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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Welcome, Park Managers and Happy Halloween!

The third Early Access update is here. In this special update, we're celebrating spooky festivities by adding almost 70 new pieces themed around tricks and treats. From tombstones to pumpkins, there's plenty of Halloween festivity to carve into.

For the remainder of this update, we've fixed a number of player reported issues and made great quality of life improvements such as the new GUI scale slider, enhanced text legibility and expanded camera options within Screenshot mode. Animal Information Screens are making their debut, too! Featuring an image for all the genus in the game, they're a great way to add that extra edge of realism into your park.

Since one of our core team members has been in and out surgery over the last few weeks, our original 1.0.6 update could not be released sooner. The health of our developers will always take priority, so we thank you for your patience.

Development on the big 1.1 Update has continued to progress well while we work on these intermediary updates in tandem. Our first preview for the Desert biome was a huge success, so please be on the lookout for future sneak peeks.

Halloween Content

Boo! Our Halloween update brings a variety of new pieces to play with. Set the mood with waxy candles, some seasonal foliage, or even deconstruct your park with damaged props, rubble and cables! With almost 70 spooky items to use, we think you'll be screaming with possibilities!

Now, who might these dashing young characters be? It looks like we've found Die-no, Count Tacula and Nerdy going trick or treating! These are just 3 of the 14 cutouts included with the Halloween content.

Though we're always trying to fix bugs, we couldn't help but add two more in the form of statues! The Arthropleura and Meganeura are two delightfully creepy crawlies from the Carboniferous period, now immortalized as art pieces in the park.

You can even build a giant Arthropleura or design a new pose using the additional segment pieces.

Be sure to check the change log at the end of this post to see a list of all the new items!

1.0.6 Features

Animal Information Screens
Now available in 1.0.6 are Animal Information Screens! These can be placed around habitats to display information about a specific animal nearby.

Simply select your Animal Information Screen module and pick a genus from the list in the UI. You can do this while in a modular group, or by visiting the List menu when selecting a modular group.

Players can decorate their info screens by placing an Animal Information Sign Frame around their screen module. There are 3 different recolorable styles to pick from!

We've also included 5 different prefabs to get you started as quickly as possible.

Once the Paleopedia has been added in a future update, we'll be updating all the temporary lorem ipsem to use our extensive animal facts. We hope you enjoy this extra piece of scenery!

Achievements are unlocked by completing various challenges or reaching certain milestones in the game. Starting with 24 on Steam (2 are workshop related) and 22 on Epic (coming soon), we'll be adding more achievements as we see fit over the course of development.

Screenshot Mode Additions
Screenshot Mode has received additional functionality, allowing players to hide the camera UI and make adjustments to the camera's exposure and roll amount.

Adjustable depth of field, bloom and vignette settings have been added through the brand new Effects panel at the bottom of the UI. Virtual photographers, enjoy!

1.0.6 Content
Want an extra touch of realism in your habitat builds? Check out our 2 new decal animal signs with 5 styles each! They're a sure fire way to make your park seem safer than it actually is.

We've also rounded out our ensemble of animal silhouettes by adding the remaining species.

Check the changelog below for all the details!

