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603s hi everybody Welcome to the stream let
607s me just adjust the music
614s okay I'm hoping that'll be a little bit
616s better
617s uh let me uh yeah guys let me know if
620s you can hear me okay we're doing a few
622s different tests
623s um getting the steam up and running on
625s our steam store page so directly it is
629s actually streaming oh no it's streaming
631s my direct gameplay
634s but you guys watching on YouTube and
636s twitch will get all the extras on my
639s little webcam bubble and we'll take a
640s look at um
641s just a few things like we spoke about
643s before about what's coming next to
645s Prehistoric Kingdom
647s as you can see my little road map down
649s at the bottom so hello to everybody I
651s actually just want to fix my microphone
653s it's going to move it so there's not too
655s much click
657s click noises picking up but how is
660s everyone today it's been a minute
663s so hello insert image toxic bubbles
666s organ bones oh we featured you um in our
668s community Spotlight that was an awesome
670s Victorian Avery did facts and theories
672s George Kyle Benny pray uh correcto112
677s Maxwell hello everybody Welcome to the
680s Prehistoric Kingdom live stream my name
682s is Rosie today we're going to be playing
683s some Prehistoric Kingdom
686s so let's see what's going on
688s um so for anyone oh voice seems low
690s thank you so much for letting me know
693s let me just adjust that
699s but how was everyone's week how was
701s everyone's weekend oh my goodness you
704s guys house of the Dragon
714s okay so in like 10 seconds hopefully my
717s voice will be a little bit louder
719s hello palpk how is everybody
724s um so today we are going to be
727s continuing on with our Prehistoric
728s Kingdom park I think I've downloaded
731s um a good few items from the Steam
732s Workshop so we're gonna place them and
734s see just before we move on to the next
736s enclosure kind of those little
737s transitions between
740s um you know around the park in between
741s the enclosures I just want more kind of
743s decorative
744s um scenery spots places for like the
746s guests to sit and get a snack maybe uh
749s so that's what we're going to be
750s checking out today so I've downloaded
751s some really cool items from the Steam
752s Workshop
754s um so looking at our little road map I
757s just want to bring up the video here
758s because I think the video is so cute
760s that's our Early Access announcement
762s trailer
763s so coming next to Prehistoric Kingdom we
766s will have our Steam and epic
768s achievements and also our animal info
770s signs
771s um I think there'll be a few like little
772s tweaks and general bug fixes coming
774s along with that as well and then um I
776s think if the devs are able to fit it in
777s we'll also have our
780s um slightly new slightly new main menu
782s update so that'll look a bit fancier and
785s then yes I know we're always late to the
787s party this one is a Halloween party
790s see what I did there so there will be
792s some nice Halloween content that we're
794s very very excited to show
796s um I've seen all the concept art and
798s it's being made um so Eda designed some
801s really nice concept art on the team and
802s then Nathan is getting it all ready so
805s it actually is ready to be in the game
808s um but it looks really really cool so
809s hopefully soon we'll be showing you guys
812s um I see some Russian in the chat I
814s don't speak Russian so English English
816s please
818s um if you'd like to join in in the
820s conversation
822s um so yeah we're always a little
823s fashionably late but Halloween content
825s will be here in time for Halloween
829s um and then also later on this year is
831s our big title update I'm just gonna link
833s the Trello board
835s we're always looking Care trelloboard on
837s Stream So guys if you don't know if you
839s don't keep up with everything on social
842s media when we post Dev Diaries and
844s what's coming next to the game you can
845s always just every now and then check our
847s Trello board to see what's coming next
848s to Prehistoric Kingdom if we've
849s announced new species any changes being
851s made to updates things being moved
853s forward or back
855s um because we are still in Early Access
858s so mdb2k any chance of us getting a peek
860s of new dinos in game not yet I'm sure
863s definitely
864s um closer to the big Title Update uh
867s release we'll probably do a really fun
869s live stream where we get to see some of
871s the new animations and some of the
873s dinosaurs in game so um but maybe maybe
876s I will I'll pressure the devs to let me
879s show some maybe new dinos in action but
881s that'll come a bit later I'm really
883s excited to
885s um show off some of the Halloween
886s content that's what I want right now
889s um but yeah so hopefully guys usually
890s stream every week on a Tuesday
893s but um Halloween is on a Monday this
895s year so I might be able to we might have
898s like a little Halloween special but
899s we're gonna see how many Jazz can jump
900s in I'm actually flying back from Ireland
902s that day so the stream might be like an
904s hour or two later than usual but I'll be
906s good it'll be like spookier
908s so I just want to go into oh yeah so in
911s case anyone hasn't seen it these are the
914s animal info signs
917s so if I click here oh yes so
920s um and if you notice the photographs are
922s actually taken by I think Mal maybe Nano
925s took some of them and they're taken with
928s the new screenshot mode that I think
929s will be coming I think it's coming
932s either in the title update it might come
933s sooner but the new screenshot mode it's
936s basically just when you're taking photos
938s in the game you can add blur you can add
940s fog it makes just these amazing awesome
943s Epic images
945s um that look really really cool and so
947s we've used those screenshots taken in
949s game with this old screenshot mode for
951s these animal info signs and I just love
953s them I think they look so beautiful so
955s I'm really excited to decorate our parks
957s that we have on the YouTube channel and
959s then also for our live streams with
961s animal info science because I have a
963s couple little buildings in my parks that
965s are awaiting some info signs and then
967s later
968s um it will contribute to your guests
970s education needs so if I pull up Chrome
973s let me just make sure the Trello board
975s is up
977s so if you clicked the link
989s oh not that one
996s um guys it does not want to show you oh
999s there we go uh yep so this is the Trello
1002s Ford it's our little roadmap of our
1004s public roadmap
1006s um just to show off kind of give you a
1008s heads up of what's coming next in the
1009s game So eventually there will be
1013s um more Park and staff management and
1016s also
1017s um guests will look to do a lot more in
1019s the park they'll have certain needs
1020s they'll want to see certain types of
1023s dinosaurs they'll want food they'll want
1025s bathrooms and they'll want to learn more
1027s about the animals
1029s so that's really exciting so guys check
1031s that out and each time we announce a new
1034s species we'll also display it here on
1035s the roadmap so it's quite good just to
1037s maybe have this tab on your PC or your
1040s web browser so every couple of weeks you
1041s can check to see if anything new is
1043s added
1045s so let us begin with our park so really
1049s quickly actually I'm going to let me
1052s just switch oh yes
1058s [Music]
1062s there we go so we'll be loading up that
1065s fairly shortly I just want to tweet out
1067s and also mention on our Discord that we
1070s are streaming
1075s [Music]
1076s so guys what so out of the Three
1079s Dinosaurs coming the next update so we
1081s have Dilophosaurus Selita salidosaurus
1084s and coelophysis which out of the three
1086s is your favorite
1088s which enclosure do you think you guys
1089s will make first
1094s I think I mean Dilo is like a
1096s showstopper
1098s but I don't know I think I'll play
1100s around with CeeLo first
1104s Dilo I know
1107s Cindy did such a good job on the Dilo
1109s skins they're absolutely beautiful
1114s let me just get my image
1116s um but yeah I don't know I was really
1117s like the lightest to us I was really
1119s really excited about but just slowly the
1122s others have kind of like creeped them
1124s and be like ah
1125s yeah I know I'm excited to use those but
1127s I I think I just need to wait to see a
1128s couple of animations for slidosaurus to
1132s see
1134s um will he regain
1138s um
1139s my attention and
1142s become my my top babe again and then the
1144s new three but I think it's really cute
1145s it's almost like you're
1147s like um we're prepping for new family
1150s members to come along it's like oh my
1152s God I
1152s along with the rest of the dinosaurs
1156s okay so tweeting that we are live now on
1159s Twitter let me just quickly mention
1163s on Discord
1167s I'm most excited for the fuzzy
1169s sealophizes oh I know we look so cute he
1171s looks like a little like a weird
1172s long-necked chicken
1176s it's very very cute
1179s um I have so many tabs open you guys if
1182s anyone has like
1184s um difficulty with their attention span
1186s or ADHD like me
1188s you get it you're like oh my God there's
1190s so much happening right now
1196s uh slideosaurus I never see them
1198s anywhere I know
1200s they're very very cute so I'm glad that
1202s we get to really put them out in the
1204s Forefront then increase toward Kingdom
1209s but there will be lots more species
1211s added um throughout Early Access guys
1213s there will be a lot more
1215s um obviously I can't say anything now
1217s just have to wait and see
1219s um I actually um it's a good thing that
1222s I don't think I could spoil anything
1224s it's actually forget the lineup so I
1226s think we're good
1236s there we go
1245s point that okay guys oh thank you for
1248s your patience I just want to move my OBS
1250s page I'm using two monitors in case
1252s anyone knows and also I'm a very bad
1254s leaner so sorry sorry in advance
1259s so quickly I have a lot of random says
1264s it doesn't show anything uh okay good
1266s so let's load this up
1269s of a few different stays I have a backup
1271s stream saved and then I have a couple of
1273s random saves where because the did you
1275s know posts on our social media I take
1277s those photos I like it to be just like
1279s an in-game
1281s um photo with very very little editing
1284s it's really just maybe the lighting
1285s being
1286s um changed slightly
1288s um just because I think it's cool just
1289s to show off
1291s the actual screenshot of like no no this
1292s is what the game looks like
1294s so
1295s we'll do another little walk through
1299s so welcome to Prehistoric Kingdom we're
1302s gonna do a lot of Shameless
1304s self-promotion in this park it's going
1306s to say Prehistoric Kingdom everywhere
1308s and on everything let the patchy Barn
1311s thank you Fred yes we also love the
1313s patchy Barn
1314s I think it turned out very very cute so
1317s we need to work on some crowd control
1319s Everyone likes the knees I think because
1322s it looks so beautiful they're like oh my
1324s God so yes this is the maze
1327s so probably when I start to add up here
1331s in this area
1333s um I might like extend the maze a little
1335s bit and create like a little pathway or
1336s mini garden out we still have our sneaky
1339s Acro
1342s um
1343s you know just plotting plotting to take
1345s over the world
1347s this is his villain origin story he's
1349s been kept here right now
