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2s foreign
9s what's up everybody sorry I'm a couple
12s minutes late I had to get my G fuel
14s ready so welcome back to another
16s Prehistoric Kingdom live stream today
18s we're going to be playing some
19s Prehistoric Kingdom and stay tuned guys
22s if you're watching from twitch or if
24s you're watching anywhere else make sure
25s you open up a link on Twitch because
27s we're going to be doing a giveaway over
28s there later on in the Stream
30s so how is everybody today
33s [Music]
34s let me get my energy
37s okay let's say hey so hello thanks Mrs
39s T-Rex for holding down the port over on
41s YouTube
42s quizzy art dinosauring very cool name
46s I'm very jealous
47s hey Mac North American freshwater
49s catfish
51s that's the unique name
53s LBT electric dinos back
57s uh Daniel's in the chat meow Panzer
59s beanie hey everybody uh tsuki Moon
62s what's up everybody how's everyone doing
65s this week
67s okay I have have you noticed the new
69s photos so if you're not following us
71s over on Discord Mao actually just gave a
74s little teaser pick of Dilo
77s there we go that should link the Discord
79s oh so today guys we have an exciting
82s stream uh we're going to be building a
84s guest viewing platform together so I'm
86s not the the strongest Builder but we're
89s gonna try our best to make a really nice
90s viewing platform with a slight tropical
92s theme to go with our turbo enclosure
95s that we were working on last week
97s so
99s um let me show you guys what I was
101s working on
103s um last week after we finished this
105s stream
109s it would help if I
111s opened the the game window and didn't
114s try to play the game through obs
118s oh there we go
120s hey kicker white line welcome to the
122s Stream
126s okay
127s [Music]
129s thanks for the follow uh oh I just
132s missed it crown
133s and biotech 96 following us over on
137s Twitch okay
138s so I'm excited to show you guys what I
141s was working on
143s so I've added a lot of rocks I went
146s crazy with the Rocks so guys as you
149s might remember from last week um I
151s started building on the Rocks over here
153s let me just play and then I did say I
156s wanted the steps going up the side so
158s I'm actually pretty happy with how it
159s turned out because I'm not the best
161s um wedding closures have like different
164s layers of the terrain so but I'm
166s actually really happy with how this
167s turned out so I think there's about
169s three turbos in this enclosure at the
172s moment just got just got some
174s hay floating around
180s fake Gorgon bones welcome welcome
185s oh I did I grabbed the um the saddles
190s I think yeah I think all of them I
191s grabbed so I can pull up some of the
193s workshop items in just a couple minutes
195s so basically what I did was I added a
198s load of rocks
199s um I added a nice kind of background of
201s rocks here because this is where the
203s fence kind of closes off
207s and then I use the tropical fence just
209s that the highest one to Loop all the way
212s around the enclosure and I think here is
215s just the um the habitat marker just to
217s seal off this bit
219s I'm just clean the enclosure
224s uh Crown mercenary says I'm dinosauring
226s over on YouTube but this enclosure looks
228s gorgeous so far thank you so much
230s I'm so excited for finishing touches me
232s too
233s Rock working looking good Rosie thank
236s you Mrs T-Rex so this is actually a
238s platform that I I'm pretty sure it's
240s just the platform in game and I scaled
242s it up and then just kind of
245s um I changed the color of the wood and
247s the rocks to match the rocks in the
249s enclosure that's a really good tip if
250s you just make everything kind of the
253s color schemes match
254s um it just looks more intended
256s unintentional it looks it makes it look
258s like you know what you're doing if um
260s colors match
262s um so yeah so lots of nice rock work
264s here and then I played around with
266s adding some of the um the substrate so I
269s think I tried to blend some of this in
274s somewhere but then I was like oh I just
276s kind of prefer
278s just the green and The Rock and I guess
280s if we wanted to make it look more
281s tropical I was like okay I'll have a
282s nice kind of
284s just kind of grass green with the with
286s the tropical kind of Rocky waterfall
289s trickling down
291s um okay what other changes did we make
293s so I have some space we can have a
295s viewing platform here
298s or maybe down here I can fit something
301s oh look here he is here's the little
303s tour bow making his way I'm also very
305s happy I had to test a little bit to see
307s like can they actually make their way
309s down the um the slope
317s an apex predator of the Jurassic
321s it turns out there were many apex
323s predators
327s with so many large carnivores in one
330s area competing for the same food
332s different species must have specialized
335s in different prey
338s thanks Nigel
340s oh and uh shout out to Nigel happy
342s birthday it was his birthday just I
344s think two days ago
346s and Nigel's actually in Costa Rica he's
349s like always on the go Nigel has a much
351s better social life than me and almost
353s anybody else I know
356s um but no he is working but um yeah he's
358s doing some really cool things he's
359s filming
361s so if you don't follow Nigel on Twitter
362s you should because every now and then he
364s gives um updates on his little baby
365s turtles they're my favorite
368s um and yeah so good good content coming
371s from Nigel lately
373s add some dead trees yeah I might I think
375s one thing I'd like to do is with some of
377s the kind of carnivores that are known
380s for being like maybe a bit more
381s aggressive is tilting some of the trees
383s as if they've like knocked them over
385s like here in the acro enclosure some of
388s the trees are like a little tilted so I
390s kind of think like oh maybe a couple of
391s like fights broke out
393s oh my god look how popping it is over
395s here
396s very busy very busy
400s um see did I make any other changes I
402s don't think so basically the Rocks here
404s so I'd already spent quite a lot of time
407s trying to get like my steps looking nice
409s and then creating a nice background here
411s that I was happy with
414s um so I just grabbed the Rocks here
418s so there's like a cluster of rocks
421s and I love to scale these up
425s let me just actually make them the same
427s color
431s as this one
444s so if you just
446s grab the cluster
449s and if you just like resize it
451s it's really good for blending in
459s kind of have rocks just peeking out a
461s little bit
467s and it can look very very cute but
469s basically I just resize you can I mean
471s now that I kind of showed the the scale
474s you can kind of see exactly what I've
475s done I've broken the illusion a little
477s bit but basically I just scale these up
480s huge so I could really quickly place
482s rocks around the enclosure of it here
485s so that's a really fast way if you're
486s trying to quickly just
488s um
489s cover some of the the outskirts of your
491s enclosure in rocks that's quite a handy
493s way of doing it big rock I know okay at
496s the British frog
499s welcome welcome to the Stream So yeah so
501s these it's probably not the final
502s placement of the trees but I do want to
505s start a guest viewing platform oh and
508s maybe we need like a little shelter for
510s the turbos as well
512s so I think I grabbed a few things from
515s the Steam Workshop I had a little look
517s earlier today to see could I find any
520s tropical viewing platforms and there's a
521s lot so I pulled a few oh here's some of
524s the saddles
525s here's our Apache saddle
528s that organ made
531s so we definitely have to set up like a
533s little station where people queue and
535s maybe they get like a quick little brief
537s um
537s like writing lesson like what to do what
540s not to do with the patches
543s if it was it paused
545s maybe there's Apache more out in the
547s open
549s oh here we go
552s perfect fluffy look these are only
555s like fluffy feathered uh patranosaurus
559s in this enclosure
562s ah cute
574s these would be great for um
578s taking photos because obviously you know
580s it's it's not a it's not a real
582s attraction yet in Prehistoric Kingdom
584s it's just a dream a dream at the moment
587s we let a stream devs please
590s um oh my god that actually looks so cute
592s maybe I'll um maybe I'll do um
595s a clickbait thumbnail and and do
598s something with this the saddle writing
600s but look how cute that looks guys oh my
601s God
606s let's make a did you know infographic
608s sign
609s yes we can we can have a little
612s where's our little animal info signs
617s [Music]
619s oh my God she's lost them already
625s I think I have one for the acros though
627s I think I took them down I think there
628s is a small book where there is
630s electricity
632s um
635s the electricity isn't connecting
637s sometimes to the animal info signs
640s so I'm sure with the next update I don't
641s know exactly what um what's going to be
644s patched
645s but um usually
648s there's a couple of nice bug fixes and
651s some great improvements with each update
657s I'm going to stop it here for now
659s hopefully it's in
661s um the area
664s oh yes oh oh yeah we threw a Smilodon in
667s there
668s for now
670s cute
677s oh that was like very weird how the
679s guest just like stopped
681s guest update uh improved guest AI coming
684s in the in the next update guys not too
686s long to go I mean I basically say like
688s oh I'll be out near the end of the year
689s and I mean it's the end of November so
692s that's looking pretty good it's looking
694s pretty good
697s uh so the British frog on Youtube says
701s you should add some sort of Clock Tower
702s into the park might look really cool I
704s think somebody made that actually yeah
706s that would be cool I definitely want to
709s um make this area like a little village
711s or something of like shops
713s [Music]
715s um but yeah I'm liking how everything is
717s slowly coming together
718s [Music]
719s um so
721s [Music]
723s the great tote Master says speaking of
727s which is there any way to see what the
729s powering range of the power facility is
730s or the cleaning range of the beetles
732s that would be very useful
734s um I think the power range
736s [Music]
737s so I know there's a lot to be done with
739s power in the game at the moment
740s especially with electricity
743s um oh I think maybe it used to be able
744s to show a range
746s but the dumb beetles
750s let me just grab
752s [Music]
755s like I always assume that the area it
758s cleans is
760s like the square patch
763s so maybe if that needs to be extended so
765s you don't have to put a lot in there
766s because I most of the time I play
768s sandbox and I just do a really quick
770s cheat way of like oh I'm just gonna
772s click on the enclosure and just clean up
775s everything
778s but yeah I think um
780s some um
782s oh let me just get cozy
784s um but yeah they're definitely
785s throughout Early Access they'll be
787s testing like okay like how like what's
789s the proximity for the junk beetles like
791s how strong would be how quickly we'll
792s clean up things I know um probably the
795s animal dung as well oh my God look at
797s this battle of life
799s I'm actually gonna put this near the
801s barn
801s um so I'm assuming we'll definitely try
803s Early Access like the dug needs to be
805s resized because the tacos are like they
809s are just going and it's literally like
811s three times the size of them
814s but maybe you know we don't know we
816s weren't around back then maybe that's
817s what it was like
820s diets were really different back then it
822s was a lot of a lot of greens
824s goes right through you
826s is there breeding in the game uh Suki
828s moon on YouTube ask no not yet so when
831s we talk about breeding in the game we
833s are basically just clicking on our
834s animal nursery and basically just
836s clicking an animal and it kind of we
838s just placed it in a park
840s um but later on in the game so much
843s later down the line towards near the end
844s of Early Access it could be moved up you
846s never know
847s um yeah we are planning to have breeding
849s and little baby animals so that would be
851s so cute that's probably
853s uh well I'm looking forward to more Park
855s management but definitely baby dinos
857s gets me very very excited so I want to
859s take a look at a few more things that I
861s found on the Steam Workshop so we can
864s get some ideas for our viewing platform
869s uh Gorgon bones said on Twitch that um
871s they do take requests on Saddles
874s um and I'm going to be doing as many as
876s I can but there's one people want to see
877s sooner let me know
879s so guys if you want a specific saddle
881s like Orca bones know you can let them
883s know on Twitch YouTube
886s um or also just on Discord
888s foreign
893s as well
896s um so mama says on Twitch you know what
898s baby dinos will be very cute the
899s sauropods oh my God yes with their
900s little heads I know he's so cute
904s I want them to be tiny and put with the
907s other little um baby dinos and then the
910s sore pods just like get taller and
911s taller and taller it's like you know
913s when you got that one friend that before
915s anyone else they just have a ridiculous
916s growth spurt and it's like why are you
919s your parents like why are you hanging
920s around with that like 21 year old
922s it's like no no that's that's Steve
925s remember
926s Steve is only 13.
