14 days ago - Mithril - Direct link
Hello everyone, the following below is our latest update to the connery server. We would like to hear about your experience with the latency during high population on the server this week and into the weekend. If you may, please share it with us down below.
"Connery Latency Issues: As of 10:30pm PT, May. 02, we have made revisions to the network infrastructure surrounding the Connery server. The goal with these changes are to, at minimum, cross certain factors off our list during the investigation into Connery's latency problems. The best case scenario would be that the changes resolve the current issues. We'd like to encourage folks to play on Connery and send CS report tickets for issues if they continue to occur (https://help.daybreakgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). As a reminder, we're looking for your character name, time of incident, ISP, and PC specs."
Please state what part of the world you play from, the local time of occurrence, and the high latency ping range you experience in the replies down below. Thank you!
2 days ago - Mithril - Direct link
Hi Team, Honestly, I think the [problem is being missed. I have multiple characters across different servers. The problem with Connery seems to be the character database. It is having coding issues with player data management, this is overloading the network resources and crashing players out. 3 (that I do not use daily) out 5 of my Connery characters get booted, but the regular characters are fine with no issue on the same server. I would seriously consider looking at the player database and how it processing and any recent updates in that support area. Just a thought. Player from Aus avg ping 150-200"
Could you video tape the 3 out of 5 characters working then swapping to the other two to show the disconnections, but only if you can replicate this each time. If possible, thanks!