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524s what's up everybody hello everyone
527s welcome to another Prehistoric Kingdom
529s live stream my name is Rosie and today
532s we're going to be playing some
532s Prehistoric Kingdom
534s so as usual guys let me know how the
537s audio is can you guys hear the
538s background music
540s um I'm worried it might be too loud
543s I have it very quiet for me but on
545s stream it turns or um plays back really
548s loud so let me know how that is but how
551s is everyone hey Mrs T-Rex spino dude uh
556s Mac I'm very bad with usernames guys by
558s the way uh datlin
560s ecats Evan
563s stream elements the whole gang is here
566s um but hey everyone so um we're back to
568s our normal weekly live streams where we
571s continue just building our Prehistoric
572s Park
574s um so let's get into it let me show you
577s okay
580s foreign
582s so here we have our park is it playing
585s oh here we go so we've finished the
588s Apache wrench so I did make a couple of
591s little changes I added a little sign
593s some of the foliage here I added a fence
598s along the path which I might change to
602s match the um the fence of the enclosure
606s so probably while I'm kind of revamping
608s things I'll do that
610s and then I did place down
613s you can hear the animals that's kind of
615s cool
616s um so we did place down some planters
619s here which I might move
621s basically I do have to like tilt them so
623s that they um sit nicely along
626s the hill I'm just gonna turn this down a
629s little bit for me
631s finally giving Acro a proper habitat yes
634s I know well I did
636s I did remove where he was originally I
639s don't know if I did anything new at the
641s maze actually I think I just
643s um
644s so I did place down these Planters and
647s little trees
649s in the last stream that we had with this
650s park but I did change them slightly just
652s so they look a bit newer there's a lot
654s we need a lot of crowd control
657s in our park we have we have two
658s enclosures and it's popping but I think
661s everyone likes the
662s a lot of people like the maze oh well I
664s guess we have three including the the
666s microraptors and archeopteryx
668s so here they are on here
670s I know we'd be able to see in here
672s better with the lights but I just think
674s that would be mean for the birds if
675s there's like artificial lighting
677s and they praise the um
680s little God bird that the staff we
682s pretend are not allowed to remove
685s from their little Dome so here's some
687s archeopteryx here
688s with their beautiful blue tails
694s they're very very cute
697s I'm definitely looking forward to more
699s mini exhibits being added to the game I
701s think they'll be cute because I just
702s love um well right now I have um The
705s Maze so it's kind of making the whole
707s area a lot bigger and the attraction
709s bigger but um I'm excited just for the
711s mini exhibits just either there can be
714s like a cluster of them together or maybe
716s there can just be like you know one in
717s between some of the bigger animal
719s enclosures
720s that guests can like stop off and take a
722s look at
723s one oh here's some of my corrupters
726s oh my God best friends one is sleeping
732s how has everyone been so it's been seven
735s eight days since the last stream the
736s last week's stream so normally we stream
738s on Tuesdays now but because Monday the
742s 31st was Halloween I decided to stream
744s on the Monday instead and it was really
746s awesome to have Cindy and Eda on stream
749s and Edo Edo was drawing all the little
752s character cutouts
755s so that was really really cool
757s because she's so quick at it
759s and I think they all turned out awesome
760s so I think two of them are available as
763s stickers on our Discord now
767s um we wanted to have more but we just
768s didn't have enough room to add all of
769s them
771s actually just for when I'm building
775s I'm just gonna demand I'm just gonna
777s play God here and just demand that
778s everything is much nicer
781s um what else do we have
784s oh yes so we still have our little tacos
786s here I think in time I might because I
790s built this quite big and I think I might
792s cut it off here make it a bit smaller
794s and then have a pathway
797s I just grab like anything have like a
799s path
800s and then um have like more shops
803s and food places just because I like the
805s entrances to have like a lot of like
807s food and the apparel stores and Gift
809s Stores
812s um yeah and then we have the one
813s bathroom
815s that's a bit of a walk away but you know
818s when you gotta go you gotta go
821s and there's a hose
823s for I don't know if you need to host
824s yourself down afterwards maybe if you
826s don't get there on time
829s um but yeah cute design so a few a few
831s things from our Park are from the Steam
833s Workshop so today I'm gonna place the
838s Acrocanthosaurus enclosure basically
840s where we were holding our little Acro
843s um
844s so I think I just placed him because our
847s animals don't fight in the game yet
850s um we can kind of place them in
852s any enclosure with whatever animal and I
855s think I did place oh yeah so here's our
857s smile it in
858s here
860s and our Acro isn't here somewhere
865s he's lurking somewhere
867s so we'll have to scout him out and try
869s find him
871s we've got a lot of nice patches in here
873s they're very happy
876s little little dirty Maple just
879s clean everything
885s spino dude on YouTube says those
887s bathrooms are intense it's it's a fight
890s it's the fight to get to the bathrooms
893s uh so we're mostly 95 for stream awesome
897s welcome welcome question one is the game
899s out or if it is how much it is that yep
901s so the game is out in Early Access at
903s the moment it's available for I think
904s about 24 pounds UK pounds or around 29
909s on Steam you just missed the sale we
911s were 20 off
913s um but keep an eye out because I'm sure
914s it won't be long before we go on sale
916s again
917s um especially coming up to Winter
920s um
921s but the game is in Early Access which
922s means the game is still in development
924s but people can play and then the game
926s will be regularly
927s um updated with new gameplay features
930s and also new species so actually let me
934s quickly switch over to our Trello board
941s set so guys in the chat
946s um anyway on Twitch I'm not too sure
947s about YouTube but there is a link to our
950s public roadmap on Trello
952s so I'm going to swap over now
955s so you can see guys
957s um the next update is going to be quite
958s big so we'll have three new species uh
961s celophysis Dilophosaurus and
963s salidosaurus we're also getting a new
965s desert map which is very exciting and
968s then we're also going to be intro or
970s introducing the research system and
973s guest welfare as long as or as well as
976s lots of other fun things like new
977s animations for the animals the obviously
979s the current in-game animals will get new
981s animations as well as obviously the new
984s species that will be introduced in that
985s update so that will be out by the end of
987s the year so
989s that's that's good news not long now
992s um because we are November
994s so guys uh take a look at our Trello
996s board if you haven't already because
998s it'll give you some ideas of what to
1001s expect in the new update
1009s uh microwave man says first stream on
1011s YouTube uh is the game compatible with
1013s steam deck so
1015s um we've heard feedback that people can
1017s play it but it hasn't been properly
1019s tested so if you ask around in our
1021s Discord um some of the players will be
1023s able to give you feedback on how the
1024s game plays how it performs on the steam
1026s deck but at the moment it is mostly just
1029s a mouse
1030s and keyboard game
1032s you gotta go school by ah
1035s school should you not be finished school
1037s anyway okay study hard
1039s so you two can stream a game online one
1042s day
1043s um Maxwell says off topic but is anyone
1046s excited about Buck Panther 2 this
1047s weekend oh that is opening I'm not too
1049s sure I I feel kind of um
1053s bad that Chadwick isn't in the gate or
1055s is isn't in the movie anymore
1060s but I know I I really feel like because
1062s of uh the Disney plus streaming services
1064s and everything and so many because I was
1067s not like a huge fan but I really enjoyed
1069s seeing like the Marvel movies and all
1072s their phases and
1074s you know the Avengers the Galaxy
1075s Infinity war and end game and the new
1077s Spider-Man was cool and just like the
1079s the build up and lead up to everything
1080s was really cool but I think just with
1081s the streaming services
1083s I think I've only watched One Division I
1085s didn't watch Loki or um Falcon and the
1089s Winter Soldier anything I didn't watch
1090s those
1091s so I just feel like there's too much at
1094s the moment
1096s um but I'm sure for like really big fans
1097s it's awesome because there's just so
1099s much content to keep up with
1101s um okay anyway
1102s I get quite distracted while reading
1104s chat but that's okay I love talking to
1106s you guys but I do want to get a start on
