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All PC servers will be offline for the following update on Thursday, November 17, at 6:00am PT (3:00pm CET). The downtime for this update is expected to last up to 3 hours. -- Happy 10-Year Anniversary! On November 20, PlanetSide 2 will be celebrating ONE DECADE of war on Auraxis. In this anniversary update, you'll find loads of visual updates, balance changes, an entirely new facility capture mechanic, new items available in the Depot, and even some upcoming events. All the details found below. Ultimate Empire Showdown Join us at 2pm PT (11pm CET), Nov. 20 on www.twitch.tv/PlanetSide2 for a head to head to head matchup with community creators, Camikaze78, CMDRCyrious, and Wintergaming, hosted by ArsheeTV! Our guests will pit the might of their faction against one another on Jaegar for this special event. More information here: https://www.planetside2.com/news/ultimate-empire-showdown-2022 Double Experience Weekends! Want some DOUBLE EXPERIENCE? Check out the schedule below!
  • Double Experience for ALL- Nov. 18, 19, 20
  • Double Experience for MEMBERS - Nov. 25, 26, 27
All Access members receive double experience on the last full weekend of each month. More information here: https://www.daybreakgames.com/allaccess Claim your 10th Anniversary Decal! Celebrate the 10th Anniversary with a new decal, only 10 Certs in the Depot for a limited time! Capture the Conduit With the 10-year anniversary, we've added a whole new way to wage war. You'll see various bases throughout Auraxis outfitted with a new CTF-style mechanic we call Capture the Conduit. Attacking a Conduit Outpost goes like so.
  • Hack a Repo.
  • Steal a Conduit.
  • Deposit the Conduit into the Repo.
  • Repeat.
Defending a Conduit Outpost goes similarly.
  • Re-secure hacked Repos.
  • Return stolen Conduits.
  • Repeat.
A more detailed breakdown is found below. Each Conduit Outpost has at least one Podium and one Repository (or "Repo",) but some bases have more. Podiums hold Conduits that attackers must steal from the defenders. Conduits can only be off a podium for a limited amount of time, and any captured Conduits respawn after a short delay. Each outpost has a certain number of captures, referred to as "strikes," against a base before it's conquered by attackers. The faction that captures the last Conduit will conquer the base. Conduits Grabbing a Conduit will give you a short burst of speed and restore your shields, but you can't fire weapons, and some abilities have reduced effectiveness while a Conduit is held. Dropping a Conduit puts your suit's hazard protection on cooldown, preventing you from picking it back up for a time, but an ally (or enemy) can pick it up immediately. If a defending player interacts with a dropped Conduit, it is immediately re-secured, and the Podium it came from will generate a new Conduit in its place. Repositories To attack a base, you'll need to hack one of these Repos to establish your presence. A Repo is where attackers can cash in the Conduits they've stolen. Capturing a Conduit by depositing it into a Repo will earn a strike toward the base. If defenders are able to re-secure all Repos at a base, the base itself will be immediately re-secured, and the assault will need to begin anew. Dev Note: Currently, Repos only take a few seconds to hack, but this will be converted to an overload-style mechanic in the near future. Below is the list of bases converted to Conduit Outposts. Amerish
  • The Bastion
  • Shrouded Skyway
  • Splitpeak Pass
  • Onatha Southwest Gate
  • Wokuk Watchtower
  • Crux Headquarters
  • West Pass Watchtower
  • J908
  • Indar Excavation Site
  • Mattherson's Triumph
  • Elli Tower
  • Andvari South Bank
  • The Traverse
  • Baldur Amp Station
  • Jord Amp Station
  • Spral Oasis
  • Andvari Barracks
  • Fort Drexler
  • Hunter's Blind
  • Hurakan Secure Storage
  • Naum Marsh Compound
  • Ixtab Water Purification
  • Astira Hydroelectric
Map and Environment The following bases and lattice links have received updates. Amerish Ikanam Biolab
  • Three capture points are now located within the facility, and an additional fourth capture point has been added in the construction area atop the base.
  • Greenery has been added atop the construction area to provide cover... and color.
  • Vehicle terminal area now has more room for vehicle deployments.
The Bastion
  • Added more cover along tower walkways.
  • Adjusted jump pads and added a third wall tower to facilitate CTF gameplay.
Indar Lattice Links
  • Removed lattice link from Indar Waste Treatment to Crater Firing Range.
  • Added lattice link from J908 Impact Site to Ceres Hydroponics.
