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Hey, thanks for your feedback!

We're a smaller team, so the pace of progress isn't as blazing fast as we would like, but we are actively addressing these issues to heighten the playing experience. Here's what we are doing concretely:

-We're internally undergoing a complete guest art overhaul - this includes models, audio, and animation. So while they don't currently play any specific animations when using visitor specific structures, we are going to update them in the near future to have all the animations you would naturally expect (sitting on benches, pointing out animals, using binoculars, etc.)

-The guests currently do use structures and view animals, but as per the first point, they don't play any animation, which makes them seem as if they weren't using those points in the first place. The art overhaul will address this implicitly.

-Staff is coming later down the line, and with them, specific staff structures

Hope this helps clarifying some of your issues!

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