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620s Hello everybody welcome back to another
623s Prehistoric Kingdom live stream my name
626s is Rosie and today we're going to play
627s some Prehistoric Kingdom
629s so first up how is everybody how was
632s everyone's weekend I've had a pretty
634s hectic weekend also guys let me know
636s about audio I think everything should be
638s okay but as we know OBS has cursed me
641s and the audio is always all over the
643s place
645s so hello welcome everybody
649s um so before today's stream we are going
650s to be building a patchy rhinosaurus
652s enclosure or at least beginning work on
654s it today I did a little bit of work on
656s the maze that we started last week so
659s I'll show you guys that as well let me
661s just get a little organized
664s so hello jaronik Emilio Dino King
668s who else do we have in chat
671s oh Nature's compendium
675s Tommy Carter I love how some people I
678s love when you just see like a normal
679s name as a username
685s so guys in case you missed it last
688s weekend
689s or on Friday actually we released a
693s desert preview so the next big update is
696s going to be our Title Update coming
698s later this year and we announced the
701s three new species Dilo celo and salido
704s so they'll all be coming in the title
706s update later on this year but we did
708s release a desert preview so we've
711s announced the new map coming in that
712s update and also showed you some of the
715s plans and some of the new species
716s that'll be included in the update as
719s well so let me show you guys the updates
722s we'll have a little catch up actually
724s let me write if you guys want to see the
727s desert preview
729s so I've just sent a link in the chat so
732s you guys can have a read of that just in
733s case you missed it don't forget to
735s follow us on our socials on Twitter
737s Facebook so every month you'll get to
739s see our Dev diary or any kind of feature
742s or Focus spotlighter preview
745s we'll be posting everything to our
746s socials
748s um so if you take a look here here's
750s some of the new plans that will be
751s coming along with the new map and the
753s new update so we have Barrel Cactus
755s ludwood date palm Joshua Tree Organ Pipe
759s Cactus prickly pear cactus sagoro cactus
762s sexual
764s that's how I'm going to see it whether
766s that's right or not I'm there you could
767s treat so I think my favorite at the
769s moment is the date palm I just think it
772s looks really pretty and I can't wait to
774s use it with the desert map
776s um let me do I have a few little few
778s little screenies
781s oh let me reset the slideshow
789s so here are a few images so these images
791s can be found in the desert preview that
794s I posted it's available to read on our
796s website so we have some gorgeous images
798s here of what some of the new plants and
802s trees look like the new foliage all the
805s new terrains the gorgeous kind of
806s mountains in the background there's all
808s of the kind of plants and trees together
810s so I just think they look so cool I'm
812s really excited to see what people are
814s gonna make and create in their parks
817s I think there's a good screenshot oh
819s yeah so here's Jolly thesaurus looking
821s stunning and then you kind of have a
824s sneak peek let me actually go back to
825s that photo so you have a little sneak
827s peek here of some of the kind of
828s architecture
830s um just a couple of new items that'll be
832s introduced uh to go along with the new
834s map so we're really excited guys this is
836s only just a quick sneak peek but there's
838s so much cool stuff coming and I really
840s think it's gonna
842s um shake up and change people's Parks a
844s little bit so people who love building
846s and just creating new environments to
848s the animals there's going to be some
850s really really cool enclosures so don't
852s forget to follow us on Discord as well
854s let me just bring up our Discord
859s um because whenever any kind of new
860s updates or new items or content is added
863s to the game the Discord gets flooded
864s with so many cool photos and also videos
867s that people blow to YouTube you can
869s check out so many things that people are
871s creating it looks really awesome it gets
873s me really hyped for building as well
875s because I just get so much info so here
877s we have our sneaky celos the coelophysis
880s um so they're just chilling I think the
883s one the one guy in the background he
885s kind of um doesn't like to be
886s photographed he's not too happy with the
887s photographer in this photo
890s and then of course just some lovely more
892s Scenic picks and also guys yesterday we
896s announced finally translations is coming
899s also in the title update so by the end
902s of the year
904s hopefully we'll have a lot more
905s languages in the game uh well it'll be
908s these announced languages but let us
910s know guys on our socials and in Discord
913s um if there's any more languages you
914s want to see unfortunately we can't have
917s every language in the world
919s um you know we're a small team and we're
921s restricted to time so we'll try it as
925s much as we can done so it will
926s unfortunately be just the most kind of
928s popular and the most in demand languages
930s in the game but hopefully by the time
933s um you know we're in Early Access at the
935s moment so hopefully by the time the game
937s is at its full release maybe we can add
939s um even more language to the game so
941s we're very very excited for that so
944s please let us know on Discord and our
946s socials if you feel like we're missing
948s any languages or
950s yeah because we just ideally obviously
952s we want as much people as possible to be
954s able to play Prehistoric Kingdom and to
956s enjoy the game and we know that you know
958s more languages has been highly requested
960s so we're really excited we already know
961s that there's a lot of people who are
963s really excited and hyped that they can
965s actually understand the game more now
967s that it's in their language so by the
969s end of the year Guys these languages
971s will be introduced to the game and um
973s the devs are I think most of it is
976s finished
977s um but they're definitely really kind of
978s getting down to work on
980s um language localization for the game
983s so going back to full screen
987s so we've talked about our desert preview
989s also included in the preview you'll see
992s this little kind of road map so I know
994s it's very confusing we're like title
996s update we used to call it minor update
998s Title Update but we swap the names
1001s um because we felt like oh well the
1004s minor updates not really minor they're
1006s quite significant update updates
1007s especially
1009s um in terms of the gameplay performance
1011s on the different ranges of PCS and also
1014s optimization
1016s um I know for me anyway I had to play
1017s the game at first on GeForce now but now
1019s I'm able to play and stream using steam
1022s because of the updates
1025s um so to kind of lay everything out so
1028s title updates
1029s is when you'll see new species
1032s um you'll see new maps and quite heavy
1036s um kind of content based I know I think
1038s research is coming as well in the next
1040s title update let me just bring up the
1044s Trello board
1045s so I posted the Trello board in chat
1047s guys that is a link to our current
1049s roadmap
1051s so you'll have a sneak peek and you'll
1052s get to see kind of uh what content will
1055s be kind of grouped together in terms of
1057s when the updates drop
1059s so can I click onto it oh there we go so
1063s taking a look so our three new species
1065s will be coming animal Locomotion update
1068s animal look targets random objectives
1070s research system guest welfare additional
1073s guests ethnicities and animation we've
1076s announced our nap oh sorry or not I need
1078s a map today we've announced our map and
1081s the desert biome we'll have additional
1083s foliage Rock overhaul on Rock styling we
1087s need more rocks in the game guys I love
1089s the PK rocks they're great I love being
1091s able to scale and resize rocks because
1092s it really changes the look of the map of
1094s the enclosures when you can do that
1096s we'll also have our animal water trials
1099s so that's the big update coming later
1101s this year
1104s um but first
1105s coming up we have some smaller kind of
1108s content updates where we'll have the um
1111s Steam and epic achievements and our
1113s animal info signs I think we might have
1115s like a few more things in that small
1117s update as well
1119s um but um
1120s maybe you'll have to wait and see if
1122s there's some more surprises and then
1123s coming soon in a few weeks it's a big
1126s holiday coming up Halloween is coming up
1128s I don't know if anyone else gets excited
1130s to dress up or anything but um it's
1132s going to be really fun so Eda has
1135s um drawn up and created some really
1138s really cool items that will be available
1140s as part of our Halloween kind of content
1143s Patcher update so that's going to drop
1145s later on this month we're really excited
1147s it looks really really cute I was hoping
1149s I could show off a few things or a
1151s couple of little um drawings that she
1153s did but um it's too soon it's too soon I
1157s tried guys
1158s Instagram Rosie please we are on
1160s Instagram so guys if you are on Twitch I
1162s think on our main page on the about page
1164s there is a link to Instagram
1167s uh journick said nice I'm so excited for
1170s the rock update I know I can't wait I
1172s can't wait to see new species
1174s um yeah so guys uh it's very exciting so
1177s the dev's kind of behind the scenes a
1179s few people are still working on
1182s um the next update coming and then a few
1185s people have like moved on to the one
1186s that's coming after that so it's so cool
1188s but um we won't be announcing any new
1191s species until after this big title
1193s update comes out because we need to let
1195s uh Dilo Silo and salido have their
1198s moment in the sun let them have their
1202s Spotlight for a little while
1204s but everything's coming together really
1206s cool guys I think I think all the Skins
1208s are done for the three new species
1211s coming in this update and they look
1213s really really cool
1215s um I think most of the skins for all the
1217s species have already been shown and
1218s obviously if I go back to the
1222s let me see if I go to the images
1225s The Dilo with the gorgeous gorgeous
1228s Crest oh I have the Trello in the
1230s background
1233s there we go so if we switch where's that
1236s beautiful dialer oh my God girl work it
1239s so I love the purple just on top of the
1242s crest just there I don't know if it
1244s makes him look more evil or nicer like
1247s do you want to approach him I guess in
1249s terms of nature
1251s if you see lots of vibrant color you
1253s kind of stay away
1255s um I just think it looks real cute and
1257s pretty can't wait for slido I know
1259s salido looks so cute he reminds me of um
1262s like a tortoise or something I cannot
1264s wait to see him waddling around the park
1265s and Silo for those of you have been
1267s watching the last few streams I'm really
1269s hyped for celo I'm thinking sneaky
1272s tunnels around the park where they're
1274s just causing chaos
1277s um so then going back to our roadmap so
1280s then obviously at the end of the year
1282s towards Christmas we're gonna have some
1284s holiday content again I've seen a few
1286s things that it has come up with very
1288s very cute really exciting to be able to
1290s decorate your parks with I know
1292s um I think it was during so last year it
1296s was December 5th that's when we released
1299s the game it was just the beta version of
1301s the game so we had a handful of players
1303s a significant amount I'm not too sure
1304s maybe a thousand players were in the
1306s beta and it was really cool to run
1308s Christmas
1309s um we kind of brought snow into the
1311s games that was really cool to see like a
1312s lot of winter wonderlands being built in
1314s the park and people were even though
1316s there was no kind of Christmas or winter
1318s items available to use
1321s um because of the building system and
1323s because there's so much creative freedom
1324s in The game everyone was just building
1326s snowmans and like Santa's Workshop I
1328s think there was a tank with like a Santa
1329s hat
1330s our community is very weird and lovely
1334s um but uh
1335s we we love some of the creative weirdos
1337s I like to think I am one myself
1340s so Halloween and Christmas content
1343s coming soon as well guys keep an eye out
1345s it looks awesome and obviously in
1347s between we have our 1.1 Title Update
1350s which is very very exciting so hopefully
1353s every month guys we release a Dev diary
1355s this one's death diary or sorry
1357s September's Dev diary was the desert
1360s preview so hopefully at the end of this
1362s month as well we'll be able to show some
1364s new things coming in the big update but
1366s finally
1369s um of course none of you are here to see
1372s new species or what's new coming to the
1374s game you want to help me build a park
1377s so we'll switch to our game let me see
1380s oh there we are okay
1382s I do not have NYX with me today
1385s um she's being a daddy's girl again my
1387s partner is streaming do not go to his
1390s stream I'm a bit blurry one sec
1392s do not switch over to any Crusader Kings
1395s guys it's PK all the way today
1399s so
1400s let me just bring up chat
1402s watching while I eat lunch at work thank