930s did anyone have like in primary school
932s there was like one older boy and he'd be
934s the only boy in the school who was like
935s voice broke
937s and it was like oh
939s sometimes it's just and sometimes it's
940s like a real deep and it's like oh my
942s goodness and it like it's like that
943s voice should like it's a weird it's like
946s there was a weird audio voice over
948s something went wrong with the audio
950s because it like doesn't match the the
951s body
953s I feel like I remember that a couple of
955s times
957s oh so one thing I saw I don't know if I
959s showed you guys this so I found this
960s from the workshop this is an awesome
962s viewing platform
964s so there is some of the
966s um I think the wetland trees that were
968s sized up and then this is awesome we
970s definitely have to use this at some
971s stage
973s I feel like could we maybe incorporate
975s it somewhere with like our acros
978s maybe we'll do something with it like
981s over here but it would obviously be very
983s cool to um have dinos like walk
985s underneath baby trikes will be freaking
988s adorable I know I know you guys
991s and of course you guys know dryer was my
994s favorite because they already look like
995s a baby what does a baby dryasaurus look
997s like oh my God
999s very cute
1003s where's my other little
1006s you guys bear with me I feel it would be
1009s really cool to also organize
1013s um well I guess we can favorite our
1016s um
1018s platforms hmm actually no I don't think
1021s I loaded up the game before
1023s foreign
1025s maybe I downloaded stuff while the game
1027s was running
1032s oh really quickly guys actually shout
1035s out to Lucy
1037s um look at this I mean I don't know if
1039s this is made for me but I'm just gonna
1041s pretend it was but look at this cute
1044s little store when paleo botany comes in
1046s the game guys something like a little
1048s flower shop would be so cute and maybe
1050s you can um
1051s you can sell cute little kind of small
1055s greenhouses that people can set up to
1057s you know so guests in the park can buy
1059s little prehistoric plants and then they
1061s can learn to grow them like in their own
1062s Gardens that'll be really really cool
1064s is Lucy in the chat I don't know who
1066s Lucy is but shout out because look at
1068s this there's a lot Lucy puts a lot of
1070s details into their parks and I think I
1072s feel like his life is just Prehistoric
1074s Kingdom because it's like oh my goodness
1075s you're just
1077s building like look at me it took me like
1078s two weeks to build this and Lucy is
1082s literally making such highly detailed
1084s stores and like full-on Parks but I love
1089s this so thought out like all the little
1091s flowers it's like a proper little um
1092s little garden center and then a little
1094s backstage area here
1096s the details the details
1101s you're really nice so shout out I also
1103s just love these
1105s um pots it's very much like you know you
1106s get those um basic plastic pots
1109s before you um repot plans for your own
1112s Gardens
1114s take a little look inside
1116s even just the the lighting and the
1118s decoration of the the Silhouettes used
1120s super cute let's take a look at the
1122s little teal
1123s so maybe um
1125s maybe I'll ask the devs to make a little
1127s special Rosy
1129s staff worker that can only work like in
1132s Rosie's flower shop that would be
1133s awesome
1135s kick a white line on YouTube says Lucy
1137s is a building machine the detail work is
1139s unmatched I know I know it's like
1141s literally like I look at this and I'm
1143s like should I
1144s should I bother building today I mean
1146s I'll I'm just going to embarrass myself
1149s um
1150s so mama says Rosie what would you call a
1152s baby megatherium or a calf or a cub oh
1156s I don't know
1158s hmm
1160s what do you guys think I mean I like I
1162s mean calf um
1164s I mean I think of cap I guess is like
1166s more cattle
1167s but Kobe always sounds really cute maybe
1170s like a
1172s any anything fluffy can be like a cub
1175s [Music]
1178s and show you guys my little baby smile
1180s again my little my little kitten as well
1182s later on again in the Stream
1184s he's taking her nap although my cats
1186s they have um they keep getting so I have
1188s one older cat and one younger cat and
1190s literally as soon as we go to bed they
1192s get the Zoomies I'm not sure if I talked
1194s about this already so guys let me just
1196s quickly because I want to um make sure I
1199s have the
1201s items
1204s I'm just going to quickly exit out of PK
1206s just because I want to load up the game
1208s again because I think I downloaded the
1210s workshop items while the game was
1211s running which was very silly of me I
1212s should restarted it
1214s [Music]
1216s a slug has Cubs what's that sloth baby
1219s called
1220s let's look it up let's look it up
1224s Tuesday
1226s learning
1231s oh it's called a pup the mother slot
1233s gives birth to a pup
1235s to one Pub after about four months of
1237s pregnancy that's so cute I think I just
1239s learned recently that um an elephant a
1242s bit blurry an elephant is um pregnant
1245s for like 18 months that's crazy
1247s but it is weird and then cats are
1249s pregnant for like eight or nine weeks
1252s they breed like so quickly
1255s [Music]
1267s hmm I guess so yeah so for the uh Mega
1271s theorem we could um maybe it could just
1273s be called like a pup we can call it a
1275s puppy just to be cute we can just be
1277s like oh my God look at the little
1278s puppies
1279s okay just loading up my little Park
1284s make the babies uh squeak have you ever
1286s seen a slot squeak
1288s I think I was watching um on Netflix
1292s um
1293s was oh it's the US version of Love on
1295s the Spectrum
1297s it's a really fun dating show guys I
1299s love the dating shows on Netflix and I
1301s think one of the dates they went to
1304s a zoo actually they went to um oh it's a
1307s really good name so for like um I sort
1309s of lion and tiger and bear Sanctuary it
1312s was called lying tigers and bears that
1313s must be somewhere in the U.S
1316s oh I would love to go there and like be
1318s the lions and tigers that'd be so cute
1320s but they also went on a date because
1321s they were they loved like uh wild
1323s animals
1325s um and they got to see I don't know if
1327s they got to hold the babies or just the
1329s slots in general let me just move to
1332s steam
1333s foreign
1338s but yeah I've never it's been a long
1340s time since I've been to
1343s a zoo so the last two I would have been
1346s to I've only been a few times I went to
1347s Dublin Zoo well it would have been a few
1350s years ago now because I've been living
1352s in the UK for like seven and a half
1354s years
1359s uh so Pogo will go on Twitch says did
1361s you know that the modern day slots have
1363s bangs one slot video monkey's face and
1366s the aftermath was quite brutal well he
1368s the monkey must have woke him up don't
1370s wake up a sloth don't do it
1373s restream has announced that we've
1375s reached 100 messages today in the chat
1377s so thank you Chad keep it up
1383s um
1385s um
1386s but yeah so guys I know if you're not in
1389s the Discord so a few people have been
1391s talking about the next Dev diary so the
1393s last day of the month is going to be
1394s tomorrow I believe so
1397s um I think a handful of people think
1399s that I write the dev Diaries actually
1400s it's mostly Nano that ride writes them
1402s he's a great writer and um I'll write
1405s some of the drafts and sometimes I'm
1407s doing like descriptions of new species
1408s so
1410s um it just depends so mainly if it's
1412s more kind of new content Focus obviously
1415s the devs will kind of take over that
1416s writing or if it's just kind of um kind
1418s of what the team's been up to and um
1421s little intros and kind of some behind
1422s the scenes things I write those usually
1427s um but there's some very fun things
1429s coming in the next adapt diary so keep
1431s an eye out
1433s um I believe there's gonna be some new
1434s animations to show off
1437s um
1439s and there's um going to be a few new
1441s cheeses I think on the new update as
1443s well
1446s yes the viewing platform so I have this
1449s one
1450s so this is a beautiful tropical area
1459s so this would be nice I think this could
1460s go with the um the in-game prefab
1463s but we've placed down so maybe I don't
1466s know if we'll build our own or if we'll
1468s just customize one we might attempt to
1470s make our own and just see what happens
1471s but yeah I love the kind of addition of
1473s the Rocks here
1475s [Music]
1478s pretty sure I pulled one more from the
1481s workshop
1489s oh also guys this was an old cabin
1492s that was featured
1494s just in the latest Community Spotlight
1496s isn't that really cool
1498s and I just want to point out the
1499s attention to detail like all of these
1503s little uh slates
1506s like oh my goodness
1508s I just think it's so cool like if you
1510s want to create I feel like Prehistoric
1512s Kingdom could be a great game like even
1513s if you don't want to if you want to just
1516s make like movies and just
1519s with games like oh you can just make a
1521s whole Cinematic Universe that don't
1522s necessarily have to be relating to the
1524s prehistoric animals
1527s um I feel like yeah PK is so versatile
1529s you could do so much in the game
1531s [Music]
1539s so one being a lot more we have a little
1541s wooden canopy I think we show those off
1543s as well
1544s let me just grab some other viewing
1546s areas oh this is actually a really nice
1547s viewing area
1554s oh here it is
1556s so this is named uh Tyrannosaurus
1559s feeling platform
1561s just take it over here
1564s mama says on Twitch I plan on making
1566s documentaries in PKA
1569s Rosie do you remember the Jurassic Park
1572s operation Genesis and Zoo Tycoon 2
1575s documentaries did you make them I know I
1577s feel like I I checked out some of the
1579s upper the Jurassic Park
1581s OG ones not too long ago
1586s um a dinosaur YouTube says they tried to
1588s get back into it oh sorry I lost the
1591s chat
1593s I tried to get back into it but man my
1595s building skills need to be improved I
1597s know I know so my my job kind of entails
1599s me looking at what other people make
1602s and I'm like oh my God I could never
1606s I think we showed this shop as well as
1607s one of our little um
1609s Town shops but I think for the little
1611s village I want to make just because we
1613s leave a lot of space here I really like
1616s these
1617s um kind of more modern shops but I think
1619s magnanimous mat has built some really
1621s cute
1623s um kind of Village Style
1625s um lots of shops like a hell of a lot of
1628s stuff for your part guys so check out uh
1630s magnanimous map what they've built um on
1632s their workshop page
1634s and I think I'm just gonna pull a lot of
1635s stuff from them and then we can make
1636s like a cute little village kind of
1638s similar to like when you come to
1639s Disneyland there's almost like just a
1641s really cute village town where they just
1643s take a bunch of your money like right
1645s from the start that's what we want to do
1648s uh so mama says that they already made a
1650s test documentary on YouTube called Mamet
1652s summer on PK I think I actually I think
1653s I actually watched that
1655s um but yeah there's a few some really
1656s cool kind of like cinematic
1658s um documentary style vids that people
1660s have used
1661s um pk4 to get footage so that's really
1663s awesome to see it's just really cool to
1665s see um
1666s the inspiration that people get from the
1668s game that like we wouldn't even think of
1671s that was I remember when we um
1674s so I joined like literally like a couple
1676s of days before the beta dropped I joined
1679s on the Friday and the beta dropped on
1680s the Monday and I remember we were just
1682s like we were we were messing around with
1684s the game the team and then we were like
1686s oh people are actually know how to build
1689s stuff and these games were like just
1690s like killing it
1692s um but it's it's fun to see
1695s um I think what I can share is Eda so
1697s who's
1698s who's kind of known either he did the
1700s Halloween cutouts I did our awesome
1702s Halloween stream
1704s um so she makes she does a lot of stuff
1705s on the team but one thing she also does
1707s as well is she makes a lot of the
1709s in-game prefab so when you obviously
1710s open up the game and there's pre-made
1712s stuff built Eda has built a lot of those
1714s things so she's playing with the new
1716s update things at the moment
1718s um and making some really nice um
1720s prefabs that you guys will get with the
1722s next update
1727s the British frog says I do much better
1730s building in Minecraft than PK
1732s controversial opinion not that I don't
1735s like Minecraft I really do like it and I
1737s actually love like cute farming games
1739s like literally basically like remade
1742s like Harvest Moon story of season games
1744s over and over again but like the pixel
1746s Graphics I know my my boyfriend has like
1749s a really good graphic mob that like
1750s really improves Minecraft I mean
1752s obviously it doesn't make it look like a
1753s triple a 3D but it really enhances like
1756s the water and
1757s I think like the the viewing distance
1759s and everything it looks really great and
1761s I play Minecraft like that but the the
1763s OG Minecraft I just can't get fully into
1765s it because my boyfriend kept trying to
1767s get me to play with him and I was like
1769s I'm sorry I just I want like a cute
1771s little farm graphic
1773s and a quick shout out to um paleo Pines
