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60s e
97s yeah technical difficulties uh I I guess
100s you did not hear what I said so again uh
104s welcome to the stream All Good People of
107s polytopia um today we have a first
110s polium highlight stream for you I we'll
113s be reviewing Kiko games uh my name is
116s Adam uh you might know me from the poly
119s champs as g a
121s uh today uh with me are good friends of
124s polyopia tribes Reds and maradon wel
128s come to the stream
130s guys yo what's up everyone my name is
134s maradon I'm from the official polytopia
137s Discord I'm also moderator there and I'm
140s happy to have a great time with you my
142s favorite time uh my sorry my favorite
144s tribe is the simanti tribe you're all
146s going to hate me for it I'm still going
148s to like it and I'm super excited to
151s review those games with
153s you hello my name is Ratz I am mostly
156s known in the pulley Champions Scot I a
158s competitive player I've been playing
160s this game competitively for about a year
162s now I've been in touch with this game
164s for almost seven years but yeah just
167s competitively playing it for a year now
169s and I love sebasi because I think
172s they're an all around great tribe to
173s play with Texs that you usually don't
176s see and it's also a very strong economy
179s tribe what do you think about simanti
183s people I mean as long as the map is not
185s super small I'll be fine
189s okay okay so I guess we have peace uh
192s between you um yeah so uh so today the
196s the uh the stream will go as follows
199s first we will review six games right
202s guys uh exactly MH and then uh as you
207s saw on IND theana announcements in many
211s places on Discord and um on the channel
214s we will review some games uh submitted
217s by by our audience um if you still want
221s to uh want your game to be reviewed you
224s have some
225s questions um you know anything about
228s about polyopia so you can uh submit your
232s your game I will put the the link to to
235s the form uh in the uh in the comments
239s and uh once the kiko games are are done
243s uh we will review some of the other
247s games and answer your your questions so
249s that's that's pretty much it and uh
251s we'll be uh wrapping up around the two
256s hour maybe two and a half hour
259s mark
261s yeah so we uh we are we are ready to uh
266s to start uh I'm
268s adding uh r that's
271s his sounds good screen so what's the
275s first the first game our first game will
278s be from the players Voris versus harai
281s they played on a Lakes
284s map um and yeah was an interesting game
288s uh sorry uh maradon once again uh is
292s this the one uh nope this is not the
295s right game the game is from Boris versus
298s harisai ah okay sorry yeah
301s yeah yeah maybe to get started with
303s that's the correct one yes
307s first the policeum the way it works is
309s you have three weeks of different like
312s the same tribe but different Maps where
314s people play each other and I don't know
317s the order of which uh those have been
320s selected but it was continents lakes and
323s archipelago and this one strip was Kik
326s we have
328s seen uh like the way it works also out
331s of these polium tournaments you'll have
334s to play them and in order to qualify for
336s the monthly Grand Final I would call
339s them you have to place well and the best
342s 16 players out of all these tournaments
344s in that 3-we period will be invited to
347s that monthly tournament and this is one
349s of those qualifications game if I call
351s him like that Lakes this week and or
354s when from when when it was played yeah
357s let's get start all right let's go I
359s would say we could turn the shared fog
362s on in our settings so people get a bit
366s that's great oh I already broke it yeah
368s and before before we start it so one one
371s last word from me if you have any any
373s questions uh regarding the the games I
376s will pass those to our commentators so
379s don't hesitate to to ask uh anytime
383s thank
385s you all right so both players have Kiku
389s and this mirror match okay surpris you
391s kind of could have guessed that from the
393s title but yeah both very good players
396s from what I've seen you already know
398s it's going to be an exciting match when
399s you see those
401s two yeah it's really really good I like
405s these two different openings that we
406s have here riding with just one Warrior
408s immediately into riding and the other
410s player going into the water like on turn
413s three or four already that's a very
416s risky start in my opinion because if you
418s don't find anything across the water or
420s you're just stumbling right into your
421s opponent you've wasted all these stars
423s and have and are in behind an economy
426s hugely
427s right I mean you can use those parts to
430s upgrade your cities like V does here but
432s also if you look at the position here V
435s doesn't really have anywhere to go like
437s you see towards the north of his Capital
439s there's absolutely nothing to go with
441s units wise and down south it would be
444s actually faster to be on the water when
446s you want to expand here and on the other
449s hand for the pink Kiko play here rers
452s does also make perfect sense because
455s well sure you might have a naval battle
456s later but expansion wise you have a lot
459s of land to work with so that makes a lot
462s of sense yeah oh also those animal spawn
465s rids For uon Colored Kiku they are just
469s awesome man that's just what you love to
474s see did I just did I just catch this
476s right they saw the mountain they reseted
479s climbing was research climbing and
482s apparently probably misclicked and
484s missed the mountain I guess see that's
486s top tier gameplay right there you can't
487s say nothing about that that's painful
490s yeah although you could argue if this
492s was on the mountain Ru it would actually
494s be safe to not get on it because chances
499s are are of you getting kicked off it is
501s relatively high but on a mountain R you
503s have a defense bonus so it takes three
505s units to kick him off let's just see
507s what he does in the next turn with this
508s Warrior yeah see he moves onto the ruin
511s right it was just a
514s misclick ah yeah yeah it was maybe I was
517s thinking trying to delay the meeting
518s Stars here but uh I don't not really I
521s mean the the threshold score was already
523s met
527s right I think so all right were there
530s were 10 points below the 2,000 score I
533s thr in case you didn't know if you meet
535s somebody that has less than a thousand
537s score then you'll get three stars if
540s it's between 1,000 and 2,000 I think the
543s threshold is 1,5 and 2,000 you'll get
546s five stars and between 2005 and 3,000
550s you get Seven Stars for the next th000
552s it's nine stars and everything above the
554s next th000 after it's 11 Stars so we
558s actually very close of getting Seven
559s Stars for meeting them here but it's
561s it's going to be five not
563s seven you
566s mean they're already expanding quite
569s well well I mean we all know Kiku is a
572s strong tribe uh economy-wise but
575s honestly I never had 14 stars inade in
578s any of my
581s games although you you do have to
583s mention that this was a population R
585s giving them resources and also a star
587s ruin from the other player being able to
591s further upgrade their economy here and
595s we already have some boats on the water
597s here and already combat is happening in
599s turn
601s we did see that from from V's point of
603s view we did see the Riders so it makes
605s sense to try and use this early Naval
608s advantage to actually also assert the
610s pressure on water to just get the
612s control over because rder openings are
615s simply going to be slower when it comes
617s to the Navy and yeah we get Archy from
620s the ruin on the
622s water but doesn't matter we already have
624s a first shine on Turnal
626s 10 explore which is not fully shaped but
629s it will still go up and reveal some good
633s information oh and also if you're
635s wondering what's going on when an
637s Explorer walks into seemingly discovered
639s land that's because we have shared Fork
641s enabled and this basically means okay
643s now we don't have shared Fork enabled
645s anymore uh this basically means that we
648s see all tiles that have been discovered
650s by either player so if one player has
653s discovered it will be shown even the if
655s the other one hasn't and the first Siege
660s yeah so we did see here that well St has
662s perfect vision over basically everything
664s that's happening here with I think was
667s one
668s Explorer and then the mountain
671s right I think so yes there was three
674s workshops here we do get a giant The
676s Siege was more to deny the Stars than
678s anything else really it was not going to
680s hold they knew that they were just like
682s grabbing the kill taking the light house
684s going around people doing that
686s sacrificing units just to ruin their
688s opponent's turn I I hate that so much if
691s I catch you doing that in one of your
693s games against me I am going to roast you
696s for it
701s okay moving three of our units onto the
704s starfish to make it very cheap and cost
707s efficient to grab the bomber syst like
711s the tech the navigation we don't
714s actually take it we Siege the city and
717s this is a very very crucial point in
719s this game because it's going to be a
721s Houdini a Houdini in case you didn't
725s know what a Houdini is basically when
727s you Siege a city with a unit this unit
730s can be pushed out of set City when giant
733s pushing you all know that I'm sure about
734s it but if there is no tile the unit can
737s be pushed to just as seen here because
739s they're all blocked the enemy giant that
742s spawns will just replace the unit and
744s your giant will get virtually deleted
747s which of course is a huge setback when
749s you're attacking like is right now yeah
752s because you can also be pushed to to the
755s enem ports right you don't have block
758s the the water
760s tiles it's also very interesting because
762s obviously Giants are very very good in
765s siing because they are so hard to kill
768s right like they are they have so much HP
771s that unless you have like a ranged unit
775s or the giant yourself it's not going to
777s be really that easy to kill them you
779s need 10 Warriors to throw at a giant to
782s in order to kill a full HP giant like we
785s don't see 10 units here however we do
788s see a giant and especially in a legs
790s kind of map where you don't need to
791s block all eight tiles and it's difficult
794s to get around that set giant uh it's
797s Lakes we only have six tiles on this
799s specific City that they need to block
801s because it can't be pushed on the water
804s and also let me use this beautiful
806s moment to plug another simanti because
809s you only need four boosted attx supports
811s to take out a full HP giant if it
812s doesn't have any Shield so
816s yesti
820s propaganda oh what a nice s there oh
823s that's going to be of level oh what's
825s that a level five okay it's level four
827s right now but it's going to be level
829s five if they choose to keep that Forest
831s which I think they do but yeah this just
834s puts to show why Kiku is such an insane
836s tribe the economy is just massive and
839s All the lumber huts and somls and all
843s these good spots and the general the
845s overall awesome resource distribution
847s just make this tribe an absolute monster
850s to
852s fight right now I would like to point
855s out the position that we have right now
857s cuz who okay let me just ask this
860s question like straight up who do you
862s think is winning right
864s now from this position well who does
868s have like looks have to have the better
869s position
870s here from the noobs perspective which is
874s mine uh I would say that arai the pink
878s Kiku is winning right now I mean he
880s obviously has a lot more units in place
884s he has more Giants he already has some
885s in the water he definitely has land
887s superiority on the left half of the map
890s so I'd say uh Pink Kiku is winning right
894s now I would I don't know I I would
897s argue you know the the green Kiku still
900s has uh kind of water superiority they
904s have more more rafts on on water so even
908s though that the pink has managed to put
911s one giant uh uh in the port you know if
916s if green goes for example rammers this
918s this giant won won't last long and
921s sieging with uh with riders you know
924s it's also not very effective because
928s it's you know you just need to to to
930s Scouts and your city is is is free
933s again what I would argue right now is if
936s it wasn't for the Houdini here on this
939s city I would argue
942s that green has a superior as well right
945s now it doesn't look like it could still
947s argue because we do actually have
948s navigation here from from Vos so in this
951s turn specifically we're going to see a
952s lot of uh naal control because the bber
957s just do so much damage oh my God this
960s giant here underwater blocking this
962s giant from actually moving anything that
964s more than one tile so these unit are
966s fully safe he can't kill the jugernaut
970s however what we have going into the
972s favor of pink here not only did we just
975s hini a giant so we have one less giant
977s to deal with but we also have six cities
980s once we connect that Northern City we're
981s going to have another Monument the
983s network Monument because we have six
985s cities we can connect five to our
986s Capital plus if you look at this spot
989s north of of the bomber I don't know if
991s it's going to be crucial later on but
992s it's Can it can place a bridge here
994s right here you can place a bridge and V
996s can't do anything about it because he
998s chose population growth on his capital
1000s and can't claim that city as a tile
1004s so anybody can place a bridge there and
1007s nobody can remove it so that's going to
1008s be something probably going to see later
1011s I don't know honestly I actually haven't
1012s seen this game fully but wink
1016s wink okay looking at this
1019s yeah right now definitely pink because
1021s oh wow we have a visual bug how about
1024s you zoom out look at that lighthouse in
1026s the west awesome
1029s o yeah the sh F going going crazy cuz we
1032s did reveal it here exactly ah awesome
1034s okay now now it's fixed I'm surprised
1038s the bomber is still alive the giant
1040s right there is really working out for
1041s green Kiku yeah they couldn't move the
1044s Juggernaut at all because of the zone of
1046s control right I would can explain this
1050s zone of control the way it works is if
1052s you have a
1053s unit um moving into a unit okay that was
1058s probably the worst explanation I've had
1060s so every unit that you have has eight
1062s tiles around them that blocks them with
1065s zone of control meaning this jugernaut
1067s right now the 780 HP jugernaut has zone
1070s of control on all these eight tiles
1071s around them what does that mean if an
1074s opposing unit is going to move into that
1076s area it is going to move take up all the
1079s many movement slots for example if you
1081s have a rider that can move two tiles and
1083s you move into the zone of control of an
1085s enemy and you could still move a another
1087s tile CU you have two movement points but
1089s you only moved one tile it's going to
1091s take up the other movement point anyways
1092s CU you are in the opponent's zone of
1094s control and so that's what we saw here
1097s so
1099s even even if they wanted to they can for
1103s example move this Juggernaut down south
1105s because this Juggernaut is blocking it
1107s as well but we do have a you by the way
1111s now that we're talking about it RS what
1113s is your opinion on juggernauts are they
1116s better than Giants on land are they
1119s better than 40hp battleships which used
1121s to exist before the naval
1123s update are they worse are they different
1126s do they just serve a different purpose I
1128s feel like a lot of people are asking
1130s themselves this me included and I'd like
1132s to hear your opinion on this I really
1135s like the changes that we have when it
1138s comes to the way that Navy is played
1141s that we have a lot more diversity on
1144s water it's not just like on on you know
1146s how like on the end unit you can have
