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And why no leaderboard? Do you feel that it would make the game too competitive?

Nah, it just never came up. Not including one wasn't a conscious decision - we just never added one.


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So do you have any info?

We currently have ELO, but have no plans for a Leaderboard.


You can ping him by typing u/Zoythrus, not @Zoythrus


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Oh, I found a weird bug. Biggest map, max number of players, single player. Polaris has one last city, but every time some enemy troop steps into the city ends up frozen at the beginning of the Polaris turn. Polaris has no troops left, nothing that can freeze an enemy. Unwinnable game through endless chess.

That's very interesting. I'll have to investigate.


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After playing a single player game as Elyrion, I can say I hate the update... If the map type includes water in a significant percentage (which is most of them), you are forced to develop your navy early and the Elyrion becomes a race as any other. The dragons are there to give a helping hand eventually, but you can replace them with bombers anyway. The old fun way of trying to dug yourself into defence while pushing for the dragons production is dead - too many enemy troops can easily punch through an early game defence. The swordmen are nerfed too much to be the only backbone of an early game army. I wonder why any new player would bother to buy Elyrion. And I find myself less and less inclined to start a new game "just for fun", no matter the race. For me, Polytopia lost that "just one more turn" appeal that made me play it for hours.

I can say that Elyrion is being set up for a dedicated rework I'm this patch, and we warned everyone at the beginning that balance might be a little wonky at first until we do it.

I can also say that we're going to be releasing a patch for the map generator pretty soon, while also maybe doing a few rounds of balance passes for the naval units.

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We all know the fan base decides what's canon when it's not. The creator just gives us the options.

Not to sound arrogant or anything, I just want to make sure no one gets confused or thinks we have some official vendetta against whales.

We, the Midjiwan company, have not canonized the fate of the whales.


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Sorry, I'm sure you've heard that a lot lately.

No worries! I'm happy to tell you and everyone else.

I'm also hoping everyone helps me out here and tells everyone else. :P


For the record, I never said this, and I write the canon. :)


Okay, everyone, say it with me.

"We're working on the map generator and you should expect a patch very soon." :)


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I think scouts are a good way to counter Bombers until the enemy has researched Aquatism. At that point scouts just don’t do enough damage I think.

I played a game with a friend on a large map and we got into a situation where I had almost double the amount of cities as him, but we both made enough stars to spam bombers every turn and so we reached a stalemate. I tried to break through the stalemate with a combination of scouts and bombers, but the process was so long and tedious that my friend just resigned.

I think this is a problem. battleships could be countered by battleships and this was a rather effective counter, even in the end-game. Scouts on the other hand, I find to really struggle in the end-game.

Hmmmm, thanks for letting us know.

Obviously, "who has more battleships" is terrible design, so it had to be changed. I wonder if we can make Scouts better at their jobs...


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I’ll explore that. I usually just hit play and work with whatever it generates. And I hear you on changes being a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation.

One of the fun things about a game being difficult is that you find the little tricks and unexpected efficiencies in a previous set of rules and conditions that help you thrive. With the Naval update, I’m still trying to find a pattern of play that allows me to at least survive most of the time with a chance of winning—which is not the case currently.

Good lucking finding the new balance. I am enjoying a new challenge with this really special mobile game.

PS - Have you all ever played Sid Meyers Alpha Centauri? It was my favorite, and put a fun twist on Civilization with ideological factions instead of tribes, monuments granting special abilities, and a unit crafting option.

I did play AC, but found it too "old" to be enjoyable, personally.

Really enjoyed Civ:BE, though


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Do you plan to buff Yadakk in any way to make up for the nerf or do you feel the nerf was justified?

We're keeping an eye on them.

Our alpha testers really didn't think the nerf was as drastic as most claim it is.

01 Dec


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One thing I will say about bombers, is that if you put in the effort to screen with rammers to protect them, they are very powerful. I found that if you push your opponent back onto shore, the bomber can basically stop them from ever going to sea again, due to it's large range

The solution may be to slightly raise the price of Rammers to make it harder to defend your Bombers.

Scouts are structured as the counter to Bombers, so they need to be able to actually do their jobs.


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That is fascinating. Perhaps I've got them all wrong.

Right now, the main complaint is if they've gotten a chance to set up. People aren't too sure how to fight a Bomber that is in position to fire.


Don't worry, we're going to push out a few patches soon that should help make map generation better so you can get those scores again. :)


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Thanks for the really rapid response (So fast I hope you had a chance to read it all).

Yeah, one thing about the map that’s challenging is how crowded it feels. Maybe having one or two rivers per map, and otherwise enough space to use various units, would help. Best of luck, I know you’re working on it.

In the meantime, we'd like to point out that Creative Mode exists, which also has Perfection.

You can try different map types and see which feels better. Perfection has always used the Continents map type....but it sucked as a "Continents map", and that's why we made the change - to make it more "Continenty".

Of course, not the Perfection players are mad because "the map is wrong". The map is now right, but it's different, and we may change Perfection to something like Lakes or Pangea instead.


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Hey u/Zoythrus I’d like to provide some feedback if this is an appropriate place for it.

First, I want to say good job for trying. Game mechanics are hard to dial in to a perfect balance and many of these adjustments are cool: * the new moonies freeze ability makes more sense and make them a more valuable unit. * The bombers/giant stomp are cool (if OP), introduce naval artillery to the mix * recovering stars outside of one’s territory * the welcome return of artifact tech discoveries * ship upgrades in territory only * bridges and changes to geography

I’m open to the other changes (new market/income dynamics, relocating tech components, changing costs of development). Honestly, nothing is precious to me as long as the resulting new game is balanced and fun.

However, making this many adjustments at once has meant Polytopia is now much harder to win. That has advantages—it’s been cool to see the 100k+ mark become rare—bu...

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We can say that a lot of your current frustration is most likely due to some map generation bugs that we hope to fix, like spawns being too close together.

So, yeah, the hope is to iron out the rough spots over time.


Originally posted by bdiah

Thanks for the response. I’m very excited to see what becomes of markets. I’m sure it will develop into something excellent.

I am baffled about the bit about bombers to be honest. When playing humans, whenever I’ve seen an opponent try and employ them against me, they quickly abandon them.

Yeah, you might be the first I've heard to say that Bombers are too weak. Everyone else says quite the opposite.


That means the person you're playing with hasn't updated.