1776s they're they're if anyone's heard of it
1778s they're making like such a cute
1780s basically
1781s um like Harvest Moon but like with
1783s Dinosaurs
1784s kind of like a story of Seasons oh oh my
1786s God it looks so cute guys
1791s um let me just check the chat
1794s uh so meal pants on YouTube says
1795s building in this game is pretty easy but
1797s it takes a lot of time to build
1798s something I know it's literally just
1799s like you can like it'll look really good
1802s if you keep adding to it
1805s um so let me
1809s I think what I'm gonna do is
1812s I want to pull a couple of things from
1813s this
1815s and then just see
1818s see where our imagination takes us when
1821s we're building a little viewing platform
1825s so to place I mean
1828s we could have something here yeah
1831s I think here so I have connected the
1834s land where our uh patchy wrenches so we
1837s have our little Italiano Cafe and we'll
1841s have some kind of path leading off
1844s that can join up to the turbo enclosure
1848s so maybe up here people can get like a
1851s really nice view and then also they'll
1852s be able to see the park I was gonna be
1855s like there's a fire but I think there's
1857s just a little
1858s there's this little fire oh it's the
1860s Torches
1862s damn but like they are really smoking up
1864s the roof
1867s I think um
1869s we need to maybe maybe there should be
1871s an option to tone down the the smoke
1873s effect so that it doesn't look like
1875s there's a nearby fire in the game
1878s just maybe just maybe
1883s um okay so what I like to do is because
1885s sometimes I'm like I'm not sure how I
1887s make the enclosure and I will pull let
1889s me just show you guys so in the last
1893s let's build video on the YouTube channel
1896s it was with the camera saurus do you
1899s guys say
1900s camarosaurus or camera Soros
1903s so Kamara or camera Soros one or two so
1908s basically I like was like I used to say
1911s camarosaurus and then right before that
1913s video I was like wait I want to make
1915s sure I get this right so I looked up
1917s like pronunciation and it was like
1919s camerasaurus camera Sora so that's what
1921s I use in the video
1923s um
1924s so if I'm if I'm butchering the name a
1926s little bit
1928s blame blame those those Google
1930s pronunciation videos that's probably the
1933s more maybe like an American version like
1935s camera saurus
1939s um so where's oh so this is the in-game
1943s modern viewing platform which I actually
1945s love because it's pretty much
1947s you know it's the basic kind of standard
1949s viewing platform that looks really nice
1950s then it's really easy to adjust
1954s and then customize and then if I go into
1959s foreign
1964s thing like whitened out like is Mao in
1967s heaven
1970s Dante's Paradisio over here but yes this
1973s is available
1974s on the Steam Workshop
1977s if anyone wants to download that I kind
1979s of want everyone to have this in their
1980s park like this I want this to be an
1981s Easter egg in every Park and every time
1984s someone has like an issue with their
1986s player log and they send their their
1988s save file over to Mao I want him to find
1990s these in each Park
1992s that's like my my dream for this
1994s Workshop item
1998s uh so mine is camera Source oh I kind of
2002s like that a dinosaur says yes paleo
2005s Pines yeah guys check them out on
2007s Twitter it was I I think we yeah because
2009s on our Twitter account I followed them
2010s on Twitter because I just like to follow
2012s other dinosaur games I think it's really
2013s cute we follow each other and I don't
2015s know I think they followed us they
2017s followed us back recently so I'm so
2018s happy that they followed us back
2022s making friends with other dinosaur games
2024s it's so freaking cute
2026s and I think these turbos are very
2028s interested in um the viewing platform
2031s but the one uh where's the one I made
2035s oh maybe it's not in my um
2037s saved it's in my G-Force now but
2039s basically what I did is I pulled
2044s um
2045s basically I kind of customized this into
2048s a bigger viewing platform for the
2051s camarosaurus let's build
2054s and I was pretty happy what turned out
2055s so what we're going to do today is How I
2059s build and basically I'm just gonna start
2061s pulling little bits that I like and then
2062s we'll just kind of add to it as we go
2064s along
2065s well let me grab some of these
2071s oh
2072s we need to clean
2075s pale Pine to the Discord too let's just
2077s give them free promo guys just
2080s I mean they're very different games but
2082s I'm oh my God I need to try and get like
2085s into their like beta or Early Access
2093s so I quite like
2096s foreign
2100s I feel like
2105s might be a little longer stream today
2107s guys because I would like to finish this
2110s or at least get pretty close but if
2112s we're adding like lots of little details
2114s to try and make it look good
2117s let me just start off because we might
2119s always change this
2123s this is starting to look like a
2125s sacrifice altar
2128s for the tour bows
2133s uh says you could see how spinos related
2136s to Turbo and other uh megalosaurs with
2138s those short legs I know little Stumpy
2141s legs
2142s uh Hey Swifty hi Rosie how are you all
2144s doing welcome Swift D over on YouTube
2146s how is GeForce I have not heard back
2149s from our publisher critibo so I'm
2151s assuming they have not looked into it
2153s but I don't talk bad about our
2155s Publishers but I will follow up with
2157s them today Swifty if they have not
2159s sorted out the freaking
2162s um epic running on G-Force because
2164s that's really frustrating
2165s [Music]
2172s what else let me pull up the um cute
2174s little tropical fencing here as well
2177s but my cat just wandered into the room
2181s um oh yeah so like I was saying earlier
2183s my two cats so one is three one is just
2186s under a year old
2188s but she's really really small literally
2190s as soon as we go to bed
2192s they get the Zoomies and they run around
2194s even if I like play with them like
2197s beforehand
2199s so I don't know I'm really gonna have to
2202s strategically start to um
2207s it's weird I'm gonna have to like play
2208s with them a lot to really Tire them out
2210s and then then feed them because you're
2213s meant to feed them after they've kind of
2215s like hunted or
2218s well their natural instinct it'll feel
2220s like they hunted and
2222s caught something
2223s congratulations house cat you caught
2226s this bowl that you get every day full of
2229s food
2240s I'm just gonna extend this as well
2245s [Music]
2257s keep
2259s uh it still doesn't work Ah that's so
2261s annoying okay yeah because it's it's
2263s really strange it shouldn't be an update
2265s I don't know if it's epic so I'll speak
2268s to critibo again today
2270s tell them to get on it or at least ask
2273s like so
2274s what's going on guys did you hear back
2281s uh common cat I know
2284s it's very annoying but also what they do
2287s is so around now about
2289s 4 P.M till like 8 P.M maybe give or take
2295s um they um they go for a really long nap
2298s where they're in like a really deep
2299s sleep and
2301s so I'm gonna wake them up earlier from
2303s that nap just so they're more tired
2306s this it's like ridiculous like they're
2308s cats but it's like oh you don't realize
2311s how annoying they are at night time when
2313s you're trying to sleep and we've tried
2315s to be like okay we'll just like close
2317s the um
2318s you just close the bedroom door over but
2320s then the big one is like you know what
2322s cats like
2324s it's like they're not interested but if
2326s you take something away
2328s they're annoyed so it's like my cat
2330s won't want to go into the bedroom but
2332s then if you close the door then all she
2334s wants to do is go into the bedroom so
2337s she'll just keep scratching at the door
2338s until we open it so it's literally like
2341s first world cat owner problems
2344s so if anyone has any tips just let me
2346s know
2346s [Music]
2351s um but yeah my um the eldest cat is also
2354s in heat
2356s and we want to get her spayed soon
2358s because she um well no when we first got
2361s the young cat they were like a little
2363s bit aggressive she was unsure she was a
2364s little territorial but they actually get
2366s along quite well now they they chase
2368s each other but it's playful they don't
2370s actually like hurt each other it's so
2373s cute they'll Chase and then one will
2375s catch up to the other and they'll be
2376s like oh I caught you okay now you chase
2378s me and they'll just go back and forth
2379s through the apartment
2382s um
2385s but yeah we want to get the new cut
2387s speed which keeps going into heat and I
2389s hear that it's better to wait until like
2391s maybe a month or a few weeks after
2393s they're in heat
2394s um
2395s to get their little operation
2398s they are they are indoor cats but
2400s obviously it is just better to have them
2403s like neutered or spayed
2405s that's just been something that we've
2406s been planning to for a while it's like
2408s okay we have the second cat so just to
2409s make sure you know they're not like
2411s [Music]
2412s um just to help with any maybe
2414s aggression that they might have towards
2416s one another and also to help with the
2417s heat because obviously like that's like
2418s uncomfortable for her
2421s she's very loud
2424s I think one of one of my friends
2426s um was really cute
2428s um I'll do an English accent she go
2430s because I was like oh my cat's in heat
2431s and she gets like she's purring and
2433s bubbling and she goes oh did she does
2434s she act real flirty and I'm like yeah
2436s she acts real flirty and she gets
2439s obsessed with my boyfriend like I've
2440s heard that as well so
2442s literally like she wants to spend all
2445s her time with him
2448s so she's in his room right now at the
2450s moment
2452s oh
2456s um and she like literally will try and
2458s like just bury her head in his armpit
2463s she's always been a little weird but
2465s like whatever you're into
2470s we don't judge here
2472s oh I feel like my uh my fence is like a
2475s little off
2476s is it it's not too bad
2482s thanks for trying to help rosie no
2484s problem I know it's like really unfair
2486s if you can't play the game and
2487s especially like if you I don't know do
2489s paper cheat for us
2493s but yeah I will I will message
2495s um critibo after the stream and ask did
2498s they hear anything back
2500s the cat is horny basically yes
2503s she's an indoor cat
2505s and she's so pretty I such a pretty cat
2507s all all the all the male cats
2511s um will be scratching at the door when
2512s they see her I like to think all the
2514s male cats stay safe because she likes to
2516s stare out the window
2517s I'd like to think the male cats walk by
2519s like oh my God who's that beautiful cat
2521s up in the window
2523s [Music]
2529s um so yeah I would love to show you the
2531s older cat
2532s let me just I can pull a photo real
2534s quick actually
2536s it'll just be on my phone
2538s um because she's a little she is so
2540s beautiful she's so beautiful such a
2541s pretty cat
2542s [Music]
2548s uh but yeah so my oldest cat is called
2550s NYX she's a tordie
2554s and then the younger one is called jinx
2559s but she is the biggest eyes
2567s can you see look at her oh my goodness
2570s oh my goodness
2572s she's so freaking cute
2575s cat stream
2576s look at that baby Smilodon very cute
2580s but she has like the the most amazing
2583s eyes very very big one more guys one
2585s more
2587s it's like a mom showing showing her baby
2592s um but yeah I need to add the new kit
2594s into the Instagram but can you see she's
2596s buried like in the bean bag
2598s her eyes go like insanely big
2602s she's very cute yes there if you want to
2605s follow the cat NYX Adventures
2608s and I'm gonna add drinks there as well
2610s if you want to follow the captain's drum
2612s I have not posted in a very very long
2614s time
2616s um in like months and months but I need
2618s to get back into it because it's
2619s actually really cool to
2621s look back or if someone else is like I
2624s mean I guess it's only other cat people
2625s will be like oh my god do you do
2626s pictures of your cat that I can look at
2628s it's like let me just let me just hand
2630s you over the um her Instagram
2651s [Music]
2652s so I think I quite like
2655s maybe we'll have like a roof here and
2658s then maybe like a glass or maybe roof
2660s and then glass panel first interesting
2664s so my choices
2666s oh and then of course we will just
2668s quickly use the oh wait sorry sorry guys
2670s I remember I remember
2672s um
2673s yeah I always forget to change the the
2675s Stream
2676s I'm on it before before the chat noticed
2678s I noticed
2680s um
2683s so yeah so obviously I will quickly drag
2686s everything
2688s in a little while
2693s um and then we'll break we'll split up
2695s so it won't be in the same group so
2696s there will be two different prefabs
2701s [Music]
2706s so if anyone is like I'm not sure like
2709s what to build
2711s just grab what I'd like to do is just
2713s grab the the prefabs that you like
2716s and just edit them
2723s foreign
2736s [Music]
2739s so
2741s can't reveal any dates for the new
2742s uptake guy but it is coming out soon
2747s um but yeah so
2749s tomorrow will be the dev diary
2754s there will be a few I believe there will
2757s be a few sneak peeks of what's to come
2759s in the next update so the devs will be
2761s talking a little bit more
2763s about what they're what they've been
2766s working on
2767s um so if we can actually
