw a Horizonal Line at the weapon's damage value instead of nothing when there is no falloff
  • World Space Indicators (such as those for capture points) have had their location calculations adjusted so that they no longer shift position when the camera is moved around
  • Weapons will no longer reappear for a single frame during the grenade throw animation
  • Fixed texture faces not appearing properly on a Facility Canopy Wall asset
  • The Silo's tutorial prompt now refers to the welding tool
  • The alert icon on the Recon Array notification UI should now be more correctly and aesthetically positioned
Known Issues
  • Cert only purchases are NOT account wide. We are looking into this for Member Only bundles. For now you will have to purchase these bundles on each character