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0s [Music]
1s foreign
9s [Music]
29s live stream I want to welcome well first
32s off I am Rosie today I'm here with Cindy
35s and Eda
36s um Cindy's the only one who um attempted
39s to do a Halloween costume today so as
41s usual guys just let us know how the
43s audio is
45s um but yeah welcome to the very first
47s Prehistoric Kingdom Halloween special I
50s kept wanting to say Halloween special
52s like oh it's the Halloween special so
53s maybe next year it'll be just known as
55s the Halloween special
56s but how is everybody doing in the chat
60s oh so I'll give a shout out hey kicker
62s White Lime this is T-Rex Gabriel
64s Sterling's Playhouse
68s um let me check on Twitch how is
70s everybody doing today I wanna know does
73s everyone didn't Cindy kill it with her
75s Halloween costume I feel like I was
77s gonna do some cat whiskers I think I
79s still have some time to do some live on
80s stream but um I don't think uh
83s I don't know if I should even try to do
85s anything now
87s um hello power T hello welcome to our
89s stream anchorless Gorgon Bowens toxic
92s bubbles
93s uh Megan any matte from Discord Vogel
97s welcome again welcome art so today guys
100s we have a really really special live
102s stream in store
103s um so as you know we just released our
105s Halloween update
107s um so along with just a few other things
110s um coming into Prehistoric Kingdom of
111s the game we also released it alongside
112s loads of Halloween content so it was
114s really awesome to see what you guys have
116s all been building over the last week but
119s something really special that we had in
120s Halloween update is um some really cute
123s cut out characters that everyone's been
125s displaying in the Parks and those cut
126s out characters were made by Eda our
128s concept artists so she wears many hats
131s in the company but she is mainly our
132s concept artists and she's absolutely
134s amazing and as soon as I saw her drawing
136s these live in our Discord when we were
139s all the guests were in the chat I was
140s like I have to bring her on a stream so
142s we can draw these so we're going to get
145s you guys to share some ideas we're going
147s to be doing some polls for what
149s dinosaurs or animals we're going to be
150s doing and then you guys are going to
152s help us design their costumes in chat so
155s I have noticed in Discord when I
157s announced the event so I announced the
160s event UK yeah it was my time at midnight
163s um we announced Halloween stream and
165s then even Discord I saw that lots of
167s people were getting excited and starting
168s to share ideas so we'll be getting into
171s that shortly and then also throughout
173s the stream guys stay tuned because we're
174s going to be giving away three
176s Prehistoric Kingdom game keys
179s um inside joke I tried to get Crusader
181s Kings game keys but they said no we
183s don't want anything to do with you guys
185s stop mentioning us
186s um it's not good for business but um
189s we'll work on it for the next stream
191s so I'm gonna switch to our Discord so
195s I'll basically explain to you guys what
197s I'm going to be doing oh where's our
199s little critters ah so here's a little
201s example of our little Halloween Critter
204s well that's what I've been calling them
206s I don't know if I'm supposed to be
207s calling them Critters
209s um so these are little Halloween cutouts
210s that everyone has been displaying in our
212s Parks so we have Dino count tacula and a
216s little nerdy yes the name is nerdy for
220s copyright reasons
222s um so it is going to be drawing just
224s very shortly we're just gonna wait for a
226s couple more people to hop in on our
228s stream
230s um but yeah I want to know
232s um from Cindy and Eda what do you think
234s your guy you guys's favorite costume
236s you've ever had for Halloween was
240s if you dressed up
247s enough fluffy just before like randomly
250s online maybe that was you that I saw
256s oh yeah
262s that's so cool I did like Xena one year
264s but I don't think my costume was good
269s oh let me turn up some of the chat guys
273s because I know basically I've been
274s explaining to Eden Cindy
276s when like as soon as I turn off stream I
279s have to quickly turn down the Discord
281s volume or Cindy will like blow my
283s eardrums but on stream for some reason
285s when I hit live it's very quiet so let
287s me just
289s um turn that up a little bit
297s possibly not possibly not okay so I'll
299s do I'll I'll turn up Cindy and then I'll
302s also just turn me down so that way
303s people can just maybe
305s um turn their volume up on there
307s desktop or TV
311s so a few people in chat have been asking
313s will these characters
