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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Welcome, park managers!

This fix patch addresses a few player reported issues from the last update. Thank you for all the feedback and bug reports on our Discord server[discord.gg]!

There will be another update at the end of February that adds the research system and radius visuals for power generators, animal info signs and dung beetles. See you then!

  • Guests
    • Visitor needs grow a bit more slowly, plus bathroom and hunger needs stay low for longer after being satisfied
    • Module path connection status and icons are now calculated when the game is paused
    • Added more logging to target initialization crashing
Bug Fixes
  • Critical
    • Fixed common new terraforming crash
    • Fixed another swathe of critical tutorial issues, the experience for this scenario should be more stable
    • Fixed an issue that could have caused animal info screens to lose their current screen graphic on save if currently not functioning. Animal Information Screens should save/load more reliably in the future
  • GUI/UX
    • Fixed the Depth of FIeld effect not displaying in screenshot mode
  • Players have reported cases of animals freezing up. We are now in the early stages of overhauling animal AI, navigation and locomotion. Please stay tuned for new information.
  • We've added a new public testing branch, and you can jump on it by switching to the "ptb_public_testing" beta! This branch will contain public early access to fix and balancing patches in the future, and should allow us to get more accurate testing feedback before releasing an update to the larger public. As always, thank you all for the invaluable feedback.

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