1404s you reina's rainbow dinosaurs that's so
1407s cool I love I love watching um streams
1410s or if I miss streams because I'm in a
1412s different time zone I love when I work
1413s and I can just kind of have a stream on
1415s in the background so that's really cool
1418s uh we don't have any let me see does
1421s Nigel Marvin have quotes for the Dilo
1423s and the other two new species I believe
1424s so I think he was sent a script
1428s um Nigel's a big diva though guys oh my
1430s goodness
1431s what a diva so demanding
1436s um but don't worry I'm pretty sure for
1438s the next update you'll you'll hear
1440s Nigel's voice again for the new species
1442s so yes Nigel will be
1444s um involved with Prehistoric Kingdom
1447s um hopefully throughout all of Early
1449s Access and afterwards as well so you'll
1453s always hear Nigel in the park
1456s um I was hoping December it would have
1457s an ice age update oh that would be cool
1459s yeah
1460s um just some
1462s um Christmas content for now anyway let
1464s you guys will have to wait and see
1466s hi just got home from work I'm only able
1468s to watch the stream thank you sakin
1470s kitsun I'm really bad about username
1472s guys so if I butcher your name consider
1474s it an honor you have been renamed
1477s so
1478s let's take a look so
1481s we have some crowd control this is how
1483s popular our park is guys we have like
1484s two exhibits and look at how
1487s I actually think most people are leaving
1491s all right the park is popping
1494s um so we got some again guys
1497s um we have a handful of items the
1498s entrance sign this kind of visitor or a
1501s little education center is all from the
1503s Steam Workshop if you guys feel like you
1506s aren't the best at building
1508s Steam Workshop is up and running there
1510s is amazing pieces that you guys can
1513s download to have in your Park
1514s so it makes building a lot easier and
1517s then later on throughout Early Access
1518s there's going to be a lot more staff and
1520s park management features because if
1523s you're like me and you get addicted to
1524s like the management side of games
1527s you have a lot to look forward to in the
1529s next couple of updates so we finished
1531s off our little sataka Source enclosure
1534s so again this is another piece that we
1536s had from the Steam Workshop we have some
1539s little enrichment items so of course the
1542s animals don't interact just yet with a
1544s lot of things
1545s welcome later in the updates so I think
1548s if you take a look at our Trello board
1550s guys uh there will be a swim Locomotion
1553s update not in the next big update but
1556s the following one afterwards
1558s so you'll see animals actually maybe
1561s jump into the water and paddle around a
1562s little bit but for now they kind of um
1564s they breed underwater a bit but uh it's
1567s a feature not a bug
1568s so here's our little taco we did last
1570s week now this little fella is a
1573s citacosaurus just looking at its face
1576s you might not realize that this was one
1578s of the first ceratopsians
1581s it may lack a frill and forward
1583s projecting horns but you can still see
1585s the resemblance in its strong beak and
1588s its cheek horns
1592s chocolates I think are one of my
1594s favorite they're just so cute and little
1596s and this look at them he does this like
1597s little let me just pause the game he
1599s does this like little sassy look to the
1601s camera
1603s oh
1606s look at them straight it's like he knows
1607s he's cute you know some animals know
1609s they're cute
1611s and they just know how to work it and
1613s they get extra food and treats they
1615s don't get into trouble
1617s so this is obviously a lovely little
1619s kind of sleeping kind of tropical tent
1622s that we have for our tacos to sleep in
1624s and then there is no satakosaurus
1627s um little kind of garden statue or
1629s topiary so we just shrunk down one so we
1633s like to think that this is like a little
1634s toy or Teddy that the tacos like to have
1637s when they're sleeping
1642s so then so guys I worked a little bit on
1646s the maze
1647s so I know we were um
1649s the maze was getting a little bit messy
1651s towards the end so a couple of the paths
1655s I've been working on
1657s so we have our Avery it's a little dark
1660s in here so this is the mini Avery
1661s exhibit Let's see we have our
1662s microraptors and also our archeopteryx
1665s in here
1667s they're usually climbing the trees are
1669s they here oh here they are
1672s beautiful look at them
1674s they're so cute I can't wait to have
1676s more mini exhibits in the games or in
1678s the game it's so good
1681s so we in our last stream or I think the
1684s one before that we were decorating the
1686s inside so this Dome guys is actually
1688s also don't um downloaded from the
1690s workshop and the idea is we'll have a
1693s nice kind of cool Garden maze that leads
1695s up to the Avery
1697s and uh
1699s so far the guests have been finding
1701s their way
1702s um I mean obviously we don't want to
1704s make it mean for the guests they the
1706s idea is that they see all the exhibits
1708s that's not meant to be a challenge not
1710s yet anyway
1711s um so I will work on the maze you might
1714s do a little bit more today
1716s um but I do want to have not just one
1718s route to see the exhibit I do want there
1722s to be a few routes for them to take
1724s um but there will be a couple of um
1727s a couple of dead ends of course
1729s and then we also had
1733s our little um
1735s last week we uh kind of the last minute
1737s towards the end we decided hmm let's add
1740s a little detour and at the end of the
1742s maze there could be an Acrocanthosaurus
1745s just waiting waiting to eat some guests
1748s Taco teddies I know Taco Teddy that's a
1751s good name for it uh so sakin said I'm
1753s super hyped to see what the future will
1754s bring for this game I can't wait to see
1756s Paleozoic animals not only get into the
1758s game
1759s there's um there's a list
1762s the infamous list guys and um oh I
1766s missed the roar sorry guys I'm sure I'll
1768s do it again
1770s um yeah so there's some uh there's some
1772s good prehistoric animals coming up in
1774s the next year or year and a half guys so
1776s Early Access is going to be very very
1777s fun
1779s Arco in the pit of Shame yes yes we're
1781s thinking bold animals or maybe even bold
1784s guests
1785s will um be in this enclosure so
1787s obviously guys ideally we want all of
1790s our animals to have
1792s acrosaurus
1799s each side of its upper jaw Sports 19.
1803s razor shot but I don't recommend that
1806s would have been close enough to count
1808s them all
1811s I love this skin as well just the kind
1814s of different cues
1815s and our animals are our Dino scales in
1817s the game are immaculate
1819s gorgeous even the scariest looking dinos
1822s look beautiful
1825s so but he's pretty happy he likes to be
1828s by himself he likes you know the guests
1832s when they get shocked to see him he's
1835s got his little blood pumpkin for
1836s enrichment here he's got his food
1839s he has his water a little bath oh look
1842s at me so happy
1844s he loves it in there he likes getting in
1846s trouble so we can go in here gets
1848s pampered
1849s because your enclosure is dirty so
1852s notifications guys like one that just
1854s told me that the enclosure was dirty
1856s that was one of the previous updates
1857s that came out within the last couple of
1859s months very very handy
1862s so what we can do is we can place a
1866s um the kind of dung beetle Nest that
1868s will help clean up the poop or if you
1870s got the money and we do because we're
1872s using sandbox mode and we can just
1874s quickly clean it oh my God 20 grand
1875s degrees
1877s that's pretty high it's like give me 20
1880s grand and I'll I'll clean the the
1882s dinosaur poop
1887s I'm drinking G fuel not sponsored but if
1890s G feel wants to sponsor our company
1892s please do
1894s so
1896s um also guys this um I think we said
1898s last week we have this really cool kind
1901s of little Visitor Center at the park
1903s entrance and when the animal info signs
1907s are introduced in the next kind of
1909s Patcher smaller update we're going to
1911s place them all along here and we also
1914s want to make a kind of little ticket
1915s booth where so basically the entrance is
1918s where all the guests can kind of decide
1920s what they want to do because the park is
1921s so big it's like Disneyland it's like we
1923s can't hit everywhere in one day what are
1925s we gonna do what are we gonna see
1927s I know that's very exciting I'm also
1929s excited to see
1931s um the kind of revamp on the guests in
1933s the next title update and they're going
1935s to be a little bit smarter as well
1937s but I think we'll have um we'll have a
1940s stream where we um test how clever the
1942s guest AI is so that's going to be fun
1946s um so over here
1949s um I have a little pathway right now it
1951s leads to nowhere and just before the
1952s stream I kind of raised up the ground or
1956s the terrain using the terraform Suite
1960s because I want kind of a little kind of
1962s cute Hill and then we'll have our little
1964s kind of patchy rhinosaurus like almost
1966s like a little wrench Maybe
1968s so I'm not too sure exactly what we're
1971s going to do I know the patches they made
1973s the Wetland biomes
1976s so here's all of our animals they're all
1978s unlocked
1979s it's the moment yeah so they can just
1981s have Wetland they like a lot of forest
1983s and a decent amount of water so that's
1985s quite good so we have a lot of freedom
1986s so let's just breed a couple more I
1990s think we'll just do sticks for now oh
1992s I didn't do more skins
1995s I think we'll have one we'll have one
1997s girl that's like fluffy
2001s she's almost like the the bearded lady
2003s at a
2004s at a carnival
2006s are you guys considering Avery's or
2009s large animals we have considered it
2012s uh will the guest AI update get some
2014s crazy guests jumping over the fences
2017s I hope so I don't think so I think um at
2019s the moment they're just gonna be a
2020s little more clever they'll just they'll
2022s just look like they know where they're
2023s going
2025s um it will be a complete disaster oh I'm
2027s getting a few messages on Discord oh my
2030s Instagram no you may not have my
2032s Instagram but you can follow prehistoric
2034s K on Instagram
2036s um
2037s occasionally when we do giveaways on our
2039s socials
2041s um we'll also do a separate giveaway on
2043s Instagram as well so that could be like
2045s a caption contest for one of the photos
2046s that's very very cool so guys follow us
2048s on Instagram please
2050s and also our Twitter and make sure to
2052s join the Discord as well because when
2054s the new content drops everybody posts
2056s amazing screenshots and you'll get loads
2058s of cool ideas for what to build in your
2059s Park
2060s so
2062s let's take a look at
2065s what we can actually do in terms of the
2068s terrain what we can use in our patchy
2071s enclosure
2073s so I'll quickly now I always place an
2076s animal down but
2078s I always forget to move them or
2083s keep them like in a locked enclosure and
2085s they wander off and they're never seen
2087s again
2089s so here's our little patchy
2091s um so I like to place one of the animals
2092s down just because if I don't because
2095s um all of the prehistoric animals
2096s especially the dinosaurs they bury in
2098s size a lot and I always forget the size
2101s and I'll either scale things way too big
2103s or too small
2104s and then after we do it so a little
2106s helpful tip is if you place it in the
2108s enclosure or next to anywhere you're
2110s building then you have an idea of what
2112s size to make things
2115s Rachel oh there we go thank you
2118s rhinoceros
2119s I've been told that these dinosaurs are
2122s quite bossy
2123s instead of a nasal horn
2126s Pachyrhinosaurus Sports and overgrown
2129s massive bone called a nasal boss above
2132s its eyes and nose it certainly lives up
2135s to its name the thick nosed lizard
2141s thank you Nigel
2144s I would love to have Nigel on stream
2146s just one day
2148s just for one stream please Nigel please
2151s come on screen
2153s he's always on a he followed Nigel on
2155s Twitter guys he's always having like the
2156s coolest adventures and he has these
2158s little tiny baby turtles that are always
2160s so so cute
2162s so mama says Mr thick nose oh my God so
2165s mean she's beautiful
2172s I think they're so cute they're such
2174s like a nice chill animal
2176s it kind of remind me of like um
2178s I guess like Yaks a bit it's like a
2181s little Yak form
2183s the Wooly Patcher or patchy
2186s you should pet shame your animals hang
2187s signs around them to show their
2189s misbehavior no that's so mean no they
2192s they know when they're bold
2196s that was a land before timer goes out
2198s okay okay
2202s beautiful okay so let us take a look at
2206s the Wetland biome
2209s so
2211s a couple of things we can use I don't
2213s know if I'm lagging just a little bit my
2216s partner is also streaming and he was
2218s like oh it's fine we can both stream at
2219s the same time I got us better internet
2221s but um you guys can be the judge of that
2225s okay so the first one we did was send
2228s the next is Pebbles so these three that
2231s I'm going to show you guys they look
2232s similar
2233s but they do have some differences
2236s so that's the sand and then this one's
2238s the Pebbles so you see the kind of like
2240s little pebbles in the mud