  • Added lattice link from Dahaka Southern Post to Dahaka Pump Station.
  • Added lattice link from Snake Ravine Lookout to Xenotech Labs.
Scarred Mesa Skydock
  • Added shields to both Sunderer Garages.
Hvar Databank
  • Added shields to both Sunderer Garages.
Sunken Relay Station
  • Moved the capture point indoors.
Esamir Andvari Barracks
  • Has received more cover along the bridge area.
Andvari South Bank
  • Has received more cover along the bridge area.
  • Bastions are now available on Oshur.
  • Has received a new mid-tier stabilized state, like other continents.
Bastion Fleet Carrier The Bastion Fleet Carrier has received a role adjustment that places its power in the realm of map control. This massive vehicle can now hasten attacks on enemy bases, stall attacks on allied bases, and become a spawn point for more than just your Outfit. New Commands Three new commands have been added to the Bastion's repertoire - Lockdown, Assault, and Anchor.
  • Issuing the Lockdown command over an allied facility area that is being captured will cause the Fleet Carrier to fly over and pause the capture timer.
  • Issuing the Assault command over an enemy facility area will accelerate the capture timer of a facility that's currently being captured, as if it had one additional capture point already controlled in your favor.
  • Issuing the Anchor command will turn the Bastion into a spawn point for the entire faction.
Each of these commands last until the Fleet Carrier issues a new command or is destroyed. Mauler Cannons
  • Mauler Cannons and the Attack command have been removed.
Bastion's Ship to Ship Cannons
  • CoF Recovery Rate from 0.67 to 8
  • Ironsights in/out time from 3sec. to 0.5sec.
Dev Note: The above adjustments make these weapons a bit less of a headache to use. Picture of a Bastion Fleet Carrier against Esamir's updated sky. Graphics Improvements We've developed a number of new graphical enhancements and updates in anticipation for the Anniversary release. Texture Updates We've polished many of the texture sheets in our game by bringing them more in line with current physically based rendering (PBR) standards. Overall, the changes pull back some of the excessive grunge on structures and vehicles, bumps up the reflectivity, and makes the faction colors on painted metal feel a bit more vibrant. Water Reflections Oshur's ocean now looks more... ocean-y, with the addition to water-based reflections. You can adjust the quality settings of these water reflections in the Graphics menu. Screen Space Reflections Many of the glossy surfaces in the game will now reflect what you see on your screen when the new "Screen Space Reflections" are activated. We refer to this in the Graphics menu as "Object Reflections", the higher the quality, the more detail they'll reflect. Sky Improvements We've made updates to the skies across Auraxis, generally adding more color to the environment and cleaning up issues like blocky clouds. New Explosions Many of the on-impact explosions have received visual revamps, as well as performance optimizations. Anti-Aliasing Options You now have new anti-aliasing options to choose from, allowing you to smooth out those jagged edges. We've added options for FXAA, TAA, and FXAA+TAA. Dev Note: The TAA options need a bit more refinement, which will land in a later update. Advanced Specialization Program 03 is now Unlocked
  • For the hardcore battle rank enthusiasts, we've unlocked A.S.P. 03 for you to pursue.
  • A.S.P. is unlocked by achieving Battle Rank 100, and visiting the My Character screen, and provides access to hybrid class unlocks and other advanced loadout customization options.
  • Certing into A.S.P. costs 10,000 Certs, and is FREE if you're a Member.
