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593s hi everybody welcome back to another
596s live stream
597s we are back at it again
600s uh so I'm Rosie I'm here with Cindy
603s again today we're going to continue
604s building our Prehistoric Park so hello
607s to everyone already in the chat let us
608s know how audio is so I can adjust
611s um the stream might be a little bit
612s shorter today because unfortunately I
614s have a cold and no unfortunately it's
616s not a really cool marketing teaser to
618s say that disease and sickness is coming
620s in the game but that will come later on
622s in Early Access so maybe we'll all have
624s calls when we announce that and then we
626s can show Dinosaurs sneezing or something
632s code what would that be called like a
634s dinosaur version
636s we can work on that throughout the
638s Stream
640s uh there'll be no new dinosaurs yet in
642s the Stream the new dinosaurs guys are
643s coming in the next big update I can
646s actually post the Trello which is our
649s road map in the chat
652s but how is everyone what is everyone
653s building so far
657s in Prehistoric Kingdom I know I've seen
659s a few people building I know I checked
661s out um I know best in slot is showing
663s off
664s um kind of weekly cool things that you
666s can download in the Steam Workshop
668s so we'll have to we'll get a few ideas
670s for the park from those videos
672s okay I'll turn up Cindy guys thanks
675s I know there's something weird with OBS
677s like as soon as I load it up it like
681s quietens it down it quietens down
683s Discord
685s let me just
688s a little bit louder and I also think
691s like maybe I'm just too loud and I need
693s to balance that out
695s oh people are people are noticing
696s something sexy I don't know I don't know
701s oh I don't know man what is going on
704s what is going on I have no idea
708s next uh are we teasing or are we just
712s bored and trying to do weird things on
714s stream
716s um oh let me do our little video is over
718s okay so I'm gonna load up steam now so
721s guys in case you missed it last week let
723s me just pop up the chat so I can read
725s everything so we started off making a
729s little taco exhibit right across from
731s the entrance so we downloaded a few
733s things from the workshop so we have this
735s really cool entrance sign we added our
737s park around so everyone can
740s with a small park it must be so
742s expensive just to see one exhibit but
744s you know
745s build it and they will come so we have
747s our entrance sign and then there's a
749s really cool education center which I
752s can't wait because before the big update
755s comes with a new species we're gonna
756s have a small patch with some animal info
759s signs and later on that will kind of add
761s to the guest education needs when that
764s comes later on in Early Access
766s so that would be really nice to have
768s some animal info signs here and then
770s also what I want to download for next
773s stream is I want to add on to the
775s entrance in the park and there's a
777s really nice kind of ticket
779s um Booth building that we can add but
781s this week I want to start building on
784s the Aviary so we've downloaded this from
787s the Steam Workshop it's really nice Dome
789s I love the hexagons I'm sorry Cindy
791s because I know Cindy's sick of hexagons
793s but
795s they're gonna be they're going to be
796s working with more
801s it's good that is good you won't have a
803s break down this stream anyway
807s um so this is what we've downloaded from
809s the Steam Workshop guys I'm gonna place
810s it kind of further out in the park
812s because I actually want to eventually
814s have like a nice big Garden or use some
816s of the new Hedges and kind of make maze
819s that leads up to the Aviary
822s and then also we'll build a kind of I
825s want the entrance to be a little bit
827s closed off I don't want people to see
829s like the guests to see too far into the
832s park just yet I don't want them to get
834s any sneak peeks of any of the really big
836s cool animals just yet
838s you'll have to do a lot of walking for
839s that first
841s so I've gotta have a workout before you
844s see the T-Rex yes yes I kind of felt
847s like should we have a park where like
848s instantly like a T-Rex scares you maybe
852s we'll have like a big surprise dinosaur
854s where it's just like boom in your face
856s scaring you straight away but we can we
858s could always change things around later
861s uh Rosie how much do you think a ticket
863s for this park costs
864s no I'm trying to think I feel like it
867s would cost like thousands like a
869s thousand a ticket or something because
871s I'm trying to compare to like
873s when you go to Vegas some like Vegas
876s shows are ridiculously expensive like
878s that and more and I'm thinking well like
879s if you're going to see a dinosaur park
881s and this is the only place to see it but
884s maybe you could get like um like some
886s tickets are cheap maybe they'll do like
888s family deals and then there will be like
891s a VIP experiences which could be like 50
893s Grand a ticket you know and that'll kind
896s of balance and make up kind of so you
898s know your everyday people can come see
900s the park and get to experience the
901s prehistoric animals with any of your
903s Rich VIPs that are like the real the
905s real guys funding everything
907s that's probably
910s depends on like the capacity of the park
912s and how popular you think
914s you think obviously more people
917s yes
918s so it just depends really how popular it
921s is so right now we
924s we're this park isn't following any
926s covid regulations we're just saying yeah
928s pile everyone in
930s no one really cares about the animals
932s let's go see Lionel satakosaurus I think
935s I might actually we said last week
937s because we have the different species of
939s satakosaurus
941s we might split it up because it's quite
942s big
943s maybe next week we can um
946s split it up so the different species
949s um we can just kind of change up like
950s the biomes and the foliage just to show
953s off kind of the different needs for
954s different species this is another little
956s Hut
957s um that we download loaded from the
959s Steam Workshop
961s and then we also downloaded kind of this
963s climbing frame and then some really nice
965s enrichments that someone uploaded as
967s well oh look we got our little tacos
969s they're climbing
971s I think I'm actually going to take the
973s dinosaur gloves off oh no there's need
975s to get hot uh well they're not dinosaur
977s gloves they're dragging gloves I am
979s making a costume for
982s a ren fair that I'm going to later in
985s the year
986s so I'm gonna be a big old dragon
989s and a Durgin needs big old claws
993s that's what that's about your the full
996s costume is very cool you'll have to do
997s like a full costume reveal
1000s I'll do that at least at least the uh
1003s at least the mask I don't know if you
1007s can get all of the Wings in the frame
1008s well I was trying to see unfortunately
1011s Halloween the 31st is on Monday so maybe
1014s we'll have this stream on Monday instead
1016s and maybe we can all dress up we'll do
1019s our best dinosaur costumes yeah my best
1023s dinosaur attempt is a dragon dragon her
1026s well you know
1027s I really I really hope someone
1028s eventually when modding is um in the
1031s game that someone will make like a house
1033s of dragon mod with the dinosaurs and we
1037s can have dragons in the park I'm
1038s actually really looking forward to that
1039s because a lot of things like in The Sims