2242s and then here's the actual mud that
2244s looks a lot wetter so this is really
2246s nice to place alongside water it has a
2248s real nice shine to it
2250s and kind of when you're merging
2252s um the different terrains together you
2254s can get a really cool look especially
2255s next to the water and then we also have
2258s to change up the grass for this uh for
2261s the patches because they need the
2263s Wetland grass so you can see let me just
2265s the intensity
2268s so it's a different color
2271s so they will not be happy if we have
2274s different
2275s add the wrong terrains or the wrong
2278s biome so we got to make sure that
2280s they're happy in the enclosure and place
2283s um what they need in there
2285s so I'm just gonna
2288s um decrease the size and density so we
2290s can place some trees just one at a time
2292s so these are just a couple of the trees
2297s so we can get some ideas of how we want
2299s the enclosure to look we've got some
2301s really nice shrubs as well and I also
2304s love and actually sneak these into Parks
2307s so the pickerel weed
2310s because they have a pop of color in them
2312s I always place them around the park
2315s or around my Parks anyway just because I
2318s think a bit of pop of color is really
2320s really nice and there's not too much
2321s plants in the game yet but
2324s um a couple of updates down the line
2325s there will be a lot a lot more um
2328s friends so you guys keep an eye out for
2330s that because if you're like me
2332s it's one of the updates that you're
2334s waiting for
2336s we've got some nice little tree actually
2337s so ideally I think I'm gonna take a look
2341s during the week on the Steam Workshop
2342s and I'd like to have
2344s potted plants
2348s with the Wetland biome trees just kind
2350s of leading up to the enclosure I'll
2353s probably probably redo the entrance
2355s slightly because I might change the map
2358s but basically
2360s um after the entrance the path
2363s reading this way it might split off into
2365s a few different Pathways and it'll lead
2368s you to different enclosures and get you
2370s on your way to visit all the different
2372s habitats around the park
2375s yes more plants is always a bonus I'm
2377s really excited to have colorful flowers
2380s I like to just pretend that um millions
2383s of years ago Earth was popping with some
2385s color so
2387s that will be very very fun I can't wait
2389s for that stream guys
2391s oh also guys so our streams are held
2395s every Tuesday at the moment but Monday
2397s the 31st we'll be having a special
2400s Halloween stream
2402s um so it'll be really fun so hopefully
2403s we can play around with Halloween
2404s content I want to get eat on stream
2407s um to do some cute Halloween drawings
2409s for you guys and then also we might do a
2412s couple of giveaways some extra giveaways
2414s on that stream and we might dress up as
2416s well so my cat Nix she very rarely now
2419s comes on stream she's also being a diva
2421s she gets it from Nigel
2423s um
2424s hopefully I can dress her up in like
2426s little dinosaur costume or something
2429s so I just want to place down a couple
2430s more of the shrubs
2433s just so we can get an idea of what's
2435s going to be placed in this enclosure
2438s so let me just get rid of these
2443s to make some space
2449s so I'm not too sure do I want it to look
2451s like a wrench do we want it to be more
2453s like a field
2456s um
2457s so let me just get rid of this
2460s so for now before I even draw the kind
2463s of shape of the fence I'm just going to
2465s place down the grass that they like
2469s featuring Laura Dern
2473s I heard a funny um
2475s I think there was someone reviewing
2477s Jurassic world the eyes watching some
2479s YouTubers they're called red letter
2481s media in case any guys watch it and they
2483s it was when they reviewed um
2485s Jurassic world and they just said that
2488s Laura Dern uh looks like she has no idea
2491s what's going on in the movie I know
2493s every time I see like a clip of that
2496s movie or like a scene with Laura Dern in
2498s it she is kind of looking away she's not
2501s looking at the same thing that everyone
2503s else looks at so now I'm like oh poor
2505s Laura Dern was most of that film like
2507s green screen
2510s um
2511s but yeah guys check it out if you're
2513s re-watching it because um it is kind of
2514s funny actually to see
2517s what were your guys thoughts we did talk
2519s a little bit about that movie
2521s um
2522s actually interestingly enough when
2525s Jurassic world Dominion was being filmed
2528s it was before I worked at Blue Meridian
2530s for PK and I actually used to work at in
2532s high-end um airport retail
2535s and I I worked at Gatwick Airport in
2538s London and somebody a man came in and he
2541s had a production team and he um
2545s he was saying that oh yeah I'm flying um
2548s he was working in London because they're
2550s filming the new Jurassic world film and
2552s I don't know if it was announced yet
2553s because this is a while ago but he
2555s started saying yeah they have like all
2556s the old cat uh cast
2559s um coming back for the film I don't know
2561s maybe this information was like
2562s announced already
2564s um I'm not too sure because I think it's
2566s kind of like always like oh the last one
2568s will they get everybody I know just Jeff
2569s Goldblum was in the previous one
2572s um
2573s so he was he was giving a bit of um
2575s Insider info there
2577s um he didn't he didn't give any too much
2579s gossip the only thing he said was actors
2581s have the easiest job in the world
2584s um so I guess depending um
2586s like maybe do you do your own stunts how
2589s much of the scenes are you needed for
2590s are you the main character are you you
2593s know in a Jane Eyre novel just sitting
2595s down being like a polite lady or are you
2598s Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible
2600s with crazy real life stunts in there
2604s I'm sure it varies depending on what
2606s kind of Route you take as an actor
2609s um
2610s but that was interesting his commentary
2611s I I tried to get um
2614s some Insider knowledge I tried to get
2616s him to tell me like oh my God who's like
2618s really annoying
2619s and I don't know if I can say
2622s you didn't say anything about those
2623s actors but because at first he was being
2626s nosy or I think he thought I was being
2628s nosy and he didn't say anything he kind
2630s of turned his nose up a bit at me when I
2632s was like oh what are the actors like is
2634s there any like divas on set or anything
2635s is there any difficult to work with I
2637s didn't say anything but he's quite
2638s chatty
2639s and then out of nowhere he just said oh
2642s he said something like Christian Bale is
2645s so full of himself
2647s and it's like
2649s I mean I think everyone knows that
2651s anyway so hopefully I'm not um
2653s hopefully Prehistoric Kingdom isn't at
2655s work Christian Bale because I love him
2657s so much
2663s I know Christian Bale was not in that
2665s was obviously for another movie that he
2666s was working on but
2668s he he couldn't help it I know he wasn't
2670s supposed to share any kind of behind the
2672s scenes info but um obviously he must
2675s have had a few clashes with Mr Bale for
2678s him to
2679s want to get that out into the world
2682s God the world needs more paleo accurate
2684s animals everyone just copied the Frills
2685s from JP into every single game and the
2688s series and they don't look good I know I
2690s know
2691s um yeah I'm not too sure I guess
2694s because I know um like if you don't know
2696s much about dinosaurs Sometimes some of
2699s the species they can look a bit
2700s repetitive because I know in the
2702s Jurassic Park movies that's why they
2703s changed the dialogue because they're
2704s like oh well it's looking a bit too
2705s close to the Velociraptors I think it
2708s was in the movie so I kind of understand
2710s that
2712s um maybe they didn't expect that there
2714s would be a backlash
2716s for people saying like what's wrong with
2718s these animals they do not look accurate
2721s um but that's also um like obviously no
2724s shade or anything but we try to get
2726s animals looking more accurate
2729s um obviously you know
2732s based on there's only limited amount of
2734s research so a few things we kind of just
2737s have to be creative with but we try to
2739s get them to look
2741s um closer to what they would look like
2742s back in the day
2745s and so far so good a lot of you guys
2746s have been happy I remember when we
2748s really Stylo at first the angle of the
2750s photo that we released they were like oh
2751s is neck is too thin it doesn't like
2753s Swedish head then when you actually saw
2754s them like in-game a little bit you're
2755s like oh no it's just like the angle of
2757s the photo
2759s um okay so I flattened this all what
2761s should we call this patchy guys so she's
2763s a girl
2764s I think I might call her fluffy
2766s her name is Coco that's actually kind of
2769s cute
2770s I'm actually guys I'm adopting another
2772s cat hopefully
2774s and I need some names so she's a
2777s tortoiseshell so she's similar looking
2779s to Nyx and the reason why we're adopting
2781s her is because well we like a little
2782s friend for Nick because she's an indoor
2784s cat she's a bit bored sometimes but
2786s she's very playful so she at first she's
2788s very shy and timid when you first meet
2790s her when she warms up she's really
2791s playful basically we heard about this
2793s other cat who was only six months old
2795s very similar personality another
2797s tortoise shell just like NYX and we were
2799s like oh my God that has to be little
2801s nixie's sister so
2803s hopefully next week guys I can show you
2805s the new member of the rosie household
2809s the thrill was a Spielberg Choice the
2813s original in the book was larger and
2814s exactly as the yellow spotted one
2816s very interesting
2819s um yeah oh going back guys I get very
2820s distracted as I'm playing the game and
2822s talking but in one of our trailers Nigel
2825s says like these they're not monsters
2828s like these are animals you have to take
2830s care of them
2831s um so that's kind of what what we like
2832s to um
2834s how we like to portray the prehistoric
2836s animals in our game
2838s so unfortunately fluffy here she's not
2841s very happy with her habitat because she
2843s doesn't have a home yet so we got to
2844s start building her something Luna I know
2847s Luna is cute so guys I'll tell you
2850s um I won't go off topic too much but
2853s some names that we have in mind we like
2855s Coco
2856s my boyfriend likes Max I'm not too sure
2859s about Max because stranger things is
2861s like Max has been um she's had a great
2863s character Arc in the last season of
2866s stranger things the season that just
2868s went by over the summer so that's why
2870s I'm not too sure about Max because I
2871s think everyone's gonna be like oh like
2872s stranger things and we also like Riku at
2875s the moment I'm kind of liking Coco
2877s I really like the name Nova so then it
2879s will be nixonova but my partner Darren
2882s doesn't like that so if you guys have
2883s any
2885s um kind of cool badass names I really
2887s like kind of Nyx is named after the
2889s Greek goddess of Knight and shadows so
2891s if you guys can think of anything nice
2892s that would go with that please let me
2894s know because I'm struggling to name my
2896s new my new fur baby
2898s um but hopefully this weekend we get to
2899s see her and take her home and we'll
2901s slowly introduce our kitties
2904s so I'll let you guys know next week how
2905s that goes and hopefully she won't be too
2907s shy she'll come on stream
2909s so our little patchy what do you want
2912s little fluffy
2914s I think I'm just going to start placing
2915s some of the trees just to get an idea
2918s so we have our pathway that leads up and
2920s then I want a kind of big almost like an
2923s open field maybe we can download a few
2926s items from the Steam Workshop as well to
2928s place for like little ranch buildings
2930s and I know I'm kind of like pretending
2933s my head maybe we can make these kind of
2935s like Saddles so you can pretend that you
2937s can do the guests can do kind of um
2940s some patchy riding name your cat half
2943s tooth
2945s NYX actually has like a little tooth
2947s that sticks out
2950s Celine Greek goddess of the moon I
2952s for some reason I'm not too I'm not a
2954s fan of the name Celine or Celine because
2956s I love Catwoman and like DC movies
2960s um and her name was Selena Kyle maybe
2963s like Sally Sally for short that would be
2965s kind of cute
2967s let me just scroll up a bit I can't
2969s stress so happy I'm to finally see a
2970s dialer without broth
2972s make a lot of people are happy maybe
2974s we'll um
2975s we can make like a a frill headpiece for
2978s when the one of the dialos just for
2979s photos a little costume
2982s that'll be kind of funny or a little
2984s kind of um like a fun kind of um guest
2986s item that you can buy in the gift
2988s Workshop could be a little frill
2990s headpiece that would be that would be
2991s pretty fun
2993s so let's get to placing some of the
2995s trees down actually
2997s I don't use
2999s the Wetland biome too much I absolutely
3001s love the trees but most of the time when
3004s I have a choice of water I go with the
3006s calm water because I just think that
3008s looks quite pretty
3010s so let me just Place some
3015s trees here
3017s maybe the first tree
3019s and we'll just get an idea
3024s [Music]