1352s um so we built our mini Avery
1355s so I want to see oh and some people
1357s asked um so in the most recent Community
1360s Spotlight we featured a really nice bike
1362s organ bones a Victorian style Avery and
1366s I took photos of it in game and I just
1368s braided
1370s um a couple of the was it archeopteryx
1372s and because Prehistoric Kingdom the
1375s animals are actually all random so the
1377s kind of the different shades and Hues
1378s and the size of them it's all kind of
1380s randomized so sometimes you can get
1381s quite colorful animals and I just so
1384s happen to get a really cool red archeal
1386s tricks
1387s so I don't know if I can do it again now
1389s I mean I can try basically I just breed
1391s it a lot and one of them happened to be
1392s really red and I was like oh this
1394s actually looks really really cool
1397s so
1398s okay not read anymore oh no too many too
1401s many
1406s but I just like to assume that I can see
1409s the poor Acro I know I know he's fine
1412s he's happy he loves the attention he
1413s loves surprising people it's like a
1415s almost like a little haunted house
1418s oh look at these birds they're so cute
1421s um but I am really happy with how the
1422s maze uh turned out I feel like I like I
1427s want this to be brighter I'm thinking of
1428s putting lights in here but at the same
1430s time I think like like in IRL that'll be
1433s kind of cool if there was loads of like
1435s um
1437s bright lights in there for the birds
1442s just checking how steam is doing oh cool
1448s we're on the store Page um so usually I
1451s actually add background music
1453s playing during the stream but because
1456s um we're on the steam storefront page
1459s now
1460s um people can only see the actual
1463s gameplay when I'm playing I don't think
1464s they can't see my little kind of window
1465s that I've added in OBS for the stream
1467s and a little Razzle Dazzle that you guys
1470s get on Twitch and YouTube so I
1473s um Turned the music on
1476s so hopefully it's loud enough and you
1478s guys will hear the music kind of come in
1479s and out as we're playing the game
1481s so we also
1483s last week we were working on our Apache
1487s rhinosaurus Barn look at them they're so
1489s cute so we have a couple in here now
1491s maybe we'll add a few more today
1494s they look beautiful they're so happy so
1496s much space lots of water we do need to
1498s add a little bit more Fork though
1500s because we can check their habit
1501s techniques let's listen to Nigel
1512s providing a secret
1513s there are two large holes pumped
1516s straight through the bone to relieve the
1518s weight of all those oh I feel like it's
1520s uh
1521s that might be coming up twice that audio
1526s there
1528s we go
1530s sorry the audio played twice guys I
1532s forgot I'm not supposed to have my
1534s stream open anywhere else
1538s but yes I do want to find the fluffy
1540s patchy that we have though we actually
1542s named Fluffy if we can find her
1546s oh there she is oh my God she's so
1547s beautiful
1549s crazy
1551s so here's fluffy
1554s just wandering at the moment she's just
1555s really happy oh she's having like a
1557s little lie down
1559s very very cute
1561s I'm in sandbox mode guys which means I
1563s can adjust the day and night time cycle
1565s if you play challenge mode you can't do
1567s that
1570s hence the challenge
1571s um but I will add because their habitat
1573s needs
1575s um requires some more Forest but what I
1577s did do in between streams was I finished
1581s off the fence it took a while
1585s um so this is a custom-made fence um it
1587s came as part of
1589s um it was a part of a collection of
1592s items
1593s um it was another barn and loads of cute
1595s Farm props that we actually did add to
1597s our habitat and there was this type of
1600s fencing and I did recolor it brown just
1602s to keep in theme with the kind of dark
1604s wood to match the trees a bit more and
1606s then we put a few props down
1608s for the farm
1611s so I left all these
1613s um kind of collected
1616s Trunks and everything big logs then we
1619s put some nice hay down we added this as
1622s well this came as part of the workshop
1623s item
1624s um so diagram said hey when is the next
1627s update coming
1629s um so uh we don't have a date we don't
1632s have a set date just yet because the
1635s devs had a little bit of a delay
1639s um but it will be coming very very
1641s shortly so that will be the achievements
1643s the animal info signs there might be a
1645s couple of things added
1647s um but it just depends if it's ready in
1649s time and then you'll also receive
1651s Halloween content afterwards and then
1654s not too long after those patches are
1657s released will be the big Title Update
1659s witness species
1663s um oh yes so I think also I'm not sure I
1666s did on stream but I added some foliage
1667s here just to make the bar look a bit
1669s nicer so I'm just going to start
1671s finishing off the um
1675s the enclosures here so we can clean poop
1678s I always just go for the quick
1680s here clean up the the exhibit down
1683s because I think the dog beetles we can
1685s place them but they just I'm more like I
1687s want immediate results
1690s I feel like I also need some there's
1692s some box that you can get when you're
1694s streaming that say don't forget to drink
1695s your water but I need one to tell me to
1697s stop slouching
1699s anyway okay
1701s so the trees we used are the from the
1705s Wetland biome
1710s here I think so depending on the size
1714s and density
1717s I mean you don't have to go like crazy
1721s so it's a very quick way I looked up
1724s the landscaping tools in Prehistoric
1726s Kingdom
1727s it's very easy to just you can make an
1730s enclosure in five minutes or you can
1731s spend five hours making it and sometimes
1733s the quicker one looks better
1736s so let me just grab
1739s a couple of choices I also like how when
1742s you hover over the plans it shows you
1745s like a little human standing next to it
1747s so you can actually judge the size but
1750s sometimes especially with the Dinosaurs
1751s you don't always know
1753s their size compared to things so
1755s whenever I start a new habitat I always
1757s place the animal that's going to be in
1759s there next to where I'm building just so
1762s I don't um scale anything too big or too
1765s small
1766s because the scaling in PK is awesome but
1769s you can get carried away
1775s so I'm basically just
1777s spreading a few more out
1782s and hopefully
1783s they will be much happier
1789s I also don't want to block The View too
1791s much though
1793s um I'm happy that they want a lot of
1794s forests though just because I love
1796s putting so much trees and the enclosures
1800s you think it looks really nice
1802s uh toxic bubbles will there be
1804s attractions and shops in this game yes
1806s eventually so we do actually have
1809s um shops that you can place down the
1812s guests don't react to them or anything
1813s but in a later update I think actually
1815s in the title update I guess might
1818s actually walk towards them and interact
1820s with the shops but definitely yes there
1823s will be attractions and um guests will
1825s be a lot more lifelike in the park
1826s they'll actually have an idea of what
1828s they want to do and where they want to
1829s go and they'll interact with more things
1831s in the park
1834s um let me get
1836s oh so for instance here's the restaurant
1841s uh T-Rex Cafe haha
1846s we have restaurant Chinese Fast Food
1855s do you have a Pronto burger restaurant
1856s so you actually have quite a lot of
1858s choice
1859s um I think there's like little um my
1861s microphones in the way guys sauce oh
1863s yeah a paddle a pearl
1866s very very cool so what I actually like
1868s to do when I'm playing the game because
1870s um I don't consider myself the best
1872s builder I do try
1874s um but what I love about the in-game
1875s prefabs that you can choose from is
1877s usually I'll just use the prefabs and
1881s I'll just edit them like change the
1882s colors
1883s and I'll just kind of match
1886s my Park so whatever kind of things I
1888s have
1890s if it's like a tropical theme
1894s so you can kind of change things very
1895s very easily
1898s um because I think these structures are
1899s really nice but the only reason it's
1901s like oh well it doesn't really match the
1902s other buildings I have but then it's
1904s actually really easy to change all this
1906s up
1908s so you get the idea you can change
1910s things you can change the color
1912s make things pink and purple you can have
1915s a very very funky Park that doesn't make
1918s sense if you really want to
1923s do okay Twitter oh my God thank you so
1925s much as well like yeah no problem I love
1926s the Avery I thought it was really pretty
1928s 30 and I had fun taking pictures of it
1930s as well
1931s and I'm really happy with the red
1933s um archeop tricks that I got in there
1936s was that he was a highlight in there
1940s in the comments
1942s um oh and we'll also just take a little
1944s peek at our tacos
1948s they're all hiding
1952s we did um scale down one of the
1955s topiaries to be like a little teddy for
1959s the tacos
1961s so we pretend that they actually use it
1964s oh you're the one he's sleeping
1967s so this one oh we need this one Nathan
1969s so there's three tacos in here there's
1971s Mal Nathan and Nano
1975s I don't know if I put Nano or Byron
1983s um where's our other tacos missing tacos
1985s we joked last week about
1987s um a lot of guests sometimes a try steal
1990s dinosaurs like maybe the little ones
1992s they try just have like a little taco in
1994s a backpack
1999s yeah
2001s very suspicious that there is no tacos
2007s oh the guests are doing the thing where
2009s they're um
2010s they're about to
2012s break out into a dance so guys all you
2014s have to do is reload the game see guests
2016s doing this
2018s I can't wait till this game is completed
2020s it says uh Canelo scoots
2024s is there any plans for species having
2025s friendly social interactions with each
2026s other such as sniffing grooming or
2028s playing yes so there will be
2031s um I think in a couple of updates it
2033s probably won't be until
2035s um maybe near mid next year early to
2037s next year depending on how development
2039s goes but there will be like animal
2041s socializing and you know they'll they'll
2044s react to each other a bit more so
2045s there's definitely planned prehistoricam
2048s has so many big plans guys the game is
2049s going to be amazing when it's complete
2051s it's gonna be the ultimate dinosaur park
2054s building game
2058s um
2059s don't quote me on that though but um
2062s yeah the dads have so many amazing plans
2064s to make this a really really great game
2066s and a lot of people do us one of the
2069s number one questions that we always get
2071s on socials is Will Prehistoric Kingdom
2073s Come to consoles and the truth is we
2076s would absolutely love to have
2077s prehistoricman consoles at the moment
2079s because we're a small team we just want
2081s to focus on the one platform which is PC
2083s and try make because the game isn't even
2085s it's not nearly finished yet we still
2086s have loaded amazing updates coming along
2088s in the next year
2090s and
2091s um so maybe once it gets close to
2093s completion and maybe we can look at um
2094s what other platforms could we
2097s um
2098s get Prehistoric Kingdom on but for now
2100s we just have to wait and see how early
2102s access goes
2103s but we do appreciate all the support we
2105s know lots of people