315s be available in the game so no not at
318s the moment we've released the Halloween
320s update but if we get a really popular
322s character that's you know PG and all is
326s good
327s um you might see them reappear next year
330s in um another Prehistoric Kingdom
333s Halloween update
335s so hopefully um you guys will still be
337s here next year because we have lots and
340s lots of awesome content coming
342s throughout Early Access
346s oh did I do that wrong
349s okay two sex guys
351s you can definitely post these on the
353s Discord Channel yes
356s yeah so we can possibly share them on
358s socials and obviously throughout Discord
360s so guys if you haven't joined our
362s Discord already make sure to join
363s because lots of people have been sharing
365s what they've been building and um
367s especially a lot of the prefabs are
368s shared there first not just only in the
370s workshop so you can get a sneak peek of
372s um what people are working on before
374s they share it on the workshop and just
376s people have been building such amazing
377s Halloween parks
379s so here we have the little the drawing
383s board so I want to get some ideas in
385s chat what dinosaurs would you like to
387s see cutified if that's a word and also
391s in a Halloween costume
394s so we're gonna get some ideas and then
396s we'll do a poll
402s en
404s cutified
412s but the dinosaur that I thought about is
415s I don't know if that's in the game so
418s maybe I should oh no maybe you just
420s don't think yeah
423s yeah
424s um oh someone said solidasaurus that
426s could be kilo okay so let me just get
427s Salida
435s ninja oh yeah that would be good
439s I'm trying to I'm just sometimes
442s when it comes to costumes I just can't
444s think oh so kicker white line patchy
445s rhinosaurus in a costume as Grand from
448s Lord of the Rings
450s we could do a T-Rex oh yeah poor T-Rex
453s hasn't been anything
467s oh so whoever whoever had bets for how
471s long Cindy would take off the the dragon
474s head
476s oh let me check the twitch chat
484s oh Fred says he wants you to put it back
486s on
490s hold on hold on hold on I have another
492s mask I could use
494s I have a backup
504s oh my God my eyesight is so bad I just
506s saw myself like squinting on camera
508s anyway
509s um I do wear contacts actually but I
511s don't know I'm just a bad habit of
513s squinting
515s um so guys oh uh guys in the chat we're
517s going to be doing um just the in-game
519s animals at the moment we don't want to
521s um
522s tease anything or get people excited for
524s animals that aren't going to be in the
525s game
532s yes I sent you a Discord message they're
535s just super quiet okay
539s a bottle
542s fantastic this is
544s wonderful I miscalculated
549s I love how terrifying it looks
558s eight just turning up shot again oh what
561s let me do some advanced oh some filters
564s Maybe
569s okay so that should there should be
570s definitely a noticeable change in the
572s audio so guys let me know in the chat
573s how Cindy and Eda are
578s so I'm just not making the streams all
579s about me okay so I'm gonna set up a poll
581s with a few of the suggestions that we've
583s had
599s foreign
609s but yeah let us know in the chat guys
611s are is anyone going out for Halloween
619s partying already
620s [Music]
623s dressing up as I want to know
631s yeah I know I feel like well it's 6 30
633s where I am so we're probably gonna well
635s I'm in a flat so I won't have any
637s trick-or-treaters unfortunately
646s uh so uh company says no just handing
649s out candy and puppy sitting oh that's
651s cute yeah make sure there's no um I
653s don't know if you have fireworks nearby
656s um
658s foreign
664s so um Chris said going as rob a AKA The
668s Master From The Brave Little Toaster all
670s cute for next week at Comic-Con oh
673s that's so cute
675s um Fred says don't know about tonight
676s but already partied on Saturday yeah I
678s guess because Halloween is on like a
679s Monday not much people
681s are going out I think some people have
683s like bank holidays so they could go out
685s or they went out yesterday because the
687s day's back holiday in some countries
689s mm-hmm
693s okay let's see how the pole will look
699s okay so guys the poll should be on
701s Twitch
703s so you just need to type in
707s I'm managing the poll yes
715s I I've put a few filter like audio games
719s on there so it should be a bit better so
722s guys let us know in chat
724s I feel like my eardrum is going to be
726s blown off as soon as I end the stream
727s but it'll be worth it
732s oh yeah
733s then you just gonna be like
735s it's gonna be very difficult
740s no it doesn't work online we tried that
742s okay are you on Discord call with that
745s yeah