2770s let me just pull up the Trello board
2775s that's my little um
2777s background music if anyone wants to know
2779s where it's coming from
2781s so if we look at our Trello board uh so
2784s the update so you'll have some nice
2786s improvements with guest welfare
2788s obviously you're going to get the three
2790s new species and the desert map and all
2792s the beautiful plants as well
2795s and obviously new like biomes to work
2797s with or the new desert biome with the
2799s different terrains but also we'll be
2802s introducing the research system
2805s so I think the devs will be talking a
2807s little bit more
2809s um in detail about what the update has
2811s so I don't think it's going to be like a
2813s full-on feature Spotlight just to do
2815s with the new update
2816s um but it'll be a nice little like hey
2818s that's what the team has been up to
2820s um here's a few of the new
2822s um the new features
2824s like here's a little bit more detail the
2825s new future the new features that you'll
2827s see in the next update
2829s hello journey to your latest stream
2831s don't worry about it because the
2833s re-upload will be on YouTube later
2836s so let me switch back to steam
2843s [Music]
2846s so okay I know I can leave that there
2849s [Music]
2857s foreign
2859s [Music]
2871s for linking the Trello board so guys if
2873s you click that so that's our public
2875s roadmap
2876s um so obviously um development plans are
2878s always subject to change but at the
2880s moment that's what we have planned out
2882s so basically you can kind of see like
2884s okay so this is what the Jazz are
2885s working on for each update there's no
2888s dates because I think we used to have
2889s like a rough month but we were like we
2891s can get delays we might add things like
2893s move um move things around or something
2895s isn't ready we'll hold it for a later
2897s update
2898s it's just everything that kind of goes
2900s into
2901s developing a game really you never know
2904s what can happen or sometimes we've even
2905s added extra things like um I think in
2907s the last update we actually had some
2909s really nice bug fixes
2911s um so there was um a few things that the
2913s devs I think I know Mao and Seth were
2915s working on a lot of improvements in the
2917s last update
2920s um so there's actually
2921s um kind of more in it really
2923s than we first expected but yeah you can
2925s basically get an idea of what um
2927s [Music]
2929s sort of what the devs are working on
2932s and also when we reveal new species they
2935s will be um put there as well also on the
2938s website
2939s but that's why you'll see the um let me
2942s just quickly
2945s so that's why obviously here
2948s we revealed and then the next species so
2951s once this update is cleared guys
2954s uh we'll start to tease the new species
2957s the next new species that will be
2960s joining our PK fam
2964s very exciting
2966s um but yeah so obviously Park management
2967s is going to be introduced slowly through
2969s updates
2971s so after we have like uh guest welfare
2974s and research system I think guest
2976s welfare like it will be um
2978s you know over time like improved
2982s um so with different updates obviously
2984s guests like they'll kind of become more
2985s alive throughout the park there's going
2987s to be like staff management later on so
2988s we scroll down you'll get like
2990s paleopedia heat system will be
2993s introduced
2994s um like later down the line then we have
2996s an animal disease system so animals will
2999s be able to get sick to be able to die
3000s that's very very sad
3003s single tier uh paleo botany that's
3005s something that people have been
3006s interested in we're also planning to do
3009s a little bit of revamping in the
3010s landscaping tools and then obviously
3013s down the line uh of course we'll have
3015s our animal breeding so yes 50 we will
3017s have animal breeding and uh baby
3019s dinosaurs but obviously we don't um
3022s there's no there's no set dates and we
3024s could even have like little updates in
3026s between these big updates but this is
3027s just kind of like a rough outline so
3029s that because we're in Early Access we
3031s want to be able to show people like hey
3032s this is like what we have planned
3035s um
3035s so this is what like ideally what the
3038s devs want to have in the game before the
3040s game is finished
3045s uh let me just
3054s the flavor it's G fuel you can guess the
3058s flavor
3063s a dinosaur said on YouTube I have a big
3066s project in PK called get the gifts that
3068s I need to work on again it was my first
3069s large build it's the junkiest thing ever
3071s this would give me info to fix it
3074s I can't believe anything I've ever built
3076s has given anyone else inspiration but
3078s thank you but yeah do it do let us know
3080s and Discord how it's going
3081s if you're unsure what to add like I've
3083s seen people post um some of their bills
3086s on Discord and ask other other players
3087s like do you guys have any ideas like how
3089s can I improve on this like what could I
3092s add to make it look a bit better and
3094s people give some no one's but don't
3096s worry no one's gonna be like what is
3097s that delete that screenshot get it out
3099s of here don't worry everyone's very very
3102s nice
3105s um so I kind of want to do
3109s maybe some like glass
3113s I move this up
3120s so let me just see how this looks at the
3122s moment
3128s so I've made that glass
3132s I always love you know when you see
3134s modern houses or buildings and like
3136s skylights but it's like wouldn't like
3139s you have to clean it a lot like with
3141s birds flying by
3143s because at the moment I'm looking at
3145s like kind of houses nearby and there's
3147s some really cool like modern houses but
3149s they have these really big like full-on
3151s massive wall like slanted high ceiling
3154s roofs that are all like like skylights
3157s and glass and I'm like I I'm not gonna
3159s get up on a ladder every week and clean
3161s that
3161s [Music]
3166s a dinosaur says of course they'll get
3169s started on the um the Kiku gifts yay
3172s and they have an adorable plushy Sarah
3174s tops that I put in the Discord prefabs
3176s ages ago I remember that I remember
3179s yeah there's some really cute like gifts
3182s I love that people um they also scale
3184s down the the dinosaur statues and made
3188s like little boxes so it looks like you
3189s can buy toys at the gift store
3191s [Music]
3195s just let me get comfortable
3197s [Music]
3199s oh look at Dino Oh I thought he was
3201s going up the steps a little Turbo
3204s oh yes the torvosaurus an apex predator
3208s of the Jurassic in its Hay Day
3215s Cosmopolitan species now I know what
3218s you're thinking and no that does not
3221s mean that this dinosaur enjoys delicious
3223s fruity cocktails you can do it
3225s Cosmopolitan refers to species
3229s just like house mice Ospreys and barn
3233s owls supposed to seal the steps down a
3235s little bit but I just think they look
3237s really good like that
3238s I guess it would be cute if they were
3240s like a small little little step growing
3242s up and I was thinking of adding steps
3243s like
3244s the other side as well but we'll see
3246s we'll see how things go
3251s uh journick says oh wait so you talked
3254s about uh I would love uh gigantoraptor
3258s in the game by the way
3260s guys basically we have like a list of
3263s species that does have a list that
3265s they're working on and it will all
3267s slowly be revealed throughout Early
3269s Access
3275s um but yeah I do know I think I said
3277s before
3278s the
3280s I've seen some concept art of the next
3283s species that will be announced after the
3285s big update because obviously we have to
3287s let dylo and Silo and slido uh shine
3292s give them their moment in the Sun
3298s I think what I'm gonna do here
3302s because I want like a little frame
3303s around the um
3306s the glass
3314s [Music]
3316s this is like how weird me and my
3319s boyfriend is so he's streaming in
3321s another room and I can hear him talking
3323s about our cats
3326s don't go to his stream he's probably
3328s playing something boring
3333s I actually think he's playing cyberpunk
3335s but don't go to that stream
3338s [Music]
3346s update maybe uh we I don't know when
3349s we'll tease the new species it's a
3351s little while out
3353s um but it could be in a dab update
3356s it could be in a stream
3360s it could be
3362s um it could just be Mal might just be
3365s like on Discord boom there you go
3371s the PK devs are insane you just never
3374s know what they're going to do next
3381s do we have a little
3383s [Music]
3385s peeking through a little
3387s [Music]
3393s there we go
3395s [Music]
3403s foreign
3406s I think because I want these to be on
3408s the um I mean do I want yeah we can have
3410s them here
3411s [Music]
3416s so we can always change change things if
3420s I'm ever unsure I'm like yeah we can
3421s change it later it's fine
3423s um so obviously this is going to be the
3425s door wait a minute wait a minute ah
3429s what if we just made it
3432s [Music]
3434s okay let's do like three split it into
3438s three
3444s okay so let me make this a little a
3446s little smaller
3455s oh Crown mercenary Crow mercenary on
3458s Twitch that I seem to lack of reveals is
3460s due to shifting stuff around not wanting
3461s to set stuff in stone uh I mean well
3464s that's always like you never want to
3465s announce anything too soon with games
3466s and also like if we if we just announce
3469s like obviously like the cool like a
3471s really cool thing we could do is just be
3473s like let's just announce everything
3476s but then it would kind of take out like
3477s the fun of everything and like what if
3480s for some reason like in a year from now
3481s we decided to change the list and maybe
3483s some people are like yeah I like the new
3485s list but then people are like no please
3486s put this back in so
3489s um yeah
3493s you want you want to give things time to
3495s time to shine
3496s [Music]
3504s [Music]
3513s I feel like that little like I feel like
3516s everyone has a little bit of OCD to some
3519s extent and I'm like
3521s you need to get this even basically I'm
3523s just trying to make three
3525s fit in here pretty neatly I mean I guess
3528s I could always clean it up
3531s um off stream
3548s foreign
3554s [Music]
3559s okay there we go so I'll keep it there
3561s for now let me just fix this
3563s and then I can really neaten up
3565s everything and then
3567s when everything is oh I haven't actually
3570s was going to say I haven't uploaded
3571s anything from this
3572s um this stream onto the Steam Workshop
3575s but at the same time a lot of the stuff
3577s is things I haven't built it's other
3578s people's pretty bad
3580s I'll just take the credit
3584s okay so that's basically evens then here
3587s we can have like a doorway
3590s so here can be like the entrance we can
3591s have maybe like Steps going up
3594s maybe we'll pull the steps from um
3597s I really like this this is pretty cool
3601s or even oh this looks really nice
3602s actually maybe we'll pull these steps
3605s so many choices
3609s uh so
3611s 80 dinosaur Heroes it would be okay to
3613s ping you on Disco with the updates to
3614s kill the gifts I always feel bad thingy
3616s no don't worry you can you can ping me
3621s um yeah because most of the time I try
3623s keep Discord open all the time but I get
3625s distracted
3627s from my work because there's so many
3629s times like I'll I'll be like okay let me
3631s catch up on the Discord today and then
3632s I'll see like a few hours ago something
3633s post somebody posts something I'm like
3635s damn it I had something I could say
3637s something really funny to that but then
3638s it's like I won't because it's like
3639s eight hours later late to the party
3643s uh but yeah don't worry you can ping me
3645s if you want to show me something
3657s it's got to be even
3668s um yeah I know the um
3670s so the VIPs
3671s which is they're a very high tier
3675s they're a high tier on Kickstarter and
3677s basically they have access to sometimes
3681s development bills and they also help the
3683s devs
3684s um test the bills before the updates
3687s um yeah I think they've been they've
3689s been playing with the um the new update
3692s the last few days sorry guys
3695s um but yeah it is like they're helping
3697s test it so
3699s um but yeah so you know little things
3702s like
3703s maybe
3705s um some things oh when I place this down
3706s it stops this from working
3709s um they'll kind of build up enclosures
3710s see how things run on run in the game
3714s all right
3716s so they've been um they've been sharing
3720s few things in their little VIP Channel
3724s I'm gonna make everyone hate the VIP
3733s but yeah it's fun to see what um
3735s [Music]
3736s what people build it's probably funner
3738s to see the release obviously when
3739s everyone gets it
3741s and um
3743s yeah so it's obviously a little bit of
3744s like trial and error first kind of
3748s where oh actually I want to do
3752s forgot to change these guys
3759s sojournik is giving Gorgon bones a
3761s little shout out don't forget guys the
3763s really cute saddle that we saw earlier
3766s so it's available in a couple of sizes
3768s for different species
3769s and more will be made as well what did
3771s we do with ourselves guys oh it's over
3773s here
3776s oh we didn't know we reloaded didn't we
3784s oh here it is
3788s can we get a patchy please little
3791s Pachyrhinosaurus
3794s oh my God this guy
3798s uh we need something we need things a
3800s little cleaned over here
3803s okay
3806s I found when I found one