2107s um they want to have PCS or they just
2108s prefer to play on their consoles they
2110s prefer to play in controller
2116s um I got the abilities to create a
2117s paddock in PK I know the building is
2119s very very cool in the park
2121s um I actually want to place I look uh
2123s placing some foliage or shrubs in the
2126s water I actually did um I put a couple
2129s of rocks down here
2130s so I hope that patches don't hurt their
2132s toes if they go for a swim swimming a
2135s swimming Locomotion update is coming in
2137s not the big Title Update coming by the
2140s end of this year but probably in the new
2142s year
2143s you'll see a swimming Locomotion update
2145s so that'll be very fun to see some of
2147s the animals paddling around in the water
2149s or just even um just even the
2151s interaction with the water maybe when
2152s they first step in a little bit that'll
2154s be very very cool
2156s um oh yes so I want some shrubs
2161s oh my God guys house of the Dragon
2165s it was a very very good episode
2166s yesterday no spoilers but I mean we're
2169s going to talk about it
2171s um but then I I watched it's the last
2173s episode next week and I watched the
2174s trailer for season 10 and I haven't been
2177s this excited like oh my God the trailer
2178s looks amazing it's better than some
2180s movie trailers
2182s um and just all the dragons in the show
2183s it's like oh my God there's so much
2187s um yes I'm very very excited to see
2189s what's coming next
2191s I am team raniera FYI
2195s and so what I like to do
2198s um around pretty much most rocks is
2202s just placing down some shrubs I just
2204s think it makes it look a little bit more
2205s realistic maybe a little less fake
2214s and I'll also add some the cocktails and
2217s what are the other ones called oh common
2220s reeds comment well
2225s um oh yeah but then I've also grabbed a
2228s good few kind of scenery items like
2230s rocks trees
2232s um just kind of nice beautiful scenery
2234s pieces that we can place around the park
2235s so what I want is I'd like some planters
2240s up here with the same trees that we have
2243s in the Apache enclosure that way it's
2246s like
2247s um leading up kind of you can kind of
2249s tease like oh the next enclosure is
2252s going to be kind of this um this biome
2254s this terrain foliage so you have an idea
2256s it's kind of like transitioning you to
2259s the next section of the park
2270s let me just put this a little bit
2276s thank you
2277s that's not too loud but some of the
2279s ambience you guys will hear better I'm
2281s actually just moving my mouse away from
2283s the microphone as well
2285s [Music]
2287s um this is the best game about dinosaurs
2289s virtual hug thank you so much yeah we're
2290s very proud of Prehistoric Kingdom we're
2292s very happy um
2294s with how
2297s you know we choose certain animals to go
2300s in the game we're very happy with how
2302s they look they're quite they're fairly
2303s like accurate to how they would look
2306s of course you know it's always it's a
2309s game so there's probably a little bit of
2310s imagination here and there
2313s um but we're really happy with all the
2314s animals in the game so far and we're
2316s really excited for new species to join
2319s our beautiful Prehistoric Kingdom lineup
2324s um okay so let me plant a couple of
2326s these down
2328s I do have a window open there's like a
2330s car parking outside I have some very
2333s weird neighbors does anyone have like
2334s weird neighbors that kind of complain a
2336s lot
2340s foreign
2369s foreign
2374s says do we have a general release date
2376s for the desert update no just not yet um
2379s it will be this year
2381s um but it's honestly we just don't have
2383s a date yet because we just want to make
2385s sure everything's ready before we
2386s announce anything so there's a few
2387s things left to do some of the devs have
2389s even started on the next um couple of
2391s updates just depends what department
2393s you're in what needs to be done
2395s um we don't have a so we don't have a
2396s date yet but what we do want to do
2398s especially for players who want to you
2400s know be sick that day and um you know
2403s content creators who want to prepare
2405s maybe a video we want to make sure that
2406s you guys know the date because I love
2408s the time with their updates we just kind
2409s of drop them when they're ready
2411s um but for this update we want to um
2413s kind of promote it just a little bit
2414s more so
2416s um nothing is set in stone yet but I
2418s think maybe like a week before we'll
2420s like announce the date we will just see
2422s how much time it is but it should be
2423s coming out this year that's the plan
2425s anyway
2427s um the gaming beta says my neighbors are
2429s horrible they have three kids under the
2430s age of 10 oh my gosh and they scream
2433s every weekend in the crack of dawn
2434s [Music]
2436s yes we have um you know what actually
2439s helps because there's neighbors below us
2441s because we're just in um Apartments
2443s uh so there's three floors we're in the
2446s middle so below us there is kids and the
2448s youngest was like three four five and
2451s not to be mean you know kids are um
2454s you know I don't know but he cries a lot
2457s and um what actually helped us because
2461s the car Parks is our bedroom and the
2464s window is there
2466s it's like there
2468s and what helps in the morning because
2470s sometimes the kids are crying going off
2471s to school I mean I cry going off to work
2474s every day too but I mean at least I keep
2476s my cries quiet
2477s um but anyway
2479s um what helps is we actually have a fan
2481s just to plug an electrical fan and we
2484s it's like a white noise machine it
2487s actually does really really help we've
2488s been using it for like a year now
2490s um so I would suggest that if you get
2492s woken up in the mornings or like in the
2494s middle of the night
2496s then he's the child
2498s if I could get close enough I'm just
2501s kidding please don't assume your
2503s neighbors
2504s this is their story and we now live in
2506s the world that we ruled by the dinosaurs
2508s yes yes
2510s that's a good opening
2513s let me just get rid of some of these
2516s the the little wrench is looking really
2519s really cute
2520s what I think I'll do is save and load
2522s back in
2523s so the it doesn't look like the guests
2526s are about to break out into
2529s um what do you call the like improv
2531s dances where you just break it out into
2534s um
2536s like a dance
2540s life finds a way it does it does oh yeah
2543s guys so thanks mubot that I set up
2546s earlier so if you haven't
2549s um checked out so in our last Dev diary
2551s which is the last day of each month we
2553s release a depth diary where we let you
2555s guys know what the team has been up to
2556s and sometimes there's sneak peeks of new
2558s things that we've been working on
2559s they're coming out in future updates
2562s so for September's Dev diary we actually
2565s released a desert preview so we
2567s announced that the new map will be a
2569s desert map and um it looks really really
2572s awesome there's some great screenshots
2574s you guys in that desert update preview
2577s and you get to see like um all the new
2579s species so celo Dilo and slido
2582s um in action in the park and you'll get
2583s a sneak peek of um some of the things
2585s you could use to build with as well
2589s foreign
2595s not wide like it is in real life
2598s excuse me don't um don't criticize his
2602s weight
2605s um it was probably a design choice so I
2606s think next time we have
2608s one of the deaths on stream we can ask
2610s why isn't the T-Rex a little chunkier
2615s maybe he's just not getting enough food
2617s maybe there's a couple of generations
2618s where they were underfed a little bit
2621s but yeah that is a good but Taurus
2623s chunky yeah butara looks a little bit
2624s more I always feel like he looks like a
2626s little more evil like a little more
2627s aggressive
2628s like the brow bone or something
2631s um yay so I guess they're walking around
2633s again
2634s so we can kind of do a nice little pan
2636s Maybe
2639s but I'm quite happy with how the
2642s enclosures turned out so far and then in
2644s future as we kind of build around the
2646s park
2647s um the scenery in the background will
2648s look really really pretty
2651s uh the gaming data said
2653s um in reference to the T-Rex it's like
2655s the T-rex half lips thing I know lips
2658s are no lips cat lips
2661s lips in the middle
2665s can we have an update for the desert
2667s theme
2669s um an update as in an update from me
2671s what's going on or you want to see more
2674s of the desert update because I can um in
2677s a little while I can grab some of the
2679s images that are in the desert update
2682s uh but the desert theme
2684s guys so that map that is all in the
2688s let me just switch to obs
2691s thank you
2694s there should be a total option to give a
2696s specimen list or no lips
2698s maybe in the future yeah I'm sure well
2700s we are open to modding
2703s um
2703s so I can't wait to see what species um
2706s modders will add to the game and I need
2708s someone to make dragons
2710s ASAP when that's allowed
2712s to provide today well nothing nothing
2714s new unfortunately but um we can take a
2716s look at the desert preview just let me
2719s oh that's my little
2722s you know about
2724s um
2728s so it only click the link
2734s so guys this is the desert preview so it
2737s was posted on September 30th so as I
2740s said this was instead of the dev diary
2744s um we thought it'd be much cooler just
2745s to give a preview of what's actually
2747s coming the next update
2750s still players will be able to build
2751s amongst the sons of our new local oh God
2753s baharin I'm sorry guys I'm really about
2755s languages inspired by the Jordan desert
2757s this location provides a unique look not
2760s found anywhere else in Prehistoric
2761s Kingdom I'll bring endless Horizons and
2763s towering clips
2764s so let's just take a look at some of the
2766s screenshots so I think Nano took some of
2768s these screenshots and maybe Nano Nathan
2771s and Mal
2772s and there's some gorgeous new trees and
2775s plants that will be part of this map
2778s you'll also get the new species there's
2780s some Cielo
2781s silos running some fluffy silos so the
2784s desert biome as you can see guys I am
2786s just obsessed with these plants I think
2788s they look so cute I'm really excited to
2791s use them especially with the new desert
2793s terrains as well 24 plants in total so
2796s we've got Barrel Cactus bloodwood date
2798s palm Joshua Tree Organ Pipe Cactus
2801s prickly pear cat discs sagaro Cactus
2804s saxel I I feel like I always want to say
2807s sexual when I say that but I think it's
2809s wrong and the Yucca tree as well
2812s um so they'll all be available in the
2814s title update coming
2817s um hopefully by the end of this year
2820s um let me see oh so here's some celos as
2822s well I love these screenshots of the new
2824s species and then you see the Beautiful
2826s dialo with the kind of gray skin and the
2828s gorgeous um striking purple head Crest
2831s on top
2833s um so the new species so they will
2836s prefer the desert biome
2839s to live in and also some of the in-game
2842s species here so Brachiosaurus
2844s camarosaurus triosaurus protoceratops
2847s satakasaurus and the torbosaurus but
2851s these certain species only will
2854s um at the desert added to their biome
2856s preferences in the new update as well
2860s and then these are some of the terrain