746s you can click their name on this for
748s them yeah
753s um I'll check the pool
755s oh okay
759s so okay so far in the chat the salido is
763s winning
764s So Okay so we've slido smile it on our
766s T-Rex
768s for our first Little Critter costume our
771s first little character cut out
779s apparently I am still quiet
783s still quiet oh my goodness
785s I'll just I'll just yell
788s put another filter on
793s can I do two games do you think I could
795s do two Gain two oh well I can okay
798s I need those gains
804s bullying eatah by making her draw the
806s most complicated one yeah either now
809s you're gonna feel how I feel whenever I
811s uh paint the Skins that's true
814s okay the pole is now closed guys so the
818s winner by 57 of the votes is oh just
821s coming in last minute is actually salido
825s so salidosaurus is going to be our very
827s first little character cutout on stream
830s and then probably after our first
832s character we'll do our very first key
834s giveaway for Prehistoric Kingdom
838s so probably as we chat Eda can start
840s like drawing roughly maybe what Salida
843s will look like which kind of some rough
844s sketches and then we'll start coming up
846s with like a little costume that you can
848s wear
850s uh I know you said we need a ref
855s uh
856s let me
858s see what we've shown let me go on blogs
861s make sure I'm not giving you the wrong
863s one
866s oh I was muted I have shown all the
868s Skins oh I'll take the one that's on the
870s website yeah
873s yeah
876s all right
877s I swear to God I work on this
879s forget things
889s um so let me see
894s the games made it better thank you okay
896s I literally put like the filter and
899s maxed it out like there's like two gains
902s maxed out and my volume on Discord is
904s gonna be crazy once I end the Stream
907s but all good as long as you guys can
908s hear Cindy and Eda
911s oh that's a cute little reference
914s um so guys yeah you can actually see all
916s of our um announced animals that are
918s currently in game in the upcoming um
920s there's three new species coming soon in
922s the next update update that will be out
924s by the end of the year
926s um but yeah you can take a look at all
928s of the in-game animals on our website
933s uh I don't know if this is gonna change
936s things you know but they are uh
939s requesting the Oreo salido
942s well obviously though yes all right yeah
944s which I believe
949s we showed will obviously we showed it
951s otherwise people would not have yeah
954s don't listen to me it's not
957s all right I'll need to find that
962s um I'll do the sketch first the Swifty
964s folklore said love those new signs they
966s are so adorable
968s I was so excited to show them off I
970s wanted to show them off like October 1st
973s but um we have to wait just until the
975s rest of the the update the Halloween
977s content was announced
984s oh yeah and thanks everyone in chat so
986s sound is all good now awesome awesome
989s it
993s computer head
1002s can I see you in chat complimenting your
1005s own username on on YouTube
1011s uh so someone suggested Oreo slider
1013s dressed as a skeleton uh what else do we
1016s have
1018s Ninja Turtle that was a good idea Gorgon
1021s bones uh said he's like a peddly puppy
1031s press the store tell her
1046s someone said slider dressing up as a
1048s Stegosaurus
1049s that's going to be difficult to pull off
1052s another suggestion from cam so cam is
1055s one of the developers at PK so dressed
1058s as a pine cone oh nice yes
1063s and we're gonna dress it up in a pine
1065s cone
1067s dressed up like a spoon a spoon bill
1069s when it's in pink
1073s um love the Ninja Turtle idea another
1076s undead costume
1080s I'm dead yeah that's pretty good
1084s I also love their little lamb their
1085s little pumpkin baskets that they use as
1087s well
1090s Okay Candy goes eat a um the image we
1094s have is at night so I'm just gonna send
1098s you the concept art
1100s all right
1110s we've got some suggestions for being
1113s dressed up like a witch zombie witch
1115s nurse maybe a T-Rex could be like a sexy
1117s nurse that could be kind of cute oh my
1120s God yes
1123s I'll probably do that
1125s oh a pineapple
1130s that's cool so will we do a poll okay
1133s what what'll I enter for the
1136s the poll for what it'll be dressed up as
1139s I feel like maybe Eda should have more
1141s of an input so she's like uh I wanna
1143s know what I'm going to be trying
1145s like maybe what's what's a bit easier oh
1148s a Hellboy costume that could be cute oh
1150s that's cool yeah I mean go for whatever
1153s we'll make it happen
1156s okay so I think let's do for this uh
1158s solidasaurus okay so Ninja's a good one
1162s yeah
1163s uh pineapple Maybe