1148s archers you can have Riders you can have
1150s Warriors you can have Road swordsman de
1153s cloaks like everything on water on the
1156s water you were limited to just well
1160s Scouts bombers or like not Scout
1162s battleships uh what I call Scouts like
1166s the I I call them warriors with archers
1169s like you know that that kind of unit and
1172s the normal yeah that you had like that
1175s that did like only barely any damage and
1177s you had uh dingies if you wanted to put
1180s cloaks into the water but that was it
1181s you didn't have any diversity now with
1183s like ramas Scouts bombers Jack or maybe
1188s they were called boats I think yeah yeah
1192s exactly I don't know exactly how they
1193s were called but you have a lot more
1195s diversity in how you can play it the
1197s only thing I dislike about the current
1200s Navy right now is that whoever has the
1203s superior of the Navy it's going to be
1205s really difficult to take that AR from
1207s somebody like sure we have a pink here
1209s that's like economy wise a lot further
1212s ahead right you have a back leg to put
1214s bombers if you want you have catapults
1216s that are kind of safe and can defend as
1218s well but you effectively it's really
1220s difficult for them to get into the water
1222s here if they put anything under the
1223s water it's just going to get absolutely
1225s bombed and like they can't do anything
1226s about it and the longer the game Contin
1229s the more units we going to have upgraded
1231s on the water and the less of a chance
1234s have to get on it and that's like the
1236s one issue right now that I have with the
1238s current Navy but in general when it
1240s comes to
1241s diversity it's a big plus uh since we
1244s have we have a break I will jump in
1246s because there is a question on in the
1249s chat uh so Joe is asking uh is it better
1253s to have more troops but lower tchs uh
1256s say like riders or less troops but with
1259s higher Tech like
1262s Knights that is a very situational thing
1266s obviously in this case if you look at
1267s this position I don't even think they
1269s can see it if you look at their
1272s perspective what's the vision like I
1274s completely bucked it out you have to
1275s disagree for you have to they do
1279s actually see it mhm they see yeah they
1283s also might be aware that there's a
1285s bridge spot here maybe not I don't know
1288s to answer the question quickly I would
1290s say that in general having the right
1292s amount of units to control your opponent
1295s is important and those units can be any
1297s units so you you probably want to make
1299s them cheap but you in general should aim
1301s for higher value units like Knights or
1304s catapults especially Knights because you
1307s can just go Rogue amongst the enemy
1308s units with them but I'm not the expert
1311s here so uh let's just see what rat has
1313s to say about this I just wanted to put
1314s that out there it really depends also on
1317s the situation because
1320s if you grab a lot of tech to get higher
1323s star units on the on the on the world
1327s it's going to cost you a lot of stars
1328s right like him or them turning Riders
1332s here and being able to defend the cities
1334s if they were to attack like this city
1337s Camp Prestige because of the scatters
1338s and stuff it's going to be very tough
1341s for for V to actually do anything about
1343s it because you know they have all these
1346s units on the other hand
1349s if they didn't have all these units they
1351s could have maybe got archery or
1352s something else but then this like this
1354s attack archery would cost 16 Stars
1356s meaning that's like five Riders Less on
1358s the on the board like a lot less units
1360s to work with so you want to like balance
1362s the amount of tech that you take
1364s compared to the units that you train
1366s obviously to the later games you want to
1367s have more units but also stronger units
1371s on the field and it also is very wise if
1374s you can spend a few stars on units that
1376s actually protect your higher cost units
1378s for example a catapult is very strong
1380s but also very vulnerable so if you can
1382s block with the defender up front to deny
1385s any any sort of night chains or any form
1387s of you know attacks against those
1389s catapults you want to protect those as
1391s well so do you want to in ear game you
1394s want to protect your Rus with Warriors
1395s maybe so you can't easily be attacked
1397s with you know
1400s it's by the way yeah this is an perfect
1404s example of how high value units can be
1407s crucial to winning every game as you
1410s just said we get that bridge and we get
1412s a KN coming in I think this is a good
1414s time to resume the replay and we can see
1417s the enormous enormous damage this Knight
1420s does to the entire ping position just
1423s all units wiped out this is a chain
1426s where well over 50 stars just earned
1429s with a single night and of course with
1431s the siege on the capital there is
1434s absolutely nothing that pink Kiku can do
1436s anymore just one night and it wiped out
1439s his entire position securing a
1442s victory the reason I say higher value is
1445s not always the best play because this
1448s was like obviously a huge misplay them
1450s from for them to like saw the Knight
1452s right but they did not see the play that
1454s they could Place Bridge here cuz
1456s otherwise I would have played around
1457s that right if you then play around that
1460s from their position and split all these
1463s units into chains of two or something
1464s like that first of all the chains are
1467s not going to be going all the way
1468s through because they can't like this is
1470s only Bridge it can only go from from the
1472s East side but also if you split the
1475s chains and have like two Riders two
1477s Riders two Warriors the Knight is never
1479s going to get its value in retaliation of
1483s the cost right like the Knight cost
1485s eight stars and two Riders cost six so
1488s even if you go for it that shine isn't
1490s worth it right plus you have spent a lot
1492s of stars on the tech as well but in this
1494s case obviously it paid off and yeah also
1498s can we just take a moment to appreciate
1500s how long this game actually took I mean
1502s this was a what like a 256 tiles game
1506s and we took 21 turns to actually finish
1508s it even see it was even smaller I think
1512s that's just an awesome display of how
1513s long these matches can go and see I'm
1516s not a professional player but my matches
1518s don't last that long because at some
1520s point one player wins over the other one
1523s and we still got such a sudden win from
1526s warus uh with a night chain but it took
1529s 21 turns for him to get there this just
1531s puts to show how awesome these players
1533s are and how good the matches are we are
1535s seeing here yeah let's jump to the next
1539s one then let's go so the next one is
1543s also vse again versus i w WP uh it's on
1550s continents and this one is shorter
1555s actually yeah so some viewers will be
1557s very happy because they want to the the
1559s pirate skin so they are pirates as you
1563s see yes the areu by the way on the PO
1567s main Discord server our current monthly
1570s tribe contest is intertribal Wars which
1573s we can see right here with the two
1576s different Kiku skins so if you haven't
1578s already go click that link in the
1580s description and join our Discord server
1582s check it out we have a cool Community
1584s loads of stuff happening and let's get
1586s back to the game
1591s so what do you think so far how is the
1594s the game going well I think the yeah go
1598s ahead uh would you pause right now real
1600s quick thanks because I think a lot of
1603s stuff has happened and we should
1605s probably you at the go yeah maybe go
1608s back almost the end of the game this one
1611s is was short yeah what I noticed
1613s immediately right of the bat is they the
1616s what even what color is this I think
1619s it's sort of a teal color yeah like a
1622s IMO yeah IMO so so the so the IMA Kiko
1626s tribe chose to go with an Explorer in
1629s their first uh in the capital and they
1631s actually meet their opponent here for
1632s three stars which actually I would argue
1636s is not that good for them like should
1638s they see the map shape here but
1640s especially since they don't heavily have
1641s a village here and in any close vicinity
1644s the economy is going to be lacking and
1646s plus they don't really get a whole lot
1648s of meeting to make up for either so also
1652s progression is kind of going slow for
1654s the two tribes here I mean rter and six
1657s and uh I don't know about the green
1659s kicker right now but they've probably uh
1662s not even both gotten to Villages C IC uh
1666s green Kiku is about to capture his
1668s second village in turn six um so a game
1672s which is a bit more slow than the last
1675s one and it'll come to quite the quick
1677s end you'll see why
1679s soon but again you see how awesome just
1683s the economy for for Kiku is all the
1687s Leons and the forests and all of that we
1692s also did see a population R down here
1694s for V which with this Lighthouse and
1697s potentially some Port connections here
1699s if we get alongside the Northeast
1702s northwest corner of the map yeah so I
1704s would say this this s can you pause so
1707s this map is is not very even even
1708s because VOR has a has a lot of water
1711s access and his opponent is like you know
1714s he he has to go roads because otherwise
1716s he won't be able to to connect all his
1719s cities uh uh with the
1724s capital yeah that is also looking at
1727s wars's perspective in this situation
1729s could be quite interesting if we enable
1731s the fork for
1736s Wars uh yeah took because vce actually
1741s already sees te IMO te kiku's capital
1745s and he's going to prepare something to
1748s fight against that Capital because uh
1751s his opponent allowed him to get so close
1753s we'll see what exactly that is in a
1757s second I think just keeping watching
1760s with the fork as it is right now would
1763s be quite
1765s advised interesting choice of an
1767s Explorer here because we don't actually
1769s have sailing so the Explorer can't walk
1772s on the ocean but we do reveal some value
1775s information honestly that's actually
1777s I'll I'll take and also this is an
1779s important moment because Voris builds a
1782s bridge right here on the water and if
1785s you didn't know a bridge acts like a
1787s road tile which means that units get
1789s sort of accelerated when they move uh
1791s onto it which means they gain one more
1794s tile of movement and we'll see why that
1797s is important in in a second and you can
1800s already see the game won't last long
1802s some of you may even have already
1804s guessed what
1805s happens because voice sets up and
1809s executes a capital snipe perfectly here
1812s and there is absolutely nothing his
1815s opponent can do to stop this and because
1818s the match is domination it's instantly
1820s over the moment you capture the capital
1822s and his opponent just resigns yeah very
1824s smart Play It's Over
1828s okay up to next one all right our next
1833s match up will be um Force versus
1837s superficial
1838s intelligence
1847s um this is again
1851s continents um rats would you explain to
1855s the viewers and to me too uh what the
1858s means what this Daily Number Eight
1860s number two semi-finals means in the top
1862s where are we in the tournament currently
1864s who is playing against whom is this like
1866s a knockout tournament or uh do the pairs
1870s actually get a chance to play again if
1872s they lose
1873s here so the way that the police Team
1876s Works how I early described is you have
1878s these three weeks one week Lakes one
1881s week archipelago one week on continents
1884s for this Kiko tribe for this month where
1887s players can join daily tournaments uh I
1890s don't know exactly the schedule for it
1892s it's you can find it in the Challenger
1894s mode website when you look at the
1896s polyopia game you can find all the all
1899s information there yeah the link is in
1900s the description if you want to sign up
1903s for the latest polium I think this month
1907s is a Basi you can click the the link
1910s there and the players will play against
1914s each other in a single elimination
1916s bracket of 32 players
1919s no sorry was 16 players 16 players so
1922s you
1923s have round one 16 players round two
1925s eight players one three four players of
1928s quarterfinals one four semi-finals five
1931s rounds five is finals and which what
1934s that means
1936s is uh you'll play for the placement
1939s because the top seven placements out of
1942s all the polium from a month will count
1945s as your standing like if give you points
1948s and give you the standing later at the
1951s at the end of the month because the top
1952s 16 players out of those three weeks will
1956s be invited to the big Grand finals where
1959s everybody plays them you know they play
1961s themselves in a in the Grand Final I
1964s would say like in a 16 player groups
1967s like it's difference ear now then they
1968s change it up a bit
1970s but yeah it's like a qualification stage
1973s and this is the semi-finals and all of
1975s these games are just one game whoever
1977s wins go on except the finals that's a
1980s best of three so you have to win twice
1981s in order to win but this is a
1983s semi-finals of one of those daily
1986s tournaments on the continents map so
1990s yeah did I explain this hopefully oppos
1995s this explanation yes all clear let's
1997s focus on the on the spawns what do you
1999s think right so we have a continents game
2002s confidence is honestly one of those map
2004s types where you are forced to build a
2006s Navy right like on lakes you can play
2007s Riders you can Play Roads and for the
2009s most part on on lakes you're not always
2011s going to have a Navy you can sometimes
2013s you're going to have a Navy sometimes
2014s you're not but on continents unless we
2017s had a map type like last game where you
2019s could build Bridges and be really
2020s aggressive where you can have like you
2022s know a land mass connecting each other
2025s if you look at this map shape we still
2027s have also again a really wide river here
2030s but if this River wasn't that wide on
2032s contance you're going to be forced to
2033s build a Navy so right off the bat I
2035s would say that green has actually a
2037s slight advantage here now we do have a
2039s lighthouse Spawn from Red which is going
2041s to start on the expansion but a
2043s lighthouse spawn nevertheless gives you
2044s another population when you need
2047s it both teching Workshop here
2058s expanding forc to is forced to pick up
2060s hunting which works just fine with their
2062s capital
2064s resources and they I think they picked
2067s up or here right the pick up Arc CU I
2070s saw them Harvest two food in the capital
2072s to upgrade it with the LI yeah they they
2073s they they took the bananas they L the
2075s lighthouse plus two uh organization the
2078s two food to upgrade their Capital as
2080s well can upgrade their city as well
2082s again and now I see it's a
2087s river so both
2090s players right now I would still say
2092s green is in a slight Advantage here but
2094s not because that the capital is under
2097s water it's because because they have a
2100s much
2101s better position when it comes to
2103s contesting this land mass of
2106s cities because they spawned on it right
2108s like the red red has to cross over the
2111s the
2113s the so could you count how how many
2116s cities on both
2118s continents we have Seven Cities on this
2121s Northern continent and five on the
2123s southern
2125s one but as I said
2128s this one is actually like Lova here is
2130s close to Red meaning red actually gets
2133s it but the reason I would argue that red
2135s has the worse position still is because
2137s they have to cross a waterway in order
2139s to contest this land mass and green
2141s spawned on it so they they could just go
2143s riding and and red can't go riding
2146s unless they go Rose build Bridges which
2148s bridges are five stars in early game
2150s five stars is a lot like a scout is also
2152s five stars but no you have to get the
2155s tech explore for the lighthouse and then
2157s straight up into division revealing