2862s textures that are kind of Blended in
2864s together so you can see the differences
2865s so really nice to kind of dry to derset
2868s Grass this kind of looks more like a
2870s kind of wet sand look then you have a
2872s kind of real nice warm toned orange sand
2876s and then a more traditional kind of
2877s orange or I guess more of a beige
2879s looking maybe a sand color to send
2883s um that's my uh sand descriptive skills
2886s but these look really cool so I'm
2888s excited to play around with these once
2890s we get the new map
2892s and there's another little two little
2894s silos don't they look so sneaky
2898s um oh and then also the roadmap which I
2900s displayed on our stream and there's a
2902s nighttime photo of salido so guys have a
2905s read of that if you didn't get to see it
2907s when it was posted just a couple weeks
2909s ago and we will be posting another Dev
2911s diary at the end of this one
2916s this one so heading back over to our
2918s theme whatever you
2921s we're back let me just catch up with the
2924s chat I would look for community-made
2926s species I know I think um you know much
2928s later on when people are modding the
2930s game
2932s um it'll be really cool to see what
2934s people have and even just like the crazy
2935s things people want to make I'm excited
2937s to see it's always fun people's take on
2939s their
2940s on what they want to have in the game
2942s we've entered a new Arrow at the cast of
2944s characters
2946s um oh also guys I'm reading the chat um
2949s I have the chat build up for both twitch
2951s and YouTube so sorry if you're watching
2952s on one and maybe the conversation is a
2954s bit weird but I'll read out the comment
2958s um
2958s so 10 architect said working on it right
2961s the second learning modeling to add some
2963s animals never people figure out the
2964s coding side that's awesome yeah we're
2966s really people are so excited it's going
2969s to want to contribute to Prehistoric
2971s Kingdom as well
2972s um
2973s someone with uh so Mr fossil said would
2975s look for community-made species it would
2977s line the load on the devs it would I
2980s suppose we do actually have um so
2982s backward Prehistoric Kingdom it was on
2984s Kickstarter one of the tiers was um you
2987s could design your own skin that would be
2988s in the game so there are some VIPs that
2992s had that Kickstarter tier that are
2994s already working on what skin they want
2995s so I'll say it has to be kind of it's a
2997s collaboration with the Jazz it has to be
2999s approved you can't just have a
3000s a multi-colored rainbow spotted um
3004s triceratops or something
3006s but if you if you want the game you get
3008s it
3010s um yeah so those Skins are looking
3011s really cool so I guess they're kind of
3012s contributing a little bit to the game oh
3014s no we have another
3017s another dating site
3019s I think guys remember don't click the
3021s dating site because they don't like
3022s dinosaurs over there let me just quickly
3025s go into the stream on YouTube
3031s oh my God I'm getting so many
3033s Game of Thrones accounts I'm like no
3037s does anyone else um
3040s watch a few channels that do like after
3042s the episode
3051s you guys I'm just removing
3053s this sound really quick
3057s thank you all for your patience
3060s they're not even like um
3063s advertising good like it should be like
3065s do you like dinosaurs and paleontology
3068s check out this dating website
3072s um
3074s okay
3077s all should be good
3080s how advanced the guest AI will be
3084s so from what I know they will definitely
3090s um they won't kind of be mindless
3092s zombies I think they will possibly so
3095s they're getting a bit of a revamp so
3096s there'll be more kind of models and
3098s ethnicities
3100s and
3101s they will just be a little bit more
3103s lifelike as far as I know I'm not too
3105s sure if they'll interact too much with
3107s the animals or seeing them
3109s um but it will be a great Improvement
3110s but um hopefully later in a streamer Dev
3113s diary we'll be able to I'll be able to
3116s tell you a bit more because it just
3117s depends
3119s um how far the devs how much the devs
3120s want to add to the guest AI at the
3123s moment
3124s how big is the map so the map is
3126s actually really big it's probably
3127s similar
3129s so pretty much up to the mountains
3131s there's a very big space that you can
3133s build and we've been generous with our
3136s um to inclusions here that we have
3139s they're fairly big
3141s and then with little mini Avery exhibit
3143s here
3146s um yeah so the guests what I want to do
3148s is when we get the guests
3150s um update
3152s um
3152s I want to have a stream where we test
3154s how smart uh the AI is so we'll probably
3157s have a fun stream
3159s um trying to get the guests to do silly
3160s things and
3162s we'll we'll see what happens so that'll
3165s be quite fun uh the Google go it says
3167s converts and crocodilians get rabies if
3169s so I've got an idea for a disease that
3171s can affect the animals so sickness and
3173s disease will be added in a later update
3175s so again guys if you check out the
3176s Trello board you'll kind of see
3179s where
3180s um roughly that's coming in so we have
3182s no dates for any of the updates because
3183s obviously we don't know
3185s um anything can come up we can kind of
3187s have a rough idea but we don't want to
3189s say anything because things could be
3190s moved forward or swapped around things
3191s would get delayed
3193s um so that's why we just have it to be
3195s decided
3197s um above all of the kind of updates on
3200s the Trello board
3202s um
3204s oh yeah but um disease and sickness will
3208s be coming later on
3210s um so the devs kind of will be I won't
3213s say anything but basically there they
3215s need to plan out how everything's going
3216s to work and then actually code it and
3218s like implement it into the game
3221s um but that will be very cool so you
3223s will have to because right now in the
3224s game um it's mostly creative building uh
3227s the building in this game is absolutely
3228s amazing so if you love
3231s um building and adding in lots of detail
3233s if you consider yourself a bit of an
3234s architect you'll love the Prehistoric
3236s Kingdom especially at the moment and
3239s also you care for your animal's basic
3241s needs
3244s there are three species contained within
3247s the genus Pachyrhinosaurus each with
3249s their own
3250s their own facial characteristics
3253s the primary purpose of these features we
3256s can assume that the differences help an
3258s individual recognize members of its own
3261s species and help males impress the
3265s ladies
3267s very nice thanks Nigel
3270s that was Nigel actually on the screen
3272s that wasn't just like a voiceover he's
3274s like in the he's like in the corner he's
3276s too shy to come on camera right now
3279s um
3280s so I'm just going to continue reading
3282s the chat
3283s yes I'm a bit surprised on how big the
3285s park is I hope guests and animal don't
3286s get too tired too fast and move around
3288s corner to corner yeah that will be
3289s interesting
3290s um I imagine it's like Disneyland it's
3293s like you have to just show up like very
3294s early and stay till late at night if you
3297s want to hit like every everything in the
3298s park every attraction and enclosure
3302s I'm very happy with how this turned out
3305s um okay so let me get to the park
3309s scenery which is the title of the screen
3312s so I'm just gonna very quickly flatten
3315s the terrain a bit
3317s and if I
3320s just get some substrate if I have it on
3322s a very low density
3325s it will kind of just get rid of some of
3327s the grass sticking out just because when
3329s I place items I want to be able to see
3330s them clearly without the grass in the
3332s way
3332s so let's take a look at what I grabbed
3334s from the Steam Workshop yesterday
3338s a dino petting zoo said turret yes I
3341s know I'm so excited
3343s um I would love in future for baby dinos
3345s dinosaurs to be added to the game I
3347s think it'll be so so
3348s cute and having like a little petting
3351s zoo really really cute my dream is to
3353s scale down all the trees and rocks so
3355s the baby dinosaurs feel like big
3356s dinosaurs
3357s because that's my dream it's what I'm
3359s currently living for at the moment
3362s um okay so we'll go into modular pieces
3365s the little icon for the Steam Workshop
3368s so let's see so I did grab a few things
3370s oh a very cute Bonsai tray tray I
3373s actually really like this potted planter
3375s oh we are on a hill
3378s lettuce
3379s I'm gonna look here just a little bit
3382s so I actually really like this because I
3385s might just actually oh the tree is very
3386s very pretty actually so isn't that so
3389s cool like the scaling like somebody just
3391s scale down these items so it looked like
3393s a little bonsai tree and they added like
3395s little flowers on top of the leaves here
3397s but even just the planter itself I think
3399s it's real pretty so we could we could
3401s take out the plant and put whatever we
3402s wanted
3405s uh thank you for all the info you made
3406s by the game oh awesome thanks toxic
3408s bubbles yeah don't forget join our
3410s Discord as well
3412s because the community is very awesome if
3414s you need any help with the game any of
3416s the controls if you want to if you're
3418s not too sure what else to add to your
3419s enclosure take a screenshot upload it
3422s ask anybody like oh what do you think I
3424s could add here
3425s um there's the people in the Discord
3427s quite a handful of them have been
3429s playing and have been around for a long
3430s time since like before Elsa came out
3434s um so they're great to talk to about the
3435s game and
3437s um
3438s I would would recommend oh yeah this as
3441s well I actually got the kind of wood
3443s storage from the workshop and I actually
3445s do want to put it
3446s maybe here somewhere
3451s so kind of next to
3454s the wood
3459s oh my God I lost it I lost it
3464s oh there we go
3468s yeah I grabbed that from the workshop
3483s cute
3486s me
3488s it does look great thank you illiterate
3490s scholar we're proud of you
3494s getting that scholarship
3499s um okay so I have a few kind of grouped
3502s together items so these are kind of the
3504s scenery items that I'm talking about
3505s just little things that we can place in
3507s between
3509s um like enclosures and a long walks up
3511s to like the next habitat some really
3513s nice Planters here as well oh and I also
3516s obviously
3518s throwback to JP we have a nice
3521s Prehistoric Kingdom gate I think there's
3522s a few of these in the workshops they're
3524s really cool to have I love the fire uh
3527s effects as well
3530s and of course it'll help when we want um
3532s our Shameless self-promotion of the park
3534s everywhere so I have a sundial I think
3537s that's really really cool as well
3538s because I haven't I don't think I've
3539s seen anybody that would actually look
3541s nice next to the the Victorian Avery
3545s do they have some dolls then
3548s I assume so I'm gonna say yes
3551s foreign
3553s so that's the Avery that was featured
3555s actually in this
3557s um in last week's Community Spotlight
3559s very beautiful let me just see actually
3563s can I breed
3565s we'll try get some nice color Birds here
3579s I'm not letting me click on
3582s what we want
3589s I'll throw you up
3593s so I'm just going to breed loads
3600s some of these are like a little bit red
3605s not as red as the one I got
3609s hi when's the next update out need help
3612s 50.