1041s and you know in other games I'm not like
1043s a huge fan of fantasy but with like
1045s Prehistoric Kingdom I just really want
1047s to see dragons
1048s it would be really cool to have a
1051s mythology mod like have some unicorns
1056s bucket trees is
1058s Griffins
1060s such a nerd
1063s I mean I'm working on a Dinosaur Park
1065s Builder game so I am a bit of a nerd and
1068s I'm going to Ren fair just a nerd
1072s it's okay
1073s I've never been to a renaissance fair I
1076s think I'll go I don't think they have
1077s them here well they probably do actually
1079s in England they must actually I feel
1081s like if anywhere in Europe has a
1084s Renaissance Fair it's
1086s it's more of a reenactment at that point
1088s and probably historically accurate
1091s Renaissance fares are just
1094s absurd
1095s they are not accurate at all but they're
1098s fun
1100s hey good day everybody okay so we'll
1103s start actually building
1105s um we're just going to talk about our
1107s lives and what we're doing in the next
1109s few months we won't actually play
1111s Prehistoric Kingdom
1113s um okay so guys a kind of topic for this
1117s stream is a lot of people are I've
1119s noticed on social media they ask
1120s questions like how can I breed the birds
1122s the microraptor the archeropteryx like
1124s how do I get those in the game so what
1125s you do is you click on the aviaries the
1128s mini aviaries and you click edit and
1130s then you can breed either one of the
1131s birds so we can breed a few of each
1137s and then oh where's it gone oh we should
1140s probably get some girls in there as well
1143s just so the boys have something oh there
1145s they are they're in here
1147s so sorry if it's a bit dark guys
1149s um and then also in case anyone is
1151s wondering
1153s so if you go into enclosures just on the
1156s in-game tabs here
1158s and then this little exhibit that is
1160s where the mini Aviary is
1163s because I know a few people have been
1165s asking where to find it and then we can
1168s edit the group
1169s so it starts off in this kind of cage
1171s but if you want to customize it
1174s so click it click on it and then in the
1177s kind of styling toolbox you can select
1179s for there to be no shell and then you
1181s have these kind of trees for all the
1184s birds to perch on perch on and then you
1186s can kind of decorate your own enclosure
1188s so you can create a dome you can use the
1190s chain link fencing to create like a roof
1193s you can decorate whatever way you want
1195s so that's pretty cool I think we're
1196s going to stick with the Dome
1198s from the workshop for today's stream and
1200s what I'm going to do is I'm just going
1201s to decorate it with flowers maybe change
1203s up the ground a little bit and then
1205s maybe towards the end we'll start
1207s building our maze towards the birds
1210s Echo the kobold says
1213s Ren Fair does not make you a nerd
1221s uh not sure cultured
1225s is an accurate description of me
1233s so it's actually September who likes
1236s September I like it that's when me and
1238s my partner have our birthdays It's
1240s usually the weather starts to get it's
1242s like not too cold yet
1245s um
1246s so we kind of have like a little bit of
1248s time before we start wearing in the UK
1250s and Ireland anyway lots of
1252s coats and scarves and we can actually
1254s leave the house without being caught in
1255s the rain
1257s it's also lots of like back to school
1259s but we quite we quite like the weather
1262s does it get cold where you are Cindy
1264s in September
1266s in September it's
1268s no longer
1270s it's no longer Satan's armpit it's no
1273s longer hell
1275s uh but it still stays pretty warm
1278s uh it doesn't
1280s October is really when it starts cooling
1282s down and I actually really like October
1284s uh in Virginia the trees are pretty it's
1288s nice outside
1290s it's cool but it's not cold except in
1293s the mornings
1295s um and then like it turns into November
1298s and then you go into the uh
1300s Wild
1303s Insanity that is Virginia winter which
1306s is is it cold it's cold today it snowed
1309s today now it's 70 degrees in like three
1312s days
1313s our Winters are hell I hate them
1317s yeah over here it doesn't really start
1319s like it'll start to get cold definitely
1320s by October but the coldest months I
1323s think because climate change it used to
1325s be obviously like December Christmas
1326s time that's the coldest month December
1328s January but the last like five to ten
1330s years it's shifted so now probably like
1334s January February March is actually
1335s really really cold now
1338s um
1340s but then Summer's in the UK because I'm
1341s kind of south of UK it's a little bit
1343s warmer
1344s uh volume up a bit do you want is it
1347s both of us or do you want me or Cindy
1350s let me turn up Cindy
1359s turn it up
1362s both okay
1364s sure
1370s guys online it says it's my favorite
1373s Stream Conquest Kings I mean prehistoric
1375s King
1376s oh yeah for theater Kings last week we
1380s had um we were given Crusader King some
1382s good promo we were talking a little bit
1384s about their new update
1388s played it yet I've been too busy
1391s check and see if my game save is okay I
1394s was actually about to say like oh I I
1396s heard you know it's no good just play
1398s Prehistoric Kingdom but you've kind of
1400s just went back to promoting them thanks
1402s Cindy I'm sorry but no it it is good if
1404s you like um
1406s kind of strategy strategy games
1410s um all of our birds are in here they
1412s look so cute
1413s I can't wait to have more Aviary
1416s creatures in the game
1420s okay so there's a obviously there's
1421s going to be a bit of a delay with all of
1424s it can you hear me now twitch
1432s just wait 20 minutes
1435s I think it should be good I got slightly
1437s better internet so it should be actually
1439s pretty good
1441s oh one thing actually that I want to do
1443s is so one of the barely maybe you guys
1446s can maybe the overall volume
1459s I don't want to do myself too loud
1467s okay yeah so just about another minute
1470s I've adjusted both of the bottoms a
1471s little bit so that should show in the
1473s next like 30 seconds for the Stream
1476s okay so recently one of our previous
1479s updates we added some really pretty
1481s animal topiaries and we have this
1483s beautiful bird one which I just think is
1485s gorgeous because there's Gorgeous
1487s Flowers just on the tail
1488s so what I kind of want in the behavior
1491s exhibit with all the birds is I want
1494s them to like worship this bird and to
1497s like bring it Gifts of like twigs and
1499s make like a little Nest around it and I
1501s like the idea in my mind
1504s like the park staff tried to remove the
1507s bird but all the birds go crazy it's
1510s like no no that's our God you have to
1512s leave it so we're gonna leave this like
1513s in the center
1515s so this is going to be the bird God that
1517s they all worship
1519s and I'm going to start to decorate using
1521s some of the flowers
1522s I mean do you think any of the birds
1524s would like anything in particular or
1526s just any kind of nice shrubs
1531s um
1532s I want to say they have they have actual
1536s like environmental preferences and needs
1541s um
1542s I don't think it affects anything right
1545s now no I think you can put in whatever
1547s you want yeah at the moment we can do
1548s kind of
1550s whatever kind of designs you want and
1551s then later they'll have a bit more needs
1553s and then eventually as well because the
1555s moment you can refill normal animal