1108s building our Acro enclosure so not too
1112s sure how I want the finished enclosure
1114s to look but
1115s I want kind of I wanted to look a little
1118s scary because obviously Acro is a little
1119s scary I think someone in chat actually
1121s asked earlier when the countdown was on
1123s is Acro bigger than T-Rex no
1127s Acro is smaller
1129s still
1131s here's our T-Rex
1133s we can play some um beside each other
1136s later on
1138s and then Acro is like a little smaller
1142s but I know I feel like uh
1145s like T-Rex like maybe you could avoid an
1148s Acro because he's smaller maybe he's um
1151s faster
1154s quick turns and look he's ready to like
1157s if you're hiding in like a tight spot
1158s like I feel like he could he'd be able
1161s to squeeze in and get Jeff
1163s with the amount yeah females are same
1165s size
1168s T-Rex is way more chunky yeah I know
1170s he'd definitely be slower echo's more
1172s slender I know look at look at her
1174s girl
1178s um let me see spider dude on YouTube
1179s said I haven't been able to keep up with
1181s Marvel I feel like there's too much
1182s coming and since end game I haven't been
1184s as into the story yeah that's the exact
1186s same with me I just feel like um
1189s because obviously they're sort of like
1191s new characters they're sort of like new
1194s main people going to be in Avengers
1196s because some of the older crew
1198s are retired
1200s but um
1202s yeah I don't know what movies
1205s I don't know what ones I'm looking
1207s forward to actually I guess if there's
1208s another like Doctor Strange
1210s and another Spider-Man it'd be
1212s interesting to see they kind of reset
1213s Spider-Man if you know you know from the
1215s last one so it'll be interesting to see
1217s what they do
1219s with Spider-Man but I think there's very
1222s few movies that people like are really
1223s looking forward to but the
1226s the later Avengers they're doing like
1228s the I think it's the Kang Dynasty so
1229s that seems interesting I didn't see Oh
1232s shoot what is it it's like the
1235s I can't remember the name of a super I
1236s didn't see that Rings one
1239s but I was told it was very good so I
1241s might watch it on Disney
1242s before the next Avengers comes out
1246s because I feel like that kind of side of
1248s the the world and and their stories seem
1251s quite cool
1252s and just fix this patch a little bit
1255s okay so let me guys show you a so we
1259s have a lot of in-game prefabs already so
1262s if you guys are a bit overwhelmed with
1263s all the building in Prehistoric Kingdom
1265s there's lots of different prefabs for
1268s you guys to choose from and also um the
1270s Steam Workshop is up and running so just
1272s take a look there because players build
1274s amazing amazing uh buildings and
1277s enclosures and shelter to the animals
1278s that you can just easily pop into your
1280s Park
1282s said he wrote they have an idea if the
1284s Ice Age mammals have a tarbat enrichment
1287s um there will definitely be more
1288s enrichment items introduced throughout
1290s Early Access so keep an eye out for that
1293s but it is really cute so if you guys
1295s have ideas for enrichments um who's cute
1298s like animal pictures on our Discord
1304s so they are so on Twitch I've linked the
1306s Discord so join it guys if you haven't
1308s already because you'll get loads of
1309s ideas for a park building
1311s so let me see there is
1315s prefab oh I need to sit yeah so I kind
1318s of want to do a little bit inspired by
1320s this one mainly because there's like a
1323s little window here
1325s that guests can see so I'm going to do a
1327s little path and then maybe we'll do some
1330s big rocks I think I'll stick with this
1331s color
1332s and then basically do kind of like a
1335s kind of a hallway of like Windows for
1338s the guests to look into and then it will
1339s open up into like the bigger enclosure
1343s um but I think I like this the way um
1344s you can kind of see them sleeping
1347s hopefully it's soundproof glass so
1349s people don't like tap at the glass oh
1351s and also because of in our most recent
1353s update guys which was also like kind of
1355s the Halloween update because we included
1356s loads of Halloween content we got loads
1358s of like destruction items like cables
1360s broken chain link fences maybe you'll be
1363s cool on the window we could put like a
1364s big crack in the window where um the
1366s acro tried to get out and then as we go
1369s as we continue building our park and
1370s later live streams I want like obviously
1373s the bigger scarier dinosaurs to be more
1375s their kind of enclosures are more of
1377s like a lockdown and we'll use like some
1380s of the scarier kind of
1382s um fencing like these
1385s but I know there's some cool fencing
1386s that people made
1387s um on the workshop so I'll probably
1388s download some of that
1390s hey Connor welcome on YouTube
1396s um LBT asking about some species
1401s we're very excited at some of I mean we
1404s can't say too much we didn't have a Dev
1405s diary
1406s um for October guys just because it was
1408s so close to us releasing the update
1411s and um we just really didn't have any
1412s news it was literally just like we're
1414s kind of just working on the same stuff
1419s um so let me see I'm just gonna pull out
1421s some of these rocks and see so I
1425s basically want to make this but
1427s bigger kind of my own version of it a
1430s little bit so I'm just gonna be playing
1432s around rocks for the next few minutes
1435s just to see
1438s what we can get
1446s I'm also very excited because I believe
1448s in the next update we're going to get
1450s more rocks added to the game
1453s that'll be quite exciting
1457s because even though with scaling and you
1459s can rotate rocks you can make them look
1461s quite different but I am looking forward
1463s to some flatter rocks in the game
1471s um oh yeah talking about baby animals
1472s yes so guys
1473s um we ideally we would like towards the
1476s end of Early Access it just say on our
1477s roadmap that we want breeding where
1479s there can be baby animals so
1481s hopefully if development all goes well
1484s um
1485s we can add baby animals in the game but
1488s that'll be really cute that's like the
1489s one thing that I I would love for
1490s Prehistoric Kingdom is baby animals
1503s see I kind of want a longer version of
1505s this so I'm literally just messing
1507s around with loads of the rocks
1511s foreign
1517s I just want a longer viewing area where
1519s people
1520s um I want to be kind of like tight
1522s squeeze
1523s so it's a little like nerve-wracking and
1525s then all of a sudden it's kind of like a
1527s narrow path and then you're kind of in
1529s front of these big scary dinosaurs
1532s because the guests at the moment they
1534s would have only seen the satocosaurus
1536s and maybe the patches if they walked up
1538s to the Farmland oh and I also um I
1540s flattened the terrain here just so I
1543s kind of have the little patchy wrench up
1545s on this cute little Hill and then I
1547s might continue the kind of raise level
1550s and have more kind of like a farmland
1553s for certain specific animals
1556s um to have little habitats there
1559s good morning organ bones wait babies
1562s aren't planned well we do for later in
1564s Early Access let me
1567s so it won't be for a very very long time
1572s um oh yeah
1575s so here we go
1577s wait can you guys see that oh yeah there
1579s we go
1581s um so that's later down I mean things
1583s you know
1584s things are always subject to change but
1586s having breeding and baby animals in the
1588s game is something that we really really
1589s want to do but that will be closer to
1591s the end of Early Access so it will be at
1593s least a year away guys
1595s um but we have lots planned to add a lot
1597s more Park Management in the game
1599s um so I think next year is going to be
1600s really good for really improving um or
1603s just building on what we have on
1604s Prehistoric Kingdom
1607s um also probably in the new year we'll
1609s get obviously new species and a new map
1611s and new biome and more foliage so lots
1613s of cool new plants to use in your Parks
1616s you'll have kind of more animals
1618s socializing so you get kind of cool
1620s animations
1622s and yeah a lot of kind of additions that
1624s will make the park seem a lot more
1626s lifelike
1628s what babies would you want to see the
1630s most Rosy well everyone knows driosaurus
1632s is my favorite because it already looks
1634s like a baby so a baby driosaurus sounds
1636s like the cutest thing ever I actually
1638s have my um oh wait let me switch to the
1640s there we go
1641s I do have a new kitten I don't know
1642s where she's gone because
1644s just to this side of me I have like a
1646s little extension to my desk I have a
1647s chest of drawers with some stuff on it
1649s and I put a blanket there and she
1650s started to sleep there sometimes so I'm
1652s hoping she'll hop up again
1655s and then maybe I can show her on stream
1659s that would be very cute
1670s uh mummled on Twitch said just imagine a
1672s bunch of dryer chicks hopping around
1673s like baby ostriches I know or little