3613s the next update so what's coming next is
3616s the achievements for Steam and epic and
3617s the animal info signs then after that
3619s will be the Halloween content so that
3622s will both of them will be this month but
3623s we don't have a date planned just yet
3625s and the new species will be coming out
3626s by the end of the year it will probably
3628s give you um a heads up so we will
3631s announce a specific date for the big
3633s update at least
3634s so here's some of the difference
3636s um
3637s the kind of different variations so what
3639s we were talking about earlier was
3641s Prehistoric Kingdom all all of your
3643s animals are different
3645s um so when you breed them the the color
3648s the size it's all randomized so you'll
3652s get kind of slightly different tones and
3654s shades with all the animals in their
3656s feathers and on their skills
3658s that's really really cool kind of neat
3660s little detail sometimes you can breathe
3662s like a tiny like a tiny T-Rex and like a
3664s massive one so maybe one brother is like
3667s a lot bigger than the other
3670s that's cute
3672s um I want to go back take a look at more
3674s of the workshop items I also kind of
3677s want to see
3678s okay
3680s just double checking we're still on our
3681s skiing page so people can get a little
3684s bit of a preview of the game
3688s some dolls are old technology I know
3690s yeah so yes the torn air would have them
3692s I'm just not sure if um
3695s like because you still see them from
3697s time to time but was it still like it
3699s wasn't like a main
3702s feature like I don't know I don't think
3703s of some dials when I think of the
3704s Victorian area but obviously they were
3706s around then
3708s there's some really cool um
3711s like there's um damn it I forgot what
3713s it's called it's like a new bridge Farm
3715s in Ireland where I'm I'm from Ireland
3718s um like once a year it's on like a
3720s certain type of day of the year and the
3722s light goes through this tunnel in this
3725s weird kind of like underground cave
3726s thing and it hits some like it happens
3729s every single year and people like
3730s tourists travel to come see it
3732s it's like really weird how they figured
3734s out like where the light spot would be
3736s at like a certain date every year and I
3737s think it's on like the longest day of
3739s the year or something and you see the
3741s sunrise
3744s stream have congratulated us apparently
3746s we've had 100 messages in the restream
3749s chat so thanks guys for keeping me
3750s company today
3753s oh yes so here's another this is a
3755s really nice
3757s um
3757s kind of scenery piece as well that can
3760s be placed throughout the park so this
3761s has some
3764s oh is this
3766s you're not got the swamp tree or is it
3769s oh no I thought that might be the one of
3771s the Avery trees so you could put little
3773s birds up there
3775s so I have this as well does anyone know
3777s what is this called again I feel I feel
3779s bad because I think it is like an Irish
3781s thing maybe
3783s the stones we'll just call it the the
3786s stones of the unknown past or something
3790s mainly because Rosie doesn't know the
3792s name of what this is from
3795s um
3795s so there's T-Rex girls here I think we
3797s have popped this in our little Visitor
3799s Center
3801s let me just pop it here for now we'll
3803s get a slightly closer look at it I want
3805s a few people have asked for more like um
3807s fossils and bones we feature in the game
3809s and I imagine more will be added in
3811s later updates but um so far I think what
3813s people have been making look very very
3815s cool Stonehenge oh thank you guys yes
3821s uh but yeah this looks absolutely
3823s awesome this could be a cool little area
3824s I think it would actually be cool to
3827s have um in an enclosure like loads of
3829s stones kind of Walled up everywhere and
3831s kind of um
3833s Cliffs and then maybe
3835s maybe the torbos or T-Rexes or something
3837s nice guess you invited by the way oh
3840s they're called megaliths oh cruel cruel
3842s the stones yeah
3845s this can be you guys if you're in the
3847s looking in the chat you can get a little
3849s history lesson
3851s we learn I learned something new
3854s every week on the stream
3856s um I also picked up this wooden canopy
3857s on the workshop I think that will just
3858s look cute placed throughout the park
3860s like a little bit of shading
3863s um so people don't like pass out I don't
3866s know do you know in certain like Parts
3867s especially Disneyland they have the Mist
3869s that sprays and everyone's just standing
3871s under under it
3874s um so I imagine that these things have
3876s like those little Mists that would be
3877s cool to add to the game
3879s um I also grabbed oh so there's some
3882s plants here but it does come a part of a
3885s viewing platform I'm sure I did download
3887s the
3889s the full viewing platform
3891s I subscribe but it's not showing or I
3894s can't see it is this it oh here it is
3896s here's a boiling point and then the
3898s plants are separate so we could use this
3902s for
3903s um really any enclosure because we could
3906s swap out the Silhouettes
3909s and there will be more Silhouettes out
3911s in the game guys because not every
3912s in-game dinosaur is in there there is a
3915s couple of dinosaurs that aren't in game
3917s at the moment but they do have
3918s Silhouettes
3920s um oh let me actually just edit this
3925s can I reach it oh no oh
3930s it's gonna move this forward so it's
3932s about like
3933s the game just didn't know which one was
3936s like in the front
3938s um so literate scholar says I do hope in
3941s the whole game you have lots of options
3943s to make guests comfortable like having
3945s more shade for hot days yeah that's
3946s always a real nice feature and maybe
3948s like you can um
3951s when there's like hot days make sure you
3953s could have like Frozen like Slush
3954s Puppies
3956s snow cones
3957s I think they're Slush Puppies in the UK
3959s and I think it's snow cones in America
3962s um
3963s LBT electric dinosaurs dinosaurs are
3965s really awesome and Prehistoric Kingdom
3967s and prehistoric planet yes we love
3969s prehistoric planet we had a great summer
3971s we were seeing in one of the previous
3972s streams it was great because you had
3975s um Prehistoric Kingdom came out
3978s um and then also the new Jurassic world
3979s movie the final and the the kind of uh
3983s relaunch of the franchise
3985s um and then you also prehistoric Planet
3986s so you get all that in the summer so it
3988s was very cool
3990s so I'd like to see more more dinosaur
3991s shows I think they should make a
3993s realistic
3995s dinosaur show like did we say last week
3997s it'll be like Jurassic world uh Dominion
4000s but um maybe not like so much a Jurassic
4002s world but that idea we're like oh the
4004s dinosaurs you know
4005s for whatever
4007s it could be an inexplicable reason in
4009s the show anyway where it's just oh
4010s there's dinosaurs living among us now
4013s this this is the world and just kind of
4014s go from there I think that would be a
4016s really cool show
4019s ah more dating sites oh my God
4023s they they really don't know their Their
4025s audience
4028s you guys
4036s yeah I would love um
4039s a diet a dinosaur show anyway
4043s is anyone um interested in oh you guys
4047s so I can see the dating site can you see
4049s the dating site things because the user
4051s should be blocked out oh no someone said
4053s spam board is back okay
4055s let me just remove the messages
4062s hide the user I guess they must have um
4068s came back okay
4071s should be good to go thank you guys
4074s um
4078s so let's continue on
4080s um but yeah so the
4082s trailer of Tom and go for the new Last
4084s of Us show came out so it's starring
4086s Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey she was
4088s lyanna Mormont the really cute little
4090s girl at the end of Game of Thrones
4093s who was um I guess chaos Mormont I think
4096s they're sigil with a bear
4099s um so she was really cute like tough
4100s little like eight or ten year old
4103s um charging in charge of her house so
4104s she is very very cute so she's playing
4106s Ellie in the HBO Last of Us show I
4110s believe it's coming out sometime next
4111s year I'm not too sure how to feel feel
4113s about it I think it's because
4116s it's a zombie show but it's not just
4118s the zombies you also get because the if
4120s you played last of us there's certain
4122s types of zombies that look very gross
4124s kind of monster-like called clickers and
4127s obviously you get weird
4129s different variations of them and like in
4131s a game it's fine but it comes across
4133s like a little bit strange on TV that's
4135s that's my opinion anyway and although
4137s the show as meant to have had a big
4139s budget but for some reason the trailer
4140s things just look a little cheap and I
4143s know I used to be a fan of The Walking
4144s Dead the first few seasons I absolutely
4146s loved and I think they did a zombie show
4148s really really well
4150s um but they didn't have that kind of
4152s almost like a supernatural weird Monster
4155s look to the to the zombies
4157s um most of that was it was pretty much
4159s like no this is this is what would
4161s happen if like a zombie apocalypse like
4164s broke out
4166s um poor Kindle and said as for more
4168s prehistoric content I pray that there's
4169s been strong interest in making a new
4171s donatopa series or movie that'll be
4173s really cool
4174s because um like we were saying this
4175s summer there was lots of like so many
4177s people were excited about all the
4179s dinosaur content that we were getting so
4181s I think in the next couple of years we
4183s will get more
4184s so that'll be fun especially with them
4186s we were saying in last week's stream
4188s fantasy has become really really big I
4190s know it's frustrating because dinosaurs
4192s isn't like fantasy but um sometimes like
4196s it'll kind of fall fall into that in
4198s terms of like how it looks because
4199s people have never seen dinosaurs as soon
4201s as you look at dinosaur and you're like
4202s I can't like it looks like somebody made
4203s it up in their head because it looks
4205s closer to it doesn't look like an animal
4207s that we have today it looks closer to
4209s like a made up fantasy creature from
4211s like Warhammer or something
4215s um but yeah I definitely think with the
4216s rise in like um down to the dragons and
4218s Warhammer
4220s um we will definitely the kind of um
4222s because people in a lot of like um
4224s Fantasy games they like the some people
4226s like for instance the total war
4228s franchise so many people like the
4229s historical aspect a lot of people like
4231s the fantasy so I can imagine what more
4232s fantasy people want to see like more
4234s historically accurate dinosaurs so I'll
4237s just give it a few years guys
4240s I want to Prehistoric Kingdom TV show I
4242s know starring Nigel
4244s Nigel and Mal on the road together
4249s what a what a show oh these actually
4251s have been um on the
4254s I don't know if they've been on the
4255s workshop a lot I think they have but
4256s these were made
4257s um
4258s a good few months ago I remember I saw
4260s them on Discord and somebody made these
4262s really cool fun pots with fountains and
4265s if you look closely they made like
4267s little goldfish which I think are so
4269s cute I think that was Gin from Discord
4273s um so that player makes some very cool
4275s items
4277s what else do I have
4280s probably been streaming an hour nice
4283s um maybe in the campaign or technically
4286s uh we're technically have the technology
4288s advantages and sell the dinosaur to
4290s other normal zoos on the zoo market and
4292s more funding to our research yeah I know
4294s there will definitely it's on the Trello
4296s board there is marketing and research I
4298s think Mao Nano have already started kind
4299s of planning some of that out but it's
4301s still in the early stages
4303s um but yeah there will be like marketing
4305s and research
4306s um as part of the park Management in
4308s your Zoop
4312s um oh yes so I also grabbed let me put
4314s it near the canopy
4316s this is like another little station it
4319s almost looks like a bit of a holding
4320s cell
4322s um or it's like a nice little stop area
4324s maybe silky or maybe one of these we can
4326s pretend it has like the nice cooling
4328s mist or maybe like Little heaters in the