3026s I don't know if you guys saw one of the
3029s first let's build on our channel was the
3031s little kind of Taco play pen enclosure
3033s and that was a circle it was it for some
3035s reason it was extremely hard to get like
3038s a perfect circle
3041s I think um
3043s because I was working on um
3046s the build I was using was kind of being
3048s worked on because the devs were all
3051s um patching before the um
3053s Early Access finally released and I'm
3056s kind of thinking well I do another
3057s Circle
3058s for these guys but let's just
3062s we'll change it up like a little bit
3064s [Music]
3067s so maybe we'll have the pathway go off
3068s there
3070s and we can have eventually another
3073s pathway
3075s that leads off
3080s and they can lead to other enclosures in
3082s the park
3085s I love Prehistoric Kingdom design thank
3087s you Matt yeah I know I love the
3089s dinosaurs in this game
3091s um
3092s Cindy and Mao just do an amazing job
3094s when you look at like the model design
3096s especially Cindy oh my God all the
3097s scales she does
3099s they just look amazing
3101s just realize you're listening to a
3103s trumpet cover of Hey Jude I know so for
3106s this stream's background music I kind of
3108s put on some jazz so let me know guys if
3111s the audio is okay with the music because
3113s for some reason obs
3116s it like I have to have everything super
3119s quiet like less than five percent volume
3121s and it's so loud blaring and OBS and on
3124s Stream So I've turned everything down
3126s super low so I actually can't even hear
3127s the music That's How Low it is but you
3129s guys should be able to hear it
3132s wasn't Artemis the goddess of the moon
3134s there is you guys look at um you know
3137s different gods and goddesses you will
3140s see them referenced in loads of
3141s different cultures and countries like
3143s over time it's actually really cool how
3145s many different names there were for each
3147s type of God and how they kind of changed
3149s throughout the years
3151s foreign
3152s names
3155s out there
3157s so let me start by
3160s getting some of the muddy water placed
3163s down
3165s because we want them to have like a
3167s little kind of Swampy Lake
3173s or do I want it bigger so that is the
3175s mud
3177s so the mud kind of has that more kind of
3179s wet look shine to it that we want next
3181s to the water
3183s so also let me just show you guys the
3186s difference in the water so here is the
3188s calm water
3191s there's the roof water the roof water
3193s actually looks really nice as well it's
3195s quite blue
3196s most of my go-to is the calm
3199s I just think the reflection just looks
3201s really nice it photographs well
3204s hello hello the Rexy Rex welcome to the
3207s stream I studied mythology and most
3209s myths overlap yeah they do
3211s but it's really cool I actually love um
3214s I love falling asleep to like mythology
3216s stories like Greek mythology and you
3218s hear all the old kind of ancient Heroes
3220s as well it's really really cool
3223s um so here's the muddy water so I'll
3226s probably
3227s use the muddy water for one section and
3230s then maybe we'll do rough water just to
3232s make it look like they have um some
3234s clean water that they can drink in and
3236s maybe we'll pretend that they take baths
3238s here
3240s so I think the patches can actually take
3243s or they can have a good bit of water
3248s so I'm just kind of going to outline
3251s a little Lake
3253s cute cute she's coming together
3257s did you hear about the things Hera did
3258s so Hera was Zeus's wife wasn't she did
3262s anyone ever watch the TV show Hercules
3265s so if you did in the intro maybe like
3267s Hercules
3269s you know running away or fighting
3272s against his evil stepting with their
3273s hair up and it would show this like
3275s feathery eye and stuff every time I hear
3277s the name Hera that's what I think of
3280s as messed up as a Targaryen family I
3283s know the gods were cool
3286s but they make very good names for pets
3288s nowadays I'm excited to see the
3290s enclosure as patranosaurus is my
3291s favorite oh
3292s favorite serotopians I know they're
3294s actually so cute I feel like patchy is
3296s like overlooked because they have a big
3298s nose
3299s but they're actually so cute and chill
3304s let's take a look at fluffy I hope she
3306s doesn't run away
3308s let me just change the lighting for a
3309s bit so you guys can see here
3314s oh my God look at the background guys
3317s that's that PK lighting
3322s so fluffy has not moved she is too
3326s nervous to leave the area but that is
3328s good she knows she's like no I'm gonna
3329s stick to This Grass I'm happy eating
3331s this grass
3333s well with husband like Zeus no wonder
3334s hair was like that yeah maybe there's
3337s some weird stories with Zeus as well on
3339s how he like
3340s eats his children
3342s hair was incredibly vengeful almost over
3345s through through Zeus ooh a bit of um a
3348s bit of a Cersei there
3351s oh guys I know we were chatting a little
3353s bit about House of the Dragon last week
3355s and having an impression I still need to
3357s catch up on this week's episode let me
3359s know if it's good if you think it was
3361s better than episode six I'm really
3363s excited to watch it watch it tonight but
3365s last week or no at the weekend
3368s um me and my partner we had a wedding in
3369s Denmark so we were busy with that
3373s um and then also yesterday when I was
3374s going back to work I had some issues
3375s with my PC but it's all sorted now and
3378s by the time I got everything prepped for
3380s this stream I just didn't have any time
3382s last night to watch the new house of the
3384s Dragon but I'm very very excited
3387s um I'm definitely loving raniera
3390s I can't wait good or bad I'm excited for
3392s her storyline oh I was meant to
3396s do the wet mud around the water One Step
3398s guys
3402s make a dragon skeleton in honor of it
3406s we can definitely do so I downloaded a
3408s skeleton
3410s I think it's in our little Visitor
3412s Center
3413s isn't there a little skeleton piece no
3416s I think I did in the workshop I think oh
3418s I saw in the chat earlier guys that
3420s you're looking for more bones in the
3422s game so I'm sure eventually
3425s um we we will introduce more bones but
3428s already what people have been building
3431s they've been building up the kind of
3432s skeletons of all the animals oh we have
3434s this iron statue actually this is really
3436s cool
3437s so when we start building closures for
3440s Sarah pods we can sort of tease guests
3442s that they're
3443s um entering that kind of section of the
3445s park by placing some of these statues
3447s everywhere so they look really really
3449s cool I think you can get it in a
3450s different material as well
3452s so this iron statue
3454s is on the Steam Workshop guys if you're
3457s looking for it
3459s um what do we have what do we have
3461s some flower beds we'll definitely be
3463s placing some beds and flower pots around
3466s the park soon
3470s where is my little
3474s I thought I downloaded like a little
3475s kind of skeleton exhibit we'll have to
3477s download more and we'll
3480s um pop a few exhibits or Education
3483s Centers down into our park where the
3485s animal info signs are up
3488s hello dream buyer is an amazing name
3492s um she was only mentioned so far but I
3494s love the name so much even if the
3495s dragon's name that is actually really
3496s cute
3497s some of the dragons names are really
3499s awesome
3500s in Game of Thrones actually even um
3502s daenerys's dragons were pretty cool and
3505s she needed them after like Khal Drogo
3506s her brother viserys and uh her brother
3510s rhaegar
3512s um okay going back to oh you guys I
3515s actually have a couple of things that
3516s I've been learning to upload to the
3517s Steam Workshop
3519s so basically I don't think of myself as
3521s the best builder sometimes I'm like I
3523s just don't know what to do I just don't
3525s have the ideas in my head or I'm just
3526s not a I don't know enough about
3528s architecture to add all the amazing
3529s details that some people make but so
3531s what I like to do is I'll take the
3533s in-game prefabs or prefabs that I've
3535s downloaded from the workshop and I'll
3536s just change them
3538s to um kind of match the color and theme
3540s of the current part that I'm building
3542s so these are just some of the items that
3545s I basically just recolored and changed
3547s the materials to
3550s basically suit the part that I was
3552s building
3553s and then I also made this so this will
3555s be a little kind of house
3558s for our dryasaurus enclosure which
3562s will be in an upcoming stream
3566s breaker was the Great Dragon name I know
3567s rhaegar viserys drogon they are really
3570s cool
3571s I actually like the name rainey's as
3573s well
3574s that's a Targaryen name
3576s pretty sure Rosie made patrinosaurus of
3578s multiple species but they have different
3579s biome preferences not help ing complete
3583s biome list I know yeah we probably need
3584s to update a few things but for now the
3587s Dinosaurs the patches in-game they
3590s prefer a Wetlands so we want to keep
3591s them happy in game
3593s so we'll go along with that but um I
3596s think because we are sunbox I think we
3597s can change up the biomes a little bit
3599s but we'll stick to Wetland for now
3602s um just because we haven't done our
3603s Wetland enclosure so that'd be nice to
3606s shake things up for the Stream
3608s do you think you'll ever add terrible
3610s Birds to the game so there's um I think
3614s for Early Access the species I think the
3616s devs like Mao and all those guys have
3619s decided
3620s on the species and there's a good kind
3623s of mixture and range but they won't be
3625s announced until um
3628s the update that they're planned for
3632s um so I know everyone wants to know what
3633s the next species are but you just gotta
3635s give it time give it time just enjoy the
3637s hype enjoy the excitement
3641s I recently went to the Sandman and there
3643s are a few cool characters in it I love
3645s how Diamond mixes mythologies oh that's
3647s cool I've heard about that show I've
3649s seen like definitely some promos for
3652s this show
3653s um but I wasn't sure I was like oh like
3655s is it long or it's just one season I
3657s think they've maybe Greenlight a second
3658s one or maybe they're on the second
3660s season
3661s so there's a couple of shows that I'm
3662s watching so we've started watching the
3664s new season of Rick and Morty I think
3666s we've watched four or five episodes
3669s it's very very cool guys some very funny
3672s episodes
3674s um so if you're into Rick and Morty
3675s definitely catch up on the new season
3677s I'm watching House of the Dragon
3680s um and then also
3683s um Dahmer I'm a huge American Horror
3686s Story fan and if you know American
3688s Horror Story and or any rhyme Murphy
3690s production
3692s um so Ryan Murphy creates a lot of TV
3693s shows he the same Man created Glee and
3696s American Horror Story
3698s so that's how you know um
3700s the mind of Ryan Murphy
3702s so I'm gonna place the moment getting
3704s back to our enclosure
3706s um
3708s I'm gonna Place mostly wet mud and then
3711s just spread it out and then I will
3712s probably Place either the Pebbles or
3714s sand and just kind of
3717s um blend that in closer towards the
3719s water but I think I do want a kind of
3721s like nice green area for them to um
3724s for the herd Apaches to kind of graze on
3727s as well
3728s I love to speculate so damn good
3731s talking about our shows
3733s um but yeah really quickly guys I'm a
3734s huge Evan Peters fan he's in a lot of
3736s Brian Murphy Productions and he's a
3738s really good actor so I'm pretty sure if
3740s anyone watches Dahmer
3742s um it's based on the serial killer
3745s Jeffrey Dahmer
3747s um that show has been doing quite well I
3749s don't I feel like the official reviews
3750s don't do well but a lot of the
3753s um
3754s just general kind of audience watching
3756s it the reviews have been fairly good
3759s so I think probably next week I'll start
3762s to watch that show
3764s Evan Peter scares me well what's really
3767s interesting about Evan Peters guys is so
3770s throughout American Horror Story the
3771s first like four seasons he always played
3772s the kind of good guy like deep down
3774s who's the hero and he would
3776s you know he would always try and do the
3778s right thing
3779s that's the kind of um he always played
3781s this heroic character and then season
3782s five you're like okay you can play an
3784s evil guy
3786s and he played James Patrick March which
3789s is um and he owned the hotel the fifth
3794s season is called Hotel
3796s um
3797s and he did really good in that role and
3798s then since then
3800s um he's been playing like a mixture
3801s slightly more like evil creepy
3804s characters but he's very very good I
3806s know he was recently in
3809s a TV show with Kate Winslet as well it
3810s was like called mayor and something I
3813s think Kate wins it played like a
3814s detective or something in it I think he
3816s was either he was nominated maybe for
3818s some awards there
3820s or for that show but I'm really excited
3822s I'm like 99 sure that Ryan Murphy who
3825s created loads of TV shows I'm pretty
3827s sure he held on to Evan Peters for a
3829s while because he knew I'm going to do a
3832s Jeffrey Dahmer Dahmer series one day
3835s and um
3837s Evan Peters will play him not as an
3839s actor but but as a nice guy kind of
3841s thing oh wait he wasn't very nice during