1675s emos that will be soaking
1677s imagine the little little satakosaurus
1679s like they'd be proper little chicks with
1681s like little feathers on their on their
1684s little long tails that'd be so cute I
1686s suppose they probably have like
1688s because like kittens kind of have like
1689s rat tails and stuff at first so they
1691s don't have like fur on their paws so
1694s maybe they wouldn't have their their
1695s little kind of quills or feathers yet
1702s okay so I'll continue adding just make
1704s kind of like a long hallway
1709s maybe you can like twist around a little
1711s bit
1713s and then basically in the gaps I want to
1715s put large panes of glass that we can put
1717s a few like cracks in just to make it
1719s look real scary
1721s I don't know I haven't decided the
1722s cracks are really like the acros
1725s actually smashed into the glass or if
1727s it's just a scare a guess to make it
1728s look like they did
1731s it depends if I'm feeling evil that day
1733s or not
1744s thank you
1752s PK rocks are cool I noticed I think
1755s because a lot of like uh content
1757s creators like streamers YouTubers
1759s they just comment a lot on the Rocks
1761s because you just spend so much time on
1764s rocks
1765s it's like just trying to fill the
1767s silence
1771s yeah I could spend like a long time what
1773s I like to do when I'm playing PK is
1776s um I'll have like a podcast on
1779s um
1780s or I listen to a lot of like True Crime
1783s as well
1789s actually
1810s there you go
1819s Rockstar live I know Mrs T-Rex I know
1823s uh if in doubt get a rock out
1828s it's like if you're ever unsure like
1829s just my inclusion needs something else
1831s just add more rocks just do it
1837s um I have a weird story time actually
1839s guys so I went to see Oliver tree over
1842s the weekend he was performing in London
1845s so he's that uh artist on Tick Tock that
1848s sings Life goes
1850s he does a lot more better songs as well
1853s I actually do like that song the verses
1854s are pretty good
1855s um and he sings Alien boy that's some of
1858s his like most well-known songs
1860s so I went to see him over the weekend
1861s was very very good I don't know if
1864s anyone else is at the show it was in
1867s kentish town in London
1870s um but it was
1871s very very good very entertaining he's a
1873s very good performer
1874s and it was a small venue so it was
1876s really cool I actually um so I went with
1878s my boyfriend and we actually got like
1879s right up at the front so that was really
1881s cool
1883s to get a good view whenever I go to
1885s shows I'm always like I gotta be
1886s standing and I don't like cue up hours
1889s and hours early but I do like to get
1891s there definitely before the doors open
1894s to get a good spot
1897s hello toxic bubbles welcome to today's
1900s stream
1909s um but yeah so really randomly
1912s um we were queuing and we we met a
1913s couple of other people we were chatting
1915s to them in the queue
1916s and
1917s we were kind of queuing alongside the
1919s building and so there was like a front
1922s entrance and then we kind of went around
1923s the back and the queue extended like by
1925s the time doors were nearly opening at
1926s seven the queue was like very very long
1928s so we were glad because we got there at
1929s maybe like 5 30. doors open at seven so
1932s we were we were happy that we got there
1933s kind of early because we did end up
1935s getting like a really good spot for the
1936s show
1937s and but when we were kind of close to
1940s one of the side entrance doors
1942s um a carpool round and really randomly
1945s Bell Delphine got out of the car and I
1947s guess she is from London
1949s or England anyway
1951s um and I didn't we didn't really know it
1952s was her at Birth but obviously it was
1954s just like
1955s pink wig
1957s razor pink headset you know it would it
1960s was Belle Delphine so we're kind of like
1962s oh I wonder is she in the show she just
1964s like I guess is she just here to see it
1965s she kind of just walked in and she I
1967s don't know if like an Uber dropped her
1969s off or like her dad dropped her off
1970s that's what it kind of looked like I
1972s don't know who did it was kind of random
1974s because she was just by herself and then
1976s where we were sitting
1979s um or sorry where we were standing so we
1981s weren't at the center we were kind of
1982s like to the if you're facing the stage
1984s the right of the stage a little bit and
1987s there was a side entrance so right
1988s before Oliver tree came on live we saw
1991s um there was a couple of people and then
1993s Philadelphia and Nick came out of this
1994s other entrance and they were watching
1996s the show from there
1997s and she had a like a little um like a
2000s mask on
2002s um it was like a white or pink light
2004s mask and then some people were getting
2006s photos with her and she was kind of far
2007s away and that one guy actually beside us
2009s like I'm Irish for anyone doesn't know
2010s he actually traveled from Ireland to see
2012s Oliver tree so we made friends with um a
2014s few guys while we were waiting they were
2015s really nice and he actually like left
2018s his spot to move over and he got um a
2020s selfie with bell Delphine and he he
2022s randomly like because he's from r d got
2024s to like the front of the barrier he got
2025s a selfie with bell Delphine
2027s there was he was quite like lucky
2029s throughout the night I feel because
2030s pretty much everything he set out to do
2032s he did
2033s so the look of the Irish there anyway
2037s um like I wouldn't know what to say to
2039s Belle Delphine if I met her I'd like I
2041s don't know it's like oh I'm not a fan
2042s but like I've seen some of your work so
2044s like I don't know what to say
2047s anyway great show Oliver was amazing
2051s um then randomly end of the show
2056s um
2057s like everyone was the crowd was
2059s dispersing we were like heading out
2061s um we were still kind of on the grounds
2063s loads of people were leaving I wanted to
2064s head over to the merch table to get a
2066s hoodie and out of nowhere a beautiful
2069s pink haired Angel is running directly
2073s towards me she was nowhere where I'd
2075s seen her last but Belle Delphine was
2077s literally running towards me really
2080s random and
2082s um I just quickly I went
2085s and then she actually I just thought I
2086s just assumed she was just gonna keep
2087s running by or whatever I mean she looked
2089s like she had somewhere to go I don't
2090s know maybe she had a some anime thing to
2093s shoot I don't know anyway she actually
2096s stops and she turned around and really
2097s cute she slowed her mascot she was like
2100s and then I didn't know what to say I
2102s kind of like blacked out for a sec
2103s because I was like oh shoot I don't have
2104s anything else to say and then I couldn't
2106s remember if I just turned around and
2107s walked away from her or if she turned
2109s around and kept running I think she just
2111s turned around and kept running though
2112s but very I mean she was in costume so
2115s obviously like she shouldn't really like
2117s behave like she shouldn't really be rude
2119s to people if she's like dressed up as
2120s like Belle Delphine but she was really
2122s nice to everybody so
2124s there you go that's my little story
2127s let me guys let me know if you've like
2129s randomly seen like a YouTuber or any
2133s kind of celebrity
2136s oh Connor is mentioning a baby T-Rex I
2139s know a little baby T-Rex would be so
2141s cute just I think any baby dinosaur
2142s would be so cute to have in the game
2146s oh
2159s um so back to resizing some rocks
2172s uh fish 1167 on Twitch says met Terry
2175s Crews at the airport once that's cool
2178s I like to think Terry Crews is quite
2180s nice because he does a lot of posting
2181s for like family shows like he didn't he
2184s host um America's Got Talent so I feel
2186s like he'd have to be quite nice
2199s um I was hoping to
2201s somehow meet Oliver tree
2204s or like I don't know or so basically
2208s um I'm from Dublin Ireland and he does
2210s have a Dublin show at the end of this
2211s month so if I saw someone from his team
2213s I'd be like oh I'll fly over to Dublin
2215s if I can get some tickets
2221s so if anyone from Oliver tree's team is
2223s watching this stream right now
2225s um then tickets please
2246s okay so I'm gonna get rid of this guy
2250s and okay let me see oh we need some
2253s cleaning we have some cleaning to do
2258s see if our animals are happy happy
2264s uh
2266s you've seen oh uh Gorgon bone says it
2268s wasn't randomly but I've met James
2270s Gurney oh very nice uh Mama Joseph said
2273s you've uh you all have seen celebrities
2275s when I've had the privilege of seeing
2277s Jedi Master go to all speak at my school
2279s oh
2280s nice I don't know
2282s no celebrities have ever like visited my
2284s school and I went to quite a big school
2285s in Dublin
2287s um there's like 1200 girls there which
2289s for Ireland that's a big school I know
2290s like high schools in America can be
2292s quite large
2293s um
2294s that's very big for my school for an
2296s Irish Secondary School
2299s so our patches are happy oh here we go
2302s here's the acro