2159s everything necessary to to play the game
2163s here like this is what I said right red
2166s is forced to either get riders or
2169s Bridges or you going to get Scouts cuz
2174s you have forced to cross this Waterway
2176s and if you don't want to cross it you
2177s can just get Scouts and get Naval
2179s control here but
2181s yeah yeah but they're going to get uh uh
2184s another city
2186s there on Green's continent yeah but
2190s they'll have to defend it mhm if did
2192s prepare a Siege here preh hitting the
2194s warrior allowing them to Now kill this
2196s warrior with a full HP unit because it
2200s has a defense bonus doing it the other
2202s way around wouldn't work
2203s mhm I know this warri hits this raft
2206s meaning they can't actually un Siege it
2208s mhm I'm still impressed with how red
2211s Kiku still manages to keep hold of this
2213s Village there in the center um I uh just
2217s noticed my microphone was muted for the
2219s past minute
2221s so good for you yeah we we've been there
2227s today it's it's time for you rats to to
2230s have it to have your ex and
2234s talk okay I think this matchup is still
2238s quite balanced actually I mean they
2241s basically have the same amount of
2243s economy still I mean you already said
2246s that they kind of have have a an
2249s advantage uh map structure wise but I
2252s personally still think there's a lot of
2254s different things possible here um and a
2257s lot of tactical opportunities to seize
2258s for both players the reason I argue that
2262s green is has a huge Advantage here is
2265s simply because of what I said like with
2268s the map structure right I I argue that
2270s red is forced to go riding roads with
2274s Bridges if they want to play this but
2276s it's continent so you kind of need to
2278s Navy and you know like at the end of the
2280s day it's really difficult for them to
2281s play this and this allows green to pick
2284s up roads forestry like a lot of economy
2287s teag while they are getting a scout
2289s Scouts are like something sure they good
2293s on the water CU they can't they archers
2294s under water they can't be hit they can't
2296s shoot without retaliation but V being
2298s able to go Tech routes allowing them to
2301s upgrade their economy allowing them to
2302s get roads to and Riders to be really Pro
2306s like dominant on this sort of land mass
2308s here and you you see this here like we
2310s get a giant we have a park now we can
2313s get a network Monument if we connect all
2314s these cities and we have Forest speed if
2317s you want to chop all these all these
2321s um forests Forest to get like it would
2326s not be very smart to do it but like if
2327s you really wanted to you could use the
2330s park with three Lumber huts on lululu
2333s here and in order to do that you would
2335s need to chop nine Forest everywhere else
2336s you get the Giant this turn now up from
2339s front and then you just like shove it up
2341s into into red City and L like they can't
2344s even defend it they're not in a position
2346s where they can they're nowhere near
2347s giant what I'm saying because they had
2349s to go
2351s Scouts also uh you know expensive it's
2355s Seven Stars well they don't do exactly
2359s that but green Kiku actually manages to
2362s push through the left side of the map
2364s and he finds this land bridge uh which
2367s actually brings him right to Red kiku's
2369s Capital so whatever is happening in the
2371s next moves will be crucial to how this
2373s game goes can actually see red Kiku
2377s training an Archer here I don't really
2379s know what he was thinking there but it
2382s didn't really matter because this Archer
2384s goes down and he manages to snipe the
2386s capital from five tiles away securing
2389s another victory for vs he kind of
2392s appears to be our main character today
2394s yeah yeah a lot of games from vs
2399s look at this position because if if you
2401s you see what's happening like like sure
2403s training AR on this city here isn't safe
2407s that was a misplay yes but at the same
2410s time what options do you have how are
2413s you going to defend the city so you see
2415s a giant coming you knowwhere near giant
2417s yourself you can't you don't have
2419s forestry you don't have roads like
2421s you're not going to get a giant anytime
2423s soon and this city is really vulnerable
2426s like this middle City so you want to
2427s keep it and the easiest way to keep it
2429s is with archery to it's like
2432s Scouts not under water because you don't
2434s need to be under water but like they're
2436s much much cheaper they're not Seven
2438s Stars per unit they're three stars per
2439s unit you know so I I definitely
2442s understand it but was straight up
2444s capitalizing on on this mistake of
2446s training an Archer on the city
2448s because ultimately with roads they can
2451s just go around M see what I'm wondering
2455s about is if you could pause the game for
2457s a second like half of Red kiku's Army is
2460s in the southwest in the Southeast corner
2463s of the map right now what's he doing
2465s down there like what why are there four
2468s Warriors and three rafts just scattered
2471s among the ocean and nowhere near
2474s defending his actual territory he would
2477s have needed those up there
2479s right no no no I mean these these FS are
2482s fine like if you look at this position
2484s we had a lot of units here but they all
2486s died right like we had a lot of units
2489s here that all been picked up by all
2491s these Riders and all these units from
2493s Voss and these units were the first ones
2495s to actually expand this raft here in the
2497s ocean took a ruin just now this raft is
2499s going to take a starfish here and can
2501s take the ruin later in the lighthouse
2502s like they're still doing something right
2504s and warriors especially since these
2507s Warriors are behind the river they can't
2509s actually do anything unless you upgrade
2511s them to Scouts and there's a giant
2513s Juggernaut coming so effectively you're
2515s not going to really really doing a whole
2517s lot with Scout there was there another
2519s um city in the in the East cuz I see
2523s some some shell water tiles no do yeah
2526s there was another one yeah oh yeah so
2529s one more the Easter mhm all right well
2533s quite the tragic uh lost two Wars
2537s again um I'd say we move to on to the
2541s next game Yep this one is Ana versus
2545s gamola 28
2549s also would you guys mind picking less
2551s complicated usernames we always have to
2553s come up with nicknames for you so we can
2556s say your names
2558s quickly so this is Lakes again from the
2561s Lakes uh
2565s week yeah what is you guys favorite map
2569s type mine is leges or
2573s drylands dry I love I love
2576s drylands although I I personally enjoy
2579s Lakes the most if this a big if if the
2584s map type is balanced like there's so
2586s like you've probably seen it before
2587s there's so many ways that the map type
2589s on leges especially can screw you up and
2593s all sorts of different ways right that
2595s is true
2598s and yeah
2601s well and yours
2605s otherwi well the viewers are saying I
2607s see continents and Aquatic World on top
2611s um i' personally also say drylands is
2614s the best map type because it's the best
2616s one for a simanti and you don't have to
2619s deal with any of the Annoying water and
2621s I always personally find it really hard
2623s to get units traversing from land to
2626s water and back to land and all that kind
2629s of stuff so it's just like the plain and
2630s simple dry land most okay but oceans is
2634s also good or uh sorry how how is it
2637s called
2638s um I forgot water War yeah exactly M
2642s okay like when I play when I play
2645s violence and I'll pick up a Ru it's like
2646s 90% of the time it's fishing
2649s so yes I think everyone and then the
2652s other day I mean I said the other day
2654s it's been like a month ago but like I
2656s played a on the ply Champions I played a
2658s bar mirror map on lakes okay I chose leg
2664s specifically because I was like okay
2666s well if I get a Rune it's going to be
2668s useful right no matter what I get no
2670s matter what hech I get no matter what I
2672s get it will be useful I played B guess
2674s what the Rune was it was
2677s farming has z% and was m so that wasn't
2681s even like any other terrain than b
2683s terrain and B terrain has zero Farms 0%
2687s well I guess we should just all make a
2689s game suggestion in the forums to make
2691s ruins actually
2693s useful I me are really useful that
2695s really they can really change games
2697s right and what I really like about
2698s polyopia in general when it comes to
2700s those sorts of things is that the
2702s replayability of the game is so high
2704s because every single game is going to
2706s develop so different
2709s like most of the time you're not going
2711s to have like a straight up repeat of
2714s what happened like you'll always have
2717s different things you can work with
2718s you're going to have different resource
2720s tiles you're going to have different
2721s terrain blocking you from the middle of
2723s this of the map like here for example or
2727s sometimes you're going to have a nice
2728s Bridge sometimes you going to have a
2729s nice route to go for
2730s archery nice route to go for quick giant
2733s like the game always no matter what type
2735s you play is going to develop in a
2736s different way and that's why I really
2740s like in general as well because also
2742s with different map types there so many
2744s different things can happen well on one
2747s hand that is true on the other hand most
2750s games I play online and the same way
2753s because my opponent somehow pulls a
2755s cloak or a knight or a catapult or
2757s whatever just ruins my day out of
2759s nowhere straight out of the fog and
2762s ruins the entire game for me and that's
2764s is how it's been going for weeks now so
2767s no it's not different just playing CTI
2771s maybe because I mean c is like one of
2773s the tribes that are basically play
2775s always the same way because of the meta
2777s right like unless you're going to be
2778s going against specific okay I think
2781s we're going a bit too far now let's go
2782s back it's fine let are you looking
2785s forward to to some Simon you reward
2787s maradon because you are s simti Main and
2790s uh well it uh depends because uh what I
2793s like about most about simanti is that
2796s they have these kind of units with high
2798s damage and low HP and if the rework puts
2802s focus on that and maybe balances them
2805s out a bit but keeps this feature of
2807s units that deal a lot of damage and have
2809s other traits um I would like that but
2813s apart from that I think the tribe is
2814s fine and people should just stop crying
2816s if they lose
2817s okay
2818s um exactly I think the biggest issue
2822s about CTI is just that although I don't
2824s want that to be changed that makes sense
2827s I I think that this is a very nice thing
2830s for a tribe to have to have this
2832s like high damage low HP kind of thing I
2836s really like that what I would like to
2838s see change in order to make it more
2839s balanced would be to remove the creep
2842s ability from all the hexa Poots and like
2846s um what else as well this is like one of
2849s those things where it's like and and
2851s also the um ability that removes rough
2854s terrain like the blockage from R terrain
2856s it's like all these things and even like
2858s if they want to give them default roads
2860s as well instead of those myum pots to
2862s balance it uport I would really like
2864s that change because it would open for a
2866s lot more counter playay for both sides
2868s and it's not just you trying to x a you
2871s play against different s you get
2873s Explorer you snipe the shaman because
2875s they don't see you and you just win the
2876s game or something like that
2877s right I really like the way that the
2880s simti is but this is the feature where I
2883s think there needs a bit of triing but
2885s we'll see what they're going to do like
2887s I'm I'm up for it I think I think the C
2889s isn't as strong when it comes to bigger
2891s Maps like sure every tribe has like
2892s their own strength and weakness when it
2894s comes to map sizes map tribes like what
2897s they're going against and stuff right so
2899s I don't think they're an huge issue
2901s right now also this game is not made to
2902s be competitive like it's not it doesn't
2904s need to be balanced in my opinion like
2906s it's supposed to be fun people just
2908s should just enjoy what they would like
2910s so well we have another question in chat
2913s uh silver fan is asking what is
2915s polytopia Legends uh do you want to
2917s comment on that or should I say
2919s something about polytopia Legends I
2921s don't know polyopia Legends to be fan
2924s yeah so polyopia Legends is is this
2927s project uh if you uh saw some uh um like
2931s 3D videos that are on our Channel this
2935s is a part of the polyopia legends
2938s game but it's unfortunately not coming
2941s out anytime soon so I think we shouldn't
2944s focus on on that the the project is on
2947s hold um so mijan has uh is focused on on
2953s the Battle of polyopia right now and uh
2956s yeah I think we should we should finish
2958s with with
2959s that I think so too all right let's get
2961s moving with this game uh I
2965s think yeah sorry for for shutting down
2967s the discussion but it's uh yeah it's
2970s like uh that they don't have time for
2972s for Utopia Legends I would love to see
2974s it but it's uh it's in a like very early
2978s stage of development and it's far away
2981s uh I I've even heard like it's you know
2984s it will take 10 years to uh to finish it
2987s so a long
2989s time indeed um we'll see ex exciting for
2993s sure we've got a leges game here from um
2998s polium find something some game without
3001s Wars some game without Wars exactly it's
3004s un I okay this is like one of those
3007s things that I've noticed when you play
3010s polium you always are going to have two
3012s players in the brackets and most of the
3015s time because there are so many people
3016s playing polium you're going to have
3018s multiple brackets so what I experienc
3020s like what I see happen a lot of times is
3022s in one bracket you're going to have V
3023s and in the other bracket you're going to
3024s have Ana and these two players are
3026s incredible like uhh most of the time
3029s when I play against them it's not
3030s actually about who plays better it's
3032s more about who has like somewhat
3034s slightly better spawn which is nothing
3036s to say about like RNG like this game is
3039s fine it's just uh when it comes to the
3042s top tier of polyopia gameplay on a small
3045s map like this if both play optimal
3048s there's only so much both players can do
3050s right like sure you can still play each
3052s other but like oudini is going to not
3054s that's not going to happen anymore or
3055s you know people are not going to for
3057s for those kind of mistakes but like I
3061s really enjoy playing against them
3062s because it's such a tough task so I'm
3066s going to be I think Ana is going to be
3068s definitely the favorite here for this
3069s match I haven't seen this one but I
3071s would say they are the favorite so let's
3072s see what they can cook up
3076s here already a map where I think um both
3081s players are connected via land much
3083s better than in the last
3085s ones um before
3088s no Bridge play this time
3091s yes both at least it would be quite
3093s surprising meet them here I would like
3095s to
3097s no what an Explorer look at that this
3101s was you still have the shared fog
3102s enabled you really have to work on your
3105s settings management yeah okay I but I
3107s still met them they know what's going on
3109s they know they have connected land mass
3111s this like the very crucial thing cuz if
3113s you look at this you kind of for Tech
3115s Explorer right but the same time if you
3117s get really unlucky it could go into the
3119s corner and reveal absolutely nothing
3122s which it did do a bit but it also
3124s revealed the necessary information
3126s getting the meeting starts as well and
3128s revealing what's happening in the game
3130s both players did this and had a more
3132s shaped explore to do this uh but you
3135s know both players know what's happening
3136s here both players know that this is