3842s the first season
3844s well he was you were you were skeptical
3846s of him but I think he um
3849s silly dramatic emo teenagers
3853s um
3854s falling in love and the world being
3856s about their love and relationship
3859s so you can kind of guess what happens
3860s there
3863s but he he does have like a slight evil
3865s look to him but in most the seasons he
3868s plays um he plays a good guy or you're
3870s kind of he plays the guy that you're
3872s kind of always like rooting for you're
3873s like oh can you not catch a break like
3875s he's he's done some quite like Good
3876s Deeds
3878s um so hopefully he'll get a lot of
3881s recognition from the Dahmer show so guys
3884s I'm just going to try and oh I need to
3886s oh shoot I should have turned the
3887s intensity down because I want to blend
3890s the sun with the wet mud
3892s and then we'll blend the grass in so
3895s that like again like I said they'll kind
3896s of have a lot of grass to graze on
3899s I think maybe we'll do some trees around
3901s the lake and then up here and along the
3903s side there'll be lots of nice grass for
3905s them to eat
3907s um also guys I know
3909s um we've heard feedback well since we
3911s released early access that you want the
3912s animals to have more animations and
3914s there will be
3915s a lot more animations and just which
3918s will bring more life to the animals in
3919s the title update coming out
3922s um later on in the year so hopefully at
3925s the end of this one's death diary we can
3926s show off a few things that we've been
3928s working on because the animations
3930s are really cute to share I know you guys
3932s like those
3933s the families of the victims were not
3935s pleased with the series release oh
3936s really
3937s that's interesting
3940s well I think
3942s um
3944s at the moment
3946s um
3948s like true true crime is so popular and
3951s people kind of love to glorify serial
3954s killers a bit and put them in the
3955s spotlight which is a shame it kind of
3957s happened well even in today you know a
3959s bad thing happens and
3960s whoever did it gets more
3962s news attention than the victims
3964s unfortunately
3966s um but yeah people like love serial
3968s killers so they're probably not I can
3971s imagine the victim's family aren't too
3972s happy with the show I've heard the show
3974s it's um it's not from Dahmer's
3977s perspective
3979s because they don't want it to be like
3981s his story in a way
3983s or his point of view they don't want
3984s anyone to sympathize with them but they
3987s do want to try and tell a story but
3988s obviously it's TV it's Hollywood they're
3990s going to change up some things and I can
3992s imagine if um
3994s you know anything happened to a friend
3996s or a family I probably wouldn't be too
3998s happy
3999s with any TV show or movie
4002s but it's interesting story to tell I
4003s know when I watch a lot of True Crime I
4005s just find it so interesting to see um
4008s like how people got away with things for
4010s so long but then also how they got
4012s caught that's what I always find really
4014s interesting and then I think Jeffrey
4015s Dahmer is an insane example of how
4019s someone was getting away with things for
4021s so long and police weren't doing their
4023s job a lot of the time with crimes and
4025s you know when people don't get caught or
4027s it takes a really long time
4030s um for victims families to get
4032s information about what happened to their
4033s loved ones
4034s um it's a lot of time it's because the
4036s police just did a job or
4038s they weren't treating
4041s um
4042s you know certain areas as a crime scene
4044s when they should have so
4047s um when I start watching the show guys
4048s I'll let you know my thoughts
4051s my mother friend who was lost to Domer
4052s oh my god really that's crazy
4060s yeah sorry to hear that Journey I'm sure
4062s that was like really that's really quite
4064s traumatic because then like we were
4066s saying you know people kind of glorify
4068s serial killers and just
4069s the the worst are crazy they are then
4072s the more news and attention that they
4073s get
4074s so that must have been quite difficult
4076s because he would have been in the news
4077s for months or years afterwards
4080s so you'd see it's based everywhere
4083s and he's very different to like a
4085s typical serial killer a lot of serial
4086s killers
4087s when you when they do interviews they're
4089s very like narcissistic and Jeffrey
4091s Dahmer was kind of more um
4093s he kind of seemed like a guy who kept to
4095s himself more so
4097s I guess that's what makes them
4099s interesting to do a TV show
4102s oh it was too accurate oh I think the
4104s series did very good at approaching the
4106s character the victims families and
4107s political justice points of you yeah
4113s that's very interesting
4116s um
4118s but yeah it's probably quite difficult I
4120s can imagine
4122s when you do like a series
4125s based on a crime because these things
4127s happen over years it's like okay well we
4129s need to we need to tell a story but we
4131s need to pick just certain events
4133s and then try develop the characters
4137s but also
4138s you know the characters have to sort of
4140s have a bit of a character Arc but at the
4142s same time it's like well we don't want
4143s people like rooting for them
4145s and you also want to
4147s stay true to the story
4149s of what actually happened
4152s but there's a lot of information what
4153s domery did so many interviews
4156s this gives me Planet zoo Vibes it is
4158s quite similar to Planet Zoom we have a
4160s few
4161s um
4163s very good creative building
4167s um tools though
4168s which makes it a little bit different so
4171s you guys if you like building a Planet
4173s zoo
4174s give Prehistoric Kingdom a try because
4177s if you are a creative Builder You're
4179s Gonna Love Prehistoric Kingdom
4186s s
4191s imagination
4194s this stream is also on Twitch
4198s yes so our stream is on Twitch and
4201s YouTube and then soon also I think we
4204s will be streaming to steam
4207s um so then we can
4209s um wave to everybody
4211s so we can be welcoming to um a nice
4213s welcoming community
4215s for people checking out the game and
4217s they can um join the stream and join
4220s join our Discord and join the community
4222s so be nice everybody assume we're going
4224s to be uh live streaming to steam as well
4226s we want to make a good impression to the
4228s newbies to the newcomers
4232s are there different comment threads
4234s going on oh yes guys so we're streaming
4236s YouTube and twitch so you might see a
4238s few different conversations at the
4239s moment I have one shot and it just shows
4241s me what's coming up I should I should
4243s actually say what I'm reading from
4244s twitch and YouTube
4247s uh so sakin said indeed the building
4250s mechanics of PK are top-notch 10 out of
4252s 10. thank you so much I'm always amazed
4254s to see what people build when they post
4256s it when I post on Discord so I'm also
4259s guys gonna just post again the Trello
4261s board so that is our public roadmap so
4264s you get to see an idea of what's coming
4266s in the next updates but we don't have
4270s um obviously we can't say when they're
4271s coming out because they actually made
4273s and we're not too sure and things can
4275s change so instead of
4277s um you know things getting delayed it's
4279s just best to say look we'll announce
4282s um an update
4283s a date for the update
4285s um when we have most things ready and
4288s also one thing that we're gonna try and
4290s do guys is so not only do we want to
4292s announce a date for the update we also
4294s want to give content creators some Early
4296s Access so they can get some videos prep
4298s so if you're a content creator you can
4300s email us email us at info prehistorical
4304s or you can DM us on our
4306s social media so DM on Twitter I'll be um
4309s replying to some people later today
4311s because I have a few
4313s um replies I need to get to later on
4315s this evening after the stream
4317s um so if you're a content creator
4319s um you know let us know reach out send
4321s us your channel
4323s um because coming
4325s closer to when the update is released
4326s will be reaching out to new content
4328s creators that we haven't spoken to
4329s before and also our previous content
4332s creators that we worked with to give
4333s them a heads up of what's coming in the
4334s new update and I think we're also going
4337s to try
4338s um get an extra couple of keys for some
4340s people to give away as well so if you
4342s guys want to hold some competitions on
4344s your Channel or on your live stream
4346s um hopefully we can help out with that
4348s as well
4350s let me see
4353s um yes so check out the roadmap guys
4355s because
4357s um I think
4359s in one of the updates coming it probably
4361s won't be until next year but we'll be
4364s slightly redoing um a couple of the
4366s terraform Suite tools I think we're
4368s overall very happy
4371s um with how everything works but it'll
4373s just get a slight little upgrade
4376s so if anyone has any feedback
4378s on the kind of terrain tools
4382s [Music]
4383s um please let us know on the Discord in
4386s the PK feedback Channel
4391s so I just want to lightly
4394s try and blur out some of this so I've
4397s lowered the intensity of the terrain to
4399s fairly low
4401s just because I don't want them to have a
4403s very Mucky
4404s enclosure
4408s oh no about oh no guys
4413s let me just quickly is the bot on
4415s YouTube the artist so the music is just
4418s gonna
4419s stop for a sec
4425s let me just delete the button
4433s oh the message is deleted quick quickly
4439s Rex for letting me know about the
4441s intruder
4444s so the Intruder we can we can pretend
4446s that the
4448s the Intruder is in the um
4450s the acro cage
4456s I wonder do we have anything that we can
4457s represent as the intruder
4465s is there like a nettle or something
4474s so
4476s I'm just going to place this in so last
4477s week we had a little bot and then this
4479s week we had a little um
4481s a bot so this will be the
4483s representing how many Bots we get on our
4485s on our live streams of the dating site
4487s website or Bots
4490s guys do not click onto those dating
4491s websites though they don't like
4492s dinosaurs there you won't find anyone
4494s that likes dinosaurs
4496s so I think I want to
4500s um make the path curve around a little
4502s bit more here
4504s oh it's gonna be quite a big enclosure
4506s for our patches I think they're going to
4507s be very happy so
4510s there's a couple of I don't think we
4512s went through the terraform Suite so here
4514s so we can raise land here is leveling it
4517s which I'm going to show you in a sec we
4518s can rough in so that makes it more like
4520s Jagged edges
4521s so I've kind of slightly used the Ruffin
4526s tool on some of these kind of little
4528s hills and mountains
4530s so that makes it kind of nice kind of um
4532s nice scenery to the Taco enclosure
4537s so we have the lowering tool
4540s the erode so that's like if you're if
4542s you want to add more of a slope and then
4544s the smoothing tool which I use quite a
4545s lot to um
4547s help with any kind of harsh edges so if
4550s I use the leveling tool
4552s I'm just going to extend
4554s because you can see here it lowers
4556s because I've already
4557s um
4558s raise the terrain here
4563s you see I really like the micro rupture
4565s enclosures in this game
4567s yeah that's really cool we we've used um
4569s the Dome that we've downloaded from the
4571s workshop
4572s um but I can show again guys check out
4574s the um the mini Avery exhibit live
4576s stream that we had because you can
4579s actually when you first place the mini
4581s exhibit it comes in a little cage but
4583s you can remove the cage and then just
4585s um build it however you'd like to have
4587s it which is really cool the birds do not
4590s fly away yet they're very good Birds
4592s foreign
4596s development to be talking DLC
4599s a very very early guys yeah we want to
4602s take a look at our Brew map on Trello
4603s and you'll see um once we have all those
4606s features that will be released in
4608s updates within the next like maybe two
4612s years of development depending on
4615s um the team size and how fast we can get
4618s things done as long as we don't run into
4620s any issues because it is it does take a
4622s lot of work to just create the animals
4624s they can see all the artwork and how
4627s long the devs spend just creating the
4629s animals and going over like how they
4630s want the Skins to look and obviously
4632s like the programming what items we want
4634s into the game
4636s um thinking how like the um
4638s like the research system is going to
4640s work that's going to be coming the next
4642s title update
4644s um there's a lot to add to the game and
4646s game um in terms of gameplay features
4648s guys but I think
4651s one some all those updates come out the
4654s game will be pretty much fully finished
4656s and then if we want to do DLC if it's in
4659s demand if the game needs more things
4663s um we can add it after the game's full
4665s release
4667s but that's a long way away for now and
4669s then also guys on the Trello board
4671s um
4672s that's just kind of the an outline of
4675s what we want for the updates because we
4676s often um
4678s we will kind of add more to the game
4681s or add more to the updates
4683s and we've often thrown in a few surprise
4685s things so
4687s and obviously the the roadmap is subject
4691s to change so we might change things
