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Oh, thank you!

We have it this way to minimize exploiting someone smaller than you, and to ensure they have some sort of chance.


We are aware of this issue and are looking into it.

Servers aren't down, though


Originally posted by QueenShakey34

I think they changed it so that units in their territory also don't get disbanded.

Nope. It'll disband your units in their territory if you're the aggressor.



Originally posted by bloodyNASsassin

By the end of the year? Hopefully we will have more skins soon, too.

Skins are coming

30 May


Right now, we consider the RNG maps and adaptability around them to be integral to the Polytopia experience, but "custom maps" are somewhere on the TODO list in the eventual future.


Originally posted by The_Sexy_quokka

I think we'd have better luck with u/zoythrus

Yeah, don't ping Midjiwan.

28 May


Originally posted by JJ_the_G

I believe that they were said by u/Zoythrus to be the next tribe. We are over the 1 tribe per month as well at 16 tribes.

You are somewhat correct as the next major update is supposedly the Aquarion rework.

Can confirm, Ancients are coming as the 17th tribe.

But it may be a little while.

26 May

25 May


I hope you have a few hundred memes saved up.

24 May

23 May

20 May

19 May

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