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is it possible to add an ally/enemy system in polytopia? in the enemy selection menu you could choose if you're fighting against a team of 15 bots, or you're on the team with 14 bots and you're fighting the only enemy. i think its a nice system, since its pretty hard to eliminate enemy tribes when you get your army ready there's only 8 tribes left and you get to erase only 6 out of them, would be an interesting challenge to play vs a truce of 15 tribes so you could actually eliminate all of them

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If you look at the tribes in game, the ones you mets pictures, youll see a halo or some "danger" lines in the pic.

The halo indicates they wont attack you or take your towns, also allows you to freely move in their territory unless you attack or try to take a city.

To note: the polytopia company will be adding a Diplomacy upgrade after the shields, eventually.

The halo represents "friendly", but it doesn't mean "won't totally backstab you if convenient." I like to think of it less as "we're friends" and more "we're in an amicable cold war"