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Welcome, Park Managers!

Update 10 is now available! This patch introduces 4 new species (3 genera), an enhanced boreal biome, a new map, as well as the much anticipated Stone Age building set. Please send feedback and bug reports to our Discord server's[discord.com] appropriate channel.

Looking ahead, the team is working on bringing a greater sense of management gameplay to Prehistoric Kingdom with the addition of staff and other mechanics such as ontogeny later this year. While this development continues, we will continue supporting the game with hotfixes to address outstanding issues reported by the community.

There'll be no dev diary later this month due to the release of Update 10, though there will be a small blog post exploring the upcoming art book and soundtrack releases for those who would like to further support the game's development.

Thanks, and enjoy Update 10!

- The PK Team

Update 10 Features
New Species Expand your kingdom's collection with 4 brand new species: Elasmotherium, Sinotherium, Panthera atrox and Panthera spelaea!

These ice age mammals make heavy use of the alt species system, allowing us to implement both American and European cave lions in addition to the much lesser known rhinoceros ancestor, Sinotherium!

Animal Avoidance In Update 10, animals will now try to dynamically path around one another! While there will still be some clipping with heads and tails (hard to get rid of without having oversized avoidance ranges on the animals), this will be a massive improvement across the board.

Additional AI improvements will be coming this year, so stay tuned!

New Map & Boreal Biome Update Explore the frozen wilds of the Canadian Rockies with this mountainous environment. Scattered all over the map, players can find 21 new foliage pieces for the Boreal biome. Create lush steppes, tundras, and even flowering alpine forests.

New Building Theme: Stone Age It's time to go full unga bunga. Return to caveman and embrace the stone's cold embrace.

Featuring a new set of fences, walls, roofs, and modular objects inspired by both paleolithic and neolithic architecture, this is one of the most detailed sets we've created yet. The pieces are so diverse in their uses that we can't wait to see where they'll show up in your builds!

Using objects like the new stalagmite and stalactites, it's even possible to build surprisingly authentic cave structures. Perfect for cave lions, hm?

For those who're less creatively inclined (or enjoy the ease of use!) there are a bunch of new prefabs, too. These designs feel right at home amongst the pine forests.

PSA: Modular Mural Changes

All the modular murals have been merged into style options rather than individual objects to improve performance. Unfortunately, this means that some murals in your park may disappear and will need to be replaced. We're very sorry for the inconvenience!

Known Issues & Additional Notes
  • The new animals are missing Nigel voicelines! We will be adding them once we do our next recording session with Nigel.
  • The new Boreal map can be quite memory intensive (may result in crashes on lower end systems!)
  • There is an issue related to the undo/redo handling of the modular system which affects water edges. We have found the source of the problem and hope to address it in a hotfix update.
  • We are aware that rendering and shadow culling distance on several modular items are too aggressive currently, which we are also addressing ASAP
  • The tutorial scenario is momentarily disabled due to some unforeseen effects created by the newest changes and additions. We will be enabling it again as soon as these effects are addressed.
As always, we kindly thank you for your patience!

