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21 Jun


We’re excited to announce that Tepig, the Fire Pig Pokémon, will be featured during July’s Community Day event!

Date + Time

Saturday, July 3, 2021, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time


  • Tepig will be appearing more frequently in the wild. If you’re lucky, you might encounter a Shiny one!
  • Evolve Pignite (Tepig’s Evolution) during the event or up to two hours afterward to get an Emboar that knows the Charged Attack Blast Burn.
  • Take a few snapshots during Community Day for a surprise!
  • There’ll be a special one-time-purchase Community Day Box available for 1,280 PokéCoins, featuring 50 Ultra Balls, fi...
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One of the delights of Pokémon GO is finding Pokémon in the real world—walking around, discovering new places, meeting up with groups of friends to raid or battle together. At their core, all of Niantic’s games are built around the ideas of exploration, exercise, and playing with friends.

As we said last month, how we all play changed a lot in the past 15 months. With the onset of the global pandemic, we realized that we had to change the model for all of our games. We could no longer take going outside and meeting people for granted.


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20 Jun

Shiny Corsola is appearing for the first time in Pokémon GO!


The Pokémon Company has launched Pokémon Air Adventures, an initiative started in Japan that helps create wonderful travel memories. To celebrate, in Okinawa, Japan, a special Pikachu wearing an Okinawan kariyushi shirt will be appearing in Pokémon GO starting July 22! This Pikachu will be appearing for over a year, so if you are able to travel and get the chance to visit Okinawa, you can try looking for one! Just like with the Pikachu wearing a kariyushi shirt, we’re looking to introduce more costumed Pokémon that are available only in certain r...

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19 Jun

17 Jun


Notice anything different about our homepage? It’s got a whole new look!

In addition, some Trainers around the world will be able to test out the following features. These features will roll out to all Trainers later this summer.

  • A real-time sky mechanic that mimics a player’s sky light based on their geographical location
  • Additional Pokédex classifications to keep track of different Pokémon variants and attributes

We’ll provide updates on our social channels about our upcoming fifth anniversary celebrations, so stay tuned!

Please be aware of your surroundings and follow guidelines from local health authorities when playing Pokémon GO. Upcoming events ...

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Want to match your avatar during Pokémon GO Fest 2021? Good news! Trainers located in the United States, Canada, and Japan will be able to purchase commemorative shirts. Read on for more details.

United States and Canada

  • Trainers with a shipping address in the United States can purchase Pokémon GO Fest 2021 shirts from the Pokémon Center at this link.
  • Trainers with a shipping address in...
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