1557s feeders but not the uh not the ones in
1559s the mini aviary but that will come very
1562s soon guys and also the next patch like I
1564s said we have the animal info signs and I
1566s think we're also getting achievements in
1567s the game as well so I think they'll be
1569s available on Steam and epic so hopefully
1572s that'll all come out in this at the same
1574s time in the next patch hopefully won't
1577s be too long away in the next few weeks
1580s um so I'm just gonna grab some nice
1582s shrub brushes and then decorate kind of
1584s just around the trees with some flowers
1587s just to brighten up and then also I
1590s think I mean I really like the dome but
1592s I don't know if I want to start building
1593s it so there's kind of more moss and
1596s foliage kind of climbing up the bars as
1597s well
1602s just make everything in the park a
1603s little bit fancier
1607s stegosaurus topiary yeah guys we have
1609s loads of topiaries
1612s in PK sorry about that I had to uh I had
1616s to do a little bit of a cough oh that's
1619s okay Oh no you're getting my cold
1622s foreign possibly
1626s um Ragweed has been really spitting out
1628s pollen the past few weeks though
1641s is that all of them oh yeah I think yeah
1644s eventually guys in game so we'll have
1646s more topiaries and then we also want to
1649s add in more statues and more Silhouettes
1651s as well
1652s is still about something great to see
1654s there's a lot of people have been making
1655s their own information and education
1657s signs and it's really cool to be able to
1659s resize
1660s um to the Silhouettes
1671s wouldn't it make more sense to save
1673s achievements for when the gameplay is
1675s more fleshed out yeah I understand that
1677s as well I think a lot of people because
1678s the moment we do have in challenge mode
1680s you know taking care of your animals
1682s kind of basic needs and building the
1683s park so there is sort of some Park
1686s management a little bit to the gameplay
1688s there there is sort of like kind of
1689s goals to achieve with unlocking all the
1691s species so obviously we will add more
1694s Achievements not gonna be all the
1695s achievements because we can kind of with
1696s each update we can always add like a bit
1698s more depending on what new gameplay
1700s features there are
1702s um but for now I think because it has
1703s been asked people have been asking for
1705s it and I think it'll be nice to have
1707s some achievements there like the
1709s achievements that we have are
1712s appropriate to the level of development
1715s right now yeah
1717s it's just unlocking certain animals and
1719s you know even just place it down certain
1721s items or building things or
1724s it'll be cool be fun I think some people
1726s just really like getting all the
1727s achievements as well
1730s there are some people out there who
1732s really like the achievements
1741s foreign
1747s could you just let the AVR animals just
1750s fly around or where they attack the
1751s parkours I mean realistically yes
1756s in like the real world yes but um at the
1758s moment in game they won't fly away
1761s I feel like I feel like the bigger
1763s concern with that is thumb just flying
1764s off into the environment yeah just
1767s disappearing it probably hurts
1770s probably run away from the guests
1772s considering their size like maybe if a
1776s really dumb guest besides to mess with
1777s them we'll see where I grew up because
1780s actually guys I was in Ireland over the
1782s weekend visiting my mummy
1784s and on the street where I grew up on
1788s um there was a couple of neighbors so
1790s it's kind of near the beach it's not too
1791s far from the sea so on the rooftops of
1794s the houses in the estate that I live in
1795s there's a lot of seagulls and it's
1798s actually really cute seeing the baby
1799s baby seagulls out
1800s and about
1801s um but some people have started to feed
1803s the seagulls and now the seagulls have
1805s become aggressive
1807s so you can't like feed your cats or
1809s animals outside otherwise the seagulls
1812s all swooped down and will like fight
1813s them for the food so I can imagine
1817s that if the birds were kind of you know
1820s if you let them fly around the park
1821s people would feed them and then the
1823s birds would become aggressive and people
1826s absolutely would feed them oh yeah there
1830s is there is some weird irresistible
1833s human urge when we see an animal to feed
1835s the animal and I don't understand it
1838s um I don't know why it's there but it's
1841s there
1842s I know
1843s I saw a real um a little kind of funny
1846s tweet or something and it was like cats
1848s are so great they just like like they've
1850s really evolved and just kind of take
1852s over us almost in a way because they
1853s will literally just walk into a house
1855s and all of a sudden you just start like
1857s it just says I live here now and then we
1859s end up buying food and litter for it and
1861s just taking care of it
1863s yeah it's just we don't argue with it
1866s we're like okay it's like all right yeah
1868s you can live here
1870s you're cute
1877s okay guys going to sleep oh good night
1880s you guys what time is it for everyone
1882s where I am it's 4 P.M
1885s it's almost noon for Cindy
1892s that's one interesting thing about our
1894s company is everyone is just dotted all
1896s around the world
1899s so that's why we're hoping I think when
1902s the big update comes out with the new
1905s species it would be cool to get a few
1907s more people on stream because I actually
1908s have a few games set up
1912s so once we know kind of closer to when
1914s the update will come out
1917s um we'll probably sort something out so
1919s a few more devs can join our streams
1922s that'll be fun we'll have a big old
1924s party yes
1926s Dev party
1929s Dev pizza party it's very intense we we
1933s did that before when we launched Early
1935s Access it was actually really nice to
1936s get everyone on the Discord chat and we
1939s all ate pizza
1941s it was a it was kind of a tense pizza
1944s party not gonna lie
1946s yes it was very stressful leading up but
1949s then after like an hour or two that we
1950s kind of chilled a little bit we're like
1952s okay
1952s okay people are downloading the game
1954s it's working
1957s screenshots are coming in
1959s it was it was very much a um well this
1962s is happening now type of feeling like
1965s the moment when you start going up a
1967s roller coaster and like you're not quite
1970s at the top yet
1971s but you're getting real close it was
1974s kind of like that
1981s 5 30 p.m 8 30 in the morning oh my God
1984s thanks for watching guys because I know
1986s it's really awkward times for some
1988s people
1998s oh oh I love the birds they're so cute
2002s goodness I just saw him fly in
2006s oh he's climbing
2011s cuties
2021s there's a lot of birds has anyone ever
2023s seen the old um Hitchcock film The Birds
2026s yes I hope everyone has seen that
2029s apparently that was like a horrible set
2031s to work on and I can't remember the
2034s actress's name I think she was the Lee
2036s lady and she was blonde but apparently
2038s she had a horrible time where she
2040s wouldn't be told certain things and like
2042s Alfred Hitchcock would literally like
2044s throw birds at her like real birds
2048s I mean if it probably worked really well
2051s to get a genuine reaction yeah but like
2053s come on now
2055s some workers rights violation we had
2061s she probably could not see a bird
2065s like the same way again after that no no
2069s um no I don't I don't dislike that movie