2304s SS look at him he has a taste for um
2308s the little fruit block
2311s this fence will would totally hold an
2314s Acrocanthosaurus
2316s maybe it's like he grew up we'll pretend
2318s he grew up with the patches
2320s so um he thinks he's a Patrick
2322s rhinosaurus
2324s very very cute
2326s when your kid Nigel gave us a little
2328s something something
2329s Acrocanthosaurus the high spined lizard
2333s an apex predator and a good one at that
2337s each side of its upper jaw Sports 19
2340s razor sharp teeth but I don't recommend
2344s getting close enough to count them all
2350s thank you Nigel
2356s um okay back to our little
2358s Rock thing going on which will
2361s eventually become part of a beautiful
2363s enclosure I'm going to grab some of the
2366s large windows and then I want to plan
2368s out so I don't know if anyone else does
2370s this but I'll kind of draw the path of
2373s the shape of the enclosure of what I
2374s want it to be I think a lot of people do
2376s do that to plan out where they want
2377s things first before they actually start
2379s building anything
2383s um let me see oh windows windows
2398s oh here we go so
2403s we're starting off with a very small
2405s window we need it a lot bigger
2420s Bend rule Breakers to his exhibit
2424s of course
2427s I know one thing which would be really
2430s funny to have in the game is if you had
2433s like guests that like are causing
2435s trouble and you have like little
2436s Holdings
2438s I would love that
2441s 'd be so fun you could like click on
2443s guests and just like stand on there
2449s see how this is looking I'm recovering
2451s everything
2458s yes
2462s and let me see some building
2466s little accessories oh here we go
2477s oh
2487s um just reading the check guys
2495s he looks like he craves guests I know
2501s Acro is definitely probably
2504s like I think he looks scarier than a
2506s T-Rex like I said I feel like the size
2507s of him I feel like he'd be better at
2509s actually like you'd have more of a hard
2511s time getting away from him
2512s and then also he just looks scarier like
2514s he has that kind of longer face
2519s and a lot of teeth
2522s he just seems more more vicious to me
2524s but maybe we shouldn't judge a a dino by
2527s his teeth
2533s this is very thin so I'm hoping
2536s I'll be able to place it neatly on the
2538s pane of glass
2546s oh maybe I'll actually just change it so
2549s it's a little bit brighter
2567s not bad not far off
2585s okay I'm just gonna place it there for
2587s now
2591s oh
2593s it's just like a random uh crack just
2596s floating in the air
2606s and then I will merge it as well of
2608s course with the group so it will move
2610s along nicely
2623s oh I did not add the glass there we go
2627s now everything's merged together so guys
2628s when you're building don't forget to
2630s here instead of edit group it'll say
2632s merge group so if you hold down shift
2634s and left click items so for instance
2636s this maze we can actually merge
2639s um merge all these groups together so
2641s that they move as one
2645s dude
2646s so let me see a little pathway so one
2650s entrance to the Acrocanthosaurus
2652s enclosure will be a little pathway that
2655s comes out from The Maze and then also
2657s somewhere around here so that there will
2659s be a few ways to see the animal
2662s s we'll have more than one in there
2667s um oh actually one thing I was actually
2669s thinking of doing guys is
2671s replacing the path just because we use a
2674s lot of dark wood usually my Parks I use
2676s a lighter wood and I like to use this
2677s path but I think so if I quickly Place
2680s past Parts here
2683s I can actually just start changing the
2685s Pats quite easily
2687s and I actually like the Cobblestone
2689s better so I think I will
2692s um
2692s change things
2694s just because I think it goes a little
2696s better with the dark wood that we have
2697s in the park
2705s so let me see
2711s this size maybe yeah that's a nice size
2715s do you want a little smaller
2718s you just see the guess oh no I want to
2720s have it more narrow actually
2722s I mean the Narrow Path won't be good for
2724s our crowd control but uh
2727s let's just see how they get on
2744s it's not letting me place my little
2746s cobblestones
2748s ah there we go
2752s so I'm just getting a better angle to do
2755s like a nice curved pad
2783s actually I do need to grab the little
2785s Acro in here because I just want to make
2786s sure it's a good size for him
2791s that she's so cute
2794s so if you see an Acro just oh there we
2797s go
2802s his name is Connor cute we got a Connor
2804s in the chat
2816s okay I'm gonna pause the game so I can
2819s build I'm just going to edit the Rocks
2821s just to make the
2824s the little viewing area bigger
2827s you probably have to make the glass A
2829s little bit bigger as well
2855s foreign
2862s Raptors on YouTube said being able to do
2864s diners around is definitely one of the
2866s best features in this game it is very
2867s very handy I know a few people mentioned
2870s um
2871s it would be cool to be able to
2875s um kind of automatically get the the
2877s dinos and the animals to perform their
2879s animations that would definitely be
2881s handy because when I'm trying to get
2882s like good screenshots and I'm kind of
2883s waiting around for um for a dinosaur to
2886s Roar and things like that
2889s but guys oh so let me just switch back
2891s so
2892s um this screenshot uh so that's actually
2894s just um taken in game using the new
2896s screenshot mode that kind of blurs out
2898s the background um I had the weather on
2900s so it was raining and then I did it so
2902s that is an in-game screenshot and then
2904s in Photoshop I did
2906s um turn down the saturation a bit just
2908s to make it uh kind of look a bit more
2909s darker but it's very very
2912s um it's edited very very little
2915s um I might pull up pull up the the OG
2917s photo
2918s in a little bit actually to show you
2920s guys and we can take some some nice
2921s screenings one thing I want to do is now
2924s that we have the new screenshot mode I
2925s want to redo the thumbnails for all the
2927s streams on YouTube
2929s um using the really good screenshot mode
2931s where you can blur the background and
2932s everything and
2933s just angle the photos makes for some
2936s really really cool
2938s um screenshots of the animals that we
2939s actually posted yesterday on Twitter so
2942s thanks for sharing your screenshot guys
2946s um okay
2960s so I might
2962s add more to the Rocks soon but I want to
2964s just see
2967s what the rest of the enclosure is going
2969s to look like
2980s and I'm just going to move this back a
2982s bit just so
2985s the part guests connect can actually
2986s like get through
2989s oh
2990s but I do need to cover the glass
3002s there we go
3006s the in-game camera is amazing since this
3008s is T-Rex I was redoing images I've taken
3010s I know it's so good and I think there is
3012s a few more updates
3013s um that will probably be in one of the
3015s updates next year it's very exciting I'm
3018s just adjusting guys does anyone else
3020s just like sit weirdly on their chair
3022s while they're at their desk playing
3024s games or working
3027s um okay so let me see what kind of
3030s fencing would be good
3032s I mean he needs a fairly obviously he'll
3035s need like a strong fence
3038s yeah
3040s so down here we need the fence security
3041s so we'll see you know we can't just put
3043s some some hay blocks down
3046s um
3049s so let me see what we've got and then
3054s it'll be cool to grab some stuff from
3055s the Steam Workshop maybe there's um I
3057s might look up more enrichment items
3059s because I think it was warpathy made
3060s some really cool enrichment items but
3062s they're in the taco enclosure
3066s um okay
3075s I mean this does look kind of cool I
3078s mean we could kind of make our own fence
3081s oh this is like
3083s this is a bit risky oh my God
3086s sorry
3090s so this one's a little risky if we go
3092s for this one because
3095s um in PK all the dinosaurs all the
3097s animals are different because they when
3099s they're you breed them they're kind of a
3101s bit randomized so the size could vary
3104s and so does the light color the kind of
3106s human saturation of their skin so we
3109s could get like a really big Acro that is
3110s literally like leaning over the back
3115s let me see what this one is no that's
3116s still
3118s oh he's probably gonna have to have a
3120s big secure one okay
3125s um oh we got a little message from
3127s restream congratulations we've received
3129s 100 messages today with restream chat
3131s that's awesome guys
3133s thanks so much for taking part in
3135s today's stream
3140s um what's booking me at the moment is
3141s this little Gap here which isn't a big
3144s deal but like it's kind of everything as
3146s well
3149s here we go
3151s I'm not sure if like in the other prefab
3154s if
3155s here's where the acros can kind of sleep
3160s or if oh maybe they get fed there hmm
3162s very interesting okay so let me grab the
3165s path and just play around with a shape
3167s for the enclosure
3173s so
3177s I might put another window here that