New to the Depot this Anniversary! (Available through November) In the Depot for a limited time, the warriors of Auraxis prepare for their greatest battle with new Norse-inspired weapons and cosmetics. Craftsman's 10-Year Anniversary Bundle - 1999 DBC
  • Faction-specific Decal (All factions)
  • 10-year Loyalty Profile Banner (All factions)
  • Trickster's Helmet (VS only)
  • Thunderer's Helmet (NC only)
  • Wyrdwatcher's Helmet (TR only)
  • Valfreyjan Helmet (NSO only)
  • Heimdall's Anvil Drop Pod
Drop the hammer with the Heimdall's Anvil Drop Pod. Warrior's 10-Year Anniversary Bundle - 3999 DBC
  • Faction-specific Decal (All factions)
  • 10-year Loyalty Profile Banner (All factions)
  • Trickster's Helmet (VS only)
  • Thunderer's Helmet (NC only)
  • Wyrdwatcher's Helmet (TR only)
  • Valfreyjan Helmet (NSO only)
  • Heimdall's Anvil Drop Pod
  • Einherjar Plating (Valkyrie Exterior)
  • Einherjar c*ckpit (Valkyrie c*ckpit)
  • NS "Fenrir's Maw" Annihilator (Infantry Rocket Launcher)
Be one of Freyja's chosen with the new Einherjar Valkyrie cosmetics. Giant's 10-Year Anniversary Bundle - 7999 DBC
  • Faction-specific Decal
  • 10-year Loyalty Profile Banner (All factions)
  • Trickster's Helmet (VS only)
  • Thunderer's Helmet (NC only)
  • Wyrdwatcher's Helmet (TR only)
  • Valfreyjan Helmet (NSO only)
  • Heimdall's Anvil Drop Pod
  • Einherjar Plating (Valkyrie Exterior)
  • Einherjar c*ckpit (Valkyrie c*ckpit)
  • NS "Fenrir's Maw" Annihilator (Infantry Rocket Launcher)
  • NS-30 "Gungnir" Vandal (Infantry Scout Rifle)
  • Supernova "Fafnir" FPC (VS Magrider Cannon)
  • Titan-150 "Fafnir" AP (NC Vanguard Cannon)
  • P2-120 "Fafnir" AP (TR Prowler Cannon)
  • CT-150 "Fafnir" Cyclops (NSO Chimera Cannon)
  • Stormbringer (Heavy Melee Weapon)
  • Ragnarok Contrails (Scythe, Reaver, Mosquito, Dervish, Valkyrie, Liberator, Galaxy)
  • 10-year Loyalty Banner Frame (All factions)
  • Trickster's Light Assault Armor (VS only)
  • Thunderer's Light Assault Armor (NC only)
  • Wyrdwatcher's Light Assault Armor (TR only)
  • Valfreyjan Light Assault Armor (NSO only)
  • Perfect Experimental Stims (Account-wide Implant)
  • Perfect Berserker (Account-wide Implant)
  • Title: Eternal
  • 12-month Heroic Boost
Call down the thunder with the Stormbringer heavy melee weapon, complete with custom audio and FX. PlanetSide Legacy Bundle - 4999 DBC The PlanetSide Legacy Bundle returns during this event, offering a 6-month Heroic Boost, three "Perfect" account-wide exceptional implants, fresh cosmetic takes on classic weapons, and more.
  • 6-month Heroic Boost
  • Title: Enthusiast
  • Apex Drop Pod
  • "Apex" NC1 Gauss Rifle
  • "Apex" T1 Cycler
  • "Apex" Pulsar VS1
  • Infravision [Perfect]
  • Avoidance [Perfect]
  • Minor Cloak [Perfect]
  • Legacy Banner
  • Legacy Banner Frame
"Apex" T1 Cycler "Apex" Pulsar VS1 "Apex" NC1 Gauss Rifle Subterfuge Directive You've recently begun receiving messages from a mysterious contractor looking for help. Can you sort through the static in this new directive lineup? New daily missions will be made available alongside this new directive. Be careful though, while on these missions, you become a High Value Target to other agents in the field.
  • Black Market Kills - Earn kills using any Black Market weapon.
  • Collect A7 Data Nodes - Collect exposed data nodes found at consoles throughout the world.
  • Cutting off the Head - Eliminate enemies designated as High Value Targets.
  • Subterfuge Missions - Complete Subterfuge Missions to progress this challenge.
  • Invisible Stalker - Earn kills while cloaked...
  • Cloak and Dagger - Spot targets, hack or destroy terminals, and overload generators.
  • Conduit Outpost Capture - Capture any Conduit Outpost.
Mastering this directive will grant you the KTR-3 Saboteur, an anti-materiel punching dagger capable of inflicting damage to heavily armored vehicles. Exceptional VII A new Exceptional directive has landed, allowing use of the past Halloween event weapons, and this Anniversary's new weapon lineup! Prepare yourself for the gates of Valhalla with the Exceptional VII's Chromeshine Camo reward. New Loot with Prime Gaming, beginning Nov. 23rd! PlanetSide 2 is coming to Prime Gaming! Each month, new equipment and cosmetics will be made available to eligible Amazon Prime or Prime Video members! This month, the NS-11A Frontline assault rifle and Gladiator Helmets are up for grabs. The Frontline assault rifle contributes to the new Exceptional VII directive progress! Want your loot? Check here for more information on Nov. 23rd: https://gaming.amazon.com/home
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