2072s I kind of like that movie I liked it was
2075s good and sometimes it seems like a
2076s little bit ridiculous but there's like a
2078s big scene at the end where there's loads
2081s of birds outside and they're all kind of
2084s stuck and like you would think like
2085s like what would I do
2087s right but it is kind of it is scary
2090s I I think I just
2093s what I like about that movie is that end
2095s scene because it's so like what's gonna
2097s happen next
2099s uh and then it just ends it's it's like
2102s that awkward feeling of an animal
2105s staring at you like what's what happened
2114s I do like that it's never really
2117s explained why the birds are being weird
2120s yeah
2122s it's sort of just like hey did you ever
2124s think of just one day Birds started
2126s attacking people
2128s I mean more than they usually do yeah
2131s a little bit more maybe everyone was
2133s just feeding them and that's why they
2134s went crazy
2135s oh my God yes
2138s you're uh your hometown is actually the
2141s birds
2142s my hometown
2143s maybe yeah but actually so all my life
2147s my mother was like terrified of birds
2149s and one time I think a few times I asked
2152s her like why did you like did something
2153s happen to you with a bird and she just
2155s like yes but then she never said
2157s anything else so when I went to visit
2159s her
2160s when I went to visit her at the weekend
2163s I finally asked I was like mom you never
2165s said like what like what happened to you
2167s with a bird like you said something
2168s happen but what was it like what was
2170s this traumatic experience and she told
2172s me so my mom grew up um on a farm
2176s um in Dublin
2177s and like a dairy farm and there were
2179s sheep and like chickens and animals and
2182s she said she was grew up in a big family
2183s and she was she's the second youngest in
2185s the family and one day
2187s um she was only about four or five years
2189s old but a hen had gotten into the house
2192s and he'd gotten up the stairs and her
2195s dad just I don't this sounds horrible
2198s but he just kicked the bird down the
2200s stairs and he just started like
2202s shrieking and flapping and he like flew
2204s towards my mom or hence she flew towards
2206s my mom and obviously like a little
2208s four-year-old that would be terrifying
2210s yeah and ever since then she's been
2212s afraid of birds so I wish I knew the
2214s story sooner because then I you know I
2216s would have understood yeah but as far as
2218s I knew I was like oh well you know did
2220s they just like Peck at your toes one day
2222s and you didn't like them or something
2225s um
2226s but yes some people have like actual
2227s like legitimate traumatizing stories
2229s with animals and birds that makes them
2232s you're like ah okay I see why you do not
2234s like those animals
2236s for sure
2238s um
2240s when I was very young I went to a
2242s petting zoo and
2244s you know they had the usual petting zoo
2246s fair so goats and sheep and cows but
2249s they also had
2251s um Australian animals yeah so they had
2254s I think they were the the small
2256s kangaroos like wallabies I think they're
2258s called
2259s um but like you weren't allowed to pet
2260s the wallabies because they're
2262s carnetti
2263s um but more importantly they had koalas
2266s um
2267s and there was a keeper that would just
2269s carry around the koala and people
2270s thought it was really really cute
2273s um and this was kind of stupid and I'm a
2277s little surprised they did this but they
2279s let me hold the koala and I don't know
2282s why they did that
2284s um they should not have done that
2287s but it had really like I wasn't
2290s expecting the claws to be as sharp as
2292s they were and then it started making
2294s these demonic noises and I just started
2296s crying I hate koalas
2298s I I hate koalas
2301s yeah I was gonna say like the nails
2302s because I heard like they can like hurt
2305s you and be a bit aggressive yes
2308s I don't know why they let me hold this
2309s damn koala they shouldn't have like
2312s who who who allowed this I mean I know
2315s the 90s were a different time but Jesus
2319s you would have thought at that point
2321s they knew
2323s um and like I respect koalas for what
2325s they were for what they were for what
2328s they are but I hate them
2330s oh
2339s that's cute is it like in Australia you
2342s can get koalas just like in your back
2343s Garden I think
2345s yeah
2348s yeah we didn't have to ask him about
2350s that I mean they lived there
2352s so but that's quite scary because like
2355s if I was a child I'd be like oh my God
2356s there's a teddy bear sitting on top of
2359s the tree can I go and cuddle it please
2362s there's this very cute animal that has
2364s this horrible voice
2367s me
2373s um
2383s male cats on the stream today guys
2384s they're being Divas
2388s I don't mind sleeping sleeping on the
2390s laundry because it doesn't smell like
2392s him so he wants to make sure it smells
2394s like of course
2395s he's gonna change it up a little bit but
2398s yeah it was really good because NYX
2399s there's like a window just over there in
2402s my room I would show you but I will
2404s everything will fall apart if I move the
2406s camera
2407s um but basically she was like doing that
2410s for ages at the birds outside I was like
2412s oh we're doing like it's a bird theme
2414s stream we still good to show her like I
2416s think at the birds but
2418s oh well maybe next time
2423s blue Jedi Sith says thank you for
2426s sharing the game to those of us just
2427s learning of or curious about Prehistoric
2429s Kingdom you were quite welcome blue
2431s jedisis
2433s yeah we're really happy because like
2436s we'd love to be able to show off more
2438s like work streams and everything like
2440s it'd be cool to show off like new things
2441s every week but unfortunately there's
2443s just some things that aren't ready to
2444s show off or we're saving for the next
2446s update so
2448s hopefully in a few weeks we can start
2450s teasing some more stuff on social media
2451s and streams
2453s oh and one other thing that we're going
2455s to start doing guys
2457s take a look at the tacos
2459s while we chat is um so I love when I get
2463s to show off behind the scenes on social
2465s media but like we said we can't always
2468s stuff isn't right to show off all the
2469s time so I think every Monday what we're
2472s going to start doing is just a quick
2474s little kind of tweet every week on our
2477s socials and we can kind of share just
2479s what the devs and what people are up to
2480s that week so it's like oh this week
2482s we're going to work on guest Ai and
2483s we're going to be doing some more
2484s animations or we're working on these
2486s animals animations so
2488s that way if there is stuff if we can
2490s share maybe any photos or videos that
2492s will be kind of the behind the scenes
2494s tweet or we can just kind of keep
2495s everyone updated of what we're kind of
2498s um working on that week
2500s so I think that would be cool especially
2501s because we're an early access game I
2504s think that's always really cool to kind
2505s of show off what you're working on
2509s so look out for those next week guys
2516s sorry I had a little bit of a throat
2518s clearing
2519s okay everyone is sick on the team we
2522s were in there
2524s what
2526s it's pollen oh do you get hay fever
2530s yeah
2531s uh the area where I live is one of the
2533s worst in the country for Poland
2542s yeah my partner gets that but he um
2545s and my mom as well so obviously if