3179s might actually look nice
3183s and then I think I will have
3187s I don't think I'll have a pad coming
3188s this way but I do want people maybe this
3192s side of the enclosure like to be able to
3194s view them in an open area and not just
3196s in the kind of cave area or we could
3199s actually
3200s I mean we'll be able to see but if we
3202s extend this to make a kind of cave
3203s tunnel that'll be quite creepy to
3207s be very close to the
3210s to the Acrocanthosaurus for the guests
3212s to see them up close like that
3225s what has been everyone's most recent uh
3229s build in Prehistoric Kingdom where
3230s you're doing an enclosure which uh
3233s animal did you make the enclosure for or
3235s are you just building
3238s because I know a lot of people just are
3240s really really awesome builders
3249s uh so Thomas has anyone else still got
3251s guests walking through habitats yes the
3253s guests are not very intelligent in the
3255s game at the moment but they will in the
3258s next update coming out and towards the
3260s end of the year
3261s um I think the guests are getting a bit
3263s of um
3264s getting more like improved Ai and also
3267s the looks so there'll be more guest
3268s animations and ethnicities added
3271s so we're already working on them so I
3273s know it is kind of working on some new
3275s guests and what they'll look like so
3277s hopefully in the next update
3280s um you'll see guests behaving just a lot
3282s more smarter but we're gonna have a live
3285s stream
3286s um when that update comes out we're
3287s gonna test and see how clever the guests
3289s actually are
3290s so we might try break the AI a little
3292s bit just for a fun stream
3295s because breaking your game live on
3297s stream is the best way to sound like
3307s getting quite large okay
3310s I might actually Chuck it in a little
3312s bit
3345s okay so I'm gonna leave it like that for
3347s now
3348s and basically I might grab more rocks
3351s where there's no window necessarily
3355s um
3357s so to the left of the Rocks where
3359s there's a gap
3360s I want to just leave kind of hidden like
3363s basically guests can't go it's not fully
3366s you can't view like a 360 view of the
3368s enclosure
3369s you can't walk all the way around
3371s so hopefully this will be big enough but
3373s I'm gonna start placing the fence down
3378s foreign
3382s you know I'm gonna actually move this
3384s because I don't like it being so close
3386s to the
3390s um maze I want like a little Gap in
3393s between where we can just fill with
3394s trees or something
3396s I'm just gonna use these rocks as a
3398s guide
3406s which means we'll probably have to make
3407s this a little bigger
3410s uh Gorgon buns is currently building an
3412s archeopteryx Avery not far along though
3414s that's cool are you building um is it
3416s going to be like open plan or are you
3418s building like a dome or a new kind of
3420s cage for them
3424s um vogels that are underwater enclosures
3426s planned
3427s um at the moment that's not in game I
3429s haven't heard anything about that if
3431s that's in the game that will be quite
3433s far out
3434s uh CC play says currently building a
3437s protoceratops habitat half of it is
3439s inside a building uh with a walk around
3441s view for guests and an outside area for
3443s the produce to run about that's very
3444s very cute
3445s maybe we'll do something like that for
3447s our produce produce they remind me of
3449s like um sheep
3451s is their size I remember when I was
3453s first playing Prehistoric Kingdom I
3455s wasn't sure of their size and I remember
3457s I thought I had scaled things up to be
3460s like monstrous then I didn't realize
3462s that protoceratops were actually just
3464s really small
3467s because I think like there was nothing
3468s else in the park I just had like a a um
3470s a Proto enclosure I didn't have any
3473s other thing to reference it by which is
3474s why I like to place the dinosaur or some
3476s people place the statues down for size
3479s references
3482s um so really quickly I'm just gonna
3484s copy this maybe
3487s just so we have an idea
3501s oh there's a tiny hidden fence
3504s come on
3507s nailed it
3523s foreign
3527s make it a little longer
3533s um let me see currently building a
3536s Brachiosaurus habitat it's no easy build
3538s those things are huge I know yes that's
3540s from frog a literate scholar I use tree
3543s sizes as a size reference yeah I'm just
3546s placing things down I think people have
3547s actually made
3549s um
3551s like scale to size like little kind of
3553s mannequins
3554s for humans that you can place in your
3556s parks
3564s let me see what kind of
3567s what's going to make this Acro happy
3574s okay so we can go with tropical Wetland
3576s or Coastal we did just do wetland
3581s but I kind of want to do it again just
3582s because Wetland looks very very scary
3584s and I think we'll keep them muddy water
3586s because when we first I first tried the
3588s muddy water in this park build um here
3591s in the patchy wrench but we changed it
3594s to the roof water so there's calm rough
3596s and muddy water so that's the kind of
3599s dark blue comb as a lighter blue and I
3600s think that just looked nicer
3603s um oh my goodness someone has been a
3606s the diet has not been agreeing with them
3608s this all all green all green diet
3614s oh yeah
3616s uh Gorgon is building my own enclosure I
3618s have at the beginning of the park as a
3619s sort of introduction animal yeah I
3621s always do that I think um the smaller
3623s animals or like the the mini exhibits
3625s are really cute to have at the start at
3627s the parks
3630s I've seen people build like averies and
3632s it's almost just like an entrance
3633s centerpiece as well
3635s let me just a bit low
3638s um how long oh we've been streaming an
3641s hour nice nice okay
3643s though I still haven't really decided
3644s the shape
3649s I think I'll kind of just come out here
3650s a little bit
3675s foreign
3679s I will redo some of the path because I
3682s do want maybe around this side of it to
3685s be the
3687s it'll be like a thicker the width will
3689s be
3690s more of like a width to the path instead
3691s of just the Narrow Path here because
3694s this is where we kind of want it to be a
3695s tight squeeze and be kind of intense
3697s looking at the Dinos
3699s so let me just we want to make sure any
3703s accuracy we put in today don't run away
3707s so at the moment
3708s um dinosaurs obviously if they kind of
3711s walk out of your enclosure if they do
3713s get out
3715s um
3717s let me just fix it
3719s um
3720s if they walk I mean it doesn't it
3721s doesn't do anything
3723s um but eventually in one of the future
3725s updates obviously it will
3727s so but we don't want to so basically if
3730s your animal gets out now at the stage in
3731s the game
3732s um there's it's a very big math restore
3734s Kingdom has a lot of building space and
3736s you could lose your prehistoric animal
3738s forever in the large in the vast space
3741s here
3743s um
3743s so that's why we want to make sure we
3745s have our nice
3748s fence put up
3750s I'm hoping this won't be too small
3756s but we'll just um we'll do a little
3758s extension
3760s extension later on if he needs it
3765s what could stand in for Megalosaurus
3767s like you could send in per Hilo
3770s um illiterate skulls because I've been
3771s spending so much time with my exhibits
3773s but not much for the human part of the
3775s park I feel bad for my guests well
3777s guests are kind of just um
3779s they don't really do much at the moment
3780s and at the moment Early Access does
3782s focus on creating habitats for your
3785s animals
3787s um but after the next update um you'll
3789s notice kind of the guests just being a
3791s lot more interested in things
3796s so that's probably when we'll see a lot
3798s more like restaurants and things like
3799s that
3800s let me just will it fit oh
3808s there we go I feel if anyone has OCD
3811s they would like
3813s kill whoever made this fence
3818s that'll do that'll do
3822s oh yeah we need our um
3825s our little habitat marker
3833s here we go
3834s [Music]
3835s up and running
3837s let me just click the little Acro is he
3839s happy enough with this size I mean maybe
3841s when we put more of them in he'll want
3842s like a bigger space
3845s all the tall neural spines running down
3848s its back are what create that beautiful
3851s Scenic silhouette although their
3853s function remains a bit of a mystery to
3856s us
3856s I'd love to go to get a closer look at
3859s this particular specimen but I think
3862s I'll uh stay this side of the fence
3868s smart move noodle
3871s um Thomas wants to know what gets to be
3872s eating a dinosaur Escape in the future
3873s I'm not too sure yet I kind of hope they
3876s will be eaten though
3880s it will be funny eventually if guests
3883s are running away from the dinosaurs
3884s though I want like little satakosaurus
3886s just be like ah like you know when Groot
3888s gets angry baby Groot in like Guardians
3890s of the Galaxy 2 and he just started I
3892s want like little mini dinosaurs to be
3895s like that at the guests and like hordes
3897s of guests just running away from this