1166s I thought it was really cute
1168s I think skeleton was also pretty cute
1171s too skeleton oh yes skeleton
1173s Skellington okay so we'll do those three
1189s I ran out of tea
1192s tragedy
1195s the greatest tragedy of all
1213s um okay what was the third one oh
1214s pineapple
1216s foreign
1228s okay guys so you guys are going to be
1230s voting on what costume the saliva source
1233s is going to be wearing this very spooky
1235s evening so we have Ninja pineapple or
1238s skeleton
1241s uh are devs allowed to vote
1244s sure
1251s okay so far oh my God pineapple was
1253s winning but now ninja is coming back
1254s strong
1256s foreign
1257s I think Ninja's gonna win
1260s four skeleton oh I don't know nobody
1262s wants to take a neck
1268s someone said skeleton because of the pun
1273s I'll leave it open pineapples that's
1275s quite a popular poll I want to keep this
1277s going for a little while yeah go for it
1282s I'm just skeleton Skellington's catching
1285s up
1288s um yeah so guys the poll is on Twitch
1290s unfortunately so I'm using mubot
1295s we can do um we can definitely do one
1298s character for the YouTube chat though
1301s where we can get up suggestions from
1303s YouTube
1307s so cam on YouTube says come on pineapple
1310s with a little leaf headdress that would
1312s be cute okay so I'm gonna close the poll
1320s oh the radical synthwave pineapple
1325s radical since we have pineapple right
1328s Eda yeah guys oh my God I actually
1330s stopped the boat and it's like it's a
1332s draw between pineapple and skeleton can
1334s we do like a mixture of both
1336s could it be a skeleton fight
1341s is that like a cheese can we like maybe
1344s we can try work on it and then
1347s or do we want to do a like a
1348s head-to-head pineapple or skeleton
1350s I think we should do that
1353s okay we'll do a head to head okay
1358s actually you know I'm gonna let the
1359s YouTube okay guys in YouTube okay
1362s pineapple or skeleton go
1365s let us know in the YouTube chat salido
1367s is a pineapple or skeleton
1377s okay so Nature's compendium saying
1379s skeleton a few more people say Mrs
1382s T-Rex's skeleton a little bit scholar
1384s saying pineapple
1387s okay we're 50 50 a few oh pineapple is
1390s leading
1391s okay guys I think pineapple is wedding
1393s here I think it's gonna be a pineapple
1396s all right
1405s I'm real I I don't I feel like maybe I
1408s don't have a creative mind but I'm like
1409s ready to be blown away by how Eda is
1412s gonna make a fun of the costume I'm
1415s thinking here
1417s skeleton yeah we'll see
1421s Luciano on YouTube has said I propose a
1424s Tyrannosaurus Rex dressed as a giant
1427s chicken
1429s that's a good one
1434s it's not Prehistoric Kingdom art if it
1436s is an unnecessarily challenging
1438s no
1443s uh kajira guy on with it twitch has said
1447s puffer fish skeleton oh I guess that
1449s would be a good for the if it was a mix
1452s so that's what a pineapple skeleton
1454s would look like I suppose so yeah
1456s uh Gorgon bone says what art program is
1459s either using
1460s this is Photoshop CC and I'm using a
1465s let's see Wacom me I can't in 205
1471s in medium size
1478s share my tablet
1481s it's just sitting right what do you use
1483s I use a Wacom
1487s intuos don't know which one and in the
1491s tiny size
1492s uh because I'm insane
1496s also it was like 70 bucks yeah I used to
1499s like the small ones
1501s um and then I got a bigger one in the
1503s drawing area is still not huge on the
1506s medium
1507s mm-hmm
1509s I'm just so used to having such a small
1512s drawing area that when I do use a larger
1514s drawing area tablet I get frustrated by
1516s how slow everything is yeah you have to
1519s move your arm a lot more which is good
1521s for your wrist if if you draw you should
1523s actually the lines should come from your
1526s from your shoulder a mirror elbow and
1529s not leg from your wrist ah
1533s yeah I'll just destroy my wrist yeah
1537s don't we all
1540s right so pineapple one right pineapple
1543s all right do we need a pineapple
1545s reference photo for the chat
1548s I think I'll be good I'll send you one
1551s go for it just like SpongeBob's house or
1553s something
1564s there you go
1569s so in case anyone you know maybe get
1572s your your fruits mixed up
1575s um we're gonna have a little pineapple
1576s reference pick
1583s I don't think any of these pineapples
1585s are yellow
1589s all right
1591s um let me look at some pineapples
1594s I think what I'm gonna do
1597s is
1601s give
1603s it like a little hat
1606s yeah I like the the little headdress
1609s idea
1610s yeah and then
1615s we'll go from there and we'll see
1619s you know what might be cute having your
1621s body be like the body of the pineapple