2547s you're surrounded by grass and Fields
2549s it's worse
2551s um but anytime when he goes to like
2552s hotter countries like we've been to
2554s California to Spain before
2556s and it just goes away because obviously
2558s it's the public because where he grew up
2559s in Ireland he was surrounded by fields
2562s and like wheat and barley and Farmers
2564s would be growing crops and everything
2566s like that and it would just be terrible
2567s like it would be painful almost
2569s I don't know see I don't get I don't get
2572s hay fever like hay and Strong Grass
2576s doesn't bother me I get bothered
2578s by tree pollen and also just one-off
2582s Ragweed so Ragweed bothers me and tree
2585s pollen bothers me and the tree pollen
2588s where I live
2589s in the spring like you can see clouds of
2593s it come off the trees
2595s it like the air gets thick with it
2598s you can wash your car and the next day
2600s it's greenish yellow
2602s like you'll see it on the ground just
2605s turning everything yellow it's awful
2609s so I hate spring in Virginia I really do
2614s it's the worst dislike spring
2617s to select the winter just like the
2619s summer I really like fall
2624s fall is always a good transition month I
2626s think that most people enjoy
2629s for me it's the it's the right
2631s temperature and I'm not dealing with
2633s pollen
2639s although I did just say that the
2641s ragweed's pretty bad but the Ragweed is
2643s actually pretty bad this year
2658s foreign
2668s is there anything you can
2670s well not so much cheese that you're
2671s working on Cindy but very vaguely just
2674s say what you're kind of up to and work
2678s killed
2680s scales
2683s lots of scales actually I'm past scales
2687s I'm now on wrinkles oh
2692s um but pretty soon I will be back to
2695s scales after the wrinkles
2700s we'll be on to
2702s coloring scales
2706s spending the next like two three weeks
2708s crying
2710s you know as one does
2715s of course
2716s that's just normal work though
2729s how many different animals are there
2731s right now so there is I think 23 animals
2734s at the moment
2740s sounds right I haven't made a count
2742s there's 23
2744s I think yeah I think that's all the
2746s animals including the birds in the mini
2748s Aviary exhibit and then does that
2751s include all species
2753s no
2755s no that's if you just go and count in
2757s the game or on the website
2759s and then
2760s um the new species coming in the next
2763s big Title Update which won't be out for
2765s another few weeks guys but we're working
2767s on it it's gonna be really good
2768s um so you're going to get Dilophosaurus
2770s uh solidasaurus and celophysis
2774s foreign
2782s so far of those three well I like all of
2785s them
2786s uh but CeeLo is so cute I know I know I
2789s can't wait he's almost like like a
2790s little puppy
2792s like people combine like a puppy and a
2794s piranha
2795s oh
2797s I feel like
2798s for me it's puppy piranha and rats
2802s there's something that I like about it
2804s I know he's a little sneaky I want lots
2806s of Silo memes when the update comes out
2808s hell
2818s I'm really I'm really happy with how
2820s Dilo turned out
2822s yeah he looks really cool and the skins
2825s look amazing
2829s okay so we have our God bird so I kind
2832s of also wanna
2833s add a little bit of water in here as
2835s well oh
2840s so actually we can make this guy bigger
2844s oh
2856s if you scale by the scale by the square
2859s in the middle it does it evenly oh just
2861s does it oh yeah did you see that gray
2864s Square in the middle yeah there you go
2867s top game tip guys yep
2878s so just add a small bit of water
2881s would they have I guess they'd have
2883s clean water well I like to think that
2886s everything is clean in the park
2889s yeah I make all of mine I make a lot of
2892s muddy water in all of my Parks I like
2895s that River look
2899s let me
2901s I wanted to switch to full screen just
2904s because I want to save I don't want
2905s anyone to see my little hidden lips
2908s please
2909s because when I place water down just in
2912s case it like moves any of the terrain
2913s too much
2920s one thing I'd love in the game is if we
2922s can make slightly smaller puddles
2927s we'll have to
2929s talk to the dev response to the devs
2932s I'll put in PK feedback
2941s a little bit of water
2943s but it kind of leaves the edges like a
2945s little Jagged because it's next to the
2946s trees you might have to wait for like a
2948s little water truck guys
2950s here because the area is too small
2953s rendering on that looks really wonky
2957s I haven't seen that before yet
2960s it happens I think
2963s because I've mixed a couple of the
2965s terrains together as well
2967s it looked more like it looked more like
2970s shadows and a be an occlusion issue
2973s but I could be wrong
2976s that's uh not my specialty
2979s so we can paint again if I oh
2984s I'm not sure if it's the from the Dome
2986s oh that looks that one was fine actually
2989s you're from the Dome
2995s okay I'm gonna make maybe a few rocks
2998s here that the bird God can sit on
3008s any etas on the next big update
3012s um not at the moment so it won't be this
3015s month guys
3017s um so there's still a few things that we
3018s need to work on
3020s so the devs are still
3023s um there's going to be there's still
3024s some new animations being worked on
3027s and
3028s a few new things with the species but um
3032s it's looking pretty good but there's
3034s obviously still things and testing to be
3036s done and then once most of it it's
3038s pretty much finished and almost ready
3039s then we'll announce a date but um
3042s usually what we've been doing
3044s um basically since early access is any
3046s of the updates when it's ready we just
3048s drop it but now for the big title update
3051s we'll announce it beforehand so we'll
3054s give everyone a heads up and a date and
3056s maybe even a time when the update will
3058s be live so that way you know everyone
3060s who's ready you can book the day off
3062s work or skip school that day get your
3065s excuses ready
3067s um and even content creators as well can
3071s um get ready if they want to make videos
3074s I knew a kid who skipped school in high
3077s school for uh the launch of Halo 3. oh
3080s really
3081s actually I knew multiple people who did
3083s that and I was like really
3090s I think it's actually more common than
3092s you'd think that people skip school for
3094s things even like movies
3096s that's true I was as I've stated before
3100s I was a nerd and I still am a nerd
3111s foreign
3113s thing is so handy
3116s isn't it for the scaling I can't believe
3119s I never knew I think I did accidentally
3121s do it one time
3123s I was like oh I can do that but I just
3125s completely forgot about it
3132s so I just want to make a few of the
3134s Rocks a little bit more smaller So that
3136s obviously
3138s they're not covering everything in the
3140s Aviary and then we can place it sort of
3142s in the water and then I want to place
3144s the nice furto Berry
3146s on top
3154s I've had many classmates skip classes to
3157s watch Spider-Man no way home in theaters
3161s I'm pretty sure even when um
3163s the new Star Wars came out
3166s it was the force awakens we don't talk
3168s about the second movie
3170s um but yeah when the force awakens came
3172s out I know loads of people were trying
3173s to like look in before work so they
3176s didn't want to miss it's mainly just so
3177s you don't get anything spoiled
3179s it's not necessary like I have to just
3181s see it straight away it's just because