3809s look how cute this is guys if you didn't
3811s see earlier in the Stream oh I think
3814s he's a little chunky maybe this one's um
3817s a bigger one
3820s [Music]
3836s do you see the vision guys
3839s maybe I'll make it a little bigger
3843s look how cute
3848s this would be so cool that would be
3849s awesome to add if the devs could do that
3851s like little saddle riding
3854s I feel like it'd be kind of complicated
3855s to like program the
3857s the guest AI for that like you'd really
3859s have to plan out like how it works like
3861s okay so is it like a little is it a
3863s building and then the like certain
3865s animals just walk out of like a little
3866s barn and the guests are like already on
3868s the chair
3869s [Music]
3871s so shout out to gorgon and Morgan also
3874s said that if you want a specific species
3876s to settle for certain species
3879s um so just give him a little shout you
3881s can ask in the chat or you can
3882s um ask on Discord as well but that's so
3885s cute I mean you could resize as well but
3888s it'd be cool if there's like a unique
3889s style for different animals
3893s so let's see how long it takes for the
3896s Dome beetles
3897s to clean up the
3900s this messy enclosure
3909s go guys go
3912s you can do it we believe in you
3918s [Music]
3920s I feel like I mean you might think it's
3923s gross but it's kind of soothing to watch
3925s them like roll the little ball
3928s I remember when we first saw this it was
3930s like oh my God it's really cute
3933s look at him
3936s the charred little workers
3940s good job buddy good job
3943s we don't need staff
3946s it's just animals taking care of animals
3948s here
3954s so let's continue our little viewing
3956s platform I have to get most of this done
3959s at the end of the stream what time is it
3962s so don't forget guys
3964s um later on we'll also be doing a
3966s Prehistoric Kingdom game key giveaway
3968s over on Twitch
3973s so if you're oh and also guys you have
3976s 41 minutes because Prehistoric Kingdom
3978s is actually 20 off over on Steam so if
3982s you're like
3983s uh my friend plays games I need to buy
3985s them something for Christmas I'm gonna
3986s make them play Prehistoric Kingdom and
3988s give it to them for Christmas that's 20
3990s off right now
3992s very nice price the modem sale has
3995s anyone else bought anything else in the
3996s steam Autumn sale
3999s um me and my my boyfriend bought a
4000s couple of things because we're looking
4001s for more games that we can play together
4004s so we actually started playing
4006s um well it's an old game it's Resident
4008s Evil 5 but it's actually been really fun
4010s to play
4013s so oh yeah so this is Shifting to the
4016s side I need it to be a little straighter
4020s there we go
4025s uh so
4027s Journey so in terms of attractions
4029s feeding at Saddle right right petting
4032s zoo
4032s while tiny dinos would make the zoo even
4035s better
4037s there's quite there's quite a lot to
4038s that we could do like because there's
4040s obviously um
4042s you know just kind of normal attractions
4045s but then like that zoos would have and
4048s it's like hmm what kind of
4051s cool like Prehistoric Kingdom
4054s like exclusive attractions could there
4056s be obviously you could do like um I mean
4059s not like any other movie has this but
4062s like like little cars that drive around
4064s the park I've never seen that before
4067s um but obviously that'll be really cute
4069s like you go into the enclosures
4072s in cute little um like little chores
4078s so how's construction how's construction
4080s okay looking good guys looking good
4083s foreign
4085s [Music]
4095s [Music]
4100s actually we could add like a little bit
4102s of detail to cover that up
4104s [Music]
4106s um and then also I might fill out the
4108s sides here with like logs but obviously
4111s just have them vertical
4112s [Music]
4114s uh illiterate scholar hey welcome to the
4116s stream it says that's a lot of poop
4118s all right let's check yeah I know I've
4121s been neglecting the the patchy enclosure
4123s how oh look it's cleaning up it's being
4125s cleaned
4127s it's nice
4129s check over here
4131s loading saddle no but I do want to put
4134s the saddle
4139s [Music]
4142s I just want to put it like here
4144s next to our little our little feeding
4146s area
4149s maybe there can be like two
4153s here we go
4161s um Journey says my Zoo does a rhino and
4163s giraffe feeding for those who want to
4165s that's really cool
4167s giraffe eating would be really fun to do
4170s uh with a PK uh ceratopsian silver
4173s powder hydrosaur feeding act would be
4174s too out of place
4176s um so Australian to assist I stand in
4178s the middle of dinosaur herd attraction
4180s and we have to sign a few papers that
4182s make the company not be responsible for
4183s any accidents I know
4186s I feel like everyone has to sign
4187s everything before they come into the zoo
4189s like when you buy a ticket there's like
4191s terms and conditions like uh like Willy
4193s Wonka's chocolate factory where the the
4195s fine print like literally gets smaller
4197s and smaller and they have to have like
4199s the magnifying glass to be like ah I can
4201s die here
4203s okay
4206s like if Mr Wonka I'm going to be a
4208s spoiled child you will be um
4213s you'll be put to an end here
4215s so we have glass here
4219s so I do want to do something
4222s with like the roof
4224s let me see
4226s [Music]
4232s well I could okay so first of all I like
4235s to add some detail here
4238s so there's a beam just to make it look
4240s like if you want to make it look like
4242s there's more effort in your build just
4245s literally just add all the little
4246s structural like loads more structural
4248s details
4250s that's how the pros do it that's how the
4252s YouTubers are doing it guys
4255s they just add loads and loads of details
4258s [Music]
4264s see that already looks better
4267s [Music]
4279s uh for people getting eaten at the park
4281s people are stupid it's their fault not
4283s the zoos
4285s I mean tonight as well we won't get into
4286s it there has been like accidents at zoos
4288s and it's literally don't you just hate
4290s it when like an animal has to be put
4291s down because someone decided to like
4293s walk in in the enclosure for like a
4295s freaking Tick Tock or something I I like
4297s hate that like I hate like really like
4299s honestly
4301s like I know sometimes I don't I won't go
4302s too much into it some some cases you're
4304s literally like did the animal have to be
4307s put down or
4309s could uh could there have been another
4311s Choice could could there have been a
4313s vote
4317s oh
4320s [Music]
4325s cute cute looking up things are turning
4328s out so far
4331s we'll need to move this up a little bit
4333s low
4345s there we go
4346s [Music]
4349s foreign
4352s [Music]
4357s yeah I think I remember when I was at
4359s Dublin Zoo like years ago I think there
4362s was like a penguin feeding time that I
4363s really wanted to go to but I think we
4365s missed it I was really annoyed
4367s annoyed and I got pretty up and close
4368s with the tiger I actually think I can
4370s possibly really quickly find a photo
4372s that oh my God I have brunette hair as
4374s well a little throwback
4378s bear with me guys
4380s I do have a photo next to a tiger
4385s oh
4387s this does not look good just you can
4389s look at the grass
4390s wait you can look at the oh look at the
4392s little turbos eating
4395s let me clean their enclosure here we go
4413s foreign
4420s like 10 or 11 years old
4426s see Dublin Zoo it's Sleek profile made
4430s it
4430s for even the biggest of prey items if
4434s you want my advice it's best observed
4437s from a safe distance
4440s he's real sleepy he's a little food coma
4446s I can relate
4454s so this is probably like 11 years ago
4457s oh sorry at like Dublin Zoo
4460s right next to the tiger I'm like so
4462s happy
4464s because the tigers they didn't um they
4466s didn't come up very close and then one
4468s literally just sat right next to the the
4470s glass so I was like oh my God yes
4475s and do we see anything else
4479s oh my God
4481s [Music]
4483s and then there was like a little oh
4486s it was like a little tortoise I mean he
4488s wasn't in there with the Tigers all
4493s uh yeah we go kind of close there was
4495s giraffes there gorillas lemurs
4498s flamingos quite a lot yeah I feel like
4500s there might have been um
4502s some kind of like wolves as well
4505s I felt bad because some of the you know
4507s animals always see their climate they
4509s need more of a snowy climate I mean
4510s Arnold is cold but it was like is this
4512s still too warm for them
4516s uh Australian she says I love when
4518s people forget these animals are still
4519s wild it did yeah I don't know why people
4521s do that
4523s like even like going into because I
4525s would love to go to like um like a kind
4527s of lion and tiger big cat sanctuary
4530s um I know because of Tiger King they're
4532s like debatable but obviously like a
4533s legit one and I would love the
4536s opportunity obviously with the
4539s you know you're with the guide and a
4540s professional and they can sometimes
4542s sometimes you can go up to them they'll
4544s like let you meet like a really gentle
4545s but even so even if like the the keeper
4548s is like yeah no they're really gentle
4549s don't worry they won't hurt you they
4551s won't bite they won't like pounce at you
4553s like you still never know because
4555s they're obviously like they're they're
4556s really strong they could just they could
4559s just Place their paw in your face and
4561s when they take it away like if
4562s everything's gone
4565s so yeah it is it's obviously like such a
4567s big risk anyway but
4569s it's a Dream It's a dream
4581s um but yeah I think
4583s I mean I assume that there is a zoo in
4585s London
4586s sometimes I kind of feel bad with some
4588s Zoo still and I remember Notch long the
4591s last couple of years we were in Brighton
4593s in the UK and we because we stayed there
4596s for the weekend we had some friends
4597s visiting from California and we didn't
4600s have too much to do that day and we're
4601s like oh well let's go to like the the
4603s like aquarium why can I just felt bad so
4605s I was like I feel like they just don't
4606s have enough room in in the tanks
4613s foreign
4629s [Music]
4635s [Music]
4642s foreign
4647s tool in PK is super super handy
4654s it's like Game Changer literally
4656s [Music]
4658s oh
4661s [Music]
4672s is this I see that one does not come out
4675s that much
4676s [Music]
4679s actually I think I'm just going to
4681s extend this all the way across so that
4682s there's no like cuts
4696s oh
4698s sorry guys sorry guys
4702s my bad
4703s I've not been doing anything very
4705s interesting but did you not want to see
4707s the nice style photo I thought everyone
4710s just came here just for the photo
4712s my bad guys sorry sorry
4732s [Music]
4736s foreign
4742s like sticking out a little
4747s we could get some like rope detail as
4749s well
4753s making things a little fancier yeah let
4755s me edit these actually I think oh it's
4757s starting to get can we change the
4759s lighting a bit
4771s [Music]
4773s so I'm basically I just gonna extend
4777s the top ones just because I think that
4779s looks better
4793s sorry guys
4795s my bad
4801s it's like yeah the PK streams are good
4803s but like you don't actually see the
4805s gameplay most of the time
4809s foreign
4839s foreign
4857s okay so far so good
4861s let's take a look at how our other
4863s animals are doing oh we'll clean up
4865s through the enclosures
4867s so the acros are fairly happy
4870s oh no
4874s guys this is just what we were talking
4876s about when will people learn when will
4879s people learn
4881s look and it's literally feeding time
4883s it's literally feeding time what did we
4886s just talk about ma'am ma'am
4890s excuse me ma'am you didn't pay for the
4892s VIP experience
4894s you didn't pay for the death experience
4895s ma'am you cannot enter the enclosure
4902s um it would be very fun
4904s um when guests can get eaten by the
4907s dinosaurs that would be really
4908s interesting I wonder I feel like when
4910s you bring like marketing into the game
4913s it's like if someone gets eaten it's
4915s like really bad publicity for your Park
4918s like it's like oh we have to donate to a
4920s few uh a few charities
4924s we gotta go on a press tour we gotta
4926s apologize
4927s guys get on YouTube with our apology
4929s video ASAP
4932s oh
4933s oh
4935s it's uh
4937s okay she Cho she chose a different way
4940s to go
4943s uh
4946s let's see what happens let's see what
4949s happens
4949s [Music]
4952s sometimes Early Access games
4955s are more entertaining than the finished
4957s version
4964s bye bye
4966s you okay girl oh
4972s well she's lost to the crowd now she's
4974s lost
4974s [Music]
4976s how many guests have we lost to the acro
4979s swamp
4982s some say
4984s you know dozens some say it could be in
4987s the hundreds or thousands
4990s it's a legendary mystery in the park
4992s though oh my God I love when they drink
4994s the water
5000s I love our dinos in this game I think
5004s the scales look so good shout out to
5006s Cindy
5008s [Music]
5010s I think this is this might be my
5013s favorite species of Batgirls as well
5014s that we have just because I love that
5015s little bit of blue in them
5017s that nice blue at the top
5020s it's beautiful
5024s I'll go
5027s um let's take a look at our little tacos
5029s as well oh see what I mean there's a
5032s little uh like size ratio it's like hmm
5037s we gotta work on the the genetics and
5039s the DNA
