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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Welcome, Park Managers!

This patch brings additional quality of life improvements to staff, Sandbox and Challenge mode, and plenty of other changes. Thank you for all the feedback so far!


New gameplay options have been added to Sandbox mode, allowing players to customize their staff and logistics experience. The existing dung toggle being changed to account for Update 11's logistics functionality.

Please note that a Staff Center MUST be placed in the park for cashiers to be auto-hired as they are integral for kiosks to function! When staff welfare is off, newly hired cashiers will auto-teleport to any existing or new kiosks that require staffing.

New Sandbox Gameplay Settings
  • Dung: disabling this ensures animals don't generate dung piles, compost heaps are not necessary and produce stations will operate at max speed
  • Logistics: disabling this ensures all consumers (feeders, kiosks, etc.) are topped up and will never drain
  • Staff Welfare: disabling this ensures staff never become unhappy or take breaks. Cashiers instantly teleport to kiosks, serving there forever

Staff Travel Lines
Selecting a staff member will now reveal their navigation path, showing their destination and chosen route while completing a task.

Quick Access: Park Services & Management View
The Park Services and Management View buttons have been moved to the left side of the screen to make them more obvious. This allows players to quickly jump to the Animal Nursery, see their finances or view a breakdown of their guest needs.

Further Balance Changes
After reviewing the impact of staff on the economy, we've decided to drastically reduce the cost of upkeep even further. Now that things like staff, logistics and Loading Bay deliveries are an active part of the park management costs, it makes more sense to deminish the role of upkeep after Update 11.

We also addressed an issue where staff wages weren't getting reported correctly in the finances tab, making it difficult to understand how much money was being lost. Players should have an even easier time making a profit in Challenge mode as a result.

Known Issues & Additional Notes
  • Players with old Sandbox saves may have to enable and disable the Logistics toggle one time per park for it to properly engage (replaces the previous Infinite Feeders toggle).
Full Patch Notes
    Disabling this ensures all consumers (feeders, kiosks, etc.) are topped up and will never drain
  • NEW SANDBOX OPTION: Staff Welfare
    Disabling this ensures staff never become unhappy or take breaks. Cashiers instantly teleport to kiosks, serving there forever
  • Staff
    • Selecting Staff will draw a line to show where they’re going while working
  • Balance
    • Upkeep for logistics, park service modules and guest facilities have been reduced to $50 now that staff wages, deliveries, excavations and research fulfill that role
    • Upkeep for remaining modules have been reduced to $10 or $0 depending on their function
    • Loans have significantly reduced interest, extended repayment durations, and the first loan option now has a 0% interest rate
    • Drastically reduced the internal threshold at which insufficient fencing becomes a problem
  • Animals
    • Adjusted Tyrannosaurus facial integument
    • Revised poop positioning so piles stick to the ground more accurately
  • Staff
    • Staff will now go on break even if they didn’t just finish an assignment
    • Cashiers teleport to kiosks if staff welfare is off, also hires one less cashier because shifts and breaks aren’t needed
  • Environment
    • Adjusted tropical lighting
    • All maps now have slightly brighter shadows at night to improve visibility
  • UI
    • Updated the new game previews and loading screens for the Tropical, Temperate and Scrubland maps
    • Updated the main board and overview access toggles. Park Services and Park View can now both be found and accessed on the left sidebar
Bug Fixes
  • Critical
    • Fixed a bug causing duplicate enclosures
  • Gameplay
    • Fixed exhibit’s scores being badly affected by fencing
    • Fixed donation boxes overflowing their monthly donation cap
  • Staff
    • Fixed staff not ending on their breaks on time
    • Fixed laborers constantly trying to move stock out of warehouses
    • Fixed export requests persisting after a new demand pressure was applied to warehouses
    • Fixed potential kiosk deadlock if you fired or otherwise interrupted the cashier or the replacement
    • Fixed staff wages not being properly calculated in the finances menu
  • Buildings & Scenery
    • Fixed production modules not stopping their production when they are full
    • Fixed misaligned windows on the Fossil Depot to work better with modular walls
  • Construction
    • Fixed fences not being able to be placed in 2-segment circles
    • Fixed an issue where fences coming out of the same point in the same direction could stop an enclosure from forming
    • Fixed modules being able to be rotated to align with surfaces
  • UI/UX
    • Fixed Call Staff button showing green when a cashier is in a kiosk and no replacement is needed
    • Fixed widget for producer modules to accurately represent their current production