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PC servers will come down Wednesday, October 7, 2020, at 6am PT (3pm CEST), for the game update below. Downtime is expected to last up to two hours. -- Alert Rewards In an effort to keep our economy in check, the last update pulled out Alert rewards in favor of the new mission system. This was a swing and a miss from us, as it became very clear (very quickly) that alert rewards were an important part of the motivation and progression for many of you. To that end, we've made some changes to bring back most of the rewards (and all of the ISO-4) while keeping in the bonus experience we instated in the last update. Meltdown rewards now grant...
  • 300 ISO-4 for a win.
  • 150 ISO-4 for a loss.
  • 150 Certs for a win.
  • 75 Certs for a loss.
  • XP for a win remains 25,000.
  • XP for a loss remains 10,000.
Empire Strength
  • Full Empire Strength is now achieved at 44% through raw territory control, (down from 52%,) or 40% territory control if you also own the central base.
  • This should allow Meltdown alerts on all continents to trigger a bit more easily.
  • !! Plants should no longer appear beneath the ground or inside of other objects.
  • !! Added missing localizations for various campaign and mission-related strings.
  • Speculative fix for Bio Analysis not allowing you to hack valid terminals.
  • Accepting the first mission in the Campaign will auto-pin it to your HUD.
  • If you aren't currently tracking the first Campaign mission, it will auto-pin when you enter Sanctuary.
  • The recurring Campaign Side-Missions (the ones that appear in your daily mission pool) now have rewards.
  • BEC Ammunition and Condensate Grenade tooltips now mention that they will expire at the end of the Campaign.
  • "Warpgate Fragment" has been renamed "Broken Warpgate Arm" for the purposes of second Campaign mission.
  • Increased the range at which "The Shattered Warpgate" is actually in effect for Foothold, Demolition, Balance of Power, and other missions that require you to be in The Shattered Warpgate to earn credit.
  • Doubled the range at which you can stand near the downloading terminal to still get credit for the Data Recovery mission, and you no longer need the Analysis HUD to interact with the terminal.
  • Insulated Suit schematic no longer costs Campaign Standing.
  • Analysis HUD now works in vehicles.
  • The daily spread of mission types has been greatly modified so that there will always be a variety of playstyles in each daily pool.
  • Supply Convoy, Supply Convoy Disruption, Supply Convoy Defense, Recover Lost Intel, and Plant False Data missions have been temporarily removed from the pool. We were dissatisfied with the performance of these missions and will be fixing/tuning/replacing them in the future. We are currently also creating new missions that will be released in the next update.
  • In addition, we've made some adjustments to the reward sets that will result in more frequent ISO-4/Cert/Implant rewards overall.
  • You should no longer receive weapon rewards for weapons you already own.
  • Cloaked players can no longer contest an Elysium Mining Drill.
  • Elysium Mining Drill is now visible from much further away.
Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions
  • Fixed a bug that tripled Nanite regeneration.
  • Reclaimed Sunderers now grant spawn experience when deployed.
  • ISO-4 hover-over tooltip no longer states that the max is 50,000, and is 100,000 as intended.
  • Electrical Storm's movement speed has been increased due to player feedback.
  • Mentor Chat now requires Tier 3 Leadership directive completion in order to speak and listen to it. (In the future we will allow you to leave this channel. This change unfortunately didn't make it in time for this update.)
  • Increased the time before an inactive Outfit will fall off the Outfit Browser to 72 hours to allow more chances for small outfits to appear in the list.