4330s winter
4331s because people can stop and get a drink
4332s or a snack maybe there can be like a
4334s bathroom nearby as well or beside it so
4336s people could have a little bathroom
4337s break those or nearly sometimes in zoos
4340s or Parks
4341s um when there's a lot of walks you'll
4343s just get kind of not like a full-on
4344s restaurant or anything just small like
4346s little stops in between closures up
4348s because I am a serial pauser in games
4352s it triggers this little glitch where
4355s everyone just becomes possessed by
4358s aliens and just moves into one spot for
4360s a while
4361s but I don't mind because I just prefer a
4363s little with the dinosaurs
4367s um so the
4371s the greats
4373s to Team master guys I'm really bad at
4376s reading like long usernames sorry if I
4378s butcher your name um ever played sport
4380s Collective Adventures no but I heard the
4382s sport is very very good with its
4384s hundreds of placeable visual effects
4385s basically that that kind of selection
4387s will work wonderfully in this game
4388s that's cool we'll check it out
4392s um yeah I need to get a few more games
4394s there's a couple of indie games that I
4395s have on my steam wish list that I'm just
4397s waiting to come out
4398s oh Mr Boston said sorry for repeating
4400s but what's their response to my question
4402s oh sorry if I missed you let me just go
4404s up
4410s Stone it wasn't the Stonehenge
4415s oh any dinosaur skeleton subscribed to
4418s was that it oh will there be added
4420s dinosaur skeletons yeah so we do have
4423s some bones and um eventually like there
4425s will be more fossils and Bones added I'm
4428s not sure when it just depends it'll most
4430s likely
4432s um be added as part of like an update
4434s just depends when the dads because they
4436s have certain priorities and then if they
4438s have time they'll add in some extra
4439s things so there'll be a few
4441s couple of extras added into certain
4443s updates but definitely yes so like we
4445s said here somebody's made this beautiful
4449s skeleton structure
4452s really nice to display so we have a
4454s little um almost like a museum as part
4457s of our Park
4458s um do you want an Albert to soar
4460s skeleton for your Park if you want to
4462s make one
4463s um
4465s yeah we could definitely if we um if
4468s there's a few more of these uploaded to
4470s the workshop then we can have the kind
4472s of like Museum Hall of Fame pretend that
4474s these were famous dinosaurs in the in
4477s the lead up to
4479s um the technology that brought dinosaurs
4482s back to the world
4484s Mrs T-Rex says Rosie hello who are you
4486s I'm really great how are you Mrs T-Rex
4488s oh
4489s before I forget any
4491s um streamers or creators if you are
4492s streaming Prehistoric Kingdom make sure
4494s to tweet it if I see it I'm going to be
4496s retweeting you
4497s um so
4499s um not your schedule but when you go
4500s live and I see it um I'll Retreat it so
4503s I'm on my PC all day or I'm usually
4505s checking I always check up if I'm away
4506s from my PC I check the Twitter on my
4508s phone but if I see you I will do
4514s um I think I did have another small
4516s bones oh I found this guys as well
4519s you need a YouTube mod I volunteer as
4522s tribute
4534s uh yes so Mrs T-Rex you can mod the
4537s YouTube at the moment so obviously the
4540s community is great but we seem to be
4542s getting a few they're really after us
4544s these dating sites
4546s they must think a paleontology
4549s people are really uh
4552s are really horny or something
4556s um okay let's get back to the end
4558s um so I saw this on the Steam Workshop
4560s as well which I think could be a really
4562s cool piece somewhere else maybe can we
4565s size it but maybe kind of coming out of
4568s the maze so you can kind of have this
4570s like really cute park or seating area so
4572s people can have a breather and be like
4574s oh my God I can't believe I survived
4575s that maze so we can actually scale it up
4578s now
4579s oh
4583s um so again guys
4584s if you're trying to scale everything so
4588s for instance I've clicked the oh shoot
4590s I've clicked the group
4593s the scaling edit isn't available because
4595s you have to select everything so if I
4598s just click edit group and hit Ctrl a on
4601s my keyboard I've selected everything if
4604s I wanted to I could just individually
4606s select pieces where my whole shift
4610s I can select certain bits
4614s um but I want everything so Ctrl a to
4616s highlight everything and now we can use
4619s the scaling option
4623s so we can make this bigger
4631s oh no people are pretending to be dating
4633s ads
4636s it's all fun and games until the dating
4639s websites find your stream
4644s but there we go we've made that bigger
4645s so I will just place this here for now
4647s and eventually we'll probably move it
4649s just so it suits like maybe we'll change
4651s uh the brickwork here to match our path
4654s or we might leave it and um we'll find
4656s some way to add add a kind of New Path
4658s design
4661s [Music]
4662s um
4663s got a Discord yes we have a Discord
4669s uh so guys please join the Prehistoric
4671s Kingdom Discord it's really awesome
4672s there you'll see so many amazing
4674s screenshots you'll get so many
4676s Inspirations for your Park and you'll
4679s get some ideas and also
4681s in that PK prefabs channel on Discord
4684s those people post their workshop items
4687s so all these are downloaded here a lot
4688s of people will have
4690s um posted them in the PK prefabs channel
4691s so you can take a look and just see um
4694s what's new if you want to check it every
4696s couple of days
4698s see what people have been making and
4699s especially when new update and content
4702s comes to the game a lot of people will
4703s be posting about it and then we'll also
4705s you'll get notified if there's streams
4707s if you want to
4709s um but yeah join join the club
4718s I can DM you all the fossil stuff I made
4721s oh put it in the PK uh Channel chat you
4724s can um upload your Workshop items to
4726s steam and then post the link to the same
4728s Workshop items in the PK Channel and
4731s then I'll see it there and then I can
4732s download them and add them to the party
4735s anymore
4739s um what else did I grab let me see oh I
4743s also saw this really cute small animal
4744s shelter which I actually think would
4746s look really cute in our chocolate
4748s enclosure
4758s so let me see
4765s it's very very cute
4767s people
4782s um also
4783s uh so at sticking with that monster
4787s theme
4788s um some people consider dinosaurs
4790s monsters
4792s um well some games doped
4794s um
4795s I started watching me and my partners
4798s are watching the Jeffrey Dahmer series
4800s I'm a huge fan of Evan Peters it's from
4803s American Horror Story he's starring as
4805s Jeffrey Dahmer in the new Ryan Murphy
4807s production on Netflix so I'm very
4811s excited I watched two episodes
4814s so hopefully maybe later tonight or
4816s tomorrow I'll probably by next stream I
4818s should have watched like maybe three
4819s more
4820s busy
4827s um I think that's most of what I
4830s got from a workshop so there's some
4832s really nice fences so if you're not sure
4834s what kind of fence you'd like to have if
4836s you don't like the in-game
4837s um enclose your fences or you're not
4839s sure what kind of fence that you'd like
4841s to have in your Park you can get some
4842s ideas or just download directly from the
4844s workshop
4846s um I got some nice steps that we can
4848s always add
4849s these are really nice
4853s I love the um
4855s the chainmail here as well
4858s that looks really cool I wonder could we
4860s have um some animals kind of oh yeah
4862s look oh
4864s nice so these little kids will be
4867s running up and trying to
4870s um feed the animals like squish their
4872s little kid bars through the chain mail
4876s okay
4877s trying to feed the like protoceratops or
4880s something oh this feeder I saw as well
4882s which I think would be really cute in
4884s our wrench
4886s so
4888s I'm sorry heat eating I'm sorry okay
4890s we'll let him eat first who's this
4893s so this is Kayla
4895s so we're gonna let her finish
4899s and maybe here next to the barn I mean
4902s usually I like to
4904s in my Parks I'll put the
4907s like leaders close to where people can
4909s see the animals eating because it's like
4911s oh it'll lure the animals closer to the
4913s guests
4914s um
4918s but
4919s just I think because I think this would
4921s look nice next to the barn
4924s so my uncle actually owns a dairy farm
4926s it was like my mom's parents it was like
4928s the family farm
4930s and I used to feed like baby calves and
4933s sheep little lambs they're really strong
4938s but they're very very cute I'm just um
4941s making the color a little darker I don't
4942s want it to match the barn but I do want
4944s it to match a bit more to like the trees
4952s okay that's fine for now
4960s and we'll just place a few of these
4962s along the barn
4972s and then hopefully our little patches
4975s will come over and eat
4981s oh and I'm very excited I think actually
4983s guys oh yes Victor I tried I don't know
4986s so on my on mobot I tried to make like
4988s everyone should have access to bring up
4990s the commands
4991s but um yeah just it won't work so I'll
4994s have another look but it should be set
4995s that everyone can
4998s um that anyone can use those commands
5000s I will say guys if you have been playing
5003s Prehistoric Kingdom if you just got it
5005s recently
5007s [Music]
5008s um
5009s oh stream I meant to say Steam
5014s uh yeah consider leaving a review on
5016s steam because it really helps
5018s um the
5019s them promote a little bit more on scheme
5022s it helps the developers as well
5026s um
5028s I can post my items so if you're on the
5030s Discord I mean you should be able to
5032s post it's just the web page link so if
5034s you go on Steam on like your normal web
5037s page browser get the URL and post that
5041s link into our PK
5044s prefab's channel on Discord
5047s um if not because I can't really see it
5049s the moment I'm streaming just maybe ask
5051s someone in the channel and they can help
5053s you out if you're finding um finding it
5055s difficult to post
5056s your Workshop items
5059s but we can show you so let me see is
5062s there anything I've made
5065s I'll just pretend it's so okay we'll
5068s just go to this
5069s I'm not gonna put my maze maze up here
5072s so I can save this as a prefab
5077s uh yes so when you save to the prefab
5081s let me just go back out here
5083s like so here I've clicked the modular
5085s group save as prefab
5088s uh I want it to be a new prefab I'm not
5090s just replacing another one
5092s so I can take a screenshot of what it'll
5095s look like
5097s so the screenshot it will show up in in
5099s your game when you're looking for the
5101s item
5102s um that that screenshot will appear and
5104s also be the screenshot on the Steam
5106s Workshop so you can add the name
5108s so you can be like
5110s round Arc thing
5113s in green
5115s and
5118s what the title said
5121s so then we can if we just click upload
5123s to community Workshop it'll upload to
5125s the Steam Workshop so very very easy to
5127s upload things to steam
5128s and fairly easy to download as well so
5131s when you're downloading things on the
5133s Steam Workshop guys click the Subscribe
5135s button
5136s and just make sure um in Steam that
5138s everything is downloaded sometimes you
5140s might have to restart steam because uh
5141s some people very few but some people
5143s have said like oh some of the items
5144s aren't showing up in my game
5146s um so just make sure it's fully
5147s downloaded
5149s first then you might maybe you might
5151s have to reinstall the game
5152s um but it works so far so good and we've
5155s had too much issues in terms of Steam
5157s Workshop items and I know I played at
5159s the moment I'm playing on Steam oh I'm a
5161s little literally oh there we go
5163s we all need a round Arc thing in our
5165s Parks I know
5167s it's like every Park I'm like where's
5168s your round Arc thing
5172s um oh and also
5174s me six on Discord is deleting my post
5176s even with the URL oh that's strange okay
5178s I will take a look later
5182s um
5183s let me just make a note of that
5188s pretends to write on something like
5190s Amber Heard
5193s it's a Discord Preps
5196s okay
5197s so probably in 30 minutes or less we'll
5200s be finishing up the Stream
5203s and pretty much shortly after that I can