Full Patch Notes:
  • NEW: Achievements
    • 24 achievements have been added to Steam and 22 to Epic (coming soon), with more achievements available in the future as game mechanics are added to the game
  • NEW: Animal Information Signs
    • When placed near habitats, Animal Information Screens can display information about an animal in the park. Select the screen and then choose an available animal from the list.
    • Combine screens with an Animal Information Sign Frame to create beautiful custom designs.
  • NEW: Screenshot Mode Additions
    • Enabled the Exposure and Camera Roll slider in the Screenshot Menu, allowing users to set custom camera rotation and brightness
    • Added an ‘Effects’ tab to the bottom of the Screenshot Menu, coming with adjustable Depth of Field, Bloom and Vignette effects
Halloween Content
  • Buildings & Scenery
    • Added 14 Holiday cutouts (Anurognathids, Die-no, Nerdy, Tacula, Bones, Skulls, Spooky Clouds, Moons, Pumpkin and Tree)
    • Added Arthropluera statue (recolorable)
    • Added 2 Arthropluera segment pieces (recolorable)
    • Added 1 Meganeura statue (recolorable)
    • Added 2 Candles (recolorable)
    • Added 2 Construction Tapes
    • Added 2 Tombstones
    • Added 3 Rubble Piles
    • Added 4 Rubber Cables
    • Added 4 Steel Cables (recolorable)
    • Added Pumpkin (recolorable)
    • Added Pumpkin Jackolantern (4 styles, recolorable)
    • Added Spooky Bunting (3 styles, recolorable)
    • Added 4 Damaged Chainlink (recolorable)
    • Added 2 Damaged Concrete (recolorable)
    • Added 3 Damaged Glass
    • Added 2 Damaged Wood Posts (recolorable)
    • Added 10 Damage Decals (recolorable)
  • Foliage
    These items are only accessible within the modular gardening menu.
    • Added 3 Seasonal Oak
    • Added 3 Seasonal Elm
    • Added 4 Seasonal Birch
General Additions
  • Buildings & Scenery
    • Added Animal Information Screen
    • Added Animal Information Sign Frame (3 styles)
    • Added 4 new Animal Information Sign prefabs
    • Added 2 Decal Animal Signs, containing 5 styles each
    • Added 7 new Animal Silhouette Signs (Camarasaurus, Torvosaurus, Styracosaurus, Nasutoceratops, Iguanodon, Lambeosaurus & Pachyrhinosaurus)
  • UI/UX
    • The Screenshot Menu can now be hidden while in screenshot mode using the ‘Hide GUI’ keybind
  • Options
    • Added a GUI Scale option in the Interface Options menu, allowing players to resize their UI by up to a factor of 0.1
  • Gameplay
    • Reworked calculations for exhibit Forest density for better accuracy. This may affect existing Animal Welfare!
    • Spline type for Path and Fence actions has been changed to Curved by default
  • Foliage
    • Small tropical foliage now contribute less to Forest need
    • Drastically improved rendering for foliage, resulting in correct normals and fluffier plants. This is most noticable on the oak, elm, papyrus, horsetails and other dense vegetation that may have been prone to dark face
    • Color adjustments for papyrus, cattails, palm seedling and coconut palm
  • Graphics
    • Improved anti aliasing smoothing of sharp edges
    • Improved several atmospheric settings and colors
    • Improved visual fidelity of scrubland and temperate environments and lighting
  • UX
    • To compensate for the recently introduced camera changes, the rotation sensitivity slider’s max. amount in the Options Menu changed from 3 to 10
    • Modular grid graphics are now turned off on group placement actions where the current group doesn't contain any grid-bound pieces
    • Improved responsiveness for action start-up when inside modular editing - starting a non-modular action while editing a group now only requires one click
  • GUI
    • Improved readability of the Management View's Power section
    • Removed redundant GUI panels from the Special Exhibit menu
    • Massively improved font resolutions, which should improve GUI readability
    • Slightly upscaled several text elements that were below 12px in size, thus increasing legibility
Bug Fixes
  • Critical
    • Fixed a potential issue related to game loading
    • Fixed faulty event callback that would cause special exhibit creatures to not deregister from the game’s data when deleted
    • Fixed Steam Workshop bug that prevented certain item batches from properly showing up in the game’s UI
    • Fixed a Workshop issue that would cause failure to display all created items
    • Fixed critical feeder issue that would allow players to enable non-existent feed types for the Tall Feeder
    • Fixed an input reading error causing camera orbit length to not update properly with camera height
  • Animals
    • Reduced tail droopiness displayed by certain animal species
  • GUI
    • Fixed bug that would prevent the spline mode text to display the current context on first load
    • Fixed layout issue that would cause structure items in the building menu list to bleed outside of their rect bounds
    • Fixed major scaling issues with parts of the management menu
    • Fixed the Exposure Compensation setting in the Options Menu
    • Fixed Light Orientation label not changing in the Screenshot Menu
    • Fixed Time of Day settings being uninteractable during certain Sandbox games
  • Rendering
    • Fixed glitchy shadow rendering for several roof and wall pieces
    • Fixed exhibit selection graphics not showing up during management view mode
    • Completely removed white gizmo circle that would render through the corner of the map
    • Fixed outline graphics persisting during screenshot mode
  • Fixed a prefab loading related race condition that could cause lag on lower end machines
  • Massively improved memory handling regarding exhibits and tree painting, most crashes related to this issue should now be fixed
  • Fixed several memory leak issues
  • Some foliage may still display dark surfaces. This is an issue we will continue to look into.

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