4692s things might be delayed or things might
4694s be ready sooner or we might decide oh
4697s you know what would be great some great
4698s gameplay content or a feature we should
4700s add this in the game so we might swap
4702s things around or change things to adapt
4705s to any new content that we want to add
4708s but feedback is always welcome guys
4711s um but just keep in mind take a look at
4712s the Trello board to see um
4714s to see what we have in store
4717s and um
4719s we try to take on constructive criticism
4722s and if people have ideas but again it's
4724s just time consuming because there's so
4725s many things that I know the Jazz would
4727s like to have in the game but
4729s um they have to kind of strip uh they
4731s have to stick to their development plan
4733s at the moment
4734s um
4735s because there's been some amazing ideas
4737s but if we go off track then
4740s um updates will get more delayed and
4742s we want to be able to
4744s finish kind of the the Prehistoric
4747s Kingdom vision for what we want the full
4749s release to look like in the gameplay
4750s features we want by the end of Early
4752s Access
4754s theropod pancake time with regards
4760s I want this game to last for years me
4761s too I think it's going to be awesome
4764s um so yeah again guys you take a look at
4766s the Trello board like the next few
4767s updates are really going to change up
4769s the game especially once the park and
4771s staff management come into PK
4778s I don't know if anyone else streams but
4780s when you do do you find it so hard to
4782s keep up with chat and then build
4789s so I want this to just extend a little
4793s bit more
4794s I know the enclosures that I've been
4796s building are fairly big but there's so
4799s much space on PK Maps
4810s so the path isn't placing just because
4813s the terrain is too off won't make sense
4833s I used to stream before and it's indeed
4834s hard to keep up a chat when a person is
4836s playing I know I do my best guys I do my
4838s best
4844s okay so we'll leave that for now so we
4846s won't do any bigger than this
4850s let's check out how fluffy is doing do
4853s you like your water fluffy
4861s let's Place some food down just now
4864s anyway
4866s so she doesn't get too hungry
4876s she's hungry
4878s uh hello Primal gamer thank you for
4881s checking out the stream on YouTube
4885s no oh she's turning her nose about the
4888s food not interested
4891s I can't wait for the new animations guys
4893s they're really cool even the it's not
4896s just going to be new animations for the
4897s new species the current in-game animals
4900s are also getting a lot of new animations
4902s and some of them are just so cute
4904s and um it's like we were saying earlier
4907s um
4908s a lot of kind of dinosaur games or
4910s movies portray them as like big scary
4911s monsters but they're just little animals
4913s and they like to play and
4916s oh she lying down
4921s not yet not yet
4922s she's listening
4924s she's listening to the to the compliment
4926s she's gonna get
4929s okay so I'm gonna take away some of
4932s these trees
4938s so if I go into the vegetation and just
4940s hit treat removal
4942s I can just kind of
4945s quickly remove some of those
4948s get rid of some of this
4953s and I'm going to go back in with
4957s to make some of this area just a little
4959s bit more green
4961s because I don't want the entire
4962s enclosure to look really muddy
4972s I don't get a reply their message gets
4974s buried in the chat I guess it depends on
4975s the honors though yeah so guys I try to
4977s reply to everybody
4978s um also guys if you ever
4980s um are asking or curious and ask
4983s questions about like things upcoming in
4985s the game sometimes I don't answer just
4986s because we don't know where we're not
4987s supposed to say anything yet so if
4989s you're ever wondering like oh I asked
4991s but the next species and I never get a
4993s reply because we can't say
4998s look at the reflection here of the
5000s the mud biome though
5003s looks very pretty I think our patches
5006s are going to be very happy here
5011s what do we think the patches would um
5015s would like for enrichment items
5019s like maybe they could have um because I
5020s know we have some
5022s um kind of like climbing frames and some
5024s balls in the taco enclosure
5028s um so they were uploaded to this team
5029s workshop and we downloaded them for our
5031s Park
5031s keep our toes clean I know I know
5035s like she likes a bit of a
5037s bit of a tussle in the mud but um
5040s overall she's very clean
5049s I like this lucky patchy in this game I
5051s know they're so cute
5054s we also have a fluffy T-Rex as well
5059s he always looks quite funny next to the
5061s other T-Rexes
5063s showing off his coat he's like oh you
5066s guys are chilly didn't notice
5076s I love blending terrains I think it the
5078s final result always looks really good
5080s but you are just spending a lot of time
5082s clicking
5083s I was like don't worry guys it's worth
5085s it
5086s oh actually let me go back in I think
5089s the music stopped let me just go back to
5093s My Little Jazz
5095s music so I'm just using like
5097s um copyright free music for the stream
5099s and there was a little
5101s Jazz live stream going on
5105s see what one did I use
5112s okay let me go with this one guys and I
5115s have no oh wait there's that I'll wait
5117s for the ad to go by
5124s we have a few options of the fencing
5127s so let me just go back in and see
5131s um how tall of a fence that we need when
5133s security oh okay so they're pretty small
5135s so they don't need a very big fence and
5137s we want everyone to be able to see them
5139s as well oh my God she's moving guys
5142s is she going to drink the water
5159s okay so hopefully that music is okay
5162s maybe oh yes so enrichment items maybe
5165s the wooden uh gyro enrichment in PC like
5168s rhinos do or Target dummy like the jeep
5170s with tires me to look like
5172s a Sarah Tope said yes maybe
5178s see a lot of gatekeeping paleo people
5179s hate fluffy patchy no let
5182s me look fluffy you can't prove it that
5184s they weren't fluffy
5186s show me one
5189s show me patches that aren't fluffy and
5191s I'll believe you
5194s yeah oh
5197s he's taking a dip
5210s so guys the not the big update coming
5214s uh soon this year but the one afterwards
5217s we'll have swimming locomotion
5221s because at the moment I don't think she
5222s even realizes she's in the water
5225s she's like I'm gonna get to where I
5228s wanna go oh she's going to the big tree
5230s Maybe
5233s I honestly think it's a good approach I
5236s mean paleontology believes uh pregnant
5239s is developed before dinosaurs and
5241s pterosaurs split into their own Super
5243s family so the genetic information would
5245s be there for all kinds of dinosaurs to
5246s develop other Foods I know and what
5248s about if they're um
5250s cold when is the big update so we don't
5252s have a release date for the title update
5254s yet guys I know we've been teasing it
5256s for a long time but there's no date yet
5259s um
5260s so let me just quickly switch back to
5263s full screen
5266s so
5268s the next kind of little content update
5270s you guys will see will be the Steam and
5273s epic achievements and also the animal
5274s info signs so that's kind of like a
5276s smaller but still quite a significant
5278s update
5279s hopefully the dads were able to
5281s um put in some optimization
5284s um benefits in there as well for guys
5286s who are still struggling
5288s um with their PCS and laptops to play
5290s the game but I know that we've had some
5292s really great significant improvements in
5294s optimization and game performance
5296s because we've had a lot of feedback from
5297s PC or yeah PC laptop users who are
5300s saying like oh great like the update has
5301s really helped my game and I can play it
5302s a lot more now or they can
5304s um up the use higher settings so
5308s um the achievements and anomal info
5310s signs they'll be released very shortly
5312s later on in the month you're going to
5314s see some Halloween content coming into
5316s PK as well after that we're going to
5319s have the big title update so that's we
5321s don't have a release date just yet but I
5323s know the last pretty much every update
5325s we've released it kind of just drops
5328s um usually that's just because we're
5329s getting a delay and I know the devs who
5332s are working on programming and book
5333s fixing
5334s they just they don't want to hold the
5337s update any longer they want people to
5338s get playing it and also obviously more
5340s players help with feedback and pointing
5343s out books and glitches as well so
5345s there's there's good and bad to
5347s releasing updates
5349s um
5349s even when you feel like they're not
5352s ready just yet
5353s um so yeah so after the title update
5357s or before the title update we will
5358s release an announce we will release a
5361s date for when it's going to come out
5363s um but until the Halloween scenery items
5367s come out um don't expect to hear any
5369s dates and then obviously at the end of
5371s the year we're going to have holiday
5372s sceneries that lead more kind of
5374s Christmas items
5375s and as we said earlier Eda has been
5378s designing and drawing some really cool
5380s concept art for the items and then I
5382s know Nathan and one of the devs who you
5384s might see on Discord I know he's been I
5387s think he's starting
5388s work on some of that
5390s the holiday items so very excited to
5393s show them off when they're ready
5395s so slower mattress set I see what the
5397s good thing is we'll have the update for
5398s the end of the year yes so the big
5400s update definitely be out by the end of
5402s the year guys unless I don't know if you
5404s guys keep up with devnews Mal had
5407s injured his foot
5409s so unless the feat Gods Attack Mo again
5413s the um Title Update will be out this
5415s year
5418s 05 on Twitch
5421s uh really quickly 16 said it's fully
5425s patchy lived in snowy biome so it makes
5426s sense that they could have feathers yes
5428s of course
5429s don't want them to be cold
5436s um okay let me see let me see
5438s let me I want to take a look at some
5440s furnaces I haven't decided on the
5442s fencing that I want
5445s so we can place the wall
5449s the glass sometimes I don't know
5451s sometimes I like placing glass but
5453s whenever I decide to use the kind of
5456s glass Modern Glass and clear fins I
5459s always change it for a different one
5460s later on
5463s so the metal fencing you guys I've seen
5467s people build massive enclosures and
5469s really cool Gates and it looks so cool
5471s when they do it but whenever I place
5473s down these types of metal fences I just
5476s feel really bad does anyone else feel
5477s bad
5479s it's like they're in a prison
5481s but I think when we later on so our park
5485s at the moment we started off with just
5487s kind of small little tacos you have the
5488s mini Avery
5490s and then you lead up to the kind of cute
5492s little patchy wrench that we're gonna
5493s build
5495s um so it's sort of just introducing
5496s guests to prehistoric animals because
5498s the idea that we have is guests have
5501s never seen the prehistoric animals
5502s before it's all new to them and we're
5504s slowly introducing them
5506s um to the different animals and
5508s dinosaurs so some of the big boys will
5511s be um under a big lockdown
5513s um
5514s kind of more deeper into the park
5519s so these are the metal fences
5521s so we have the wooden fence I still like
5523s the wooden fence but we have used it for
5525s the tacos we actually could start
5526s building our own fence and I know some
5528s people have um already uploaded them
5532s foreign
5536s the tropical things as well I like the
5538s tropical fence actually
5541s let me just
5546s just Place some of this down
5550s so you guys can see the fences a bit
5552s more
5558s tropical fence is quite nice I think we
5560s will either download or start to make
5562s our own
5563s just so it looks like more like a wrench
5566s so we can definitely have oh yeah
5570s thanks guys I'm like talking about the
5572s fences and no one can see anything
5574s okay so in case you missed it guys this
5577s is the tropical fence
5579s this is the fence that we used for the
5581s taco exhibit so I don't know if we want
5584s to use that again our big metal fences
5586s they're quite kind of scary looking so
5588s we use that for the big boys as you as I
5591s guess kind of travel deeper into the
5592s park
5593s welcome back to Tommy Carter thank you
5595s for joining us oh wow we've been
5597s streaming for an hour and a half but
5599s we'll go for another bit longer
5600s so unfortunately I'm quite slow at
5603s building and talking to the chat so we
5604s can never get an enclosure done on the
5607s one stream
5609s um yeah so I think eventually we will
5611s make our own
5613s fencing
5615s I want to place more trees though here
5626s so we'll have a nice little Forest area
5628s that they can kind of hide in
5632s and then I'll just place kind of one-off
5635s trees
5639s in a few spots
5650s oh
5661s um so Journey says I proposed
5663s teratopsians are more like cattle like
5665s cape buffalo and got immense ridicule
5667s for once oh
5668s well I don't know I think they are well
5670s honestly like at the end of the day like
5672s we don't we don't really know
5674s it's all just like I guess based on
5676s the evidence that we have so
5681s I would love it if it was really like I
5683s think
5684s we had um a fact about driosaurus on our