5040s of the satocosaurus because they're just
5043s something right something right
5050s shout out to Ward pack because oh
5054s foreign
5056s that's where we got our really nice
5058s enrichment items
5060s for our sataka source enclosure
5064s very cute
5066s there will later on in later updates be
5069s more enrichment items as well guys
5071s introduce for the animals
5074s um so that's actually really really fun
5076s um seeing the devs kind of decide on
5078s things which hopefully you guys will
5080s kind of maybe see in like uh later Dev
5083s Diaries
5084s [Music]
5085s um but yeah because like we'll look up
5087s like actual like enrichment items used
5088s in like zoo and sanctuaries and it's
5090s like oh my God this is so cute we need
5092s these for some dinos
5095s I love the tacos they have such look at
5097s them strutting they like know where the
5100s camera is
5101s it's like you know when babies when you
5102s hold up a phone to them they like they
5104s start smiling because they know they're
5106s like oh my God I have to do the thing
5109s head and a block of ice
5111s oh who's that
5113s now this little fella is a citacosaurus
5117s just like other ceratopsians
5120s cyticosaurus is a herbivore but it's
5123s sharp beak and simple Jaws are better
5125s suited to tough plant material such as
5128s nuts or seed a word of advice though be
5132s wary of that beak they're a little nippy
5138s so literally the poop like that's why we
5141s need the signs that are like please
5143s don't feed the dinosaurs
5148s is that they don't feed you I think
5149s that's don't be
5154s oh
5156s no a little bug
5162s oh I can't rotate this one oh
5172s [Music]
5179s damn it
5181s what that what the hell devs
5186s [Music]
5189s let me yeah don't feed the animals
5193s don't feed the animals because or else
5197s the staff like are like please put more
5199s signs up because
5201s the poop is like unreal at the moment no
5203s flash photography
5205s caution don't uh do not feed your
5208s fingers to the animals
5211s do not top in the glass it scares the
5213s animals we have little uh oh no climbing
5215s fences
5217s very important signs to have in every
5219s Park
5227s so I'll finish up a few things with the
5229s viewing platform we definitely need
5231s um we can add some animal info signs I
5234s do want to do something with the roof
5237s here I don't know maybe we'll make
5239s um
5242s maybe I'll look up some ideas
5244s online maybe I'll steal some ideas from
5247s the from other creators
5249s [Music]
5254s [Music]
5261s [Music]
5269s um jernick says on Twitch the guests
5271s don't pay attention to the signs then
5272s the zoo ain't liable mm-hmm
5275s mm-hmm
5280s but don't make me tap the sign again
5300s so how is that
5322s foreign
5346s [Music]
5351s so it's my little vision just to fill
5354s out those little gaps
5360s there is roof pieces that you can like
5363s little triangle roof pieces that you can
5364s fit in but I just like the um
5367s just using the wood beams
5368s [Music]
5374s yeah I think it looks pretty oh oh we
5377s need to add these a little bit
5382s [Music]
5388s foreign
5420s finish their Christmas shopping
5424s I haven't started
5427s or did anyone get any good deals in the
5430s Black Friday sales
5440s we will be having a Christmas update
5445s um that I believe will be separate from
5446s the um
5448s the title update with the new species
5449s and map
5452s um so yeah that'll be a smaller update
5454s with just some holiday content to use
5458s um I think I said in the last stream it
5459s was really cool
5461s when we released in beta last year we
5464s had
5465s um
5466s we released an update and then we added
5469s snow we were able to quickly add snow to
5471s the game just like right in time for
5472s Christmas so that was really fun
5474s [Music]
5477s it was nice for people to be able
5479s because people were kind of um they were
5480s like recoloring rocks making
5483s um really cool like icy looking
5484s enclosures
5487s for the um
5489s for the animals but it was awesome when
5492s um obviously
5493s actual snow Terrain
5496s was brought into the game
5499s [Music]
5506s uh Gorgon bones for the animal infant
5508s signs animal emphasize just make sure
5510s it's embryo to gotta make unsound
5512s decisions accessible of course a course
5522s anyone can make stupid decisions
5525s [Music]
5530s I feel like that's out of it too far oh
5532s uh okay yes I will get that
5535s [Music]
5552s that's coming along nights guys
5556s [Music]
5561s hello sesikis I'm very very bad with
5565s usernames
5567s so my bad if I mispronounce anybody's
5569s name
5578s we need to add are the wood beam here on
5581s this side as well
5586s foreign
5595s but this year
5597s so I've been living I'm from Dublin and
5600s Ireland and I've been living in the UK
5603s for seven and a half years now
5605s and loads of my jobs for years I was
5607s actually working in retail
5610s and
5612s um
5614s and then I was just kind of
5615s self-teaching myself
5616s Photoshop and video editing and learning
5619s more about the games industry and among
5621s a few other things and getting other
5623s experience like volunteering for uh to
5626s produce content or
5628s uh like game news websites
5631s I was able to get
5633s the job here at PK
5636s which was awesome but basically because
5639s I used to work in retail a lot of the
5641s time I've never it's been like seven
5643s years since I've been home to Ireland
5645s for Christmas I always had to stay here
5647s and work
5649s so I'm looking forward to being home for
5651s like the holidays like I still have nice
5653s Christmases because Christmas like if
5654s you celebrate Christmas it's always like
5656s such a long day
5658s um
5659s and we would obviously like I'd send
5661s over presents for family and they'd send
5664s over me presents and we'd Skype and we'd
5666s wait to Skype to like open everything so
5668s I am looking forward to to spending the
5670s day
5672s and my mom can bend all day cooking an
5675s extra meat because I'm vegetarian so she
5677s can cook me
5678s cook a completely different dish for me
5682s [Music]
5684s um yeah but if anyone is looking to get
5686s into like Community Management
5688s um
5690s volunteering to do like uh modding and
5694s Discord to be a moderator on Discord
5697s twitch YouTube is great
5700s knowing how to produce content
5704s um knowing marketing so
5707s my partner was able to teach me a lot
5710s because he was a content creator and I
5712s took over a lot of um
5716s some of hit like content social media
5718s content for him and I was managing his
5719s channel for a while and also I was doing
5722s a lot of work responding to people
5725s reaching out to do
5727s um sponsorship deals as well so I'll be
5729s coordinating deals
5732s um
5734s so yeah that's helpful a lot of places
5736s if you go into influencer marketing
5739s they want you to know a lot about Excel
5745s so if you like honestly there's so many
5747s videos Excel there's like so much you
5749s can do
5751s um so if you just get as much experience
5753s as possible even just yourself
5755s just learning how to use that that's a
5757s great tip to know
5759s oh
5761s [Music]
5767s um but yeah but my my partner before he
5770s went solo uh because he was a content
5773s creator and then he got hired by AAA
5775s games company and he's working there for
5777s a few years on their marketing team and
5779s he was also a video producer so he he
5781s taught me a lot of things when I was
5783s working with him
5785s um over the during the pandemic mostly
5794s so having experience in content creation
5796s and streaming that's always really handy
5798s because if you want to be a community
5799s manager ideally they'll want you to
5802s stream
5803s weirdly enough
5805s there's a lot of games companies where
5806s their Community manager like doesn't
5809s even play the game not calling out names
5812s um but I always think that's really
5813s weird or like you'll get like a lot of
5815s social media managers that are like
5817s always online talking to everybody but
5818s it's like you know they actually don't
5820s even like the game
5822s so um that's always quite interesting to
5826s find out so the best tip if you're if
5828s you want to be a community manager for a
5830s game it's like enjoy enjoy the game play
5833s the game that's quite a quite a big
5837s I feel like that's just the number one
5839s it's like can you play the game great
5841s we'll hire you
5847s um yeah but when I joined I didn't I
5849s knew a little bit about Prehistoric
5850s Kingdom I was following them and
5852s literally it was just like a like I saw
5855s their tweet and I was like oh I probably
5856s won't get it but like I'm trying to get
5859s into some game industry work I'd like to
5861s do like social media or Community
5863s Management for games
5865s or getting to the marketing side of
5867s things
5869s and yeah
5871s you you never know
5873s because it just so happened that the
5875s things that I've been working on myself
5878s was like exactly what the PK team at
5880s that time were looking for
5882s so guys you never know just just try
5884s just apply you never know
5890s a few jobs are a soul crushing us retail
5892s it's it's tough it's tough but
5895s it depends like you can get um
5898s there could be some perks like obviously
5900s like you really like your team
5903s like I feel like yeah
5905s and you can get good discounts in the
5907s clothes and you do learn a lot like um
5910s so I worked in Ted Baker which is like
5913s it's not like a designer brand but it's
5916s definitely more high-end higher end than
5919s like High Street it's sort of like
5922s like a slightly more expensive High
5924s Street brand that
5927s like it's kind of giving you that yeah
5929s it's like kind of a bit more expensive
5930s than High Street and it's kind of giving
5932s you that luxurious like feel
5936s um but yeah you'd kind of be almost like
5938s a personal shopper like you know if you
5939s go into a Ted Baker there's someone
5941s there greeting you like it's really
5942s important the Samantha George like Hi
5944s how are you what was Chad Baker and
5947s they'll say goodbye to you when you
5948s leave and literally like one thing that
5952s we did in our training is like hey go
5954s around the other stores
5956s and just see what they do do they do
5958s they say hello to say goodbye does
5960s anyone offer you help in the store
5963s loads of little things like that and you
5964s notice like oh no one else does that but
5966s Ted Baker does it
5968s um
5973s so yeah you do learn and you um there's
5977s more training like I would um so I was
5979s the senior sales and I it was a great
5982s team I worked for and I would do a lot
5983s of training activities I make like
5985s little games to learn about different
5987s new products that came in to do like the
5990s material or maybe the background like
5993s the inspiration behind everything and
5996s you know
5997s you'd have to learn like the best
5998s sellers of the week so you can recommend
5999s them to people and then obviously you
6001s the next thing you might want to learn
6003s is like merchandising the store which is
6005s like the arrangement of the store
6009s [Music]
6011s um but yeah but retail can be tough
6013s retail can be tough
6015s I think any any tip if there's ever um
6018s if you ever feel like there's like a
6020s silly rule like it's like why can't I
6022s refund something or why can I not a gift
6023s card why is it only exchange it's just
6026s because other people like I'm very very
6028s small group of people literally just
6029s ruin it for everything else it's like
6031s I'm really sorry we can't give you a
6033s gift card because people but you don't
6034s have a receipt and people have been
6037s stealing stuff from the stores around
6039s the area and returning them with no
6042s receipt to get like store credit on a
6044s gift card and then they're selling the
6045s gift card so you can only do a store
6047s exchange we can't do gift cards like
6049s there'll be little like annoyances like
6050s that
6051s which and people were just like I just
6053s don't understand why I can't get a gift
6054s card it's like don't lose your receipt
6057s um so yeah it's like if there's ever
6059s like
6060s like a little annoyance little things
6062s like that it's literally just because us
6065s very small group of people are just
6067s ruining it from everyone else it's like
6068s well
6069s I know the security tags are really
6072s annoying when you're trying to put
6074s clothes on but people steal
6076s people
6078s people are stealing from stores
6081s [Music]
6085s people
6086s um very very risky if you try and steal
6089s from an airport though
6092s we call those Caverns yes
6097s um but yeah I guess I can tell like a
6098s little story so I I wasn't there but my
6102s um friend was working there
6104s and she was actually the assistant
6106s manager at the airport and basically it
6109s was very quiet because when we launched
6112s open after the pandemic
6115s I'll do my little story time as I clean
6117s up the other enclosures but basically
6119s there was it was really quite a during
6121s the pandemic and there was very few
6123s flights like there's probably definitely
6125s less than like 30 flights a day airport
6126s wasn't busy man comes into the store
6129s he's like hey can I try these on in the
6131s fitting rooms and she was like yeah no
6132s problem I can't remember exactly what he
6134s tried on and then one of the items I
6136s think yes he just came out I was like oh
6137s I'm just gonna swap the sizes she's like
6138s yeah no problem but you see in more
6140s expensive stores the reason why not only