3138s going to be leges with a matching like
3142s they have a land bridge connecting each
3143s other so they can go Navy but they don't
3145s have to that's the B of thing of legs I
3148s think it's always interesting to see the
3150s map shape and to already that you can
3153s guess basically how the match is going
3155s to turn out based on that map shape
3157s which we have in turn four here
3159s interestingly this is only something I'm
3161s able to do when I watch a game some pros
3164s played and not in my own actual games I
3166s somehow always miss the central point of
3168s the game but here you can see that we
3170s have a very clear land bridge between
3172s the two capitals in the middle and a lot
3175s of combat will be going up and down down
3177s this land bridge and maybe some units on
3179s the sze but not a lot
3183s yeah actually I'm curious to see do we
3185s have something we don't actually have
3187s anything on the west I was I was going
3189s to say if except two ruins but if we had
3192s like another Village maybe even on the
3193s water this could also could have also
3196s been a very much like Tipping Point of
3199s the game or like a what's it called a
3201s pivotal point of the game because with
3203s like another city on the water here
3205s somebody who actually gets into the
3207s water on this Lake would get rewarded
3209s for it right but in this sort of map
3211s shape anybody going into the water gets
3215s like absolutely nothing from it because
3218s your Scouts are going to be absolutely
3220s useless right like unless you have
3222s really good control you can deny any
3224s unit strength in Malino and so can green
3226s deny any unit strength in this Village
3228s up here if you have the naal superior
3230s but that's it apart from that you're not
3232s going to be really doing anything with
3233s the water here
3238s all right so uh I think nothing uh you
3242s have to enable replay fog for it to work
3245s um stars ruin
3248s yippe you always like those oh they're
3251s so strong like we see we see them
3255s allowing them to grab roads with a star
3257s run pre-claim connect the cities upgrade
3260s their cities and now they kind of made a
3263s trap here like you see how they they
3267s retreated their units except this R but
3269s they retreated their units
3271s to not give them any space to really
3274s attack them so now they can launch the
3278s attack themselves with roads right they
3280s have one two Riders three Riders two
3283s Warriors kick them off the
3286s village yeah sieg the city as well
3289s brutal attack yep all the riders came
3292s crashing down the middle can the Canon
3294s Siege it's fine kind of like chess
3297s sometimes do you guys play
3301s chess I used to but I'm not a big fan I
3304s prefer
3305s polytopia when somebody asks me what is
3308s polytopia the way that I explain to them
3311s is imagine you play chess but with
3314s for that's how I explain how politopia
3317s is played if somebody doesn't know what
3320s the game is I think it
3322s like it explains poopa the best way like
3326s it's just chess with fog no and a bit as
3330s well but you know it's
3332s fun nice fun little game and you
3336s Maron uh I do play a lot of Chess
3339s chesses uh if I had to pick one game I
3341s play for the rest of my life it would be
3343s chess oh you
3347s traitor I will kick you from the well I
3351s said that on the wrong stream oops
3354s um copia is
3357s um I somehow agree with it but
3361s polyopia um has a bit more RNG just
3364s doesn't have RNG yeah so no plus I chest
3367s is just RNG chess is no no no skill it's
3370s just
3374s RNG all right let's get back to the game
3378s yeah I pa you because I would like to
3379s look at this map shape again we have got
3381s a 4 C Count versus 5 City count here I
3385s like this interesting decision here we
3387s look at this Capital we take population
3390s growth and not border growth You could
3391s argue why not taking border growth you
3394s have so many forests here you have
3396s animals you can get so many good Sawmill
3398s spots and Market spots later on with
3399s Sawmills if you take B growth however
3403s they say well I'm not playing into the
3405s late game I'm going to try and get this
3408s giant as soon as I can which means if
3412s you take B growth you get three
3413s population less which three animals
3415s that's six stars that you're wasting by
3416s taking border growth it just slows down
3418s your first Giant and if you look at this
3422s position just from this aspect of things
3425s forestry is five 14 so I have five STS
3427s left they can get a giant next turn with
3429s forestry because they didn't take border
3432s growth and then they could use the park
3434s with three Forest on this city to get
3435s another Giant and just absolutely Rush
3437s him down that's what I would
3440s expect and if you take B grth in your
3444s Capital sure you would have a stronger
3445s lad game here but
3447s uh you know you're not going to be
3448s playing into your strengths of the spawn
3449s and they get farming in the ruin
3452s allowing them to upgrade the cities even
3454s more efficiently without grabbing any
3456s Tech getting that giant getting the
3458s second giant as well oh well now they
3461s use the monument to get that double
3462s Giant on the way in turn 11 yeah they
3465s would have probably planned to get this
3467s giant with forestry on Marino here but
3469s because of the of the farming ruin here
3471s they they were able to do this instead
3474s not needed to grab Forestry at all
3477s they could still and get a giant Malino
3480s they
3480s can upgrade the city and then just
3483s honestly chop the rest and spam units at
3485s them honestly oh but their opponent gets
3488s two giants too what is this game man
3491s we're in turn 11 and four Giants on the
3495s field I have to say we are all rooting
3498s for Ana here but GAC is doing an awesome
3502s job of keeping up I after to admit I'm
3505s not rooting I'm saying I'm is the
3507s favorite I would
3509s say but they actually also put a Play
3511s support down cuz they don't have
3513s forestry it's actually cheaper you would
3515s argue okay Seven Stars for population
3517s right like that's not really efficient
3519s is it but actually it is because they
3521s don't have first spe first is 12 Stars
3523s plus the Lumbard would be 15 uh P cost
3526s seven so that's actually efficient to do
3528s that because sometimes grabbing Tech
3532s is oh we take an attack here grabbing
3536s Tech is not the way to go if I'm not
3539s planning on using it
3540s anyways a explor abely went into the
3543s corner that's really unlucky if you look
3545s at
3547s this uh let me turn on like
3552s this so if you were not aware the way
3555s that Ru an Explorer work
3559s is a Ru has always a chance of giving an
3563s Explorer if there is one for tile within
3566s a two radius around it meaning a
3568s mountain ruin can never give a Explorer
3572s because by stepping on the mountain
3573s weeve the fog required to give you an
3575s Explorer so in this case you have fog
3579s around you you can Ro an Explorer and
3581s since the Explorer will always move to
3582s the closest for tile and you don't have
3584s sailing because why would you it's just
3587s going to go into the corner and give you
3588s absolutely no value that is so
3591s unfortunate uh
3595s maybe yeah
3598s yeah what did you
3602s say
3603s um a user from the chat asked um which
3608s tribe would you recommend I should
3609s probably get one very different uh from
3611s the main
3612s four
3614s um so uh we have a professional here uh
3618s rats what tribe would you recommend as
3621s the first tribe to get for a beginner
3624s probably I'm sorry briad I don't want to
3625s insult you but uh I guess you're a
3628s beginner or at least uh a beginner just
3630s like me um what tribe would you
3633s recommend for someone to get the first
3635s tribe I got when I started playing was
3637s Polaris and uh that was definitely not
3640s the right decision cuz that is way too
3643s complicated I'm not going to lie uh the
3646s pipe I would suggest for you to take
3648s would
3649s be at0 tribe meaning you can upgrade the
3653s capital and turn zero and then maybe
3657s I mean what typ that means he suggesting
3660s Sai or Kiku to you Brad yeah that's what
3663s I would suggest but there's like you can
3666s also pick IMO a very unique play style
3668s that you can
3669s enjoy um well I would of course uh
3672s recommend you to spend the extra bug and
3675s get simanti um simanti is an incredibly
3679s strong tribe especially for a beginners
3681s and they're a lot of fun with their High
3682s attack stats yeah moreti propaganda
3685s probably will probably get reworked soon
3688s but brickhead um if I could recommend a
3692s tribe I would recommend you seriously to
3694s get
3696s simanti also more money for mijan you
3698s have to like
3700s that yeah once once we finish the the
3702s replays we can go through the tribe so
3705s uh we can give you more recommendations
3707s we will we will okay let's continue I
3710s really like the choice of archery here
3713s archery giving you a defense bonus on
3715s foresty not doing so much here because
3718s where the fight is going to unfold you
3720s don't really have a whole lot of forest
3721s tiles for your Giants to have defense
3722s bonus on I don't know the numbers but I
3725s think a giant with defense bonus just by
3727s few number takes 12 instead of 10 units
3730s of like Warriors to to kill so defense
3733s modus in general always a great t a
3735s great thing that you can look for and
3737s archery is one of those ways but mainly
3739s you have these units like Scouts but on
3742s the land and cheaper that can deal
3744s damage without retaliation being very
3747s efficient at their job and that's what
3749s you kind of need when you look at this
3750s position they they see that they got a
3751s giant from this city which has like no
3753s resources around them so they know it's
3755s going probably going to be a park from
3756s the city meaning there's probably going
3758s to be another Giant on the capital so
3760s that going to be two giants coming they
3761s don't see the second one yet I would
3763s assume they know it though and arer is
3766s going to be a really efficient way to
3767s deal with that
3769s issue anra starting to
3773s engage and here we see both Giants
3777s coming out just as he
3781s said and the perfect display of how the
3784s archers fight this is risky you see you
3787s see how we have an opening here of you
3792s can go from the south onto the mountain
3794s and kill the Archer and Siege they might
3797s not grab us they might not even do it
3799s there I mean they they don't do it
3801s because grabbing Mountain would be a
3803s attack that is kind of expensive for
3805s them so they don't don't want to do it
3810s we start I wonder what their plan was
3812s with that giant in the west I mean they
3815s kind of just wasted a giant right well
3817s it turns out it was all a distraction
3819s Because the Night comes in and rushes
3822s out and kills all the units in the
3824s background this is a 50 star night chain
3827s I actually counted that out and they
3830s just waste the night for good measure
3832s because they know it's over for their
3833s opponent and here we go it's
3838s because as we predicted and vinc this
3841s one I I want to I want to like refer to
3843s this because you see they have like a
3846s really difficult choice to make here
3848s even if they see the Knight what are
3850s they going to do about it that was such
3852s a nice play from anva by siing the city
3854s they can't join in the city unless they
3856s have farming which is the attch that you
3858s wouldn't really expect for Kiku to have
3860s like and also wouldn't have grabbed
3861s farming if it wasn't for the Rune giving
3863s them farming so unless they have two
3865s monuments which I mean they're not going
3867s to have a nwk monument they're not going
3868s to have a killing Monument they're not
3869s going to have a park cuz they use it
3871s already so they can't Giant on the city
3873s so the only way for them to un Siege It
3875s Is by killing the Giant and how can they
3877s kill the giant with plenty of archers a
3881s giant hitting them as well and then the
3883s units but by doing that you force all
3888s these archers to be stacked up so close
3890s to another like
3892s this and sure you could break the chain
3895s here but like even just these
3897s archers they are prepared to kill the
3899s giant as well plus all these archers
3901s with the night shame yeah there's
3904s nothing that they can do that Siege with
3906s the giant was a really nice bait because
3908s it left them no choice but to give them
3910s a night chain sure it was more than
3913s than they could have played
3917s for uh yeah by the way interesting
3920s choice to not promote the the Knight
3923s here to then attack
3926s doesn't at this point this game is over
3928s that was really nicely done by to this
3930s giant Siege seing the deal here baiting
3933s them fully into the match mhm yeah great
3936s play yeah great play looking at CH okay
3941s the next game is uh actually the last
3944s one we chose for today is Ana versus
3948s bios Sledge it's the finals game two and
3951s oh boy are you in for a ride for this
3954s one so let's do those recommendations
3956s tribe recommendations and then we'll
3958s jump to the to the game yeah okay so let
3961s me just go do we have Shin imperious B
3964s Mai are free these four are free so we
3967s have got Kiku is a very nice learning
3969s tribe hudrick
3970s is difficult clowns I mean that honestly
3975s they they can be strong if you play them
3978s right but they're not that easy looks at
3980s was the first tribe I bought I back then
3983s I used to know nothing about the game I
3985s just thought oh archers are a cool unit
3988s this tribe starts with archers that must
3990s be so strong I'm going to buy the tribe
3992s with archers and I bought hudrick and I
3994s love them so much I played nothing but
3997s HRI and uh yeah looking back that was
4000s not the smartest
4003s decision I mean the reason I say it's
4005s difficult is because it start with an
4006s Archer but if you walk into the fog with
4009s an Archer you can't do anything with the
4011s Archer right if you go if you stumble
4014s across upon a unit you if you shoot that
4017s unit with your Archer you're just going
4018s to eat damage you
4020s know it's not like you have to play in a
4023s way where your Archer takes the first
4024s Village but in a safe way and then you
4026s have a ro up front the fork and you can
4028s take an Explorer and you can go around
4029s you have the arch in the back attacking
4032s like that if you play it really nicely
4034s then they can be really strong with like
4035s into the SOS as well but they're rather
4038s slow type as well because I mean just
4040s based by Pure Performance every tribe
4042s that can cap upgrade the capital and
4044s turn Zero by default is a stronger T
4047s because the workshop Advantage just
4049s allows you to play the game how you need
4051s how like how the map tells you to like
4054s you're not forced to play the tribe in a
4055s specific F because the tribe doesn't
4057s give you an option tzo tribes can play
4060s them no matter how they need to be
4061s played for the map and can adjust look
4066s almost as good as a TZ tripe when it
4067s comes to starting CU they have another
4069s upgrade on the capital giving them an
4071s extra star per turn from t0 right off
4073s the bat without any Tech however Wenger
4077s is difficult to play they can be really
4079s strong early game but uh actually I
4082s think I bought Wenger first that was
4083s also B po were the two tribes I had
4086s first I love seasi byasi is a great
4088s tribe go ahead have fun I'm MO is
4092s interesting as in they are relatively
4095s easy to play once you understand them
4098s and they have they they have a lot going
4100s for them like if you but if you have a
4103s really weak start you're going to have a
4104s really tough time but they're fun to
4105s play
4106s also the skin is awesome I'm just the
4109s the Amo skin I love it it's awesome they
4113s have this kind of this Japanese feeling
4115s to it or Chinese or I I don't know
4118s anything about Eastern culture but it's
4120s cool I love it well they should have
4123s pandas instead of koalas it's like no