3898s tiny little Pebble of a dinosaur that
3901s would be so freaking cute
3905s okay so
3911s okay so it's a nice size
3918s I'm not really showing at the moment the
3921s water oh yes I think because we can kind
3923s of do whatever we want actually because
3924s we're doing unboxful
3927s so let me make sure we have the right
3930s grass okay
3932s so right now I'm just quickly placing
3935s the wetline grass everywhere
3937s and I'm going to quickly just
3939s um
3941s using the size and intensity are quite
3944s high with the for the trees I'm just
3946s gonna
3947s Place loads of the trees and foliage
3949s everywhere just so we've an idea of
3952s what's going to be kind of in this um
3954s enclosure
3960s blur this a little bit
3976s you're hungry okay let's give him some
3978s food
3981s a little red scholar it says Nigel's a
3983s treasure he really is like guys if you
3985s don't follow Nigel on Twitter you really
3986s have to because
3988s he is like living his best life like he
3991s troubles so much he gets to see loads of
3992s cool things he'll give you update on
3994s like these little baby turtles that he
3995s has
3997s very very cute
4002s so I think I'm gonna go with the stone
4005s oh I guess metal will be kind of scarier
4007s and let's just go with the stone though
4012s I'm just going to place it here for now
4016s um but we do need to edit it to make it
4018s meet
4029s and then I'm gonna just lightly around
4031s where the rocks are so we'll probably
4032s just expand some of the rocks and make
4034s it slightly more cave-like
4036s um I don't know if I'll do that behind
4037s the scenes or this stream just because I
4039s don't want it to be the stream to be
4041s basically just all rock building
4054s will Nigel be getting his own Park in
4056s the game
4058s um what do you mean by Park like Lily
4059s have a I mean you could name a park
4061s after Nigel
4064s um or like I've seen people recreate uh
4067s Prehistoric Park in the game
4069s that's been nice to see
4072s um but no you will hear Nigel he will
4074s continue to
4076s um
4078s do a lot of narrating in the game that's
4081s fun to have Nigel still on board
4088s got to head off by Mrs T-Rex thanks so
4091s much for keeping an eye on YouTube on
4092s the YouTube chat
4097s um
4100s see so glad you got Nigel for this yes
4103s beanie on YouTube I know
4105s it was very cool to be able to have
4106s Nigel in the game so I think I'm just
4108s going to get some of the wet rocks or
4110s the wet terrain the mud the wet Terrain
4115s because I don't know do I want maybe
4121s it would be cool
4125s let me see if I just place a few
4130s rocks I want this to be kind of like a
4133s disheveled like enclosure
4135s like kind of random
4168s oh one sec
4170s Darren
4172s um if you see Jinx can you bring her on
4174s if you see her she's been smart
4176s um my partner's finished recording
4179s um if he sees the little kitten he's
4181s gonna bring her on stream I think she's
4183s sleeping under the sofa
4187s so what I actually think will be really
4188s cool is I'm going to take a look on the
4190s Steam Workshop or maybe we can build our
4192s own next week but to kind of have um
4194s like old building runes
4197s um in this enclosure and we can make our
4200s own I know a lot of people have had
4201s really cool oh my God you guys here she
4203s is here's my little kitty
4205s do you see her here's Jinx oh she's
4208s sleepy good girl
4212s that's a little Jinx she's a little baby
4214s uh Smilodon uh she's got sleepy eyes oh
4218s there she is she doesn't really look at
4220s the camera too much
4222s thank you
4223s uh so her name is jinx so that's the new
4226s kitty that we got
4227s um just like maybe about a month ago now
4229s and we have one older cat so they are
4231s getting along a little bit a bit better
4232s in case anyone wants to know
4234s um so essentially they didn't of the
4238s older cat kind of bullies and patrols
4240s the little one but slowly they're
4242s starting to just like tolerate each
4244s other more and probably once day they do
4247s still like Chase and hiss at each other
4248s a bit I think when they have like the
4249s Zoomies they get like really excited and
4252s um
4254s but they start they're starting to do
4256s more like they'll kind of sit and sleep
4257s on the sofa next to each other or kind
4259s of within like a closer proximity or
4261s they'll both be up on the window looking
4263s out so they're doing more together which
4264s is a good step
4268s um so Brock says will uh Dilophosaurus
4270s be receiving an exhibit once they arrive
4272s in PK well probably
4274s um if any of you guys don't know so I've
4276s done so far three let's Builds on the PK
4280s YouTube channel
4281s so also guys if you missed the PK
4283s streams and you want to look back at
4286s anything especially the Halloween stream
4287s guys check out the Halloween stream we
4288s did with all the character drawings that
4290s um Edo was drawing on stream
4292s um that's a really good one to watch but
4294s basically we do re-uploads of the stream
4296s over on YouTube
4298s um but yeah I will probably
4300s um I would like to do more let's build
4302s so so far they've come out for each
4304s update there wasn't one for Halloween
4306s update but I want to do more I might
4308s even do three for each of the new
4310s species coming to prehistoric kingdoms
4312s that'd be Donald thesaurus solidasaurus
4315s and celophysis
4320s uh literate scholar says I personally
4322s treat this game as an as an unofficial
4324s sequel to Prehistoric Park
4327s that's pretty good
4330s I mean kind of yeah with Nigel it's good
4334s good Nostalgia vibes
4338s um okay so let me get some muddy water
4340s I'm not too sure how this is gonna look
4342s because I've I've placed the Rocks first
4344s I probably should have placed the Rocks
4346s last let's just see what happens oh it
4349s looks cute
4351s Hello Kitty
4353s I think my kitten is actually gonna jump
4355s up now
4357s oh
4358s here she is
4360s hello jinx
4362s she has a little blanket here so
4364s hopefully she'll just stay there
4366s she has um I don't know I have if I guys
4368s oh no oh no she's coming over okay so I
4371s have this microphone
4373s she keeps fighting
4374s these little bits
4378s and she's very like I don't know it's
4380s like such a young tax I'm so used to the
4381s older cat like if you say no or move
4384s something like she'll just kind of
4385s forget about it or she'll be like okay
4387s I'm not supposed to do that but with a
4388s kitten you kind of forget they get so
4390s easily distracted she's walking on my
4392s desk now no Jinx I have this dream
4395s oh my God
4399s she's in front of the screen okay
4403s let me see I actually want to see what
4405s it looks like oh no oh I placed
4408s Jinx stop oh sorry I'm sorry guys she's
4412s like chewing next to the microphone
4415s it could be put out
4418s but guys that wasn't me chewing on the
4420s mic stand that was that was the kitten
4424s um
4426s some water actually looks kind of cool
4427s here maybe we'll just keep it
4431s you know what I kind of like it let's
4433s keep it thank you jinx for her input
4435s maybe we'll clean like a little bit up
4446s but I kind of like I want them to be
4448s splashing at the window oh maybe we'll
4449s move their food so they can actually get
4451s it oh
4461s convenient excuse blame your kitty I
4464s will blame her for everything everything
4465s I can get away with
4469s [Music]
4469s um
4474s all good with a check
4477s so let me see oh yeah so he also needs
4480s well I'm gonna play around so what I'd
4482s normally do is I play around with the
4484s terrain a little bit just to see
4488s so I want some mud coming out of the
4490s water
4491s and then I also want to kind of blend it
4493s in
4494s we're getting some very scary Vibes and
4497s we'll need to put I think what we will
4498s do for next week's stream is make kind
4500s of broken rocks and ruins
4504s and we'll also grab a few things from
4506s the Steam Workshop that we can include
4509s maybe hidden somewhere in the enclosure
4511s can be like a nice happy thing like that
4513s like the fat girls they know they play a
4516s part in being such a scary Dino okay
4517s look at the milk in the rain guys and
4519s it's so nice
4521s we'll place a few friends
4523s um in the enclosure
4526s um
4527s just in a few minutes and then we can
4530s maybe check out the new screenshot mode
4531s because I want to show that to you guys
4532s in case anyone hasn't tried it out yet
4535s if you're not that interested in taking
4536s photos it's actually really really cool
4537s you can play around with it for ages
4544s so which is a very low intensity
4547s I'm just gonna lightly tap
4550s just to try and blend
4553s um the terrains together
4555s I think what I'll do is it'd be cute to
4557s get some footprints I know there's some
4559s footprints on the workshop so I'll get
4561s the acro ones and we can place loads of
4563s Acro footprints in the mud
4572s actually something that all my buddies
4575s sleeping is so cute
4579s foreign
4583s look at his little feet
4585s those long little toenails
4588s I really love the skin of this um Acro
4590s as well I just love the blue and you can