5687s socials
5688s um last week where the biggest they
5691s haven't found a fully grown dryosaurus
5694s any fossils or anything yet so they
5696s imagine oh they're only about three to
5697s four meters long but maybe they could
5699s have been bigger we don't know and
5700s someone said imagine they're when
5702s they're fully grown they're like the
5703s size of a truck and we just don't know
5705s that yet
5706s definitely interesting I mean people
5707s thought the world was flat for many
5709s years
5710s you never know maybe we'll um
5712s discover some very interesting traits
5716s and um skills that prehistoric animals
5719s had millions of years ago that we just
5720s didn't know maybe there were dragons
5727s so coming up to the water I want to
5729s start placing rocks because placing the
5731s rocks in foliage along the
5736s um water
5738s can look really nice and make a huge
5739s difference to the park so one thing that
5742s I'm always indecisive about is the color
5743s that I want the rocks
5747s so I think I'll just go for a slightly
5749s more gray
5751s but we can always change them
5755s so I'm just going to go with this color
5756s for now and also if I here's how I can
5760s access the color that I'm using I'm
5762s going to press Ctrl C
5764s so now I've copied the colors so if we
5766s want to get the exact color for any of
5768s the other rocks
5770s we can click and select the color used
5773s or if we lose this color we can always
5776s um
5779s use Ctrl V to get back to our little
5781s gray
5783s or the color that we've selected what is
5786s your favorite part in the TV documentary
5787s prehistoric planet
5789s um pretty much anything with the
5791s anything with babies because I'm
5793s obsessed with like baby dinosaurs
5796s um
5798s like the I think was was it the first
5800s episode just when you see like the
5802s little baby T-Rexes ah that was sad no
5805s spoilers in the chat anyone but there
5807s were some sad moments
5810s where where like the the mama or Papa
5813s Bear is just like
5815s you can't keep up
5817s oh well so that was sad that was very
5820s sad
5821s I love studying behaviors of dinosaurs
5823s it's really cool it's really cool
5824s actually the amount that we can learn
5828s even though they're not around today
5830s there's a lot of information that's also
5832s says it's also so interesting because
5835s you know as much as people get absorbed
5836s with like fantasy and you know TV shows
5839s and books it's like
5841s um even sometimes not to not to twist
5844s any arms but there's a lot of like back
5846s and forth with like religion but it's
5848s like look at like planet Earth it's been
5850s around for millions of years like look
5851s at all the history and all the amazing
5853s animals that used to live here like
5855s spend all your time researching that and
5858s learning about this
5861s okay so I actually quite like
5864s this
5866s quite tall Rock because
5871s if you place it on its side and rotate
5874s it a few times you can kind of twist it
5878s and it can create a lot of cool
5881s different Rock shapes let me just place
5883s this maybe this side I feel like I might
5886s end up darkening the Rocks but I'll see
5889s because the rocks will be grouped
5891s together we can just very quickly change
5893s the color of them
5897s I saw those arguments and I hurt my
5898s brain so much it gave me a kidney stone
5900s oh so that is journic replying to
5904s Alto pelta sounds like the kind of
5906s people who don't ironically claim your
5908s Raptor was too big to have feathers
5911s yeah lots of lots of debates going on in
5915s the paleovers
5921s size this rock a little bit
5925s oh so guys if you ever notice that
5929s um the scaling edit doesn't show up it's
5931s just because I'm editing a full group at
5933s the moment so there's
5937s I need to edit group and then just
5939s select it separately and now it'll show
5941s up
5946s I'm not too sure when
5949s um if the devs are planning to do any
5952s more revamping in terms of like the
5954s advanced editing tool
5957s um but if they decide to do that um that
5959s wouldn't be introduced into a later
5960s update probably not till next year
5963s so my favorite part in prehistoric
5965s planet is when the dreadnoughts fight
5968s I hate when I see animals fight I just
5971s think it's so sad
5973s I never liked that in like even just
5975s um any nature documentary
5977s I'm gonna have to go but thank you so
5979s much for the streamers you have a
5980s wonderful day thank you sakin kitsoon
5982s thank you so much we'll see you next
5984s week
5988s um but yeah guys if you haven't seen
5989s prehistoric Planet take a look it's
5991s really really good
5995s um makes makes you feel lots of feels in
5997s the show
5998s but we won't spoil anything
6002s I feel like I always use in PK the same
6004s rocks all the time because some of the
6006s rocks are too like jaggedy with too much
6009s like jaggedy edges
6012s at sometimes when you place them all
6013s together it can look like a little off
6014s so I'm very very excited for the next
6018s title update to get a new rock overhaul
6021s I'm styling
6023s uh drinks at anything is possible
6026s um
6027s something many paleo Gatekeepers forget
6029s yes
6033s um but it's always fun because um as
6035s long as everyone's respectful of each
6036s other's opinions
6038s um you could actually learn a lot or or
6040s they might um present an idea or a
6043s certain um
6044s perspective that maybe you didn't think
6045s about and you're like oh that's actually
6046s pretty cool
6048s but I'm right I'm just kidding
6050s the visuals were so perfect you'd swear
6052s in a couple of frames they were real
6053s world photos I know they like priest or
6055s plant they did such a good job I really
6057s hope they do another season
6060s um because it'd be really cool
6063s and I feel like I just got loads of
6065s people excited for dinosaurs because
6067s didn't everyone was saying like oh we
6068s have like a Prehistoric Kingdom out we
6071s have the new Jurassic world movie and
6072s prehistoric Planet so
6074s it was um paleo summer instead of like
6078s hot girls summer it's like paleo summer
6083s yeah they have to do a new one
6090s um okay so let me see what rocks do I
6092s have so here's another flat one so I
6094s might just make that a little bit bigger
6096s so that we could place around the lake
6099s and I feel like I will afterwards have
6101s to make them a little bit darker
6114s so I'm going to spend a little bit of
6115s time just placing different rocks around
6117s I drew up too much
6119s um to do this evening guys so I can
6121s stream
6122s um for a bit longer
6127s um no devs could join me this week
6128s they're all very busy but remember if
6130s the devs aren't on the stream it means
6132s they're working if you see a Dev on
6133s stream give out to them
6136s oh also something I didn't notice so I'm
6138s Irish guys and I say the word like oh
6141s give out and I didn't realize because
6143s I'm from Ireland I moved to uh near
6146s London in the UK a few years ago and I
6148s didn't realize
6149s certain words that I say are just from
6151s Ireland and people don't know that so
6153s give out is like when you get in trouble
6156s so you would say like oh my mom gave out
6159s to me and it means like she you know she
6161s was like shouting at you or like scolded
6163s you
6164s so that's what that means I feel like
6166s that's um
6167s that's something that I say somewhat
6169s often like oh give out and no one like
6171s knows what it means for some people
6173s think it means like something naughty
6175s it's like no no no it's like when you
6177s get in trouble
6180s Primal is up on series two
6183s there's a lot of cool I think they
6185s should um
6187s really invest more into like
6190s prehistoric prehistoric TV shows and
6192s documentaries
6197s I know it's actually kind interesting
6199s because fantasy has become quite big in
6201s recent years so we had um obviously Game
6204s of Thrones came out
6206s um
6207s and then Warhammer games and then also
6210s like Dungeons and Dragons in the last
6212s few years has gotten very very big and
6213s popular
6215s um so I don't know what it's like I
6216s guess people are kind of grouping
6218s dinosaurs like oh that's a little bit
6220s out there maybe people will like
6222s dinosaurs because they like fantasy
6223s things
6225s um
6226s but maybe we'll just um
6228s even though we're rooting for
6230s historically accurate um
6232s maybe the kind of
6234s hype and interest in fantasy will let
6237s people
6238s or make people want to explore dinosaurs
6241s and prehistoric animals more
6243s so we'll we'll go with it
6246s because then we can you know if there's
6248s like fantasy shows and different
6250s launches we can go you know actually
6251s that's based on a real prehistoric
6254s animal
6255s that lived back in the day and it's like
6257s oh we gotta turn the kids into into Dino
6260s fans
6262s so one of the rocks that is actually
6264s your go-to favorite of mine is the rock
6266s cluster and and I never use it when it's
6269s small I actually scale it quite large
6272s and then when you lower it and sink it
6274s into the terrain it can look like
6276s there's some cool rocks kind of
6278s appearing from under the water
6281s or just kind of at the
6284s in any heels in the enclosure
6287s it's a little tilt it just a little
6302s [Music]
6305s yeah I definitely think we'll darken the
6307s rocks
6309s oh so another little tip guys so
6311s as you can see the big rock isn't
6314s highlighted it's not in the group so if
6316s you press shift and click on it then if
6318s you go up here and merge the groups that
6320s will just keep everything together that
6322s way we can move everything
6323s it's just so much easier to remember to
6325s group everything because at the end if
6327s you wait until you're finished your
6329s building structure or enclosure and
6331s you're trying to group certain things if
6332s you've added in a lot
6334s um grouping can take a lot but
6337s um we've added box selection in one of
6339s the recent updates which means you can
6341s drag the mouse
6343s and then select certain items
6347s that makes things very very handy
6349s I know people who would add a lot of um
6351s like building structures
6354s um they found that very very helpful
6356s when they added in a lot of details
6360s there are a couple of paleo series that
6362s have been announced in the near future
6363s oh that's really cool
6366s we'll have to see if um
6368s we can add any little kind of nods to
6370s those series then in the game
6373s or at least do something for the Stream
6376s okay let me see I want to take some of
6378s the a look at the other rocks and
6379s basically I'm just going to place them
6380s all along the water and then I'm going
6382s to decorate around the rocket foliage
6384s because I think that looks quite nice
6386s um and then we'll have a look and see
6388s what else we can add but then we'll
6390s probably wrap up the Stream
6392s and then next week
6393s I will start
6395s either I'll grab one from the workshop
6398s or I'll start building the fence a nice
6399s little kind of fence that suits like a
6401s wrench around here maybe we'll have like
6404s a little barn or something that would be
6406s cute for the the Apaches to
6410s to go to sleep in or just to hang out
6412s when it's raining or something
6414s um also yes I will finish up the Maze
6416s and I might do similar to what I did in
6419s the previous stream where I played
6422s um a steeple clip
6425s um just to catch you guys up on what I
6427s did for the taco enclosure when I was
6430s adding little mountains because
6431s sometimes building games
6434s um so speed little videos of what
6435s someone built is great
6438s um like on YouTube
6439s but then when you actually slow down or
6442s on live streams when someone's building
6444s I find that it can be quite slow because
6446s that's why I want to add um I might do
6448s some things off stream
6450s just to um
6453s just so we're spending a week
6455s or many many weeks building the patchy
6458s enclosure
6462s so um
6465s El topalta remember guys I'm about it
6467s names uh so they've said on Twitch
6470s they're surviving Earth being produced
6471s by Tim Haynes the guy behind Walking
6473s with Dinosaurs oh that's cool
6476s so guys look out for that
6481s um I was inspired construction by
6484s Jurassic data oh I know I think we
6485s shared actually when the DraStic data's
6488s enclosure and the recent Creator Creator
6490s Spotlight on our socials they do amazing
6493s enclosures
6495s nice big and spacious as well which is
6497s kind of what we want
6498s um okay so more rocks we want more rocks
6508s foreign
6509s [Music]
6530s you need to get more prefabs I know I
6532s know so next time so I was a little busy
6535s at the weekend and then my PC was being
6538s very annoying yesterday but it's all
6540s sorted now
6542s um so I will download some more prefabs
6544s so guys if you're looking to get
6546s anything you build on stream or if you
6548s have any ideas that we could use maybe
6550s some cool ranch things or maybe if
6553s someone could make like a little saddle
6554s so it looks like you can like rent
6556s saddles
6558s um as part of like a feature in um
6562s in the park where you can like pay extra
6568s to um
6569s [Music]
6571s to sort of ride on Apaches that would be
6573s pretty cool I can imagine little kids
6575s wanting to do that
6576s foreign
6581s and just see what they look like see if
6583s we can get something a bit different
6586s because if you place the same rocks all
