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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Welcome, Park Managers!

This patch addresses a number of issues for the Public Test Branch version of the game with some notable changes regarding animals and various performance improvements. Please continue to send feedback and bug reports to our Discord server's[discord.com] appropriate channel, it's been an immense help!

We expect to push Update 8 out soon for all players after a few more fixes have been made and no critical issues have been reported.

Full Patch Notes
  • Animals
    • Added additive animations back to some animals, though some configurations still require further work. We will be porting additives to the remaining species asap
    • Added the ability to perform relevant oneshot animations while resting back to all animals
  • Balance
    • Reduced drain rates for animal needs, introduced a short delay after satisfying a need before that need can continue to drain
    • Land Value has been made more forgiving across the board, as achieving a 5-star rating was nearly impossible
  • Animals
    • Improved IKs (still a work in progress!) on the following species:
      • Argentinosaurus
      • Brachiosaurus
      • Camarasaurus
      • Coelodonta
      • Dryosaurus
      • Iguanodon
      • Mammuthus
      • Parasaurolophus
      • Smilodon
    • Lowered specularity on Dryosaurus eyes
  • Guests
    • Reduced saturation of base skin tone and random variation
  • Buildings & Scenery
    • Adjusted and optimized colliders on all igneous rocks to be more accurate to their shape
    • Adjusted transparent glass material to improve visibility and blur environmental reflections when on ‘Ultra’ reflections quality
  • Environment
    • Adjusted Scrubland dirt color to be more neutral
    • Slightly lowered sun intensity on the Scrubland map
  • Foliage
    • Foliage impostors look significantly better on low graphic settings
    • Drastically optimized tropical kapok, coconut palms, lady finger palms, monstera and palm grass
    • Drastically optimized temperate holm oak
    • Optimized and updated colliders for Water Lilies as well as Amazonian Water Lilies
    • Samanea now behaves like existing gardening foliage and will not contribute to foliage density or react to the terrain/foliage removal tools
  • UI/UX
    • Animal Nav Visualization has been re-enabled, and now fills the entire navigable area
  • Post-Processing
    • Slightly increased bloom threshold so that the environment and sky affects bloom less
    • Slightly lowered saturation and contrast on the tropical map
  • Audio
    • Set hard limits on animal voices to hopefully reduce audio threads crashing when the camera is near hundreds of animals
Bug Fixes
  • Critical
    • Drastically reduced a long hang when leaving large levels that had been open for a long time
    • Fixed an issue where visitor entrances could show ‘off nav’ and potentially cause other modules to lose connection
    • Fixed an initialization left over setting that would cause unusually high memory load during start up - new parks shouldn’t crash as often on machines with lower memory
    • Fixed a crash caused by starting the game on Steam in offline mode
    • Fixed a few parallel scheduling errors that could stall various game systems
    • Fixed an issue causing research items not detracting park balance on unlock
    • Fixed multiple memory leaks
    • Fixed a crash caused by moving certain modules
    • Fixed multiple rare crashes around shutting the game down
  • Gameplay
    • Animal dung will respect sim settings
  • Animals
    • Fixed animation error on Mammoth dust bath
    • Fixed animals hitting time limits on their active states, which forced them to give up constantly and never achieve anything
    • Fixed animals recovering to roofs and clifftops when they fall off nav
    • Many fixes and improvements for how animals find painted water to drink (this should help somewhat with the AI stalling)
    • Fixed an IK bug where animals would still try to plant their feet while resting and sleeping
  • Guests
    • Fixed visitors teleporting to park entrance whenever they stepped up to be served in a queue line
    • Fixed a math error that could cause visitors to be reset erroneously
  • Buildings & Scenery
    • Fixed bathroom modules’ hole in geometry
    • Fixed Termite Mound flying towards the camera if surface alignment was enabled
    • Fixed Land Value contribution for steel railings to not provide themed prop bonuses, slightly reduced bonus for other railing types
    • Fixed Bunting pieces collision
  • Foliage
    • Fixed animals walking over gardening plants and Swamp Beech 1
    • Fixed excessive floating branches on Scots Pine 1
    • Fixed minor floating elements on Swamp Beech 1
    • Fixed Joshua Tree continents being mislabeled as Asia and Africa
  • Construction
    • Modular scaling with left-alt will now respect modular data settings
    • Dung Beetle Nests will work correctly after loading a save game
    • Dung Beetle Nests will no longer be removed by the foliage removal brush
    • Fixed a bug that prevented terrain modification in locations occupied by modular, even after the modular pieces had been removed
  • UI/UX
    • Fixed a text label issue with modular styles
    • Fixed a header text issue in the save/load menu
  • Audio
    • Fixed incorrect audio cues being used when animals ate food
    • Fixed some animal audio ending abruptly
  • Misc.
    • Fixed navmesh rebaking for new games started on Costa Rica
  • Guest Quality settings now work, guest fidelity can now be scaled back significantly if need be, while Cinematic retains a decent draw distance and high visual fidelity
  • Minor Improvements to CPU Performance
  • Improved how background processing is handled, including fixing a minor issue where animals would wait little longer than necessary for stuff they didn’t need
  • Minor Improvements to loading
  • Improvements to tropical biome rendering
  • Improved loading time on the tutorial level