5204s take a look for you
5208s um but yeah that is strange it should be
5209s allowed post
5213s um
5214s but yeah don't post too much in the
5217s in the chat save it for when you can
5219s post on Discord
5222s um because that's where everyone will
5223s actually go and they'll add your items
5224s when they see it there because that's
5225s where they'll be looking for them
5228s um okay so we added the feeders we
5230s haven't actually placed too much
5232s singular items in the park yet
5234s um I think I showed this off before this
5236s is a really cool
5237s kind of um
5240s a different kind of platform that you
5241s can approach from both sides
5244s or I think I think that if there was
5246s like a different levels you can also
5249s edit it and adjust it so it'll be easy
5251s for guests to get around your park I
5254s think this wonderful scenery
5256s we had placed before I definitely have
5258s that there's a couple of um did you know
5260s that sneakley has these this in the
5262s background
5264s uh Pixie says I'm actually a bit
5265s confused why animals very sensitive for
5267s only one unfit trees biome and they can
5269s tolerate a tent building prefab inside
5271s the exhibit I know
5272s that's the that's the creative aspect of
5276s Prehistoric Kingdom so we're actually in
5277s sandbox mode at the moment
5280s um so if we wanted we could turn off
5282s Animal Welfare we kind of create any
5285s um Park that we wanted really so at the
5288s moment I think we have Animal Welfare
5290s needs on so that's why our Apache
5292s rhinosaurus they they're tolerating a
5294s big barn and um but they they do have
5297s certain kind of forest and specific
5299s terrain and bio needs
5301s which I think we nailed
5304s ah yes it's pretty good
5306s hey that's pretty good
5310s yeah so I remember I did Place quite a
5312s lot of water down
5314s um exhibit crowding
5316s let's hear what Nigel has to say
5318s thankfully the
5326s punch straight through the bone to
5328s relieve the weight of all those
5329s adornments
5331s the holes aren't visible during life as
5334s you can see they're beneath all that
5336s skin and keratin there are two large
5339s holes punched straight through the bone
5341s to relieve the weight of all those
5343s adornments the holes aren't visible
5346s during life as you can see under beneath
5349s all that skin and keratin
5352s thanks Nigel uh Victor has said
5356s Rosie about DLC we don't have any plans
5360s for like DLC at the moment
5362s um we have a long way to go in early
5364s access we have so many new species to
5366s add and gameplay features especially the
5369s staff and park management
5371s and so many cool things planned again
5373s guys check the Trello board I'll
5375s actually switch to it now very quickly
5376s let me pause our game I was hoping we'll
5379s be able to have time to place a few more
5381s scenery items but at least I'll describe
5383s kind of what I want to do in the park
5385s that is
5387s Trello
5392s um okay so if you guys look at the
5393s Trello board so
5397s there will be a research system and
5400s guest welfare coming up soon
5402s at paleopedia more new maps see here's
5405s the animal disease system staff and
5407s staff management paleobotany
5410s um even though the the landscaping and
5412s the terrain tools
5414s um I think they're great at the moment
5415s there will be a few improvements and a
5417s small bit of a revamp that will come
5419s later that will be next year
5422s um animal
5423s and antigeny and breeding I'm very about
5426s it
5427s um I'm a big mispronouncer of words you
5430s guys and you can see lots of new species
5432s coming as well and more maps
5435s um but yeah so here backlog so mini
5437s averies will get to rework obviously
5439s staff management temperature system
5442s and uh yeah lots to be added and this
5445s isn't everything
5446s um but it is a lot of the major features
5448s that will be coming
5453s the great great okay let me go back to
5455s the game oh
5459s there we go
5461s I'm such a such a sloucher guys
5466s a little bit darker so I'm in the UK at
5468s the moment guys and like um maybe just
5470s under an hour outside of London south of
5472s London
5475s um it's so bright outside
5476s that's that's winter I guess
5478s well also last week I said that I got a
5481s new kitten and I tried to put it on
5482s stream she loves being petted which
5483s doesn't like being picked up
5485s um and we brought to the vet yesterday
5487s because her poops were like nuclear
5492s um but yes so um she might have picked
5493s up a little bit of an infection where
5495s she was
5496s um
5497s in that little
5499s kiwas so I have some antibiotics to give
5502s her and she's she's very good she's a
5504s greedy piggy she's eating her food all
5506s the time so she takes that no problem
5507s and then I also have eye drops that I
5509s have to
5510s um
5512s Force into our eyes every day for a few
5515s days but I will try bring her on stream
5517s towards the end again
5519s she's just sleeping I will lure her out
5521s with with Treats but um our my cat my
5524s current cat is three years old is called
5525s NYX and the new kittenly called Jinx and
5527s they're a tortoiseshell cat so they're
5529s both black and like orange and blonde
5532s they look like sisters they're so cute
5534s but they're getting along it's been like
5535s 10 11 days
5537s they're getting along quite well
5539s um I think there's a lot of like
5540s miscommunication with them where
5543s they're reading each other wrong and
5545s then they're thinking the other one is
5546s like being mean so they hiss but then
5548s it's like oh but then this cat hiss so
5549s the other one is going to swat on it so
5552s it's crazy it's crazy it's like what
5553s people say when you have kids one is one
5555s and two is ten that's what it feels like
5557s sometimes
5558s um okay so I think that's almost
5560s everything that I wanted to show off
5562s there's a few more nice items actually
5563s this is really pretty we should
5565s definitely put some of these
5568s um kind of rock clusters
5570s in some enclosures
5574s oh there's a train station isn't this so
5577s cool guys
5580s I could just quickly show you this I
5582s don't know I know I took a look at it I
5584s don't know if I showed it in game so I
5586s haven't um patted the grass down yet and
5588s it's on a hill but isn't that so cool
5591s like the train station
5595s very very cool so I'm actually just
5597s gonna I might leave a few of these I'll
5600s leave the scenery items at the moment
5606s um and then we can decide where we want
5608s to put some things oh so I think I said
5611s before here I want a couple of planters
5612s that match the kind of stone Avery here
5616s oh these are actually some realized
5618s painters
5622s what you just described about your cats
5624s would make interesting behavior for the
5625s games smile at it I know I've I want
5628s more big cats so I think there's um
5632s I saw before obviously guys this isn't
5633s for me anything there's like a
5634s prehistoric cave line that would be cool
5637s to have if anyone knows anyone else
5639s because obviously we have the smile
5640s again like the saber-tooth cat let's
5642s actually get them out real quick
5644s you can um just oh let's put them in
5647s there
5648s let's put them in here
5651s actually guys let me just save real
5653s quick because I always save in case
5655s um I don't have any crashes at all it
5657s would be very very rare
5660s um especially with the optimization
5661s updates that we had throughout Early
5662s Access but I always like to save
5665s especially because just in case the game
5667s crashes because my PC is fault or
5668s something I don't want to lose any
5670s progress
5671s in PK
5673s um yes so smile again
5677s um but yeah so definitely I know so uh
5680s Karina has been on the team
5681s she is an animator I think oh hold on
5684s let me just I don't want to butcher
5685s anyone's job title
5692s [Music]
5696s yes so Karina is with animation and she
5700s has been doing loads of new species
5702s animation for new species and the
5703s current in-game animals and they look
5705s amazing
5707s um I can't remember anything not too
5708s long ago she was mentioning Smilodon
5711s but they're very cool so I'm very
5712s excited
5714s to get to see the new animations
5716s actually in games I've only seen um kind
5718s of what you see in the dev diary where
5720s it's just like oh it's in like you know
5721s blender or Unity
5723s um
5724s yeah and you don't get to see them like
5726s actually in the park behaving like that
5727s so I can't wait I'm very very excited
5729s for the new animation so I think those
5732s will be coming in the title update which
5734s will be out by the end of the year
5742s oh here we go
5744s I'm going to choose the black one I have
5747s actually asked Mal I keep bugging him
5749s I'm like okay next can my cat's name
5751s cannot be one of the names for the big
5753s cats in the game he's like okay okay
5756s um but I've yet to see
5758s nyx's name up here and now I have to say
5760s you have to add drinks as well let's
5762s create a female
5765s her name is Anna very cute
5768s and don't forget guys Slide the game on
5770s pause I the game needs to be
5772s um
5773s playing for the animals to breed this is
5776s where the magic happens
5778s it's all the mystery
5786s I just want to pause get a good look
5804s at her go
5808s she's like okay I'm ready to eat
5811s everybody
5813s I'm queen of all of this now
5815s very very cat-like I already think the
5818s animals in the game look great so it's
5819s just so cool to think like oh my God
5821s there's going to be so many new
5822s animations and the guests will start to
5824s eventually interact with the animals and
5827s I wonder what the interactions for the
5829s guests would be like I haven't seen
5830s anything yet I want I'm on clapping on
5832s cheering I want them to get scared I
5834s want some of the big animals I want some
5836s people not to be able to handle it they
5838s haven't seen anything like that ever
5839s before in their life I'm gonna start
5840s crying I want some people to pass out
5844s maybe there'll be mean people that like
5846s try and um cheer on fighting oh no
5850s he's in the Maze everyone get out of the
5852s maze there's a Smilodon in here
5855s she is actually
5857s oh no
5859s the maze Oh I thought the maze absorb
5862s the animal
5865s oh she's so cute
5872s that's a smile again
5875s very cute I will I'll probably just
5878s Place her with the acro for now and
5881s for anyone who wasn't here earlier we
5883s did mention that yes animals will be
5885s socializing and even fighting later on
5889s but for now they can be the best of
5890s friends
5891s maybe they grew up together maybe they
5893s were in the same like enclosure when
5894s they were like little babies
5900s um oh so someone booty call winter here
5903s in Helton Pennsylvania
5908s that Echo is so cute I still love like
5910s the blue on the acro
5912s he's very happy even though it's a small
5914s area for him he has everything he needs
5917s and he likes being by himself some
5918s people even dinosaurs are more of like
5920s an introvert like I don't want to live
5921s with a big pack I just want my own
5923s little Stone area with a bit of water
5925s and food and let me just scare people
5927s from time to time
5930s um let me just
5931s save and load up again love
5934s because I want to be able to see the
5936s guests walking around
5940s foreign
5949s I am hoping though
5951s so I'm trying to find a Halloween stream
5953s that will be on Monday the 31st
5956s and hopefully we'll be doing some
5958s giveaways and we'll be decorating a park
5961s with the new Halloween content
5963s so it'll be very cool
5966s um Okay so
5969s I wonder if I can oh here's some wonders
5971s this is basically what I want
5976s foreign
5984s so I've copied this piece and split it
5987s from the group
5989s so now
5991s I can move this around separately
5994s and I wanna oh
5997s I'll drive like this here oh yeah
6001s I think I will actually scale these up
6006s and just to kind of add as an extension
6009s to the maze
6011s I think it'll look really
6015s really nice that's kind of what I what I
6016s want to do for a lot of the enclosures
6018s like you'll see
6019s some of the plants
6025s um kind of before in the lead up take a
6026s little streams this looks very cool
6027s thank you let me try we try
6033s oh
6043s foreign
6045s so
6046s I'm not spending too much time because I