6143s does having just a few sizes out at a
6147s time look nicer because it's less
6148s cluttered it looks more like Boutique
6150s but it's also because the sales
6152s assistant know their shop floor and
6154s they'll know like oh he's after taking
6156s in these sizes so I know what sizes are
6157s left on the shop floor if like I sell
6159s one I know what size I have to restock
6161s and you know little things like that
6164s anyway so he walks out of the store and
6167s he's like oh thanks I just left those in
6168s the fitting room and she's like yep no
6170s problem and then she like a minute later
6172s because she was doing something else on
6174s the shop floor she went in and she
6175s checked um
6178s she noticed like he's after taking the
6181s the Navy polo shirt that he's trying on
6182s I know he did she knew what size he took
6184s and everything and it was a business
6185s airport she quickly calls security and
6190s um so they came to check the store oh my
6193s God is he just like pooping in his sleep
6197s um so the security you know the gut
6199s weekly security came to oh I just said
6201s whatever I worked at I don't care I used
6202s to work at Gatwick Airport guys at Tim
6204s Baker shout out to the teams there
6207s um I was in the North Terminal I'm at
6208s the North Terminal is a nice store
6210s anyway so
6212s she called security
6215s they came they checked the security
6218s cameras they could spot them
6220s so then they obviously radio people and
6222s they're like giving a description of the
6224s guy and they end up finding him and
6226s they're like okay yeah he's headed down
6228s this way so we think he's getting on the
6229s next flight that's here because again it
6230s was like quiet at the airport and I feel
6232s like the security staff didn't have as
6234s much to do either so they were like on
6236s it they were like oh my God something to
6237s do today let's go go go go it's huge
6239s operation let's get this guy and so then
6242s they asked my friend who is the
6244s assistant manager they're like hey we
6246s got him he's headed down to this skate
6249s the flight's about to take off will you
6250s come down so you can identify him and
6252s she was like yeah yeah sure so the um
6256s they went to the gate I kind of remember
6257s where he's flying to
6259s and like it was a guy who was probably
6261s like maybe in his 30s or something I'm
6263s not too sure and he
6267s um
6269s so I think they went he had already
6270s boarded the plane and he would he was
6272s one of the last two people that board of
6274s the plane so then they just went up to
6275s the desk
6276s of obviously where the you know some of
6278s the cabin crew the airline staff are and
6280s they're like hey did this guy he looked
6282s like this wearing this he just like get
6284s on the plane and she's like yep he was
6286s one of the last few people I know where
6287s he is like obviously they can just bring
6289s up their ticket and passport what seat
6291s they're sitting at
6292s so then they walked on do you know the
6294s way you board the plane and you're
6297s um there's like that raised like tunnel
6298s that you're in when you're boarding like
6299s sometimes you actually you're outside
6301s and you board on the steps but I think
6302s they were in that like uh tunnel that
6304s connects the plane that like docks it to
6306s the airport
6307s oh what's that guy that's about to get
6309s intense
6312s so he gets on the plane
6316s or he's on the plane
6318s my friend was the assistant manager at
6319s the store her and the police are like
6321s right outside the plane where like the
6322s door is open and the passengers in the
6325s front row they like to see the Gatwick
6326s Security Police standing like oh my God
6328s what's happening what's going on and um
6331s the airline
6334s um worker goes on the plane she goes up
6337s to the guy in his seat and she's like oh
6339s excuse me sir um could you just come
6341s with me for just a moment and he's kind
6343s of like uh okay yeah sure and then he
6346s walks out and as soon as he steps off
6348s the plane and again there's other
6349s passengers like in the front for a few
6351s rows like looking like oh my God what's
6352s going on and um the Gatwick security and
6356s police or as soon as he sees
6359s um my friend was the assistant manager
6360s he recognized it from the store his eyes
6362s just go like so big he's like oh oh
6365s my God and I think the police are really
6368s calm they're like oh hello sir um were
6370s you um in Ted Baker earlier today and
6374s he's like yeah and then they say did you
6376s leave the store without paying for
6378s something and he was like yeah they're
6381s like what did you take and he goes this
6383s and he put something on and walked out
6386s like he stole something those people do
6388s that they'll just wear something and
6389s walk out
6391s and I know they I feel like he must have
6393s done that a few times before just must
6395s have thought like he wasn't going to get
6396s caught but he got caught and as soon as
6400s he said that he like turned to my friend
6401s who's the assistant manager and I was
6403s like please please don't be arrested but
6404s she was like it's out of my hands now
6405s sorry and then she asked the police like
6407s can she go they're like yep sure
6410s and then um later so it turns out what
6414s happened to him because he had like no
6415s other priors he got um kind of like a I
6418s think a warning but on his so he was
6421s leaving the UK and when he would return
6423s back to the UK after like his holiday
6426s because they took down all his details
6427s he had to pay a fine apparently
6430s um
6431s and then also um she got the Navy Polo
6435s t-shirt back but she said when she got
6437s it back because obviously the police
6438s took it off and they got her back she
6440s said it was like drenched in sweat so
6443s when he got caught he must have like
6444s freaked out
6447s so there you go guys don't don't steal
6450s from stores
6453s because you'll get caught it's not worth
6455s it
6457s but yeah I don't know what would have
6458s happened like he might not have been
6460s able to get on his flight look at all
6461s these patches that are
6463s that are just hurting up here
6467s um but yeah I don't know what would have
6468s happened if he had like any other
6471s repeat any other run-ins with the police
6475s maybe he would have been arrested
6479s but it's it's always good when when
6482s someone does something bad and you're
6483s like yes we got Justice
6487s oh look at everyone everyone's heading
6489s into the Italian Cafe
6491s it's popping it's popping over here guys
6495s coffee to go please
6497s but yes of course in a future update
6499s everyone we will be having staff and
6501s staff management I'm really looking
6502s forward to um more management being
6505s introduced to the game
6508s so guys I'm actually going to start
6510s splitting off what time is it oh I think
6511s we're going to do our giveaway in a few
6513s minutes guys
6518s I'm hoping
6521s Kimmy oh
6526s yes
6528s I like when things work out
6533s oh
6534s [Music]
6543s almost
6548s [Music]
6556s there we go
6558s woohoo so we'll place this over here or
6562s now
6574s so we'll have some kind of like viewing
6577s platform we need to obviously decorate
6579s and add more details so it looks more
6582s fancy and then we'll obviously connect
6584s our pathway so that way our Apache
6587s wrench
6589s uh will connect to this enclosure and
6592s honestly I think we need like another
6594s pathway around this way I'm not sure
6596s what else I do want to build a really
6598s big lake area where there's lots of
6600s enclosures maybe dispersed around like
6603s big bridges that go across
6605s [Music]
6608s for a little enclosure and then we'll do
6610s our giveaway
6612s but yeah I'm liking I think yeah I can
6614s edit or I can build on this throughout
6617s the week
6619s maybe I can record and that way I can
6621s just show a little Speed Wheel video
6624s or another string or in the next string
6635s [Music]
6646s take a look at the view oh my God it's
6649s so beautiful
6662s I may actually have another one the
6665s other side
6668s so you can see more of the park oh and
6670s of course we need our little
6672s in our guest facilities
6683s obviously we need a little Lookout
6690s so you know maybe there's a little uh
6693s you can put like a penny in
6695s it will cost you money
6698s to view everything
6704s be a little taller I need to make like
6706s little boxes for these
6710s maybe there's like a little contact list
6712s you can use
6716s but we will
6718s um have extortionate prizes in this park
6727s and just the one there's gonna be a big
6729s cue so everyone has to share
6732s um but yeah maybe we'll do another one
6733s the other side as well
6736s and because we pulled a lot of details
6740s from this prefab here everything matches
6744s let's be I definitely need to add the
6746s steps and the door
6748s so I can do that in the next playthrough
6750s and obviously we need to add some nice
6752s plans and flowers we'll probably grab
6754s things that will match this enclosure we
6756s need to
6757s I think someone suggested but like dead
6759s trees in here that would be good we also
6761s need to tilt some of these trees and the
6762s turbos they actually like oh my God see
6765s this should be the taco poop
6768s let me let me grab one of the one of the
6771s tacosaurus because
6773s don't mate right with the with the tacos
6778s uh who oh
6780s there is a dryer in here that I placed I
6782s think I pull I was using this dryer was
6785s a little demonstration in last week's
6787s stream and I didn't terminate him he's
6789s just with the dryos
6791s or hey sorry he's with the tacos so oh
6794s this is Nathan we'll grab Nathan
6799s if you don't know we named you can name
6801s the animals in the game so we've named
6803s uh the tacos Mal Nathan and Nano
6807s no no reason no connection to the devs
6810s just completely random
6815s I feel like this makes a bit more sense
6819s I mean even then it's a bit big but
6821s slightly more sick ill he did it in the
6824s food
6826s are you guys
6829s later on in a future update as well
6831s obviously animals and dinosaurs they
6834s will recognize you know hey that's a
6836s predator I should run
6839s um well I'm not exactly sure what the
6840s animations will be but obviously yes the
6843s dinosaurs and other animals will
6845s recognize the other species
6847s so it'll be very fun
6850s to see Prehistoric Kingdom become more
6852s alive
6853s [Music]
6857s we got big plans for PK guys big plans
6862s and I do I just still don't like the
6864s idea of him being in here I know there's
6865s like a Smilodon in the country
6867s rhinosaurus habitat but I feel like the
6870s patronosaurus might be especially a herd
6872s of them they could hold they could hold
6873s their own
6875s especially they stick together against a
6876s Smilodon
6879s so we have the here's really clean from
6883s our dung beetle nest
6885s here not so much
6887s maybe we'll move one
6889s just to
6890s keep some of the areas tidy
6896s so let me just go oh we need some uh
6899s crowd control
6901s so I will just follow a little Turbo
6910s great so guys it is time for our
6914s giveaway
6916s so let me just pull up mubot so anyone
6920s watching YouTube
6922s it's predators in the Jurassic living
6924s alongside torvosaurus with so many large
6928s carnivores in one area competing for the
6931s same food different species must have
6934s specialized in different prey
6938s thank you so much Nigel again happy
6940s birthday to Nigel it was his birthday
6942s just the other day
6944s we love you Nigel
6947s such a such a National Treasure
6951s the Prehistoric Kingdom giveaway
6960s okay so if you are on YouTube quickly
6963s head on over to our twitch if you want
6965s to take part in the giveaway so I'm
6968s going to be you'll see an announcement
6970s soon in the chat where all you have to
6971s do is type or just copy and paste a chat
6974s keyword
6975s and when you type in the keyword then
6978s you will be entered to win a key for
6980s Prehistoric Kingdom
6983s so
6985s the word will be Turbo
6988s so just wait for it to pop up in the
6990s chat guys
6994s oh
6999s [Music]
7007s okay giveaway is open
7011s so guys even if you already had um
7014s Prehistoric Kingdom you can enter a
7016s course you can give away to a friend
7018s maybe if you're a Creator you can give
7020s it away on your stream or on your
7022s channel that's no problem
7026s um I will just keep looking at our
7028s little turtles though
7035s oh my God look at them run
7039s he like sees a kid with a taco
7043s or like a burrito eating and because
7045s people in the zoo keep on feeding the
7047s animals he's like running towards that
7049s he's not eating his normal food anymore
7051s I'm a eater I think this is Andrew
7053s oh no it's silky cute we have Andrew
7057s tsuki
7059s two soupies
7061s oh wait that is Andrew Andrew Suki and
7064s we have one more Turbo
7067s but the third tour but oh curious and
7071s this is Tito Tito ortito
7075s foreign
7088s chat still take part if they want
7093s just another like
7095s 10 seconds guys
7097s I'll say let's say 20 for anyone who's
7099s like listening and they're like wait I
7101s can't find my phone I'm just listening
7103s to the Stream
7105s foreign
7120s so the winner will be if you just wait
7123s till after the Stream So first of all I
7125s will uh whisper you in the from the PK
7127s account on Twitch and
7131s then
7132s after the stream I'll send you your key
7134s so just a few minutes after the stream
7136s I'll send you another message and giving
7139s you your key and it's a key for Steam
