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5s hello I'm East Park from poly Champions
9s and I'm tolby a streamer of politopia
12s and we are going to talk about
13s highlights from the daily poly Luxor
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23s below
32s this is a daily polium between pugs in
37s black and Le Liberator and purple they
40s spawn really
45s close but pugs has more fruit so he goes
48s organization and he picks up
51s Riders and then Le lib in purple he has
54s more animals so he goes hunting and org
61s the thing I find interesting about this
63s matchup is purple decides to go with an
65s interesting strategic decision and picks
67s up archery allowing to pick up archers
70s to defend his borders as well as gain a
72s defensive bonus on all those forests
74s that are scattered across the entire map
76s I thought this was interesting wait I'm
77s going to go back just to turn forward
79s look at this little warrior in the South
81s this purple guy instead of claiming that
83s Village the warrior goes south to reveal
86s the lighthouse and that allows purple to
90s up upgrade his
91s capital and he can afford an Archer now
95s and upgrade that other city that's a
97s cool
99s trick so on turn six this is interesting
102s black picks up roads and more riders in
106s preparation to attack all those
113s archers so there he's attacking with his
115s Riders and bouncing back to
118s safety despite having the roads for the
120s maneuverability Advantage Black's going
122s to have an issue with all those forests
124s blocking his path so those archers are
127s actually relatively safe in the back
129s this defensive Advantage will allow
132s purple to hold out until much later into
134s the
135s game one key thing to note is purple
138s then makes another strategic decision
141s seeing Giants on the front steps he
143s decides to pick up construction now
146s allowing him to burn forests to turn it
148s into Farmland which was previously
149s locked behind shivalry so black purple
152s sees right the black Giants coming and
154s he he has archers but look The Archers
157s are not going to be enough so he this is
160s really cool the black Right comes in
163s here on turn 14 black right is sending
165s in these two giants he he cannot see
169s under this fog right but there's a whole
172s mess of archers back there but the
174s archers are not enough so even when
177s black sieges with the two
181s Giants purple comes in right with the
183s line of
187s archers The Archers do a mess of damage
190s but it The Archers alone are not enough
192s to kill those giants so this is the cool
193s part right Toby tell us about it so with
196s this interesting play purple then burns
199s the forests to convert them into
201s Farmland allowing him to get enough Pops
204s in order to push a giant right so here
208s this this Forest here right so right
212s there he burns this Forest on turn 15 in
217s preparation to turn it into a
224s farm but he doesn't get the Giant yet he
226s uses his
230s archers and then he uses two monuments
234s and he pops two
235s Giants and that turns the game around
241s this clever strategic decision making
243s made by purple allows him to turn the
244s game around into his favor where the
246s following turn after black concedes the
251s game this is another game from the daily
255s polium we have uh rats in purple and
260s anva is in
263s pink both purple and pink meet very
266s early in the center of the map on turn
268s three and begin a tussle over a village
270s both choose to play it safe and deny the
272s other from capturing it and exchange
273s Warriors in the
278s process yeah purple goes for org since
280s he has three fruit in the capital and
282s upgrade his City just for five stars
284s back and then pink uses the meeting
286s stars to get writing a writer an
290s org but on turn five look this is
292s interesting pink chooses to go for the
294s ruins what do you think of
296s that so same reason why they exchanged
299s Warriors in the first Place both of them
301s feel that they've got too much presence
303s in the center of the map are now
304s choosing to go around to the outside and
307s go for safer place in this case pink
310s will be able to go for the
312s ruins and then so this Center Village is
315s really key they kind of go back and
316s forth on turn seven purple picks up
319s climbing to get access to attack but
323s then he's not going to be able to keep
324s it cuz pink has two riders in range he
327s can just knock him off
330s yep Pink's Mobility is showing how it is
333s superior and then turn eight purple
335s makes a mistake turn eight purple ends
337s up making a mistake and walks too far
339s away from both Central Villages this
342s allows pink to take control of the
343s entire center of the
346s map and then on turn five pink manages
350s to claim those two
351s Villages but he doesn't have enough
354s stars at this point um to cuz he
357s upgrades the South City he doesn't have
360s have enough stars to upgrade both so he
362s decides to get an Explorer in the north
365s and he leaves the other City at level
368s one that allows purple to Siege with two
371s Warriors but then pink has two Riders
373s waiting so he can just un Siege the next
380s turn the next point that gets really
382s interesting is a turn 14 let's go there
385s way later into the game pink ends up
387s picking up roads from the ruins on the
390s Eastern side of the map uh choosing not
393s to use it on this turn Ben proceeds to
396s use the archers and Giants to start
397s cleaning up purple and all of their
399s Giants in their advances he starts
402s saving his Stars so he can pick up free
404s spirits and shivalry in the following
406s turns yeah I think this is so cool so
409s pink has roads from the ruins he doesn't
411s place them he saves stars and then on
414s turn 15 end of turn 15 he gets a knight
418s he gets a knight and then on turn 16
420s this is just so cool he
422s places two roads he Maneuvers his Knight
426s in to do this chain that he softens up
429s the giant with archers he moves more
431s archers in softens up the swordsman and
434s then he attacks and one hit point left
436s promotes to a veteran and then he's able
439s to claim pink wins so cool purple is out
443s of units in order to fight and thus is
445s no longer having anything else to fight
447s for the game on to the next one
451s game three with the first sighting of
452s the ammok skin it is turn 22 canal and
455s black goes cloaks and catapults and
457s morning and purple chooses to go with
460s knights yeah so this is fun because
464s purple right gets the Knight purple gets
467s three
468s Knights and black has daggers but the