4126s but then you had to hunt the
4129s pandas yeah but koalas are also cute you
4132s know how can you hunt a koala there
4137s killing them you're just hunting them
4139s maybe you're putting them I don't know
4141s maybe you're bringing them to the city
4142s and make an attraction out of it and
4144s earn
4146s St I think we're getting sidetracked
4149s here yeah yeah okay go ahead rats Kali
4152s is a very interesting tribe if you want
4154s to have fun with cloaks uh they the they
4158s the tribe to go with also if you play an
4160s FFA Kali is probably the strongest
4162s tribee to play if you wall defend the
4164s early game nobody can really do anything
4165s about you and if you just send out
4167s embassies people are forced to accept
4170s peace with you you can snowball really
4171s quickly from that and then with cloaks
4173s it's a really strong unit in the early
4174s game as well if you have an early giant
4176s to deal with yadak especially with the
4179s RO change quite difficult to play now so
4182s they're quite unique but they're also
4184s not that strong and difficult to play so
4185s I wouldn't suggest them picking up first
4189s Aquarion also difficult to play only
4192s recommend them to play on maps that have
4194s any sort of water cuz otherwise going to
4196s have issues cuz your Riders don't move
4199s anything on on that Rose don't work on
4202s those Riders and uh you will only be
4205s moving one tile each with those so land
4207s fights going to be very difficult with
4208s Aquarian but on the water a very strong
4211s trive if you want to go yeah an aquarium
4213s has a re rework going so it will be
4218s completely changed in a in a few weeks
4220s yeah so don't forget what I said acon
4222s will be fun trust me it'll be good right
4224s I I haven't seen yet but I'm I would be
4228s surprised if they were not nicely
4230s changed iion is in my opin I call them
4234s the tribe of art because they require a
4238s lot of experience and a lot of knowledge
4241s about the game how you're supposed to
4243s play how your opponent is playing and
4245s adapting to it it's the tribe
4248s that it's it's a form of art if you want
4251s to master them they're really difficult
4253s to play but if you're really good at
4255s them they are by far the strongest tribe
4258s in the late game however they're as I
4261s said really difficult to play but um
4263s they also have really nice
4265s stre yeah
4267s midnight I think what the best out of
4271s the ones that were
4273s released yeah definitely all right and
4277s now there two
4280s more oh Polaris is really difficult uh
4283s if you want to just go all out on water
4285s world maps and archipelago then go ahead
4288s have fun if you ever played Kiko or
4291s something on arelo against pois you'll
4293s know what I'm talking about because they
4295s can be very
4296s oppressive uh fun to play if you get
4299s started but also not on my opin not the
4302s first trap you should play you should
4303s buy
4305s CTI
4306s yeah go ahead yeah um basically uh if
4310s you play simanti uh this completely
4313s changes your play style because you have
4316s a whole set of different units Knights
4319s are replaced by dumac which are tanky
4321s units that do not have the ability to
4323s persist killing enemy units your Riders
4327s are incredibly powerful early game and
4329s you have a shaman that replaces mind
4332s benders that basically enables you to
4334s boost units which Buffs their damage and
4337s movement until they attack someone uh
4340s simanti is an incredibly fun tribe to
4342s get started with because they're easy to
4344s play uh decently I'd say simanti kind of
4349s loses late game from what I've seen uh
4352s because they don't have any units that
4354s can chain through enemy units but if
4358s you're getting to late game with Sim
4360s you've done something wrong anyways so
4363s uh simti in my opinion is by far the
4366s best tribe um I bought them after
4368s watching a gly video back when they were
4370s first released
4372s and it's my personal favorite I think
4375s might have said that once or twice today
4378s and look I only have stats right I have
4381s stats to back off what I'm saying you
4382s see top rating 96% that means they're
4385s not the best tribe right like you see
4386s polarus 100% you see Aquarian 100% CTI
4389s does not have 100% writing for me so
4391s they're not the strongest tribee so yeah
4394s science po science now exactly all right
4398s yeah we have so before before we jump
4401s into the last game we have a very
4403s specific question from ziki
4406s uh is there any tribe that can beat Alan
4409s on a 900 TI dry land MX well um I would
4414s say it really depends on who plays
4417s um I
4419s mean
4422s o I don't like if you know if the
4425s opponent knows how to play
4427s lion I don't think there's anything you
4429s can do unless you play Leon yourself mhm
4434s because
4437s just think about this
4439s Giants I don't know how to explain this
4443s uh Giants are like a very tanky unit
4446s right when you upgrade the city you get
4447s a super unit get a
4449s giant
4452s and that
4455s giant once you kill them they're gone
4457s right now think about this what if you
4461s chuffed up a lot of Defenders up front
4463s in front of your super unit but the
4466s super D isn't a giant it's a dragon that
4468s shoots from the range and does area
4471s damage the reason why uon is so much
4474s stronger than any other tribe in late
4475s game is not because they have dragons
4478s but because like also dragons are a
4480s reason but like the reason they're so
4481s strong is because they have pully Towers
4483s which are independent units that do a
4485s lot of damage meaning when you come to
4488s the late stage of the game he can shove
4490s up a lot of Defenders up front to deny
4492s any sort of night chain and stuff like
4494s like to just be really annoying
4496s and you can
4498s have you can have uh dragons shooting
4501s from the distance dealing area damage
4504s having Knights chain through the area
4505s damage
4506s units that you could otherwise from a
4508s normal tribee not really access with a
4512s with a knight that's like a dragon like
4514s a nacha from the distance you're going
4516s to be able to chain a lot more easy
4520s and after that you're going to have a
4522s lot more units in your opponent because
4524s well you filled up the population with
4525s Defenders but you still have pulley
4527s Towers to fight and kill other tanky
4529s units on your opponent like the only
4531s thing that's
4533s is bad for lion that makes them
4537s not extremely super strong is that they
4541s cannot chop forests why is it important
4544s well if you can't chop forests and you
4545s eat cloaks from your opponent then you
4547s can get archery defense bonus tiles on
4549s those daggers and they're a lot easy
4551s harder to kill so you can't night shame
4553s them but you know it's like the only
4555s thing
4556s so n Time
4558s map you just got to play Leon I don't
4561s know what to tell you I'm sorry yeah and
4563s another argument against simti so ziki
4566s says simti is unplayable on 900 T Maps
4570s okay there you go yep that's much that's
4574s kind of
4576s true I've seen somebody one V2 a s a two
4581s simantis with Yak in the N andile map
4584s because it's n Andes
4587s yeah see simanti is incredibly good at
4590s making spontaneous pushes and short
4594s attacks with uh short range and dealing
4597s a lot of damage really quick and then
4599s retreating again uh yeah you can't just
4602s do that on 900 tiles uh so yeah I think
4606s we can all agree with
4609s you is unable shall we do the last game
4614s yeah sounds good yes
4615s okay currently looking for the link one
4618s sec copy the one thing there we go this
4622s is continents or is it it's which one is
4626s it uh again this one is uh anver versus
4630s bio Sledge I think we yep there we go
4634s yes the finals of one of those polium
4637s games so this is going to be best like
4638s okay this is not going to be a best of
4640s three but this was one of the games of
4642s that best of three from the finals so
4644s these players both of them made it all
4646s the way through the bracket without
4648s losing a single match and now they're
4650s playing against each other in the best
4652s of three in a
4654s continence again actually I really like
4656s the continence games that we had because
4659s in my experience continence games are
4661s very I want to say unbalanced as
4663s in if one player has access to the ocean
4666s you just win the game in this case
4667s nobody does but like the ocean doesn't
4669s really affect a whole lot of this game
4671s because you have this River that's
4673s stretching across the entire land mass
4675s so it's like a legs game just having a
4679s having a stretch of water in between
4682s which is very interesting cuz you're
4683s going to have [ __ ] and yeah and also
4685s it's three against three so also an goes
4688s actually can we uh skip back a little
4690s that went a little fast um ana with uh
4695s Brown Kiku decided to uh you just south
4700s here and if you enable the fog I think
4704s me personally I would have gone North
4706s there nor East uh that's not Ana uh you
4710s need the other
4713s yeah no see he decided to go south but I
4718s don't really understand that I would
4719s have hoped uh for a village in the
4721s Northeast and potentially even picked up
4724s the lighthouse instead of just going
4726s blatant South into the Forest right no
4729s no I if you look from a mro perspective
4735s itive trying to optimize the game is
4737s like the lighter is good right but
4740s like right now your first priority is to
4742s establish your position in the game and
4744s the best way to do that is to try and
4746s grab to try and secure a village in a
4749s position where you can then train my
4751s units to fight right like if you get the
4753s city on these animals in almost the
4756s middle of the map uh you're going to
4758s have a city to train units from to then
4760s contest anything that you need to
4761s contest right especially early game when
4764s you don't have ride
4766s every single tile that you move the
4768s units that is closer to the fight is
4771s going to be very vital so this this city
4775s here has a lot more impact
4780s on on the game than the one on the top
4783s yeah okay that that makes sense if if
4785s the first Warrior that you send out is
4787s the warrior that kind of decides where
4788s your game is going to go and if your
4790s first Warrior goes into the corner by
4792s the time you get to this Village
4793s remember you're not going to train a
4794s warrior t z so the first Ro train is T1
4797s T2 T3 T4 so you going have claimed this
4799s city at turn five when you could have
4802s claimed it at turn
4803s three right yeah that is okay that makes
4806s a lot of sense all
4809s right and now have this here that can
4812s actually although I would agree I think
4817s for uh for bi I would have taken this
4820s Village on
4821s this you see you see the shore line as
4824s well from the fish it's very likely to
4825s be a village here in my opinion cuz you
4827s do have indicators for it but also if
4830s you're playing Kiku you already have
4832s fishing so you're going to see Fish here
4834s and it's you know it's a free upgrade
4837s you don't need to grab Tech you're not
4838s dependent on having good resources on
4840s this Village I mean he doesn't grab it
4842s right now but he grabs it uh with the
4845s second Warrior and I think already bios
4847s sled is at a slight Advantage with one
4849s more Village than
4852s Ana let's see how this goes
4856s uh and both players have uh discovered
4859s the river in the center now which will
4861s be defining this game I think yeah
4864s although they both don't know wait did
4866s un Tak
4869s explore and they take a workshop they
4871s took a
4873s workshop yeah but they can still be uh
4877s quite certain where their opponent is uh
4880s because
4881s the yeah right here they I don't meet
4884s them does not discover his opponent
4888s right here but they see the Border there
4891s and they go right with the Explorer
4892s which means they can rule out that
4894s they're to the right and they see
4896s there's ocean to the left so they can
4898s rule out the left and all that's left
4900s now is that they're just in the middle
4902s down
4903s there take climbing take the ruin it's
4906s aquaculture but it's going to be so huge
4908s in early
4910s game and now you can also use meeting
4912s STS they get meeting STS here but like
4916s this Warrior is really annoying to deal
4918s with for green also notice how someone
4921s lost the match to Ana a couple of uh
4924s matches ago because they didn't claim
4926s the river bio does not make this mistake
4929s basically all of the relevant River
4930s tiles now belong to him uh except for
4933s the one north of his Capital but I'm
4936s pretty sure he will grab those as well
4939s securing that no surprises can
4943s happen I mean there still like a a lot
4945s more B Styles here that being used but
4946s like right now if I look at this
4951s position green is forced to go riding
4956s roads right now you see this position
4959s they can't get into the water where are
4961s they going to get into the water like if
4962s they get into the water here you have a
4964s warrior blocking the two like the tile
4967s to the ocean they can't go around they
4968s can only place water units here to shoot
4971s in L and what what am I going to do I'm
4975s is going to back off and not give you
4976s any value for that so essentially water
4979s isn't really an
4980s option
4982s so yeah we've got a Navy Advantage from
4985s anva but we also have a very good
4987s position to play riding roads from Green
4989s here we take faring we take the B as you
4992s said to deny the bridge but also to be
4994s able to get into the
4996s ocean CU otherwise it wouldn't have
4997s gotten into the ocean pushing two giants
5001s with farming and a monument from the
5003s first giant w
5007s that's a nice
5008s play yeah and I think right about now
5011s the stage is set for a couple of events
5014s to unfold in the next turns because both
5018s have their Giants set up both are
5019s getting bats they're upgrading their
5022s cities and they've basically finished
5024s exploring so you know uh [ __ ] is about
5027s to get real
5029s basically yeah well I I said that green
5032s hasn't really no option has really no
5034s option to get into to the water right
5035s but like looking at this now well they
5037s just got two Giants and early Naval
5041s units are quite expensive and jugernaut
5043s therefore are relatively hard to kill on
5046s the water even with with ramas because
5049s you know you don't really have the Stars
5050s to spend from like you see 13 STS of
5052s income sure actually Ana does have rers
5055s already research because of the ruin you
5057s look at this we have 18 stars income for
5060s Ana but still after that R cost five
5063s stars and is going to be cutting off
5065s your economy and if you don't get a
5067s giant yourself grab the [ __ ] you're
5068s going to be lacking economy in the mid
5074s game what was that R I was not paying
5077s attention we see not the UN
5083s perspective I broke it g I'm going to
5085s reset
5088s this that is my bad
5096s oh by the way we are in turn 10 right
5099s now um next turn you're going to be
5103s seeing something awesome we are going to
5106s see what is deciding this match we were
5109s in turn
5114s 10 we we will see the unit popping
5118s up that's going to be relevant and
5121s decisive of basically every attack and
5124s every counter push we will see in the
5126s next 10 moves mathematics and
5129s catapults you see how in in two games
5132s ago when we had Ana played
5136s versus a different player yeah we we had
5139s argued that taking Border in the capital
5142s was very vital because of late game but
5144s like you don't want to play into late
5145s game you want to get the Giants quickly
5148s here we actually take border grth
5149s because of the route that they're
5152s choosing to go with sill so early to
5154s print Giants to have catapults as a unit
5157s to deal with these Giants catapults
5160s early game are a very efficient way to
5161s deal with a threat like that uh but
5165s also especially with riding now this is
5168s a route to markets so if you don't want