4592s kind of see some red orange I'm actually
4594s gonna let's breed like the exact same
4596s one again and just see if it if it um
4599s looks a little different
4606s hmm
4608s I'm gonna give my little girlfriend
4611s and then we'll grab um I guess we can
4614s grab like a few females
4617s for the uh
4620s for this Acro
4626s enclosure is dirty
4632s the tacos have not pooped all stream I'm
4635s a little concerned
4639s are they not eating there oh yeah one is
4642s eating
4646s oh I think he's stuck actually oh this
4648s is nano now this little fella is a
4650s citacosaurus thanks to a number of
4653s recent findings we're able to restore
4656s this creature to a high degree of
4658s genetic accuracy right down to the
4661s quills and coloration in some of its
4663s species
4665s wants the food so much yeah so
4668s um guys uh the taco enclosures one of
4670s the uh it is I think the first enclosure
4672s we did for this park I think we did the
4674s entrance first
4677s um
4678s but yeah so there is three tacos
4681s so that was Nano
4686s oh there's Mal
4689s trying to escape
4694s and then we have one more
4700s oh these are some of the enrichment
4701s items that we got
4703s um that we downloaded from the workshop
4704s so there's kind of little balls to play
4706s play with and then we have this kind of
4708s kind of like a climbing frame or maybe
4710s they can like scratch their little claws
4712s on
4714s uh there's a little kind of
4716s dodgeball Dodge box
4720s that would be cute it'd be cute they try
4722s climb up and they sit on it
4724s um
4725s see oh this was another little um
4726s Workshop item that we downloaded as well
4728s I just saw it was a really cute little
4730s shelter one thing that we should do
4732s actually is change the color of the
4734s straw
4735s just so it matches
4737s um
4740s oh is it not changing oh there we go
4756s obviously I just want it to match the
4758s other little um
4762s The Little Shelter
4769s very cute very cute
4772s um but yeah lots of cool
4774s um shelters and buildings that you can
4776s place around your Park in the workshop
4778s guys so check it out if you haven't
4779s already I do want to open up screenshot
4782s mode there was one cool thing we
4783s downloaded which I actually might play
4785s around with to place in the center of
4788s the water so what was it oh my God okay
4790s I forgot the name again guys oh
4792s Stonehenge that's what
4793s so I think maybe this place down like if
4796s I scale it that could be really cool to
4798s have in the center
4806s oh there we go
4818s let me just
4822s I'm just gonna move this because maybe
4824s we will still use it
4826s and let's see how this looks
4838s I think I'll spread the rocks out a
4840s little bit and then get rid of a few
4841s rocks just so
4843s the acro can move in between
4846s oh and also I'm gonna grab the color of
4849s these rocks
4851s so I'm just gonna press
4852s um control and C on my keyboard to copy
4856s the color
4857s of the Rocks here
4861s and click on the Stonehedge group click
4864s the color and if I say control and then
4866s B on the keyboard that pastes the color
4869s into our little color box
4872s hello uh Ren Goku welcome to the Stream
4883s oh and don't forget guys so if you just
4886s click
4887s um
4889s let's see what is it oh yeah so if you
4891s bring the advanced editing tool here and
4894s if you notice like oh I can't scale the
4897s the group it's because you need to
4899s select each item not individually so you
4902s just add the group and you can just drag
4903s everything or if you hit Ctrl a that
4907s will just
4908s um select everything in the group and
4911s then you can use the scaling edit
4929s so I'm going to remove a couple of these
4932s just because I want the acros to be able
4934s to
4935s make their way in
4943s what two
4945s what to toss
4953s it's Stonehenge 2.0
4960s there so now they can kind of make their
4962s way around a little bit more
4966s and what I'll probably do is I like to
4968s get the um
4970s the one of the Rocks is like a kind of
4972s cluster of rocks it's a little scale in
4974s it and add that kind of
4977s um beside the bigger box just to look a
4979s little bit more
4980s realistic in terms of rock placement
4982s even though obviously these rocks will
4983s be like
4985s um
4986s they would have been placed there they
4988s were just the Rocks most likely did not
4991s naturally just fall here in the
4992s enclosure or form here
4995s what uh so antsy wants to know on
4997s YouTube what's your opinion on
4998s prehistoric Planet prehistoric planet
5000s was awesome guys if you haven't watched
5003s prehistoric Planet it's basically
5005s um a kind of short limited series on
5007s Apple I'm sure you can watch clips of it
5009s online as well where I think there was
5011s five episodes
5013s um all on basically prehistoric animals
5016s so you get to see lots of dinosaurs in
5018s it and the first episode
5020s I like the um well no the first episode
5022s was sad and then also the last episode
5024s has like a little baby Triceratops which
5027s his eyes look creepy but he's still very
5029s cute
5030s um but yeah it's also my we were um
5033s looking forward to when it came out I
5034s think I said in a previous stream it was
5035s really cool because we had a summer we
5037s had
5038s um like Prehistoric Kingdom was out in
5040s Early Access by then
5041s you had um the the final installment of
5044s the Jurassic world franchise and then
5046s also prehistoric Planet came out so it
5047s was an awesome summer for paleontology
5053s in the media anyway
5057s um but there is a lot of cute I see um
5059s lots of little like paleo uh kind of
5062s dinosaur cute like farming games popping
5064s up now so I really gotta take another
5066s look and maybe add oh no
5068s how did you get in here
5074s he's like trying to get um
5077s he's trying to get that that screenshot
5079s there's a new trend
5085s nope nope
5088s uh illiterate scholar says there's a new
5091s series from Netflix coming next year it
5093s covers more errors and not just
5094s dinosaurs it'll be Eight Episodes long
5095s yes I saw that as well I think a few
5097s YouTubers
5098s um
5099s that cover uh like dinosaur related
5102s games and uh media were um talking about
5105s that so does anyone know the name of the
5106s Netflix documentary
5109s shame you can't move guests I know I
5111s know
5113s hopefully he'll have to go to the
5114s bathroom soon so we'll Wonder
5117s maybe we'll pretend he's like oh no he's
5119s just
5121s he's just decided he's had enough
5132s are more guests oh my God they're all
5134s just watching
5136s they're like it's time for the sacrifice
5142s oh oh we got some jagged lines that was
5145s when I removed the water earlier I still
5146s have to do some cleaning up later with
5148s the water
5149s uh let me get rid of the poop
5157s I think our acros are hiding
5161s so actually I want to quickly Place some
5163s foliage and then what I'll do off stream
5165s and I'll record it and then I'll play it
5167s as like a speed build for next week is
5170s I'll rearrange the Rocks I want to kind
5172s of have this come out so it's more
5174s cave-like I don't know if I want to uh
5177s raise some of the terrain a little bit
5179s like imagine like
5181s it was kind of steep coming down this
5184s way for the acros to like run down and
5187s that's how they kind of like run into
5188s the cast and smash it
5190s I mean they're not on Rollerblades but
5192s the milk could get slippy so
5195s um a bugle on Twitch said he booked the
5198s adventure package including a trip to
5200s the carnivore enclosure yep the
5202s expanders oh no we got another one
5205s that's what Thomas in the chat said
5207s earlier was like are guests walking in
5209s anyone else's habitat
5212s so hopefully guests will be a lot
5214s smarter very shortly in the next update
5217s and we can test oh my God we got some
5219s twins over here oh no there's twinning
5221s in their outfit
5223s yeah so we're going to be testing how
5226s smart the guest AI is in a future stream
5228s so that'll be very fun to do
5230s um I do just want to edit some of the
5232s group that Roar is so cool isn't it guys
5235s let me just place a couple of foliage
5237s just so oh is he gonna drink some water
5243s oh we didn't place his friends down I
5245s was thinking like where are all the
5246s other acros
5251s s
5255s thank you
5262s so I'm going to place down some foliage
5265s and then I'm going to open up the
5268s um screenshot mode and show you guys
5269s some of the new features
5271s so if I scale the size and density down
5274s really low it'll just place
5276s um one tree or like one shrub or brush
5279s down
5281s so if you want to kind of be a bit more
5283s accurate with your placing or like we
5285s did earlier with the trees if we move up
5287s the size and density
5289s we can place down a lot very quickly
5291s which is awesome if
5293s um you just want to quickly make
5294s enclosures
5295s so that's going to come in handy when
5297s there's more Park monitoring in the game
5299s and a lot of people just want to quickly
5301s kind of make a park
5303s and then get straight into the
5304s management side of things
5310s so I select a few now