471s daggers black doesn't have archery so
475s the daggers don't have defense bonuses
478s so then on turn 23
481s purple just sends in his night and plows
484s through all these daggers and catapults
488s and
490s Riders and that wins purple the
495s game a beautiful dying chain from purple
498s 9 night
500s black now we get to continent maps which
504s means we often have one tile Rivers
506s separating the land masses thank
508s goodness we finally are playing with
510s water so in this game vorse is in purple
516s and P20 is
518s gray and you can see that vorce in
521s purple to start only has the capital
523s with water access gray has two cities
525s pretty early with access to the water
528s it's not till later that Force gets a A
530s Safe Harbor up in the north on turn
533s eight purple places a port and makes a
535s raft uh even though he can see grace
538s warrior in range on turn dine purple
541s takes border growth which gives them
543s more water territory as well as taking
545s away water territory from Gray in the
548s process this gives safer spots to build
550s rafts but delays purple's opportunity
553s for securing the first
555s giant yeah there's that purple border
559s growth and now getting the Giant on turn
561s 10 he could have gotten the giant sooner
563s but he opted to get the Border growth to
565s get more water space and also cut off
568s this Village The gr's Village
572s area this border growth will play an
574s important point for later on in the game
576s as this is also going to prevents Gray
578s from being able to attack purple by
584s land and I think this is interesting you
587s can see in gray gray can see there are
590s three starfish just out of range so on
593s turn 12 gray goes and gets uh navigation
598s and picks up those two star starfish
600s gray knows there's at least one other
602s starfish maybe more hiding in the fog
603s we'll see it later there's a fourth but
605s this totally pays off picking up um
608s picking up navigation just to get the
618s starfish oh yeah the other thing so you
620s can see
621s on turn 12 yeah so gray on turn 12 they
626s both have mathematics but Gray has
630s archers I don't know why he gets so many
633s archers um purple also has math and gets
637s catapults which makes more sense to me
639s as like a defensive play but gray
642s invests a lot into archers I guess it's
645s to slow down these Giants but there's so
648s many archers I don't think that's going
649s to play out we'll see archers are a
654s cheap investment in to protect your
657s Coastal borders as well as able to pick
659s off Giants on the land but it does make
662s it harder for gray to be able to
663s actually push forward and secure some
665s sieges and get their continent back from
671s purple yeah and notice here right purple
675s has one shallow water tile next to his
679s Capital he is saving that spot for a
683s bridge he he saves it he saves it no
686s Bridge no Bridge not until turn 26
690s that purple builds a bridge and sends
692s across a knight and just tears through
695s all these catapults and archers just all
700s gone a beautiful 10 chain absolutely
705s devastating all of Gray's Army that
708s leaves gray only with a navy and is
711s going to be resorting straight to
713s Defenders to protect his land
715s fortunately the Navy can't quite secure
718s the land as well as he like and that's
720s going to secure the game gray had valant
723s defended their continents and secured
725s the naval Advantage by turn 24 however
728s they had invested too much into Scouts
730s and forgot to diversify their Navy
733s despite already having navigation Tech
735s since turn 12 they didn't get a bomber
737s until turn 27 this gives purple enough
740s time to invest their late game winning
742s strategy there's the bomber on turn 27
744s but it's too little too late you should
746s have gotten bomber sooner
748s yeah here's a fun Houdini play for y'all
751s purple is zerus and red is vorce purple
755s ends up being the first onto the water
757s on this map while red is an economic
760s Advantage is first to get a giant and
762s then let's see on turn
764s eight purple gets climbing
769s and an Explorer the Explorer goes a
772s little bit South but then heads it
774s reveals the capital but then it heads
776s North stops on the mountain and that
778s gives purple two lighthouses it gets the
781s north Lighthouse here on turn 10 purple
786s claims that Island
788s City gets an Explorer and the Explorer
791s Goes West enough to reveal that third
794s Lighthouse so now purple has three out
797s of four
800s lighthouses on turn 11 red advances and
803s purple sets a trap purple leaves behind
806s their Island City open turn 11 red drops
809s drops his Jugger on in landing his giant
812s purple moves raft South to uncover the
814s fourth Lighthouse giving him four of
816s four obtaining the eye of God using the
819s park of Fortune and the ey of God as
821s well as a couple of ports purple is able
823s to get a giant and Houdini Red's giant
827s look at that one Monument second
831s Monument
834s poof bye-bye giant here's our last daily
838s Finals game
840s G in this game zerus is purple and anva
845s is blue you can see the map there's this
848s long river separating the two continents
852s there is a spot of land connection in
854s the South but a lot of this uh but the
857s river is going to be
859s important blue ends up being the first
861s on the water and on turn eight gets a
863s foothold on purple's continent by
865s claiming a village with the warrior this
868s in turn versus purple to divert precious
871s resources just to get it back by turn 10
875s purple sieges the city but blue had
877s previously dropped two more Warriors
878s from raps and place and is able to un
881s Siege by turn 11 purple finally is able
885s to Res secure their continent back
887s thanks to well-positioned
889s rammer here on turn 14 blue can Siege
895s purple city with the giant instead he
897s lands his giant and does three and does
901s Splash damage to three of purple's
903s Warriors blue also gets a bomber to
906s attack those three low Health
910s warriors on turn 15 blue attacks the
914s Catapult and sieges the city with a
916s giant respecting his opponent's options
919s he plays it safe and supports the siege
921s with two bombers as he knows purple is
923s going to pop another giant sure enough
927s purple pops a giant sending Blue's Giant
929s back south on turn 16 blue uses his two
934s bombers a rammer a scout and the giant
939s to kill the newly purple Giant and reege
942s the City winning the final game of the
946s day thanks for watching if you want to
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960s until then see you again next time