5170s to build a Navy you're going to have a
5172s really strong you see what I'm saying
5174s here we have a catapult to deal with
5175s this giant already catapult from both
5177s sides to be fair because green actually
5180s says okay this city is mine unless you
5182s can push a giant on it and if you push a
5184s giant on it I'm going to have a catapult
5186s set up already right so that's really
5188s annoying already for un to deal with but
5190s we have catapult ourselves being able to
5193s use that to
5196s Advantage so so an honestly can just sit
5199s back here and
5201s relax just give up the city as well you
5203s don't really need
5204s it if the Giant's going there and just
5207s push
5209s markets right however once get set up
5212s you can just go over the land mass here
5214s with Bridges
5215s well I personally think this one if you
5216s could pause right here this situation is
5219s looking really scary for Ana because
5223s like from a from a noob's perspective
5225s there's two giants setting up your
5227s basically undefended cities and you
5230s don't have any units you have some
5231s Giants in the back but that's really
5233s nothing so it's really the catapults
5235s that decide the game for and here for
5238s the first time so uh we'll keep track of
5242s that and we'll see how much the
5244s catapults decide this game but this was
5246s the first important moment I'm looking
5248s at this right now actually this city is
5250s fully safe you have a giant going to the
5252s water here you can upgrade a rama if you
5254s really want to or need to by the time
5256s this giant sieges the city you're going
5258s to push this catapult forward and move
5259s both catapults in range meaning this gu
5263s like the green green Kiko is forced to
5265s attack the Catapult with the scouts and
5267s then you can use your jug to kill the
5269s scouts and by that time you're going
5272s to I actually don't have her
5275s you probably going to have a killing
5276s monument and you can potentially push a
5278s giant in the city so if they were to
5280s push and Siege with this giant on this
5283s city you can push a giant yourself and
5285s because it's the Ocean City it's
5287s guaranteed Houdini as well right if you
5290s if you Siege with the giant so green has
5292s to be very careful on sieging this city
5295s with the jugernaut
5297s because they're missing nine population
5299s right now four for the fish five for the
5303s PS six for for the connection so if they
5305s get a killing
5307s monument and then connect the capital to
5310s cuz otherwise this port wouldn't connect
5312s the capital because there's still a
5313s world missing they can push a giant on
5315s that with a killing Monument so how many
5317s kills does an have I'm not
5320s spectating anva has one kill right now
5323s the giant was the first kill that's
5325s always great I guess we don't have a
5327s killing Monument here to work with but
5329s we can still just say okay well then we
5330s just place four ports here that also
5333s works it's not efficient
5335s but I think I think B won't fall for it
5338s though he sees the catapults in the
5340s North or he has experienced them with
5342s this giant at least the one that died
5344s earlier CU to see what what they're
5346s going to do here yeah also now just the
5350s Catapult start bombarding over that
5352s River and they actually don't that hurts
5357s yeah they they they okay that's a big
5360s misplay here CU they didn't have like
5362s there was juicy hits on J not I don't
5365s they don't see the catapults but I saw
5367s that giant get clapped by two so you
5369s kind of know that there catap in the
5371s works so the vision doesn't really do
5373s anything here you kind of want to move
5375s your giant out of the way of the
5377s catapults to be able to Siege it and now
5379s by eating those two shots this giant is
5382s no longer even able to Siege the city so
5384s we're not even talking about the
5385s potential Houdini this giant is just
5387s Setra up
5388s dead however he does get a nice shot on
5391s those catapults wiping them out
5393s basically yes but this scout is dead
5396s because he just upgrades this guy to
5399s aama if he wants to
5403s shoot the water dominance yeah yeah well
5408s this scout is dead to this and this this
5411s jugernaut can go around the Caton could
5413s finish this scout if they wanted to and
5416s then this giant is also not really a
5418s threat anymore even though both
5419s catapults die you no longer need them
5421s you see how green has also catapult here
5426s that's actually really not that good
5427s because they don't really do anything
5429s for them and not trying
5431s to do a push here like there's no room
5434s for un to push on the side of of things
5436s and these catapults are 24 stars of
5438s income because it's three eight star
5440s units and those in this income is kind
5442s of going to be lacking in economy wise
5444s like you see two c and Ana which did
5446s their job they did what they needed to
5448s do they killed basically two Giants and
5449s now they they don't they no longer need
5451s it right doesn't matter if they if they
5453s die now but
5455s uh
5457s yeah those catapults like this catapult
5459s as well like it's not really going to do
5461s anything like should you can have three
5463s catapult sitting on the shore here and
5464s then deny any giant or any unit train in
5466s the city but well Elma doesn't need to
5468s train anything in that City have a park
5471s we had still the park to Houdini that
5473s never mind we didn't even need to
5474s killing one he still had the park to B
5477s go here to be able to upgrade units on
5480s the water for further away but we could
5481s have pushed a giant there if we needed
5484s all
5485s right another catapult actually he just
5489s keeps training catapults I mean what is
5490s this guy doing um oh also look at that
5494s what a massive push there on the left um
5497s bio slash brings in some rammers to
5499s defend but that's probably not going to
5501s be enough I
5503s mean uh let's just count quickly uh Ana
5507s has like one two three four five yes
5510s five rafts out there and three
5512s dragonauts those three ra going to cut
5515s it we see we see how Ana says well I see
5518s your catapults I'm not going to have my
5520s Giants die to them these catapults are
5522s currently doing absolutely nothing right
5525s in fact they let's see what
5527s happens and I mean yeah sure we'll have
5530s to push eventually we see catapults here
5532s because these catapults are needed to
5534s deal with this giant but we see a lot of
5535s catapults here that don't really fulfill
5537s any job right sure Ana isn't pushing
5540s right now because their catapults
5542s blocking them from pushing right if
5544s there for if it wasn't for the catapults
5545s and I would be just pushing here but at
5547s the same time that income that spent
5550s like that's 58 it's 40 stars of income
5553s which two two turns of income could have
5556s been spent on other stuff of economy be
5558s it you know just other things that you
5561s want to get done and it's not being
5563s efficient with the resources note right
5566s now that no player is building a bridge
5569s and no one's really keen on uh having
5572s actual land combat in the beginning of
5575s the match we said okay the ocean to the
5577s left isn't really relevant but right now
5579s the entire play is taking place in that
5581s Ocean and the rest is just some units
5584s like one giant and like two catapults
5586s fighting over some cities but nothing's
5588s really going on and the big fight is on
5590s the ocean I I just like how the game
5592s developed right like you see
5594s how
5596s um you see how anva didn't really do a
5600s whole lot on the ocean up until like Ana
5603s got aqua culture right from a ruin and
5605s didn't use it up until now or like up
5609s until two turns ago when green was the
5612s one who actually started pushing on the
5614s ocean trying to assert something with
5615s like getting something done with those
5617s those juggernauts right we had one
5618s Juggernaut land on this city and and the
5620s other jugut being very close on Lea but
5623s if it wasn't for that and I would have
5624s probably just said well I don't need to
5626s put my giants into the water I'm sorry
5628s to defend we could have just like gone
5631s roads push the Giants over land and then
5633s started to fight on the right side but
5636s because an just an just did he was
5639s playing responsive to what their
5640s opponent was doing those catapults are
5642s responsive to them pushing with
5644s juggernauts that's it those
5647s juggernauts are placed into the water
5649s because they have to defend it's let's
5653s see how this attack
5655s goes or if they're even really is going
5658s to be an attack the catapults are
5661s shuffled around a bit that bomber
5663s actually dies that round
5664s I don't really know if that was worth it
5666s and now the rammers get taken out and
5670s and uh and progresses and Deals more
5673s damage um but all these uh uh I'm sorry
5678s all these juggernauts uh are in the
5680s range of the catapults now or at least
5682s some of them let's see how that goes we
5686s you see I I talk about in efficiency on
5688s Stars I like I would like to quot I'm
5690s not saying it's uh I'm not saying it's
5692s like good but yeah I guess it's
5695s something no but like look if I would
5697s like to take the quy from goalie he said
5700s the I I don't know when he said that but
5702s I saw one video where he said that he
5704s said the best way or like the way that
5706s you win polyopia games is by being the
5710s most efficient basically so if you are
5714s more efficient than your opponent you're
5716s likely going to win because you
5718s know because you stuff like this is what
5721s I'm talking about you have these
5722s catapults are really expensive iive
5724s units that don't fulfill a purpose and
5729s last turn we upgraded a bomber which
5731s Honestly by the way it's two teag that
5733s you don't even actually already had
5735s Scouts but like it's another tech plus
5736s 15 stars for the upgrade just to shoot a
5739s bit of units
5740s here damage it wasn't really worth it
5744s and what do you what do you take now
5747s well I'mma get roads which is also
5749s really good route to get markets I can I
5751s not stop the replay please also good
5753s routs to get markets with the SOS later
5755s we kill with two Riders and two roads or
5757s three roads we kill a 15 star unit and
5761s these roads are going to be you need it
5762s anyways to connect your city so like you
5764s know it's a win-win for Ana so being
5767s really efficient with killing a bomber
5770s with two
5771s Riders we kill all three bombers here
5774s all three rers rers yeah mhm so now we
5778s have two catapults in range of these
5780s juggernauts one of them is one HP
5784s and and this raft if this catapult
5787s shoots this raft on the starfish this ra
5790s is just going to kill this catapult back
5791s which is again is this two star unit on
5793s the starfish and a seven star unit
5795s killing an eight star unit again so not
5797s only does an have economy bonus by Ming
5801s better than their opponent by just
5803s training what they needed and not overt
5805s training units they also are able to not
5809s just say well I just have to trade what
5810s I need to trade and you'll see this
5813s unfold here
5814s this giant actually retreats to just be
5816s efficient 15 stars on another unit again
5821s mhm and now well this giant just dies to
5824s catapults playing
5826s reactive sure we can sacrifice a giant
5828s here we sacrifice a
5831s giant looking at this
5835s we we
5838s sacrifice one giant I can actually
5841s disagree here we also kill another
5842s bomber which is a lot of Stars right mm
5846s yeah the way I would have played it is I
5848s would have killed this catapult with
5850s this Ram with s HP ramor I would have
5852s move both
5854s actually yeah
5857s this no I think this was good this was
5859s good cuz essentially this giant just
5862s dies by doing that however you're going
5864s to get two catapults killed and a bomber
5867s killed which is big bang for your buck
5870s right it's perfect
5874s so we kill this bomber sure we might
5877s lose this scout lose this ja out here
5879s but we get big bang for a buck now it's
5881s actually safe to also upgrade a city if
5883s we want to get a giant there because
5885s they not C anymore well on one hand the
5887s catapults have stopped the offense but
5889s on the other hand at what cost and he
5891s just keeps training them he just keeps
5893s training them and Ana is slowly but
5895s surely filling up the entire map with
5897s his units and he will be overrun we
5900s actually see
5902s the no
5905s yeah another
5906s chain okay yeah yeah okay let's watch
5910s this we see a
5911s knight um and this is have have Vision
5915s on on on on this Knight or not yeah he
5919s but after after this turn bioedge does
5921s have Vision on the Knight so he uses all
5924s his catapults to shoot actually no he
5925s doesn't so he sees the Knight by taking
5928s diplomacy uh which honestly is probably
5930s a good play here because you can you
5933s safe to stay here like this and then you
5935s can just train CLS and have them take
5938s clo the city with if you're going to do
5940s anything after the next round that is
5943s yeah but you
5947s know well I mean at this
5950s position and yeah what just what is that
5953s what is that we research diplomacy for
5956s Clarks
5959s already andar diplomacy actually gives
5963s him vision on that KN and now what he
5965s does now is completely not
5968s understandable for me because he
5970s actually moves his catapults in a way
5972s that they can all be taken out one by
5975s one
5976s m and again let's see this all right
5981s this yeah I mean this chain could have
5983s easily broken by just moving this
5984s catapult onto the mountain exactly one
5987s TI would have been enough the giant the
5989s sorry the Knight can't move that far
5991s yeah but let's let's just see it let's
5993s have the pleasure it's so satisfying to
5995s see it unold one two three okay little
5999s Bob four five and six that's again 50
6004s stars of catapults fun fact they don't
6008s have a single unit except the six HP
6009s catapult standing anymore yeah
6011s completely
6013s obliterated by Army wow what a final
6017s yeah all right yeah so before we uh we
6022s kind of switch to to to the submitted
6025s games there is a big
6027s question uh let me find it
6034s um yeah so uh no is asking uh about
6040s walls versus stars and also Parks versus
6044s Giants so uh what would you recommend uh
6048s choosing okay um my my may I start uh
6052s talking about the uh City walls versus
6056s economy um or versus stars um because I
6059s think I actually have something to say
6061s to that might not be smart but it's
6063s something um basically most of the times
6067s you will want to pick resources uh the
6070s five stars when you upgrade a city the
6072s only cases where you really will want to
6075s pick uh a city wall are when you have a
6078s city that's uh contested very hardly
6082s where you know okay this is going to
6086s give me a significant Advantage if I
6088s have a city wall here and my unit is
6091s safe here in nearly every other
6095s situation you will want to pick
6096s resources because the five stars
6099s especially early game are going to be
6100s giving you a huge advantage and a huge
6103s boost in the economy from what I've
6107s learned um I think when it comes to the
6111s Giant versus Park debate Giants are
6114s still most of the time the best
6118s decision however it's it's just like
6121s walls it's a very Niche situation first
6124s of all if you want to play C just never
6127s select the wall cuz it's pointless but
6128s against an every other tribe where you
6130s have a city that you kind of want to
6132s keep and if you have Defenders the
6135s easiest way to keep to make it really
6138s difficult for your opponent to take that
6139s City from you is to roll the city and
6141s put a defender in it it's yeah theit
6145s don't have the
6147s exactly s only have two like units with
6152s a stat of two defense units like
6155s Warriors for example and warriors with
6157s World bonus instead of a defense bonus
6159s is cool but it's like it's not that big
6161s of a difference to un unless it actually