6049s do get quite OCD but like placements of
6051s things
6056s I think that's cute we're like fencing
6058s up the park a little bit I don't know if
6059s I'll make like a small little um little
6062s fence here so people don't like walk on
6064s these stones
6065s and then
6067s maybe we'll find some more pieces on the
6069s Steam Workshop where we can have um like
6072s a little garden
6073s detail area
6075s um let me grab the fish though that
6077s could actually be really cute if I scale
6079s that down
6081s like Pond area
6108s foreign
6112s you can scale on all axis from the white
6114s Cube ah yes I always forget that Cindy
6116s told me that
6118s so let me actually
6126s because that makes it more even for
6129s months I was playing the game without
6130s doing that and then I learned that tip
6132s and I was like oh my goodness this is
6133s like the greatest thing I've ever
6135s learned
6141s so the little white square here guys I
6144s mean I bet everyone bit me knew this
6147s that this will just evenly scale down
6149s everything
6156s I think I will rotate it though just so
6158s that's more of like the entrance
6168s very cool so thanks again Austin for
6171s reminding me about the scaling
6174s um I'm actually so happy with the maze I
6177s think it looks very cool I think just
6178s because everything is like straight
6179s lines
6180s it's been a while doing that
6182s um off the stream
6184s um
6185s it just looks very neat
6195s I probably will play around with the
6198s plans but you get the idea I want just
6200s um
6200s a little more it just kind of looks more
6202s consistent with the stone
6205s and the plants here next to the Avery
6208s kind of looks like it was you know it
6210s was planned out but a thought put in
6211s there
6213s and then I need to find a plant pot I
6216s think I might make one
6219s out of
6221s to match this fence
6226s one thing I did was I did
6229s put the fence very close to the habitat
6233s marker so sometimes
6236s it's difficult for me to click on the
6237s actual fence but that's my own fault
6239s because I put it too close
6243s um okay so I
6249s I
6252s maybe she'll get down just a little
6261s so right now I'm just kind of going to
6263s make a little plant pot Maybe
6272s oops
6295s and I do want to make it more
6298s Square
6310s it's better you don't announce too much
6312s it says Pogo will go that way is a
6314s feature that wasn't announced ends up
6315s being scrapped no one will be angry yes
6317s that's kind of the idea as well and also
6320s sometimes things
6321s um like I say okay we're gonna start
6323s working on this and they can always like
6324s change or it could be like saved for
6326s later just depending on how development
6328s goes so
6330s um
6333s yes I'm just not hearing anything that's
6334s good it's just means like oh they're
6335s just working away at it
6337s when it's ready it'll be announced oh I
6339s think they have too much here actually
6358s I think I
6362s I only made two of these okay
6374s foreign
6384s yeah I think I placed um two overlapping
6387s each other so when I was trying to scale
6389s them it wasn't
6391s working correctly
6402s so making just a very quick planter just
6404s so I can show you guys basically
6406s probably what I'll do off stream I'm
6409s gonna
6409s um just basically have some plant pots
6413s leading up to the patchy enclosure and
6415s I'll probably have the trees and plants
6417s that are already in the enclosure just
6419s similar to them the Avery so it's like
6421s oh I can kind of see
6424s um what the biome is going to be like in
6425s the next
6427s the next habitat or you might be able to
6429s guess the next animal if you're a guest
6430s in the park
6447s there is two I knew there was more
6450s underneath
6462s a little crooked but uh
6465s we ain't straight but that's okay
6473s so let me just
6477s so if I click just the
6480s toggle Advanced editing I'll just be
6481s moving this piece but the duplicate with
6484s Advanced editing that makes an exact
6486s copy so that's very easy
6489s because I know when I first started
6490s playing Prehistoric Kingdom uh months
6493s and months and months ago well like a
6494s year ago actually
6496s um I wasn't using that and it was just
6498s taking me very long to build things and
6500s to copy things
6503s a video tutorial on the building
6505s controls made by you guys would be
6506s helpful especially for new people yeah
6508s um that's something that we you could
6510s think about doing
6511s um so we do a few um I do the let's
6513s build Channel I want to do another one
6515s fairly soon because originally I was
6517s going to have a let's build out for each
6519s update but the updates are quite like
6521s sparse at the moment and we don't have
6523s an exact date
6525s um so it's hard to know like oh when
6527s would I release the videos for it but um
6530s yeah maybe they could um be helpful
6532s actually
6533s a little kind of um quick tutorials just
6536s a quick intro to building
6539s um okay so we have like a super basic
6541s plunger I want to place
6544s um like the soil in there
6554s let's do we have a square oh here we go
6561s foreign
6573s hopefully this will just work out
6577s I kind of I'm hoping that this will be
6579s like an absolute mess and like really
6581s crooked
6583s I think I need to make the
6586s load like a little thicker oh no we have
6588s a little soil spilling
6597s there we go no one will know no one will
6600s know
6605s and then what tree so this should all be
6609s so don't forget guys when you're
6610s building to merge groups so that way it
6613s all moves as one item and just do it
6615s kind of as you go because so many times
6617s I've forgot to do that and I build if
6619s I'm working on like an actual huge
6621s building structure and then all the
6622s little tiny kind of structural elements
6624s that you've added you have to end up um
6627s adding it didn't take as long now with
6629s the um we have box selection which is
6633s you can kind of quickly
6635s Glide over everything and everything
6636s highlighted you can just split from the
6638s group or merge it's much easier to
6640s select a bunch of items at the same time
6641s and a few months ago before that was
6644s added in an update
6645s um you have to basically Click on each
6648s individual piece
6650s um okay so let me see what kind of trees
6652s are in here
6663s I think even just these plants will be
6665s cool I'm just going to scale them down
6675s okay
6687s so let's see what this looks like cute
6695s so I will probably make a slightly
6697s neater version Oh my God
6699s look at that too
6703s um yeah so I want
6705s so I might add a little bit more detail
6706s to the plunger pot so they match the
6708s kind of barn and the fence a bit more
6711s let me just straighten that up and then
6712s I want these leading up
6715s to the
6718s um enclosure of the pet cheese
6721s so then we have like a nice walkway for
6723s guests to enjoy
6743s so I'll show you guys kind of like
6745s roughly my vision
6747s and then maybe I can kind of do it
6749s um
6750s I could do it off stream probably
6752s because I'm very indecisive when it
6754s comes to building
6757s and it'll probably take me lots of back
6758s and forth deciding where to place these
6760s or what I want the final ones to look
6762s like
6763s just want some nice potted plants
6765s leading up to the new enclosure and
6768s you'll start to see an introduction of
6769s like the new Terrain
6771s and then I think we can actually start
6774s if you guys want to start throwing a few
6776s suggestions of some different animals we
6778s can decide what the next enclosure will
6780s be so we have a nice introduction at the
6783s park so we have our satakasaurus
6786s um just as you come in so it's a nice
6788s little intro it's the first dinosaur
6790s that um guests have ever seen we have a
6793s nice kind of maze that people can take a
6794s look at the mini Avery exhibit again not
6796s too like shocking because they still
6798s look like you know like birds people
6800s have seen different types of birds
6802s um and then here we have a nice
6804s two wrench so what do we think would be
6806s the next kind of nice
6809s um animal to introduce to guests I mean
6811s we could go straight like scary
6813s we could give Acro actually maybe we'll
6815s just give a girl home that could be fun
6818s um
6819s maybe we'll actually just lead this path
6821s off to the acro and acrocantha Source
6824s enclosure although I do like the holding
6826s cell but maybe we'll just expand his
6828s home
6829s I'm sure that will keep him very very
6831s happy and then also I'll figure out a
6834s few different places around the park of
6836s where to put some of the scenery items
6838s and I'll record it also our next live
6841s stream I can play it in a um in a little
6843s Speed Build like I've done in previous
6845s streams
6849s um also coming up close to Halloween
6850s guys I want to be doing more giveaways
6852s on the Stream So hopefully next week I
6853s can get a few steam keys and we can do
6855s some giveaways and our giveaways are
6857s usually just randomly generated you're
6859s picked from the chat I think it is the
6861s twitch chat though
6863s um
6864s and then usually we just pick a keyword
6866s that you type in
6867s and very quickly um the
6871s name will be generated whoever enters
6872s the chat by typing in the keyword and
6875s one lucky winner can get a Prehistoric
6878s Kingdom key
6879s yes Mrs T-Rex I think we will do
6881s Acrocanthosaurus because I was going to
6883s do another kind of
6885s like herbivore like nice easing guests
6888s into Prehistoric Kingdom nothing too
6891s scary yet but I think aggro
6893s he's been like an MVP in our streams
6895s lately
6896s and I think he deserves a little house
6900s is so good I was actually going to do
6901s acros my next YouTube bit uh video build
6904s maybe I'll do both but um
6906s I think Echo would be nice little
6908s enclosure maybe
6909s um because there's no fight in the game
6910s he could bring his friend
6912s which name and he can bring Anna oh boy
6915s let's listen to Nigel
6917s and uh she's just she's so thirsty she's
6921s just drowning herself in the water
6925s many of its fossils have been excavated
6927s in tar pits I know I love the big cats
6932s in the game I think they're so cute
6937s 166 000 specimension look at the
6941s confidence that don't you just wish you
6942s were a cat sometimes
6944s been terrible death tracks in the past
6947s make for great opportunities in the
6949s present all right guys I'm going to
6950s really quickly see if I can lure out my
6952s kitten before I finish the Stream so
6954s anyone interested in seeing
6956s uh basically that smile again but a
6959s little kitty version stay tuned
6962s let me just place let me just find a
6964s nice little
6967s maybe you guys can look at the barn
6969s oh yes all the patties are here
6973s is that like the tiniest bit of poop
6977s ah
6978s lucky rhinoceros okay guys I'll be right
6981s back I'm gonna try and get my normal
6983s Pachyrhinosaurus each
6987s sticks well we don't know the primary
6990s purpose of these features we can assume
6993s that the differences help an individual
6995s recognize members of its own species and
6998s help males impress the ladies
7007s oh so this is jinx
7011s she's on school
7013s she's sleepy so I was able to pick her
7015s up oh I'm sorry girl I'm sorry
7019s you're doing good don't worry you'll get
7020s a treat
7023s oh
7026s everyone thinks you're so beautiful oh
7034s he's so sleepy
7040s so that is jinx guys she's we would have
7043s had her less than two weeks and it's so
7045s cute she's already starting to feel like
7046s part of the family NYX is snoozing
7049s somewhere oh there she is
7053s I think my other cat mixes under the bed
7055s but it's really cute because they're
7056s both tortoise shells and they look like
7057s sisters
7058s and they're they're getting used to each
7060s other
7062s um so let me switch back to your skin so
7065s guys thanks so much for helping me out
7066s and keep me company in this week's
7068s stream we'll be back next Tuesday I
7070s think that
7076s that beautiful habitat for him to scare
7079s people in so it's gonna be really
7080s exciting for him for his Little Rock
7083s cave jail to expand into a full home so
7087s guys thank you again
7088s uh keep now an eye out on socials or any
7092s sneak peeks for future updates and I
7094s will see you next week thanks guys
7100s [Music]
7128s foreign
7137s [Music]
7159s foreign
7161s [Music]