3183s you don't want the movie ruined
3202s yeah it looks like there's something
3204s wonky about water rendering yeah I think
3207s it says too much together I notice that
3209s when I'm building when there is a few
3211s terrains together
3215s foreign
3224s but also not my department so
3228s I think it was um
3230s fixed a little bit because some of the
3232s water
3233s I know one of the updates
3236s um helped it a bit because it was
3237s happening a little bit more often just
3238s as people would place the water down but
3241s now it's when there's like a few things
3243s in the area like different terrains
3245s maybe different levels
3249s oops
3254s and also sometimes the rocks
3259s yeah they show like like that yeah they
3263s kind of come in and out
3271s not sure
3291s foreign
3293s so now we have our little bird feature
3295s in the center
3297s the birds will praise and I like to
3300s think that they build like little nests
3303s God because my imagination's a little
3305s weird so I need to just shrink down some
3307s little tree things I think there's a few
3311s um there are a few prefabs that people
3312s have made in the uh Workshop that are
3315s Nest yeah there's some really good nests
3317s I think
3319s I will for finishing off the a burial
3322s for NYX would definitely add in one of
3324s the slightly nicer nests or at least
3326s combine it with what we've already done
3360s foreign
3373s a little bit smaller because I doubt the
3376s um the birds would be able to carry this
3378s much
3380s very cute though it would be like seeing
3383s a small dog they carry the giant sticks
3386s I know I mean if they all picked it up
3388s together they probably could
3391s um I wonder if they would uh Unite
3394s forces like that
3397s so guys when you're editing groups
3399s together so if I just try to scale this
3402s the scaling edit isn't working so what
3405s you need to do is you need to click edit
3407s group and if I hit Ctrl a it selects
3410s every individual piece
3412s and then I can scale it down
3422s determine this on YouTube too right yes
3459s is there anything else we could add to
3461s the Aviary
3465s um
3467s I actually really love how they made the
3470s outside I think you need some trees in
3473s there some verticality especially to
3475s fill
3476s the space because there's a lot of space
3478s yeah
3483s or like one really really big rock a big
3487s maybe a little maybe a little waterfall
3490s a tiny waterfall we could make this into
3492s like a little a little water feature
3518s congratulations you've received 100
3520s messages messages today with restream
3522s chat thanks guys
3526s I think next to people yeah
3529s I think next week we're also going to be
3531s streaming on Steam as well so for anyone
3535s who will be checking out the Steam
3537s Workshop
3538s they can check out our awesome community
3541s and take a look at some gameplay in
3543s action
3551s I will say placing the waterfalls and
3553s some of the effects are a little tricky
3555s just sometimes yeah
3557s is because of how flat they are
3579s can't wait to see it in this all the
3581s dinos and animals look so amazing
3583s I know I love the animals in this game
3587s and now did such a good job on modeling
3589s and doing all the skins
3591s and especially your skills the scales
3594s photograph so well like some dinosaurs
3598s are just so photogenic in this game
3600s glad to hear it
3603s it takes a very long time to make those
3608s always good to hear that they look good
3624s instead of going too I'm just gonna add
3626s some Splash but
3634s foreign
3640s Splash you really need to uh
3643s scale square like that
3646s huh
3665s this isn't even touching the rock it's
3667s just a miracle of water that's out of
3669s nowhere it's a leaked pipe
3672s I know
3681s what other kind of effects would
3683s everyone like to see in the game because
3685s we do have fire and smoke
3689s so I'm not too sure what else we could
3691s add after that
3693s I know it's kind of lame but a rainbow
3695s effect oh that would be so cute
3700s bubbles bubbles yes honestly I would
3704s love to see like
3707s more ambient Wildlife like birds and
3710s bugs personally
3714s really cool
3717s oh missed fog yeah yes fog
3722s no
3735s ambient butterflies like having a little
3739s maybe a butterfly thing would be cute as
3741s heck that would be cute
3743s I think to a butterfly farm before
3747s gotta make sure you don't put it in with
3749s the silos oh God
3751s that would be adorable and also a
3754s massacre
3763s a TV entertainment says hello hello
3776s foreign
3793s I know I think everyone on the team is
3795s getting ill
3800s what season
3802s I just want to edit the water oh
3807s I think I'm just building with
3808s everything to think too close together
3809s there
3824s I'm getting one like two
3827s yeah I think definitely throughout Early
3828s Access I know Nana was working on more
3830s sounds just on more ambience because we
3833s did have that in one of the updates
3835s and it made a nice difference
3838s and more animal sounds as well will be
3840s added in
3875s oh Cindy as well every week we say that
3878s you still haven't uploaded any of your
3880s items to the workshop
3882s oh yeah
3884s that's the thing I can do
3887s should do that
3889s do that for that ferris wheel
3895s I thought about uploading the mushrooms
3897s but I think somebody already uh beat me
3899s to that punch there could be more
3901s mushrooms
3903s it's true
3904s can never have enough
3911s foreign
3926s excuse me
3928s apparently I didn't drink enough tea
3933s do you drink coffee as well no
3936s um I really really really love coffee
3939s and it really really hates me
3944s uh it's gotten to the point where it's
3946s not worth it anymore but I really like
3949s tea so
3950s yeah it wasn't really like
3954s trading one thing I liked for another
3974s I wonder a wonderful a Wonder waterfall
3977s breaks out guitar
3981s [Music]
3987s I think that's such like um I don't know
3990s if it's where you are Cindy but it's
3991s such a go-to like karaoke song over here
3994s oh for sure
3996s uh that one and that one song by the
3998s four non-blondes uh oh what's up or
4001s something yeah oh yes what's going on
4004s yeah
4006s I actually do really love that song not
4008s gonna lie
4010s I think everyone knows it it's pretty uh
4012s it's a pretty easy one well the chorus
4014s to just follow along too
4021s uh I wanna say
4025s I don't know if people still do this but
4028s definitely uh
4031s a thousand miles or is it
4034s yeah
4035s that sounds like I would walk oh yeah
4038s I love that song
4047s and I don't know what the kids these
4049s days are into I'm just getting too old
4051s for that I know because a year ago we
4054s were at like a party there's karaoke and
4056s I think my boyfriend was like oh he was
4058s singing Wonderwall but they were all
4059s like maybe they're more like trendier
4061s than us they're like oh my God I can't
4062s believe we're gonna sing that one that
4064s was like so obvious and we're like oh I
4067s didn't realize we were hanging out with
4068s a bunch of hipsters
4073s um but oh and obviously like hit me baby
4075s one more time it's pretty popular as
4076s well
4077s of course
4079s uh toxic oh I'm gonna sing if you're
4083s gonna sing Spears You Gotta Sing toxic
4096s what's your go-to Cindy if you were to
4098s sing
4099s karaoke well
4102s to get me to sing karaoke
4104s um you've gotta buy me at least four
4106s drinks yeah
4108s uh I don't sing
4110s but four drinks in
4114s um
4114s probably what's up by the Four Non
4117s Blondes
4119s um but I also like Love Fool by The