6164s makes difference in like a specific
6166s instance then I would not pick that role
6169s you're better off just taking the
6170s resources and getting some pots and
6172s stuff but when it comes to the Giant
6175s versus Park debate unless you're playing
6176s glory
6179s and maybe let me jump in uh so there is
6182s a there is nice video uh about um walls
6187s versus stars on the poly Champs Channel
6189s I will put that in the uh in the chat so
6193s oh let's go we have a PO Champions plug
6196s everyone you all right guys don't click
6199s off right now you the chat will still be
6202s visible after we end the stream you can
6205s finish watching the stream now and watch
6207s the video later I I think that's
6209s important to say we only have 11 viewers
6213s right now we don't want that to go to
6214s zero we like you guys please hang
6217s in yes go ahead R so when it comes to
6221s the Giant versus Park debate it's very
6223s similar
6224s to what Maron already said about walls
6230s you want to most of the time it's better
6232s to just have another super unit another
6234s really strong unit that's hard to kill
6236s that's tanky that can defend cities but
6241s sometimes in some
6244s instances it can be worth to take a park
6248s instead now in a normal one V one uh
6253s no unless you're playing like a n map
6256s against a STI and you have a city in the
6260s far far far back from the front that you
6262s want to upgrade you might grab a park
6264s because this giant will not be at the
6266s front in like 10 turns and by the time
6268s you might as well just take the park and
6269s get some more Knights
6271s going uh but what I experienc from
6274s playing some one ones in the poly
6276s Champion discard where you can like
6277s choose the setup that you're playing for
6281s example what I really enjoy playing is a
6284s medium size 256 Med size shinshi miror
6288s cuz Shi is a very relatively uh not so
6291s strong tribe but if he play a shin miror
6293s it's actually fun and balanced because
6295s both have the same stuff to deal with
6297s and in that instance because you're
6300s likely not going to play into riding or
6301s roads and the giant would take forever
6305s from your Capital to get to the
6307s front you might as well grab a park in
6309s your Capital H yeah Park in capital use
6312s to park of Fortune somewhere else and
6316s that's like a nice you can really nicely
6319s balance
6320s the decisions between parks and Gi from
6324s Giants in the front parks in the back
6325s because it takes forever but also
6327s because the economy is going to actually
6329s pay off because every single star
6331s actually matters in in a match like that
6334s yeah and we have to explain that uh
6337s actually the mechanics have changed
6339s quite recently oh yeah so a few months
6341s ago because uh before the PA path of the
6345s ocean Parks were giving you just points
6347s so no extra Stars so it was actually uh
6351s like you know pointless to get to get
6354s Parks unless you've been uh playing
6356s Glory right yeah to be honest I've never
6359s gotten a park in a competitive
6360s domination match um I get I get it that
6364s there is some uh useful occasions but
6369s honestly I think the only like way it
6372s makes sense usually is if you just want
6374s to disrespect your opponent and show
6376s them that you don't need an extra giant
6378s to get rid of them so yeah I think um
6383s your best bet if you're a beginner it's
6384s just going to be two never pick parks in
6386s Domination it's just not worth it it's
6389s funny to me because when Parks were only
6393s giving you points I was like why would
6395s it not change the feature that Parks
6396s give you another extra star of income
6399s and guess what couple of months later
6400s they Ed exactly that I was so I was so
6403s CH the bits with that one yeah I also
6405s predicted basically the entire um
6408s diplomacy update before it was released
6411s I think 3 years even before was released
6414s um because I was thinking okay well
6416s maybe you could add like peace treaties
6418s or some sort of contracts you can make
6420s with other tribes and also some kind of
6423s invisible unit would be cool that like I
6426s don't know could overthrow governments
6427s and cities and turn them around and uh
6431s two years three years later they go on
6433s and add just that with cloaks and with
6436s peace
6437s treaties so you see po polyopia two
6440s polyopia
6442s profits here on the stream there you go
6446s exactly okay so we have two submissions
6451s uh let's first go
6453s to
6454s um uh divinity's match because there's a
6459s there's a question from
6461s him so
6465s um so the the question is that it's
6468s rather like a statement but um he asks
6472s uh if uh if if there's if there was uh
6475s anything they could have
6477s done uh and uh yeah so let's let's see
6481s this uh this match and uh it's just just
6487s T but like what f are they playing
6490s ooh okay so which one I don't you have
6494s see the see the yeah mhm so it's
6497s Divinity well so Divinity is the seman
6501s yeah mhm well oh yeah okay well
6504s so it's it's a water world right
6508s yeah that's like a thing if he pick a in
6511s a water map if you don't have water
6513s access on the capital it's
6517s over because okay I was expecting
6519s something else but yeah okay like the
6521s only thing you can do here
6524s is get fishies like The Archers right
6528s but by the time you get that especially
6529s since you go against an Aquarion like by
6531s the time you you can take the city with
6534s them but like you will probably won't be
6535s able to because they are faster than you
6538s mhm and you can take B growth and get
6540s Alie and be able to like but you don't
6543s have control to create algae more than
6546s two tal around your capital and if you
6548s don't have a city with water access
6549s where you canot where you can train
6552s the uh are they called ra I think RI
6557s yeah
6558s the if you don't have a city to train
6561s those from then you have no way of
6564s creating algae because you have two ways
6567s of creating algae as I so you can go
6569s also fi because they they are airborne
6572s so they can fly fly mhm but it takes a
6577s long time because you have to up the
6578s capital first and then you have to
6580s hunting and you have to AR and you have
6581s to train a unit and by that time you
6583s don't even have Vision on it to get on
6584s it mhm Yeah by that time they're going
6586s to be able to contest it because it's
6588s also a 5 HP unit you know so dear
6591s Divinity you chose a great tribe you put
6594s in a great effort but there was just
6596s nothing you could do better luck next
6598s time and please pick a different map
6600s type with simanti that's honestly CTI VB
6603s can be fun if you have a what it can be
6606s fun if you play it in Mirror matches
6609s yeah I've actually had some quite
6612s awesome mirror matches uh with simanti
6614s against other simantis I've had some
6616s quite awesome M matches playing Santi
6619s against Kiku on
6621s continents it's it's it's actually quite
6623s fun if you think about it like you have
6626s algae you can you have two ways of
6628s creating algae you can create algae by
6629s exploding youris and you have a way of
6633s creating algae by killing poisoned units
6636s so if you kill a poisoned unit on the
6637s water it will create Ali and the way
6640s that it unfolds is basically you want to
6642s try and cover the entire ocean with Alie
6645s because that counts as rough terrain
6647s meaning those Scouts that can try can
6649s move three tiles on the water once they
6652s run into Ari they'll just stop they
6654s can't move further than one to into
6657s Al right so if you cover the enti map
6659s with Ali those Scouts are going to be
6661s useless those remas are going to be
6662s useless so basically your opponent has
6664s to play with bombers and potentially
6666s Knights and you can play around the
6668s Knight chains and potentially get cloaks
6670s going and you know there's so much you
6672s can do and it's actually quite
6674s interesting game if it unfolds but this
6676s is a very unfortunate spawn where it
6678s it's not going to unfold because there's
6680s nothing that you can unfold mhm yeah
6684s so we have one more submission but it's
6686s kind of you know like a surprise so
6688s we'll see what's what's inside the the
6692s game because the our subscriber just
6695s sent us a fun game to watch so let's
6699s well let's see how that goes okay it's a
6701s Sai mirror match there go on drylands
6705s Tiny Dryland coin versus Speedy I know
6707s both of them no way okay so who's
6709s playing Speedy against uh the other name
6713s is coin okay Co okay mhm
6717s okay okay wait who is
6719s who we've got coin on the orange coin is
6722s the nzala okay and Speedy on
6727s the
6730s what's yeah
6733s or
6736s right I'd say it's Anala versus normal
6739s seasi but let's just let's just Watch
6741s What Happens
6743s if a tiny Dryland gam playay both do the
6749s workshop oh wait this is bullet okay let
6751s me explain this cuz uh I think yeah
6755s explain what a bullet is first bullet is
6757s a tournament Series in Bully Champions
6759s where you play a Life One V one mirror
6761s on Tiny drylands against the opponent
6763s mirror tribe so the all the rules that
6766s you need to know for bullet is that the
6768s host skips turn
6771s zero right tiny map it's unfair like
6774s host has a big Advantage now what you do
6776s by host skipping to zero is that the
6778s host now play second but they have two
6780s more stars to work with so the advantage
6782s of moving second is you have two more
6784s stars to work with oh okay Reon that's
6788s the reason they can they play an
6790s workshop opening here and they can play
6792s a workshop opening and train a warrior
6794s because they have two more stars to work
6795s with oh they have to skip 10 zero this
6799s is I mean it works out this is risky
6802s though if you look at this
6805s position from
6808s Speedy stepping on a village if you
6811s don't meet them here then you and they
6814s kick you off the village and you lost
6816s the game basically because the only
6818s reason they can try to R is because they
6820s met them and that's the reason they can
6822s now kick them off it and contest
6824s it although I assume the opponent does
6827s the same trains the rider and can also
6829s do the same and just do the kicking off
6832s thing
6833s bounce
6836s well
6838s that's I guess it's a merry go round
6841s now well but there they will ah okay he
6844s steps off it okay I was about to say
6847s he'd be dumb to go on that very nice I
6851s want to see the vision here from coin
6854s how this
6856s unfolded okay they see this because they
6859s moov the warrior there speedy should
6861s know that so they saw how the warrior
6864s moved Southeast un covered this for tile
6867s here for them and killed so they should
6870s know that they have for uh Vision there
6875s so this is actually kind of RIS Rider
6877s action because they don't actually have
6879s Vision here so they get punished for
6882s doing
6883s that they get heavily punished for doing
6886s that can we look at this position from
6890s coin is it reasonable to think they know
6892s they have two
6894s Riders they could have tried and take
6896s the city if they wanted to
6899s because they should know that your
6901s opponent is on a level three capital and
6903s no other City meaning
6907s that they only have three units they pop
6910s cap they can't train another another
6911s unit so they killed one unit they tacked
6914s the other unit meaning unless the third
6916s unit is nearby which it's not it's
6918s grabbing a
6919s village it's actually safe to take the
6921s village there but they take the village
6922s it's fine and this is uh relatively
6924s safely PA on both
6927s sides Explorer taking two lighthouses
6930s o yeah that's that's very lucky yeah big
6936s yeah let's see explore what
6939s revealed it's lucky for the Explorer to
6942s go right into the corner like
6944s that it's also relatively efficient on
6947s revealing the tiles it's not like going
6948s left right and center it's going
6949s relatively efficient betterman that's
6952s huge for abet why is that huge for abet
6955s if you take a ruin and it's a veteran
6958s swordsman that swordsman will be linked
6963s to the city that the ruin was from
6965s meaning if the ruin was in the territory
6967s of the city then it will take up a
6970s population space of that City now this R
6972s was not in the territory of a city so
6974s this swordsman is independent and also I
6977s think that's I think it's a buck I don't
6978s know if it's tal or not but if you take
6981s that
6983s swordsman the rider that or the unit
6986s that claims The Swordsman is now also
6988s independent so if you look at this you
6991s see how three units like one two three
6993s units are from lava and this Rider here
6996s is from sanua right he takes the zman
6999s r he refs the okay well that's un really
7002s lucky he also gets the lighthouse but
7005s now you only have two population wow
7008s that's wild this hman is independent
7010s this Rider is independent you can train
7012s three more units and you have two more
7014s not only do you have a swordsman that
7015s can that requires five hits to be killed
7018s but also you have two more slots to
7020s train riders with and simply by sheer
7023s amount of unit Force you can basically
7025s just enal your opponent because can't
7028s train that many I didn't know that I
7030s didn't know that was a thing at all now
7033s you
7035s do
7038s who it's safely one game in bullet where
7040s I got assaultman ruin allowing me to
7042s train another Archer plus having The
7044s Swordsman which won me the game yeah I
7046s saw something is wrong because I've I've
7048s played some games and I had like
7050s different moves on the population and I
7053s wasn't sure uh what is it about so now I
7058s to grab a giant here which is fine but
7061s it's honestly yeah this is fine this is
7062s hly the better play as well to go for
7063s the
7065s giant because whoever like if right now
7068s if you train a lot of units you're going
7071s to be in this predicament where
7073s if your opponent gets the giant first
7075s before you take the
7076s capital you're going to be forced to
7078s send all your units into the giant to
7080s kill it meaning you're going to get give
7082s him a killer Monument he's going to have
7083s a park be able to get another Giant and
7086s if you get your upgrades on your city
7088s early you're going to have more income
7090s to then reinvest in the economy they're
7093s getting windmills population wound well
7095s that just speeds up the
7097s process who and they can actually get
7100s another giant right now right yeah the
7103s next wait they misplay oh no they they
7106s voted the sword SP in now what I
7109s actually would have suggested
7114s here well I would have gotten another
7116s giant right they could have they could
7118s have the park with those
7121s three Farms is also Giant in this city
7124s by the way and then they can use the
7126s world connection or just not even the
7128s world connection just like six Farms
7130s three Farms to get another Giant in the
7132s capital could have it could have gotten
7133s three Giants here in two turns basically
7137s oh wow well let's see how this goes on
7139s then if they place a park in Sansa
7143s resources and then next turn they can
7145s get two more Giants in either one and E
7148s by city but this is also fine they can
7151s use roads to connect these cities
7152s upgrade this for another giant upgrade
7154s this for
7156s resources we see both players getting a
7158s giant we see both scores go up really
7161s high so we also can read that the
7163s opponent got a giant we also see the
7165s giant here in both cases now we use okay
7168s we use not the roads but uh to Farms
7172s to to upgrade Speedy game you can you
7177s can see a lot of movement going on here
7180s and a lot of action happening quite fast
7183s I think this is uh also because of the
7185s fact that this game is on drylands and
7188s not really on a map where you have any
7191s water or
7193s like big Forest hindering your movement
7195s because all the units are very close to
7197s each other and the the entire space is
7199s just crammed full with units and