6588s together it just looks a bit too fake a
6590s bit too repetitive
6592s but also I kind of like I prefer the
6594s flat surfaces
6595s just because when you group it all
6597s together it's not too um
6599s harsh looking
6609s I'm beginning to think some of the rocks
6611s that I place look very dangerous
6617s hopefully the patches won't have any
6618s boo-boos on their little feet
6621s so um someone's also said on Twitter
6623s there's another mini series that will be
6624s hosted by Stephen Frye
6627s what about Nigel
6630s come on Nigel you're missing out get
6632s your agent on that
6639s I definitely want a few more kind of
6641s smooth round rocks
6648s that'd be cool to have in the game
6656s and don't forget guys if you have any
6659s um feedback or ideas or things the devs
6662s could look into like for instance
6664s like we're saying like oh we'd like to
6666s have more rocks in the game so if you're
6667s building and you notice anything that
6669s could maybe make the building a bit
6670s easier um don't forget to join the
6672s Discord and check out the PK feedback
6675s Channel
6677s um so that's really good to um
6679s to point out how to improve the gameplay
6682s features obviously if you have any ideas
6683s like please share those as well but what
6685s really helps the devs is if you give um
6688s feedback on the current kind of in-game
6690s content because
6691s um because it's early on they can maybe
6692s change things and then
6694s um improve the features
6698s throughout some of the updates
6701s new Prehistoric Park Nigel series I know
6704s I know I Nigel if you want to do a
6707s prehistoric um park or Prehistoric
6709s Kingdom series like hit us up we'd love
6712s to take part
6725s so I think we have used this rock so I'm
6727s just going to completely rotate it
6730s so it looks like we have something
6731s different
6743s thing and then I want to make sure that
6746s I'm grouping everything and merging all
6748s the Rocks together
6750s that way when we're going back in back
6752s in and changing them and rotating them
6754s if we want to change up a few things
6755s it's just easier if they're all grouped
6757s together because then we don't have to
6757s like exit out of the group
6763s so I also want to grab more of these
6769s big rocks to place around the cluster
6771s rocks
6773s it's kind of like a cheat way I think on
6776s the workshop guys as well people have
6777s placed some really nice rock formations
6779s together
6780s that you can use the like scenery in
6783s your car they look very very good
6791s so yes next week's stream guys we're
6793s going to continue with our Apache
6795s enclosure
6797s and we'll add some items from the
6800s workshop
6804s but I think it's a nice little space
6805s area it's a nice little kind of walk-up
6809s from the entrance as well
6812s it'll lead to a nice little area where
6813s people can see and admire a beautiful
6815s little patches we can probably pop in a
6818s few friends hopefully they don't run
6819s away
6821s Flip Flip fluffy just take your little
6822s swim
6825s ma made a beautiful waterfall as a brief
6827s there's amazing prefabs listing Workshop
6830s guys so if you're looking to get some
6832s ideas or if you're not too big on the
6835s building in the game but you want to
6836s make some of the enclosures but you just
6837s don't want to spend a lot of time or
6839s maybe you don't have a lot of the time
6840s to um
6842s to do kind of intricate uh detailed
6845s bills check out the Steam Workshop
6846s because there's really cool items that
6849s people have already made on there so
6851s from buildings fences rocks waterfalls
6853s anything and everything you can think of
6855s there's like office supplies
6859s so many cool things to have in your Park
6861s oh yeah so we want to have friends so
6868s let's add a couple
6873s go
6874s always try to escape Don't Run Away
6877s patchy
6879s you'll be put in the holding pen look at
6882s his horns as well so cute
6885s oh
6890s they're on the Move they're on the move
6892s you might want to put it please Soldier
6894s friends before and ding the patches so
6896s the patches don't wander off when you
6897s next load the same yes
6901s we could do quite a simple fence around
6903s just so they don't wander off
6905s but that would also be fun it could be
6907s like spot the misting patches on the
6909s next stream
6911s uh when I build I don't know if anyone
6913s else does this I think I've said it
6914s before but I often pause the game so
6917s animals don't escape or just because I
6918s feel like in management games
6920s if I don't pause the game everything
6923s will just be a disaster when I look away
6925s for a few minutes
6928s so let me grab some of the foliage and
6931s we'll take a look and see what would
6932s look nice next to the rocks in the
6934s enclosure
6938s so definitely some of the cat tails
6941s they could be cool I think I actually
6943s really like the
6946s these kind of little arrow arrows
6949s and then obviously later on we'll have
6951s our purple flower
6953s just to add that pop of color
6960s oh
6969s foreign
6970s so placing kind of shrubs and foliage
6973s around the rocks
6974s just really starts to bring the part
6976s together so if you guys are rebuilding
6978s you don't really place them around much
6979s just try and experiment and place a
6981s couple of um different shrubs around
6983s because it can really just
6986s just make the um enclosures look a bit
6988s more realistic when there's lots of
6989s foliage around more flour and fruit
6991s trees would be very nice
6994s yeah I'm really excited for um
6998s any kind of new plants or trees in the
7001s game or just I love just um even just to
7004s decorate the park with like not even for
7006s the enclosure
7016s I went to pet the patches I know they're
7018s so cute
7020s I hope they're nice to the guests
7024s it'll be interesting to see
7026s um
7027s what the devs decide to do like will
7029s they want um the guests running away
7031s from the animals or will they want to
7033s one of them pet it will there be
7035s thrill-seeking guests that like to try
7036s and hop over the fence
7040s I wonder where we have like um black
7042s market poachers
7044s that um
7046s and they'll be like oh no a taco is
7048s missing
7050s and you'll have to uncover you'll have
7051s to find maybe that could be like um a
7053s mission or something this isn't in the
7055s game guys I'm just I'm just building my
7056s dream uh for Prehistoric Kingdom
7059s maybe that can be one of the scenario
7061s missions it's like oh one guest has
7063s stolen a dinosaur or a prehistoric
7066s animal you know you have to find out
7067s which guest has taken the animal
7069s before he leaves the park
7072s devs please
7073s touch my taco and you lose your Lifeboat
7077s basically
7080s now we have some nice shrubs here
7082s oh I also want to put some of the cat
7084s tails though
7085s or maybe some of the common reads
7091s looking beautiful
7106s foreign
7120s let's take a look and see what our
7122s Apaches are up to
7125s oh she's eating
7129s fluffy is finally decided
7131s that she will try and eat some veggies
7135s keep well she's got to eat healthy
7136s you've got to keep that coat looking
7138s good
7141s foreign
7148s [Music]
7149s and then I wonder
7153s so a lot of the time when the animals
7155s wander in the game at the moment I think
7156s they actually head towards food
7161s I wonder what that looks like it's like
7163s from the guests from down here they're
7164s like are they are those animals escaping
7168s or is that this part of the show
7173s oh the guests are stuck ah
7180s confirmed PK guests are robots
7185s oh my God all the guests are stuck
7188s that's a feature
7194s hopefully when we load up the game next
7196s time they'll um
7198s they'll know where they want to go
7199s they're just thinking about it at the
7201s moment there's too much choice at the
7202s moment like three little exhibits
7205s we've spoiled them already
7207s keep brushing The Fluffy patchy is now
7209s something I want oh keep her brushing
7211s yeah that would be cool as well
7213s yeah I'm excited to see
7215s um what kind of staff management there
7217s will be in the game later on
7219s so I think that's um
7221s like the third big update
7224s um if you guys take a look at the Trello
7225s board again I'm gonna post it
7227s and also guys don't forget to join the
7229s Discord
7230s because when the new content drops
7233s there's going to be so much screenshot
7235s shared of people's enclosures in their
7237s parks and what they've been building
7238s with the new contents that's always
7239s really cool to see
7241s foreign
7245s they're loving it they're starting to
7246s make it a home already
7248s I feel the fence should take priority
7249s before you forget again
7251s we can we can do a fence
7255s let us do
7261s I'll do this little modern metal fence
7265s and then we can always change it
7283s foreign
7294s so guys every Tuesday this month
7298s we'll be continuing our Prehistoric Park
7300s hopefully we can do a few more giveaways
7302s as well and don't forget Monday the 31st
7305s of October we'll be streaming and
7307s hopefully some of the dabs will be able
7309s we'll be able to come on stream as well
7312s and we'll do a few more giveaways and
7314s games as well
7316s for the Halloween special
7319s [Music]
7324s actually looks good there I thought it
7326s was gonna look a little too a little too
7328s harsh
7331s nice and safe so let's see actually the
7334s welfare seat
7336s so we need a lot of work to do in the
7338s park
7340s check habitat needs
7342s yeah so there's not enough water
7345s okay so next week maybe we'll add
7347s another little water area I want to do
7349s maybe like use either the comb or the
7351s rough water just so it looks a little
7352s more clean and maybe that's the water
7353s that they drink out of
7356s although fluffy is here
7358s she's loving it
7360s maybe she'll go for another swim oh
7363s it's getting a bit a big mouthful of the
7366s mud as well
7368s she just likes the flavor
7372s oh look they're kind of staring at her
7374s like who does she think she is with that
7377s fluffy coat
7379s I hope she doesn't feel like an ugly
7380s duckling that would be unfortunate
7385s so guys our park is slowly coming
7388s together
7389s we have our nice entrance we have our
7392s little taco enclosure here
7395s we're working on our nice maze that
7397s leads up to the mini Avery exhibit
7400s we have the uh
7402s the long the Long March to the to the
7405s bathroom
7408s but uh the park is popping
7410s Park is popping
7415s guess uh
7417s you're a little confused at the moment
7419s but that's because they're just so
7421s excited they don't know where to go
7424s so next week guys we're going to be
7426s placing new items
7429s from the workshop I may be building our
7431s own fence or our own building for the
7433s patchy enclosure and then I think next
7436s week we will afterwards we'll decide
7439s what the next enclosure will be and
7441s maybe by then we'll be doing a few
7443s Halloween themed things as well
7448s so should we visit our little um oh
7450s what's the acro up to
7454s oh my god look what he's doing
7456s he's waiting for um a silly guest to
7459s come too close so he can snatch him up
7463s tiny baby patches are the only thing
7465s missing I know hopefully one day we can
7467s have baby dinosaurs I would just love to
7469s have a little um a petting zoo that's my
7471s dream just like a petting zoo Nursery
7474s and my dream is just to scale down like
7476s all the trees and the trees rocks plants
7480s everything so that the baby dinosaurs
7482s feel like they're a big dinosaurs that's
7484s my dream
7488s here's a little Acro I think he's doing
7490s good
7491s okay so I'll finish up the stream guys
7494s again let's just take a quick look
7497s at some of the photos that were in the
7499s desert preview
7502s so we have our very good looking Dilo
7504s showing off in front of our new trees
7507s and plants on the desert map
7509s silos one in the back does not look
7512s pleased have its photo taken
7514s and then some gorgeous scenery photos of
7518s the new Jordan map
7523s so guys the new map of new species will
7526s be available in the title update coming
7528s later this year
7531s so coming up next so very shortly guys
7534s keep an eye out we'll have our new Steam
7536s and epic achievements and the animal
7538s info signs afterwards will be Halloween
7540s content after that we'll have our big
7543s title update that everyone's looking
7545s forward to you guys are very excited for
7547s you guys to start playing around with
7549s the new map and explore everything in
7551s the new update and then finally at the
7552s end of the year I can't believe it's
7554s almost the end of 2022 already at the
7556s end of the year we'll have some more
7557s holiday content coming soon so thank you
7560s everybody for joining me on this stream
7561s don't forget to join next week we'll try
7563s to do a couple of giveaways
7564s and uh yeah don't forget to think of
7567s some more cat names for me hopefully
7569s I'll have a new cat to introduce on
7571s stream
7573s and um yes we'll see you next week stay
7575s tuned as well on our socials because we
7577s might be able to do some new uh sneak
7579s peeks for the upcoming title update as
7581s well so thanks again for watching guys
7583s see you next week
7589s [Music]
7600s thank you
7614s thank you
7615s [Music]
7644s thank you
7650s [Music]
7685s thank you
7696s [Music]
7720s thank you
7722s [Music]

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