4122s Cardigans that's good as well
4126s and even though they're not karaoke
4128s songs I will willingly and happily
4132s seeing anything by Sublime
4136s foreign
4139s there's probably a Beatles song
4142s with enough enough liquor there's
4145s probably a beetle Sun I'll sing too
4147s that's so good at least you have like a
4150s few choices
4151s because I'm like tone deaf so when I
4154s sing I mean it's not my problem but it's
4156s everyone else's
4157s um oh no for sure I'm terrible at
4159s singing yeah I think most people are
4161s actually now that I think about it
4163s anyone who has the microphone and is
4164s seeing karaoke is usually a terrible
4166s singer but I guess they're just so drunk
4168s they don't care
4170s um but yeah I think that's
4172s I think that's the appeal
4174s I don't know does anyone know I'm
4176s obsessed with Oliver tree
4178s does anyone know who that is in the chat
4182s he's like a weird I know because I'm I
4184s love um I'm not too into music but I
4186s love talented weirdos where you think
4188s you see this person you're like this I
4191s don't know what this is but it's not
4193s going to be good and then it's like oh
4194s wait they're actually pretty good at
4195s music
4197s um so if anyone knows Oliver tree
4200s that would probably be my go-to artist a
4203s karaoke
4205s I might do some Carry Out karaoke for
4208s tennis tennis has got a lot of really
4210s good jams that I know the lyrics to
4221s there's probably some um what's her name
4226s I can't believe I forgot her name
4227s Shakira there's probably Shakira
4242s um I want to try add one more Tree in
4245s here
4247s so maybe I can move these just a little
4250s bit
4316s okay guys I hope the birds are pretty
4318s happy
4319s so we've filled out the a theory so we
4321s can do a little before and after I can
4323s like
4324s just get another one and place that down
4334s so we started off with the empty Aviary
4337s that we got from the Steam Workshop
4340s which looks amazing with all these
4341s hexagons and then I love the entrance as
4344s well
4344s and these little trees here
4347s that are in the little plant pots
4350s so these also came with the one of the
4353s recent updates
4354s that included the topiaries and the
4356s Silhouettes I just love these I think
4358s they're so cute they are very cute the
4360s little plant lollipops yeah I love those
4362s ones and also these little Hedges so
4366s probably next week's stream what I want
4368s to do
4369s is I would like a little garden and like
4371s use the hedges to make little maze and
4373s that way there will be a fun Journey for
4376s the guests to take it'll actually be fun
4378s has anyone actually made a maze and
4380s watched the guests go through
4382s or try get to the other side
4384s because the AI needs just a little bit
4387s more so be interesting to see them uh
4390s make their way maybe you put like a the
4392s only bathroom at the other end they'll
4394s all like power through
4397s you managed to find your way to the
4400s bathroom but you can't find your way
4401s back out no no
4404s they'll meet other guests and they're
4405s like we've been here for weeks
4407s we just live in the Maze now
4412s they should have left a trail of funnel
4415s cake oh yeah
4417s dino nuggets just leading back to the
4419s restaurant
4424s cute I like the little before and after
4427s and then where we can start to just
4429s place a little temporary Trail
4435s so guys we'll kind of let you choose
4437s probably what would you like to see us
4439s build next
4442s so we have our little kind of sneak peek
4445s at some dinos where you see the
4447s satakosaurus we need to finish off that
4450s exhibit a little bit and now we have
4451s little aviaries and then that can kind
4454s of be a nice kind of so I like to think
4456s before people have like people that come
4458s to visit they've never seen dinosaurs
4462s so I think that's a good like little
4464s introduction
4465s yeah
4466s we'll taste a little appetizer I like
4469s mozzarella sticks or cheese curds
4473s the artichoke dip of this park
4478s there's actually a lot of Crowd Oh no
4484s people's favorite bit is just the
4486s entrance
4487s they do like it
4491s they really like that one side yeah
4494s they're doing a really good job of
4496s almost cueing up there almost almost
4503s while they're exploring the entrance
4509s we definitely I think the guest AI I
4511s think we haven't proved it slightly or
4513s that's in the next update it's a little
4516s kind of look they'll look like they're a
4518s little bit more interested in some
4520s things
4525s but I can actually start to
4529s build a little
4531s temporary Park
4534s a little extension for now
4537s with one of the actually to keep in
4540s theme with the kind of dark wood I think
4542s oh yeah I have the little nice bathroom
4544s so this is another
4546s Workshop item
4554s it's a bit of a journey to get there a
4557s bit of a journey in the end
4559s just a little bit
4581s they're coming guys
4584s hey
4588s she can win a steam achievement for
4590s being the first one to use the bathroom
4593s now she doesn't have to deal with that
4595s freaking line
4601s I think eventually when guests get a
4603s little bit smarter I think maybe it'll
4605s be good to have streams or we can test
4607s their intelligence
4608s maybe we can set them up in a few um
4611s a few strange scenarios
4614s that would be really funny like a mouse
4616s maze
4617s we really have to start working on some
4619s crowd control as well
4622s oh I wonder would you get guests to like
4624s steal things from like the stores
4627s or you try get guests who like break in
4629s into the enclosures
4631s oh my God the guests trying to get the
4633s uh selfie
4635s oh yeah
4637s yeah I want to see like selfie sticks
4639s and people leaning over the barriers
4644s oh did she go where's our our fave
4649s oh she ascended yeah
4653s she reached the fur Target and ascended
4661s I like how someone recently also pointed
4663s out we have like Walter White as a guest
4665s in the game
4667s I saw it as well I was like oh yeah
4669s yeah that can definitely happen
4678s but yeah definitely guest Improvement is
4680s something that we're working on and then
4681s I'm also excited to be later on in Early
4683s Access where we have more Park and staff
4686s management
4689s foreign
4690s so before we go how long oh we've
4692s actually been streaming for over an hour
4693s I didn't know except my cold I thought I
4695s was gonna lose my voice during the
4697s stream so let me know it's been good
4699s yeah I literally thought I was gonna be
4701s blowing my nose and coughing and just
4703s ruining everybody's Tuesday
4706s um so let me pull it up before we go
4711s over to my door
4725s so one set guys I'm gonna bring up
4727s Chrome oh there we go
4731s so you can't see
4733s me and Cindy
4735s so looking at our Trello board so
4738s in that coming soon you see the next
4740s three species so we have celo Dilo and
4743s slidosaurus so they're coming in an
4746s update so that won't be out this month
4749s um but next up so hopefully in the next
4750s few weeks we'll get our main menu update
4752s so I'll be a little bit nicer when
4753s you're loading up the game and then also
4756s our animal info signs that can be placed
4758s around the park and then I think I'll
4760s have to double check with the Dez but
4761s I'm hoping with this kind of smaller
4763s update patch
4764s um we'll also have the Steam and epic
4767s achievements as well
4772s okay so I have to hire lost prevention
4775s at the park oh yeah we can do lost and