5315s I'm just gonna quickly place a lot here
5322s okay
5323s so if we hey Swifty folklore welcome to
5326s today's stream
5328s so we just built our Acro enclosure
5331s we'll probably add a few more things to
5333s it next week but so far we have
5336s sort of just the beginning of an
5339s entrance
5340s sort of viewing area for guests but then
5343s also they can see from the other side as
5346s well
5347s and we want it to be quite like a scary
5349s kind of intense
5351s um
5352s kind of experience for guests because
5354s that's why I think I'll build something
5356s along the other side of the path so
5358s they're quite close up to the glass
5363s um okay so screenshot mode so
5366s if you just click the little camera down
5367s at the bottom here on the left side of
5369s the screen
5371s so this would be just normal photo we're
5374s taking
5376s screenshot if you move the time scale
5379s you can kind of follow your animal
5381s around
5383s so I'll do this sometimes if I'm just
5385s waiting for them to roar or do something
5387s a bit more exciting
5391s so field of view we can kind of zoom in
5393s and out we can add a letter box so we
5396s can be like
5399s like oh no
5401s the danger gets like a little cinematic
5403s movie can play or something
5406s um exposure so we can make things
5408s brighter
5409s the camera roll here like it literally
5412s rolls the camera
5414s so if I do this
5416s and then if you click the effects oh
5419s well first of all actually what I like
5421s to do is
5423s maybe we'll get some food his food in
5425s shot
5426s though if you play around with the time
5428s of day
5429s which is what I do so before I take a
5432s photo I just like to play around with
5433s the light and just get the scales
5435s looking really nice like get a nice
5438s um reflection or shine on the scales and
5441s we can change around not just the time
5443s of day but the angle in which the light
5446s is coming from
5449s I want to kind of light up his face
5457s and then if I go into effects
5463s so Bloom makes things a little brighter
5465s a little beignet
5468s make things look a little a little smoky
5471s I turn this on you kind of like turn it
5473s up I think that's too um I don't know
5475s when Instagram first started
5478s um but everyone would do like this to
5480s all our photos
5483s I think a little bit is nice
5484s [Music]
5486s uh so I'm gonna take I'm gonna enable
5488s the depth of field
5490s and then I can make things very very
5493s blurry and then this will set the focus
5496s distance so obviously this is very close
5499s toward us on the screen and if we move
5501s it along that blur will kind of Be Moved
5503s backwards in the photo so now just like
5506s the trees in the very background are
5507s blurred or we can blur it all the way up
5509s so that that guy is uh out of the
5511s picture
5513s but definitely play around with the um
5515s the screenshot mode guys because it's
5518s very very fun to take photos of now
5523s of all the animals especially the blur
5525s effect it just instantly makes the photo
5526s look better
5539s [Music]
5545s very nice very nice
5547s he's very cute thank you for posing
5552s you guys make sure you share all your
5554s screenshots and your bills on our
5555s Discord
5556s because we often feature screenshots in
5558s our weekly screenshot Saturdays or just
5561s in community spotlights as well
5563s so let's take a look at some of our
5564s girls before we finish up today's stream
5566s we've been streaming an hour and a half
5568s now
5569s that's a nice little playthrough our
5571s park is still popping though I mean it's
5572s probably the only Dino park in the world
5575s in-game at the moment but I mean oh look
5578s everyone is like
5579s wanting to see the acro
5582s noise noise
5585s so yeah I'm happy with everything so far
5587s I just need to tweak and edit the little
5590s kind of viewing cave area that we have
5592s here I'm gonna put some kind of bedding
5594s I don't know if I'll keep the water here
5596s that was a little mistake that my uh my
5599s kitty did while she was standing on the
5601s desk
5602s um but I do have to redo because the the
5605s water edges went a bit Jagged when I
5607s removed the water
5609s um but I do want a big centerpiece of
5611s water and all these like cool rocks that
5613s they can kind of weave in between and
5615s also because I want people with the
5616s guests looking in to like not be able to
5618s get a full look at them they have to
5621s they have to pay for that VIP experience
5623s to actually go in and get a decent look
5625s at the acros
5626s oh look at the meat in their food
5643s so we play around again with the blur
5647s and just be blurred in the background
5650s I really like the camera I never used to
5652s I think I'd like it too much but a
5654s little tilt is quite like
5658s makes things a little more intense
5664s so there's two of the girls there
5669s [Music]
5673s the screen new screenshot mode is very
5675s fun I take a lot of well I know I take
5677s all of the did you know
5678s screenshots and it's always just using
5681s the in-game screenshot mode
5684s um
5685s so I'm definitely going to have fun with
5687s the next lineup of Dino facts so the
5689s next Dino facts I have so our writer
5690s Lindsay who does a lot of the in-game
5692s writing so any kind of writing or text
5694s you see a lot most a lot of that I
5696s believe is done by her
5698s um
5700s so she has some facts for me but for
5702s there for the new species so in the next
5705s few weeks we're going to be posting a
5707s lot uh promoting the update coming with
5710s a new species so you'll see a lot of
5711s cool facts on those dinosaurs and maybe
5713s little previews and of course we'll have
5715s to do a stream
5717s um before the update launches as well
5722s I think the rainy cloudy weather
5726s with the Wetland train looks really
5729s really cool
5730s oh my God there's another guest girl
5733s stop trying to do the new tick tock
5735s Trend it's like can you keep it cool
5738s in the acro enclosure can you like walk
5740s from one side to the other and you
5742s cannot run
5744s oh elephant puppet is going
5746s thank you so much for checking out
5747s today's stream uh Blake on YouTube since
5749s that's a chunky boy
5753s oh so Swifty says I don't want to dig
5755s but when whence when will Prehistoric
5758s Kingdom be available again with epic
5759s games and GeForce now
5761s I just missed to play this game um it
5763s should be available it's very strange
5764s I'll mention that to the to the devs
5767s later see if there's um something up
5769s because make sure you um if you go into
5771s your account settings
5773s just try re resync
5776s um your account to Epic or steam
5780s whichever you well I believe it must be
5781s epic I guess
5783s um so try re-sync your account just to
5786s make sure it's picking up the new update
5791s but yeah because it should just um
5793s pretty much update automatically
5796s oh so Alexander Alexandra on YouTube
5798s said oh Acrocanthosaurus one of my
5800s favorite dinosaurs glad they're back in
5801s the game acros is very very cool
5804s uh beanie says love having that guy
5806s stood right behind it yeah
5808s the brave guests
5811s oh
5813s maybe there's like a space in the glass
5816s that I didn't realize
5818s I think they're actually just walking in
5820s between the rocks oh you guys I found
5823s where they're coming from
5825s they're probably digging like a little
5827s tunnel
5831s uh let me just cheer it up I'll just
5833s stop the rain
5835s so we can see
5837s so obviously maybe here we can have like
5840s some shops or some stores or we can
5843s maybe fit another
5845s um enclosure and then obviously we'll
5846s have more Pathways that leave further
5848s into the park and probably this way in
5851s the park will lead to some bigger
5853s scarier dinosaurs
5857s let me just get a nice shot of our our
5859s little acros oh
5865s foreign
5874s so thank you guys so much for joining me
5876s today for our live stream next week
5878s we're going to continue our building on
5880s our Prehistoric Park so we'll add a few
5882s things for the Acrocanthosaurus
5884s enclosure but then we're probably so
5887s yeah we'll download a few things to the
5888s workshops of smell I'm sorry Angel I'm
5890s speaking that's very rude uh so we'll
5892s grab a few things to the workshop to add
5894s to the Ackerman closure we'll kind of
5896s neaten everything up a little bit and
5897s then we'll do a vote to see what is the
5900s next prehistoric animal habitat that
5902s we'll be building for our park so stay
5905s tuned for that and I think next week
5906s we'll also do another giveaway on Stream
5908s So guys if you don't have the game yet
5909s or if you really want one of your
5910s friends to play the game check out the
5912s live stream next Tuesday we have the
5915s same time next week and you could be in
5916s with a chance to win a key you'll be
5918s giving away to a random person in the
5920s chat so thanks again guys for keeping me
5923s company with this week's stream I'll see
5925s you next week bye guys
5934s [Music]
5965s foreign
5972s [Music]
5989s foreign
5991s [Music]

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