Full Patch Notes
  • NEW ANIMAL: Elasmotherium
  • NEW ANIMAL: Panthera atrox/spelaea
  • NEW ANIMAL: Sinotherium
  • NEW MAP: Canadian Rockies
  • Gameplay
    • Parks can now be opened and closed at a player’s whim, forcing guests to react accordingly. This can be toggled through the Management View
    • Added and reshuffled Cenozoic formations:
      • Added the Liushu Formation in China
      • Added the Tokod Formation in Hungary which now contains the existing Mammoth Steppe biota - Vilyui River and Yamal Peninsula have been removed from the excavations selection
      • Added the Koktschetaw Formation in Kazakhstan
  • Buildings & Scenery
    • Added Concrete Roofs to the Basic Theme
    • Added new materials to the Curved Cap Roof piece (Tropical Thatch, Basic Shingle Tiles, Modern Wooden Tiles & Modern Metal Planks)
    • Added Elasmotherium & Cave Lion Silhouette pieces
    • Added Stone Age Theme Structures & Pieces
      • Added Moss Roofs
      • Added Cave Roofs
      • Added Layered Thatch Roofs
      • Added Stick Wall
      • Added Cave Walls
      • Added New Mammoth Steppe Mural
      • Added 2 Stone Age Fences with short, medium and tall size variants (Stone Cave Fences & Wooden Palisade Fences)
      • Added 4 Stone Age Paths (Log Path, Fossil Path, Footprint Path & Substrate Path)
      • Added Cave Paint decals with 12 different styles!
      • Added 2 Doors
      • Added 3 Benches
      • Added 2 Bins
      • Added 2 Tables
      • Added 3 Basalt Rock pieces
      • Added 2 Stalagmite pieces
      • Added 2 Stalagmite Column pieces
      • Added 3 Stalactite pieces
      • Added 3 StoneHenge Rock pieces
      • Added 2 Carved Stone Beam pieces
      • Added 4 Mushroom pieces (Porcini, Fly Amanita, Chanterelle, Shaggy Ink Caps)
      • Added 2 Moss Clump pieces
      • Added Fish Rack piece
      • Added Furs Rack piece
      • Added 3 Railing pieces
      • Added 7 Hide-Wall Structural pieces
      • Added Dugout Boat Canoe piece
      • Added Campfire piece
      • Added 4 Pot pieces
      • Added Basket Fish Trap piece
      • Added Stone Axe piece
      • Added Obsidian Knife piece
      • Added Rope Net piece
      • Added Rope Plane piece, uses World Space tiling textures similar to the Chainlink pieces!
      • Added 4 Dry Log pieces (4m Thin, 4m Thick, Thick Arch, Thin Arch)
      • Added 3 Birch Log pieces (4m, 2m & Arch)
    • Added 7 new Theropod bones (Theropod Vertebra Tail, Theropod Vertebra Neck, Theropod Finger, Theropod Toe, Theropod Radius & Ulna, Theropod Humerus, Theropod Shoulder)
    • Added 4 new Basic Railings
    • Added 2 Bollard pieces
    • Added Metal Shelf
    • Added a host of new official prefabs:
      • Stone Age Themed Prefabs
        • Prehistoric Kingdom Visitor Entrance Stone Age
        • Bathroom Stone Age Small, Large
        • Shop Shell Stone Age Small, Medium, Large
        • Bone Hut
        • Rest Area Stone Age 1
        • Viewing Platform Ston Age 1, 2
        • Stone Henge
        • Stone Henge Ruins
      • Misc. Prefabs
        • Animal Metallic Walkway
        • Climbing Tree 1, 2
  • Foliage
    • Added 3 new vegetation painting presets to the boreal biome: Pine Forest, Flower Field and Dry Prairie
    • Added Boreal Scots Pine 1,2,3,4
    • Added Dry Tundra Grass 1,2
    • Added Labrador Tea 1,2 and Labrador Tea Bare 1,2
    • Added 8 variations of Dwarf Birch
    • Added Fireweed 1,2,3
  • UI/UX
    • While editing a Modular Group, clicking repeatedly in the same place will now cycle through all Modular Pieces beneath the cursor
    • Added a QOL dialog notifying the player of a prefab creation’s success state
  • Environment
    • Added Snow and Blizzard as environmental effects - they can be encountered naturally on the Canadian Rockies and Goldfinch Fields maps
    • Added northern lights effects to the Canadian Rockies map, visible at night time
  • Audio
    • Added snow footstep sounds to animals
    • Added snow surface interaction sounds to animals
    • Added sounds to Coelodonta one shots
    • Added missing new game bird sounds to Tanzania
  • Music
    • Added Boreal new game and load game music
    • Added Grassland new game and load game music
  • Gameplay
    • Improved modular quick scaling behavior - multiple piece actions are once again included in quick scaling, while audio feedback is triggered when scaling isn’t allowed (i.e. on modules)
  • Animals
    • Significant improvements to animal limb IKs
    • Adjusted swimming heights and transitions for Tyrannosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Muttaburrasaurus, Scelidosaurus, Velociraptor, Dryosaurus and Psittacosaurus
  • Buildings & Scenery
    • Moved Concrete Walls to the Basic Theme
    • Slightly Trimmed the Plant Wall Facade Style to prevent the leafs overlapping the edges so it's easier to work with in builds
    • Moved Murals into Styles rather than their own individual objects to improve rendering performance - note this will cause some murals to vanish in your builds and they will need to be replaced, apologies in advance!
  • Environment
    • Updated volumetric light to be less overwhelming at sunset
    • Updated light shafts to appear more volumetric
    • Updated sunset on most maps
    • Updated Spain lighting based on community feedback
    • Updated Tanzania night lighting to be consistent with other maps
    • Decreased immediate strength of fog for a clearer image
    • Decreased ambient reflections (less blue skylight reflected in the shade)
    • Increased night time star brightness
  • UI/UX
    • Improved nursery animal preview and fur rendering by adjusting the preview angle and field of view
  • Audio
    • Updated Coelodonta vocals to sound more full
  • Music
    • Music that isn’t timing sensitive will not pause with the pause screen anymore
Bug Fixes
  • Critical
    • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when animals drink
    • Fixed one issue breaking the undo/redo system for modular placement
    • Resolved an issue causing the info screen pieces to not correctly load information for alt. animal genera
    • Fixed a critical tutorial issue causing players to get stuck in the animal cinematic tracking mode
  • Gameplay
    • Fixed a selection issue related to double clicking a modular item to get into edit mode
    • Fixed an issue causing animal placement to not totally reset the action when right-clicking
  • Animals
    • Escaped animals should be far less common
    • Fixed animation error on Psittacosaurus eating exit
  • Foliage
    • Fixed incorrect collision layer for Fox Glove White
    • Fixed offset pivot for Marula 3 (this may move your existing ones by a meter!)
  • UI/UX
    • Fixed several instances of blank modular prefab previews
    • Resolved some layout issues in the Excavations Menu
    • Fixed a GUI issue in the main menu, causing the tutorial prompt panel to not be clickable
    • Fixed an issue causing time pausing not to properly trigger when first opening the screenshot menu
    • Fixed a layout positioning issue with the Tyrannosaurus preview in the loading screen
    • Fixed a layout issue in the building filter menu causing the grassland biome to be wrongly offset
  • Audio
    • Fixed large ceratopsians using small ceratopsian yawn sound
    • Fixed rhino surface interaction sounds not accounting for terrain material
  • Music
    • Fixed issue with music playing prematurely in the loading screen

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