4778s found I think there was a festival in
4780s Ireland called Electric Picnic recently
4782s let me just switch back to me and Cindy
4788s so yeah one of the festivals called
4790s Electric Picnic and the amount of like
4792s IDs and passports that people lose
4796s is like absolutely insane in the lost
4799s and found
4801s do love the name of that event electric
4803s Electric Picnic it's pretty cool yeah
4805s it's slightly more like
4807s um alternate music like Indie bands that
4809s arrive but I think like one of the
4810s biggest performers in recent years was
4812s Blondie she came to Ireland that's
4814s really cool yeah that was really cool
4817s yeah I think to go to that one
4819s unfortunately
4822s yeah it's pretty good
4824s so does anyone have a couple of
4825s questions that we can answer don't be
4828s sneaky and try to get us to reveal
4830s things
4831s uh so we'll have like a small little q a
4834s before we go and then next week we're
4837s gonna add on I want to decorate the back
4839s of the taco enclosure
4841s because I want this to be kind of more
4842s mountainy rocks hidden just so you can't
4844s really yet see further into the park and
4848s then we'll also work on making our cute
4850s little garden maze
4852s that people can get lost in that will
4854s lead up to the Aviary and then we'll
4856s extend from here oh also there's a
4859s really cool item and your Workshop item
4861s it's a really cool like ticket booth
4863s building so I want to have that here so
4866s that people can kind of book more
4867s tickets and then
4869s maybe if they want to see certain shows
4871s or animals will have like meeting times
4872s that's not in the game that's in our
4875s imagination hopefully that'll be
4876s introduced later on when the game is
4878s closer to being complete
4884s are there any plans to add water troughs
4886s yes guys that was meant to be in one of
4889s their recent updates I'm not too sure
4891s why it got delayed so I think it's been
4894s moved to let me just double check the
4897s Trello board
4899s yes so the water trough is going to be
4902s in the big Title Update with the new
4905s species because that was um that's what
4909s I wanted to add if you check out the let
4912s spills on YouTube I really wanted to add
4914s the water troughs in the Smilodon
4916s habitat
4917s because they don't need much water this
4919s that would have been really cool to have
4921s so they will be introduced in the title
4924s update so not a smaller update coming
4926s soon the title of date but um I don't
4929s know if we I think we showed some photos
4931s in one of the dev Diaries of what they
4933s look like
4935s but they look really cool too because
4937s I'm excited sometimes if you're making a
4938s fairly small enclosure oh gosh the tacos
4943s we gotta work on the diet for the tacos
4945s because uh oh dear the scaling something
4948s ain't ain't adding up
4951s if I
4953s if I grabbed okay I know guys stop
4956s feeding them the burritos oh my God
4962s some of the sizing still needs to be
4965s worked on a person in the Aviary Sims 2
4968s style I'm sure you could put someone in
4971s the AV area on accident but could we
4974s lost somebody leaves they're gonna show
4976s up show off I mean we could put the taco
4978s in there right now and let him chase the
4980s bird
4986s oh oh no we can't place them in there
4990s yeah it's probably because oh yeah
4994s guys
4995s there it is
4999s snorkeling he's just hiding in the water
5003s just blowing bubbles
5008s this species what species is this Cindy
5010s he always looks so evil with baroness
5014s the bericas I think he actually is very
5016s angry
5017s looks like a dragon I think he's the
5019s dinosaur that mostly looks like one
5023s it just needs to be a little bigger
5026s ultimate tease put a big cat in there oh
5028s no
5033s I think we actually just
5037s free Nigel yeah he might not be able to
5040s uh
5043s he can we'll put him back in his house
5049s um but yeah I think we mentioned last
5050s week guys a quick way to clean up the
5052s poop in the enclosure is if you just
5054s click the perimeter around the infant
5057s around the fence you'll see everything
5059s highlighted and then if you just click
5061s the poop with the exclamation mark it
5063s will just get rid of everything so you
5065s do pay a small fee
5067s but if you're like me and just want it
5069s done quick
5070s that's my go-to way of cleaning or you
5072s can place the dung beetle so that takes
5074s a little bit more time but it is cute to
5076s see them
5078s they're rolling around in the habitats
5081s I don't know why the poop beetles are as
5083s cute as they are but the poop beetles
5084s are very cute
5086s no Nicks today no Nicks today
5090s um is she under the bed me
5093s I can try lure her out sheets do you
5095s want ham
5101s she might show up that's her favorite
5103s treat
5104s um so yeah I was hoping oh she came out
5108s he's like I heard there was I feel bad
5111s now because I don't have it
5112s so that was actually my boyfriend who
5114s asked that question so you have to get
5115s her home now on your way back
5117s in your next okay I'm gonna
5118s ruin my setup performance like
5122s techniques there she is
5125s she's blurry oh my goodness
5129s mix
5130s oh there she is oh niece do you want ham
5133s there she is
5136s thanks for coming on stream Nix
5138s I feel like I'm Gonna Knock everything
5140s over
5141s okay good
5143s everybody has paid the CAT tax yes she's
5147s in her job she can get paid for being on
5149s the stream now so I think we'll finish
5151s up there this week guys I'll go back to
5154s full screen
5155s so thank you so much for joining us
5157s everyone
5158s um again we'll be back next Tuesday at
5160s the same time and we're going to
5162s continue building our Park
5164s um I think it'll be on it'll be the end
5166s of September so next week I think we'll
5168s do another giveaway on stream so if you
5170s have any friends that you're telling
5172s them you have to play Prehistoric
5173s Kingdom but they don't have the key yet
5174s tell them to watch the stream to be in
5176s for a chance to win we'll be doing just
5177s another giveaway we'll pick another word
5180s that everyone has to type in chat and
5181s then a winner will be randomly selected
5184s so thanks again for joining us this week
5186s and for checking out Cindy's very cool
5188s dragon nails
5190s they were a cute surprise and we'll see
5193s you next week keep an eye out as well
5195s because from Mondays we're going to
5196s start updating you guys and telling you
5198s what the devs are working on that week
5200s so that'll be kind of fun just to keep
5202s the community just up to date on what
5204s we're working on and just anything that
5205s needs
5206s um that anything kind of left over to do
5208s in terms of what's coming up in the new
5210s update just the last few things that the
5212s devs are working on and then you guys
5213s might have like a better idea you'll be
5215s able to kind of even though we might not
5216s announce the date you'll be like oh well
5217s I know they only have to work on like
5219s you know X Y and Z and then the update
5221s will be released so you guys will kind
5222s of be able to guess and know a bit more
5225s when the update might actually come out
5226s before we announce it so again thank you
5229s guys so much for joining us we'll see
5231s you guys next Tuesday bye
5233s [Music]
5240s [Music]
5250s thank you
5266s [Music]
5268s foreign
5277s [Music]
5295s [Applause]
5300s foreign
5301s [Music]

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