7201s Swordsmen and we also have a lot of
7203s riders here is that common for seasi
7207s games I'm not sure yeah uh sebasti is I
7211s mean the usual way that sebasti is
7213s played is usually
7215s typically well unless you don't have I
7218s mean even even if you don't have a f on
7219s your second City but if you play you
7222s play all Warriors and they try and get
7225s riding as soon as
7226s possible you just use farms for your
7229s economy and you want to play into roads
7231s like if this was a big map you would
7232s play into roads you would use the roads
7234s and Farms to upgrade your cities to try
7237s and get a giant get the netor monument
7239s going and just you know it's it's a very
7242s fast-paced game on seasi because you
7244s also two zero Tri now what I wanted to
7246s say here was
7248s because if they connect these cities
7250s they can get resources for just stars
7252s and upgrade the capital for just five
7254s stars but they chose to do both for 10
7256s Stars instead which is relatively in
7258s inefficient and those wordss will still
7260s need those still need to be placed
7264s otherwise
7265s well yeah that would have been smarter I
7269s guess who is your prediction who is
7271s winning this game right now uh
7273s definitely Orange in my opinion it looks
7275s really favorable for orange because of
7276s the way that the runes developed it's
7279s unfortunate to say but like I think the
7281s runes kind of made the game here because
7283s this giant claims the city you're going
7285s to have a three versus two in City count
7288s oh that's that's a bold move claiming a
7290s city right next to another giant I mean
7292s that giant is just going to get hammered
7294s with damage
7295s right uh yeah I mean that's it's fine
7298s because you have a city Advantage now
7300s that you can play off alsoit happen here
7303s I wouldn't have done
7304s that oh I you have to think about that
7307s way this city gives you the eye of God
7311s because you can take Explorer like he
7313s did to get the last Lighthouse gives you
7316s another population gives you the eye of
7317s God you can then use two world
7319s connections and the eye of God to get
7321s another Giant in your Capital oh well
7323s okay that makes a whole lot of sense and
7327s you have St like I don't really
7329s understand this part but
7331s like simply by training a lot of
7333s Warriors now it's you just have to like
7337s train a lot of Warriors or like a lot of
7339s r a lot of units to yeah Warriors not
7342s Riders cuz that that really
7344s hurts well they might have just humbl
7346s the back here won't I well that's a wow
7351s that's some Siege he
7353s is oh he uses the eye of God to to
7357s Giant that's not for that the the city
7360s would have been lost yeah well but his
7363s opponent could have also put the rider
7365s on the unbuilt farm on the crops than he
7368s couldn't have had done a giant push so
7369s that was
7370s risky oh and now we get the the Road
7373s Connections in and now we get the other
7375s giant you were speaking of earlier okay
7377s yeah this is it would have been like
7379s this is a game in the bag like the macro
7382s from orang was not well done I must say
7385s that like it was really inefficient the
7387s way I played it but it worked out for
7388s them right like if if it works it works
7390s right but they could have they could
7392s have mared all of this a bit better to
7396s also like if you think about it like for
7397s so many turns especially in a case like
7400s this you have two options
7402s either I mean honestly the two options
7404s are just you spam units like meaning a
7406s lot of Warriors and riders in the
7409s back or you just play into Knights as
7411s soon as possible after the Giants
7414s because you see what the opponent is
7416s doing a knight is not really going to do
7418s a whole lot to be fair cuz if the
7420s opponent gets the night all you have to
7422s do is just use all your units to send
7425s into your opponent's giant they all die
7428s you have no night chain anymore but your
7430s opponent's Giants are that it's
7432s basically I always say this Whoever has
7434s the army wins the game like you can have
7436s really good Eco but if you don't have an
7437s army to pick up the E like if you don't
7439s have a army to back off that EA then you
7441s don't have anything to win from so like
7443s them not training units for like one two
7447s three whatever for a very long time
7450s although they were not pop
7451s capped like also with this macro being
7454s very expensive what I said like they
7456s could have trained more units and this
7458s rer was but that's kind of an old and
7460s yeah that Siege was uh bad but uh you
7464s mentioned earlier this was a bullet game
7466s in chess a bullet game means that a game
7469s is played very fast so the time control
7471s is very strict and you only get like one
7473s or two minutes is this the case for uh
7476s polyopia matches for polytopia bullet
7478s matches as
7479s well it's a life game right like it's a
7481s normal life game that you can play also
7483s in a yeah so so time pressure is there
7486s yeah time temp pressure is definitely
7488s there it's just this is not so much like
7492s you still have time to think what you're
7493s going to do next while your opponent is
7495s playing right but at the same time the
7497s general game plan should be still in
7499s your head of like okay now I have got
7502s the giant Advantage now I've got the
7503s city Advantage now I just need to pump
7504s out units to you win the game and stuff
7506s like that like you don't need to like
7508s for example you could technically grab
7510s or here to get another Giant in the
7512s capital I mean he gets
7515s R missing something oh yeah we take Arc
7518s here and take Ro's connection to get to
7519s GI another giant here but at the same
7521s time
7524s your opponent only has one giant if he
7527s can kill that giant h two Giants sorry
7529s that's three giant never mind this one
7530s giant if he can kill that giant by
7532s having a lot of units to send into the
7534s giant then what's the issue
7538s right yeah that's true like now
7542s attacking and the opponent like the
7545s thing is they can't I me
7548s they yeah they are doing a decent job f
7552s with all the archers coming out I mean
7554s their opponent definitely knows what
7556s they're doing they just messed up
7558s somewhere at some point they had to go
7560s archery they have forc to go archery
7563s because they are behind in the city
7566s Advantage like they have one city less
7568s so simply the sheer unit amount is going
7570s to be in the favor of your opponent plus
7572s the opponent has more Giants than them
7573s like they have to find a way to win the
7576s game and that' be they could go cloaks
7579s they could go Knights but those routs
7581s are really expensive and the easiest way
7583s to right now deal with it is just get
7585s archers to be able to trade and attack
7588s efficiently right archers are unit that
7590s can attack without taking retaliation
7592s that's really efficient and therefore
7594s this is the best way to deal with this
7595s situation here but it's just too big of
7599s a of an attack I mean they still have a
7601s v hman here they're trying to go for the
7603s capital
7604s but
7606s effectively also I really like this they
7608s got a veteran Rider and I did not
7610s promote him so I used that one to
7612s at 5 8
7614s HP they used to
7617s attack and now promoted it they just
7620s saved it they didn't promote it
7621s immediately they saved it up for later
7624s yeah awesome I'm surprised this game
7626s still goes on for so long because it
7628s really looks like a l
7631s position I usually don't see people give
7634s up really quickly in bullet I mean sure
7636s looks over
7638s but you know there still something they
7640s can do it's not over over yeah that
7643s that's true
7648s yeah and I think over the past hour or
7652s two we've seen a lot of games all of a
7654s sudden turning around with a single
7656s night chain and just losing the game so
7659s just as in chess I think it's worth
7661s noting that you should never ever resign
7663s and you should always play to the last
7667s end of your games you see you see maybe
7670s look for an two giants they got plenty
7672s archers and two giants the opponent got
7675s what a giant the other two giants died
7678s and they got archery this is a result
7680s like this is what I say
7682s archers I know archers it's in general
7684s like a tech if
7687s you you want to try and be very
7690s efficient and grabbing Tech is not
7694s efficient that makes sense right you
7697s need to you need to explain you to try
7700s and justify if the tech that you want to
7703s buy is worth the cost like it's like the
7708s you know how like a like a manufacture
7710s of some sort has to do research before
7712s they can get a new product on the market
7715s it's the same thing they have
7717s to justify the cost and have to get the
7720s cost back in again if you're not going
7721s to get the cost back in then there's no
7723s point in researching that right okay
7726s that makes sense this let's see how the
7728s rest of the game goes these two archers
7731s cost effect L 16 Stars 16 stars in
7735s comparison would be five riders or eight
7737s Warriors if he instead had not been not
7740s training units for so many turns but
7741s like trained a lot of units the entire
7743s time this isue this game would not have
7746s been like gone this way
7751s right
7753s okay oh wow turn 20 is a short
7758s one like now now you see how the Whoever
7762s has the army wins the game thing really
7765s comes into consideration because now the
7767s Army looks very much into favor of the
7769s other player that's true because but I
7772s mean the other Sai players also training
7775s archers and oh I think it was spe who
7777s submitted it yes speed is also training
7779s archers oh and the first Knight didn't
7782s get through all the way that's
7784s good and yeah okay that Knight is gone
7792s right now the player with the two cities
7795s which is Speedy here is not really
7797s looking into efficiency right like they
7800s they don't want
7801s to like in position where you have stars
7804s to spend whatever you need you have the
7806s cities upgraded you can't really upgrade
7807s them any further for a whole lot that
7810s it's done you have a lot of income you
7812s have two cities with good income like
7814s you make Speedy
7816s makes 13 stars per turn but has a tech
7819s cost of two star two cities so you know
7822s they're going to accumulate quite a bit
7823s of stars so what they're trying to
7825s achieve here is to try and get the Army
7827s in their in their favor so them chaning
7830s two units here with the Knight although
7831s it wasn't really
7833s efficient they
7835s still they still killed two units for
7838s one basically right uh let me maybe jump
7841s in for for quick because Maron has to go
7845s uh so maybe I will ask one last question
7847s and we'll finish with with rats with
7850s this game and then say goodbye to
7852s everyone so there was one more question
7855s from uh noas so what do you think the
7859s next update uh will be about so accept
7862s the the Aquarian reward what's what are
7865s your thoughts on that well um I already
7868s uh tried giving my thoughts on that I
7870s think uh apart from the actual Aquarian
7872s update there won't be much of an update
7875s uh coming um by the way uh I just want
7878s to see how the game ends real quick here
7880s um yeah I thought it it will go back and
7883s forth for for longer but I guess Speedy
7886s kind of turn this all around which is
7888s like amazing W this I won't lie that was
7891s really well played from them yeah
7893s amazing yeah I thought he's
7895s done yeah I think they but what what
7898s about your kind of uh what about your um
7902s like wishes so what what would you like
7903s to be changed not only what you predict
7906s will be
7907s changed well um I would like to see see
7912s uh some more use of mind benders I would
7915s like to see the tech before mind benders
7918s buffed because right now there is rarely
7921s any opportunity to get a use of mind
7924s venders and I really like the unit
7926s there's been a ton of suggestions to how
7928s to buff mind venders and I would really
7931s like to see that implemented but I don't
7933s really see it coming anytime soon but if
7935s I could make a wish right now that would
7937s be mind benders okay what about you
7940s rats uh I mean obviously I'm a
7943s competitive player right so I would it
7945s would
7947s be stupid for me to say to not ask for a
7950s not competitive change right and I
7953s that's definitely what I'm would be
7954s looking for however I also understand
7957s that this game wasn't made to be
7959s competitive and at the same time uh it
7963s doesn't need to be right mhm however
7966s there's one thing that I would really
7968s appreciate that is if you look at map
7971s gener I already see like a lot of work
7973s being put into map generation to make it
7975s more balanced to make it more fair we
7977s see the introduction of Pangia being a
7978s really nice and fun map type to play on
7980s so honestly great
7982s changes uh what I right now would be
7985s looking forward to if that would be
7988s looked into from from the developers
7990s would be
7992s to change the not change or reor ruins
7996s but change the spawns in which they can
7999s occur so like you don't have this
8000s instance where and the lon poly pushes
8003s into a rune and just wins the game by T2
8005s yeah but a bit further away from the
8008s capitals maybe then just like one or two
8010s tiles and uh at the same time improve a
8014s bit on more on the map generations to
8015s make you know
8018s those it's difficult for me to say what
8021s I'm missing because I see that there
8022s have been improving a lot on map
8025s generation already in the past but
8028s there's in my opinion still room I
8030s couldn't Point couldn't point the finger
8031s to what exactly I would be looking for
8033s right now in the map generation to be to
8035s be improved but there something still in
8037s my op there still Improvement to be made
8039s that's my opinion but yeah that's like
8042s my right now it's just like mostly Ru
8045s generation being too close to capitals
8047s that can M know just snowballer game
8051s like I don't really mind if there's a Ru
8052s next to Village and the opponent gets a
8054s V and sords spin like that's that's
8055s something you can deal with because you
8057s can choose to not take the village kick
8058s the opponent of the Rune you can contest
8060s the Rune instead you can play around
8062s that but if the ruin is next to your
8064s Capital you claim it it's a star ruin
8066s for a really weak tribe or it's a you
8068s know that boost your economy by two
8070s turns or it's Aion that gets a star
8073s world and gets Sanctuary set up by turn
8074s two or something like that it's like why
8077s you know
8079s yeah yeah me me myself I I would really
8083s like to see the team games going because
8085s it's I think it opens a lot of new
8087s opportunities for players even you know
8090s playing casual you know it's like
8092s playing with uh with family or friends
8095s you know making teams and playing you
8097s know against each other that would I
8099s think um be really uh enjoyable um so I
8104s hope this this will will be added to the
8107s game yeah that would be a great addition
8110s too okay um so thank you R thank you
8113s maradon for uh reviewing all those games
8117s I I I hope you you had fun um and uh
8121s thank you everyone for for watching uh
8124s we'll be continuing this uh highlights
8127s uh in this form I think uh it's it's
8131s more interactive in my opinion than than
8133s just posting them as as a recording uh
8136s and you also have the opportunity to um
8140s to submit your games uh and uh the the
8143s experts will uh you know go through and
8146s give you some tips so uh so I think
8148s we'll keep this uh this format in in the
8150s future so again thank you guys and hope
8153s to see you uh sometime in the future uh
8156s in one of our live streams or recordings
8159s it was a pleasure hosting here or
8162s getting hosted here um I really hope you
8164s enjoyed the stream and I will be heading
8167s out
8170s soon okay bye have a good night goodbye
8174s everyone