7148s so the winner is Dr Corollas
7153s so congratulations I'm just gonna
7155s quickly send you a little whisper over
7157s on Steam oh my God look at a little
7158s Turbo
7162s sleeping so congratulations let me just
7165s open up oh I gotta open up a little
7167s twitch page did I say steam yes I think
7170s I did
7181s okay so just in about 10 minutes I'll
7183s send you your key
7186s okay guys
7189s a little weird well I still have some of
7192s you here do you want the good news or
7195s the bad news
7196s I'll let you guys decide what do you
7198s want first the good news or the bad news
7204s uh Ryan is saying Ryan uh fennek on
7207s YouTube says next update coming out soon
7209s yes it will be coming out closer to the
7211s end of this year
7213s so jernick is saying bad news
7216s so I'm gonna go with okay you guys are
7220s more saying you want the bad news first
7221s no so as with most voting systems these
7225s days you actually don't have a choice
7226s I'm going to tell you the good news
7227s first so the good news is that
7231s nothing wrong with updates or anything
7232s everything's coming out
7235s on time just like we've been saying the
7238s dev diary tomorrow is going to be
7239s amazing your eyes are going to get you
7240s guys are gonna get a really good sneak
7242s peek
7244s um at everything but the bad news is I'm
7246s actually leaving I won't be the
7248s community manager for PK anymore
7252s um I'm going to be going to a Publishing
7253s Company it's been a really tough
7255s decision because I really love this game
7257s in this community and I love streaming I
7259s might actually continue this playthrough
7261s on my own channel
7263s um so keep an eye out guys but yeah it's
7265s my last week here oh my God it's
7267s actually so upsetting I'm gonna miss the
7269s team so much I was literally like
7271s thinking like maybe I can do both jobs
7273s maybe I can do two and I've had so much
7276s fun on the streams just messing about
7277s and looking at all the dinosaurs and
7280s building our funny little Prehistoric
7282s Park
7282s and I was looking forward to testing the
7284s guest AI as well but don't worry guys I
7286s think I might actually continue the
7287s playthrough on my own twitch Channel
7290s it's it's tough it's tough I know
7293s [Music]
7295s oh thanks guys
7301s the pain
7304s it's it's been a tough decision it's
7306s been real I was lit like really I was
7308s really thinking like maybe I can but I
7310s can't like if I stayed on it's like
7312s maybe I can stay on but then I would
7313s have to stop doing streams and oh thanks
7316s so much all the best in your new job or
7318s you know who might take over it so I
7320s don't have any plans
7321s um or sorry I don't know who's gonna
7323s take over guys I'm assuming that the
7325s devs will take over things at the moment
7329s but um
7331s yeah I'm not too sure but you guys there
7334s could be you know like I said earlier
7336s get get your Photoshop and video editing
7338s skills up
7340s so my twitch is
7343s [Music]
7346s so that's my username guys row 01 that's
7348s my full name
7350s so follow me over on Twitch
7353s let me just find it so I can link it to
7354s you guys and I think I don't know what
7356s day I'll do it I can continue doing it
7358s on Tuesday evenings it would just be
7360s maybe a later time than today but I
7362s would love to continue this playthrough
7370s foreign
7378s people are like messaging me on like
7380s Discord and everything thanks guys yeah
7382s I think the the best thing about like
7385s when I joined is because I didn't I
7387s didn't know like what to expect because
7389s I just kind of I joined
7391s pretty much like exactly a year ago and
7393s I couldn't believe how nice like the
7394s community was because
7396s I was used to like moderating and I was
7399s kind of involved in a few communities
7400s there was like a few kind of very
7401s details like Strat hardcore strategy
7404s games
7405s and they're like crazy like really into
7408s like historical accuracy they will like
7410s argue with companies and you guys are
7413s real nice it's like oh don't worry like
7414s you know the dinosaur pronunciation
7416s doesn't matter it's really just the
7417s spelling and oh my God it's been so fun
7420s and everyone is like so nice helping
7421s each other with like their park bills
7423s and it's like yeah that looks great when
7424s people post screenshots it's been really
7426s cool
7428s um but yeah so I don't have any say in
7430s like the next Community manager maybe
7431s let me just fix this Dino so we can
7435s we don't want to see them struggle
7439s [Music]
7444s um oh yeah I can post my little so
7447s that's my twitch Channel guys I haven't
7448s streamed for a while I used to stream
7450s Don't Starve but I think I will start
7452s doing
7453s um streams again and of course stream
7454s Prehistoric Kingdom
7457s um I know do you think the Jazz will
7459s will let me have access with the other
7462s content creators I hope so
7464s I hope they give me early access to the
7466s game still
7469s he's struggling because Rosie's leaving
7471s I know I know
7473s bad sad times but
7476s if if I were to choose ideally I would
7479s um I mean obviously it'd be great to
7481s have
7481s a community manager with other
7483s experience even just it doesn't even
7484s have to be I guess if they had an
7486s experience with Early Access games
7489s um and worked with them until their full
7491s release that would be awesome but I
7493s really think someone who's a good
7496s um video editor and obviously can stream
7499s can play the game like I said make sure
7501s you know how to play the game if you
7502s want to be the community manager so
7505s um yeah I think someone who's a good
7506s content creator and then like I did
7508s working with the dancing Prehistoric
7510s Kingdom the next Community manager
7512s you'll learn so much you learn so much
7514s about marketing and the games and the
7516s devs are also nice so I'm sure I don't
7519s know if they'll be any time soon I
7521s imagine the devs might wait until the
7522s new year before they hire the next
7524s Community manager but um so keep an eye
7526s out on social guys because it's a really
7528s great opportunity to work for the team
7533s um but yeah so I if I would if I would
7535s choose I think someone who can
7537s um produce videos quicker who's a really
7539s good video editor and you can play the
7541s game record voice over everything
7543s [Music]
7545s um that would be great and also someone
7546s who's available to stream
7548s um so everyone on the team works from
7550s home so you would have to have your own
7552s equipment
7555s so those are like some tips
7558s um and then obviously if you know
7559s obviously someone who has like an
7561s insight to games marketing and working
7563s with influencers but again you can you
7565s can be self-taught that's what I did
7567s so I gained a lot of experience helping
7569s my partner with his YouTube channel and
7572s well I did do a lot of like
7574s um working with
7576s um like marketing Representatives so
7578s there'll be game companies or the third
7580s party companies that would contact
7583s UM my partner like via email or DMS
7586s offering like sponsorships you wouldn't
7587s have to know that for a community
7589s manager position
7591s but yeah just try and like set up set it
7593s even if you just stream even if you have
7595s like no viewers just knowing how to
7596s stream and using OBS or whatever system
7598s you want to use that's a great
7599s experience because not everyone can do
7602s that
7603s uh and again yeah if you know some
7605s photoshop and video editing if you know
7607s the difference so for instance
7610s um obviously if you're like working on
7612s an image for a company you want to use
7614s like their logos their font the colors
7616s you want to have like a theme
7618s so there's all like tips like that
7621s like obviously it sounds like just basic
7623s or like common sense but not everyone
7625s like realizes like oh yeah I guess so so
7627s just like knowing all that is like
7628s really handy
7630s need to stream more dino games maybe
7632s I'll maybe I'll stream paleo Pines
7636s so we'll finish up this stream in a
7638s minute guys
7643s but yeah so those are just some some
7645s tips that I I would if I was
7648s going to be hiring the next Community
7649s manager that's what I'd want to look out
7651s for but I don't know maybe the devs will
7652s want to look for something a bit
7654s different
7655s [Music]
7658s kicker White Lane says no one can
7660s replace Rosie in her cold at hearts
7663s thank you thank you I know I know
7666s oh I wish uh
7668s I know well that's kind of why like I
7670s hope to kind of continue the part the
7672s park streams so maybe maybe even next
7675s week I'll be back to streaming
7678s UK again that will be fun
7680s oh you know about paleo Pines yeah we
7682s were talking about it earlier
7684s uh so illiterate scholar was just asking
7686s about paleo Pines
7688s um over on YouTube yeah so I was
7690s mentioning earlier that
7691s um we followed them I don't think they
7694s followed us but just recently I noticed
7695s that they do follow us and I think it's
7697s so cute I want like loads of dinosaur
7698s games to follow each other
7701s we're all gonna be friends
7704s oh a dinosaur a dinosaur said I have the
7706s blue in your streams always cheer me up
7708s it's time to go but I'll blow your
7709s Twitch oh thank you so much guys
7711s um yeah of course I still want to
7713s support PK so if I can do that by
7715s streaming in my free time I definitely
7717s will
7720s but yeah but guys it's a really going to
7722s be a really great opportunity to if you
7725s wanna
7726s sort of get like an entry role into the
7730s gaming community and work with a really
7732s great team and working on a really great
7736s game it's such a great opportunity and
7738s you know you can kind of bring your own
7739s creative ideas of what you want to do
7742s um like showing off things on social
7743s media maybe there's different types of
7745s streams you want to do think about
7746s different like competitions giveaways
7750s um but yeah so if you want to start kind
7751s of building on your experience over the
7753s next couple of weeks just try learn some
7755s basic Photoshop
7757s editing try learn about games marketing
7759s some like ins and outs the do's and
7762s don'ts
7763s um but yeah
7764s um
7767s I think
7769s I think it's gonna be good
7771s uh this is very amazing and somewhat
7772s impressive in my opinion
7774s the me leaving or our Park
7782s we'll we'll fade away to the to the
7784s exits
7787s foreign
7792s I feel like should we have like a sad
7794s song
7797s let me
7805s I hope this isn't too loud so I'm gonna
7818s uh I want to click on it
7820s [Music]
7823s oh sorry there's like a little ad first
7826s a sad Goodbye song I know I'm quick like
7828s what's like a
7830s a sad
7832s Alexa play despacito one last time
7838s let me I need to know what this sounds
7839s like on the stream though
7845s there's just unfortunately the the PK
7848s YouTube channel doesn't have a
7851s YouTube Prime YouTube premium so uh
7858s okay I just I need to make sure I don't
7860s want to blast the level the volume
7864s just unfortunately the
7867s okay one set guys one sec
7870s Skyrim no I got something I got
7872s something
7881s oh
7884s okay no that's not the one I want
7891s okay let me just do this one oh
7896s [Music]
7899s uh literate scholar says best of luck to
7901s whatever whatever is your next project
7902s thank you so much
7905s oh can you hear that
7909s basically guys I'm trying to play The
7911s Gladiator soundtrack
7913s it's one of those the saddest
7915s soundtracks in movie history
7917s [Music]
7925s very sad okay well thanks so much guys
7927s for joining me in this week's stream I'm
7930s going to keep on streaming this on my
7931s own twitch Channel and I'm going to be
7933s supporting the game all the way through
7934s even after Early Access of the games
7936s bully I'm gonna be playing Prehistoric
7938s Kingdom for years
7939s um if you're interested in taking over
7941s and being a community manager for PK
7943s just keep an eye on their socials and uh
7945s yeah so just scroll back this this
7948s stream will be re-uploaded on YouTube so
7950s go back and remember what I said I think
7952s someone is good at video editing
7953s Photoshop has some experience in
7956s moderating like Discord and chat so just
7958s you know you might have a few weeks
7959s before they're hiring someone so just
7961s get get those out get your CDs ready
7963s build your experience I think the next
7966s Community manager out there is going to
7968s do big things for Prehistoric Kingdom
7971s um
7972s don't be sad at ended small because it
7974s happened I know I know
7976s best year ever with PK and introducing
7978s or launching into beta on Early Access I
7982s enjoyed it such such an exciting time
7984s because literally right before beta
7987s dropped and then I got to um
7989s Prehistoric Kingdom was released into
7991s the world with Early Access which is
7992s really really cool to be part of and I
7994s remember like I even said that I said
7996s that to Mao I was like I'm so happy to
7998s be just like the genius part of like
8000s prehistoric Kingdom's Legacy I'm like oh
8002s my God I'm so lucky to be part of such a
8005s cool team and everyone is so so nice
8006s there
8008s and you get to work from home as well
8010s [Music]
8018s [Music]
8021s love you guys bye thanks for watching
8024s [Music]
8041s foreign
8057s [Music]
8071s [Music]
8080s thank you
8082s [Music]

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