1624s right but some of the scutes like are
1626s ripped out of it for his arms
1629s yeah well the scoots along its side like
1631s it was sort of trying to stuff itself in
1634s the pineapple costume because I really
1635s really wanted to be a pineapple oh yeah
1638s pop through oh yeah
1642s uh Pro company says do um a leaf hat
1645s like a Can-Can dancer
1647s oh man yeah awesome and says mini
1650s SpongeBob hidden on the leaf hat
1661s all right so
1669s oh Kika white line suggested
1672s dryosaurus at a forest ferry that would
1675s be cute
1677s that is very cute
1685s pineapple leaves look like that
1709s oh my God I love it
1711s ah
1714s you can just see he already looks so
1715s happy
1717s yeah yes this is exactly how I envision
1720s myself my outfit
1722s I I love it when kids pick really weird
1725s stuff for Halloween costumes like
1728s Cindy's grapes like it's not I love it
1731s it's just so funny
1733s thrilled Beyond thrilled
1737s I think some cool yeah I see some good
1740s costumes oh my favorite costumes that I
1743s just find hilarious every time I see is
1746s when little toddlers dress up as like
1748s elderly people and I have like their
1751s walkers a little tennis balls they have
1752s little wigs on it's so cute you guys
1755s literally just type in like a toddlers
1757s dressed as like elderly people and it's
1759s so cute
1761s okay
1764s I once saw a post on the internet uh
1767s some some person's kid really wanted to
1769s go as a smoke detector
1773s so he went as a smoke detector awesome
1778s yeah I think my friends
1780s um my friend's nephew once like had a
1783s huge tantrum in a store because he
1785s really wanted to buy his mom to buy the
1787s smoke alarm because of the red button
1790s I mean I can kind of see why though
1793s yeah it's like I too would like a little
1795s box with a red button to press
1807s he's got some good cheekbones
1809s yeah
1818s oh my goodness
1819s oh no this little guy
1823s I really hope some of these guys
1825s um make it to next year's Halloween
1827s update that would be so cute I know
1831s just a little guy
1840s Brad has said that there's a little
1842s toddler with an impressive Predator an
1845s alien costume oh I'll have to look that
1847s up after oh some people go all that oh I
1850s saw um
1851s there was a really good costume it was
1853s for the moon night Premiere and a little
1854s kid had like an insanely good detailed
1858s costume he was Moon Knight
1860s wow that was pretty impressive
1862s cosplayer parents
1864s Gojira guy has said sauropod as a
1867s lighthouse I love that
1872s no
1874s all right all right so what we could do
1877s here
1879s see so it could be like this kind of a
1882s I'll turn it down a little bit
1886s we could do like a little
1890s yeah
1892s like a barrel-esque at the moment I like
1895s that where it's just like you know a
1898s pineapple I love it
1901s I love it so much
1903s and then it can hide inside of it like a
1906s turtle and then
1910s all right
1911s do you think
1913s um if if kids were to dress up as like
1915s fruit for Halloween can they complain if
1917s they get fruit instead of candy
1920s I don't I don't know I would say no they
1923s might you are what you eat you are what
1925s you get what you're dressed as
1931s um trick-or-treating there was you know
1933s the old lady who gave out raisins and
1936s yeah at the time I did not recognize the
1938s irony of getting raisins when I was a
1940s bunch of grapes because I was three but
1943s my mom couldn't stop laughing
1945s yeah
1946s that's a good one I guess you at least
1949s enjoy the raisins no I hate raisins
1953s oh
1955s when I got raisins in preschool I would
1958s in protest not eat
1961s well I don't think I've ever tried one
1963s just because they look weird I just they
1965s they yeah they look weird I don't like
1967s them even though they're like very
1969s special I don't know I don't want to eat
1971s a shrivel shriveled up anything yeah
1974s they are not food they are the physical
1976s embodiment of sadness
1979s you think so yeah the Cranberries are
1982s very good I I hate raisins I hate them
1986s I'm sorry
1987s I think I used to
1989s I tried for the very first time dates a
1992s couple years ago and actually love them
1994s but when I started when I was first
1996s eating them I it kind of like it was
1999s reminding me I thought I was eating like
2000s a cockroach like I had to like get that
2002s out of my head like no you're not eating
2004s a cockroach this is edible fruit this is
2008s food
2009s I think um dates are used as cockroaches
2014s um like in movies if you have like a
2016s prop that someone needs to eat like a
2017s cockroach they just put like little like
2020s um I guess like herbs or something as
2022s the legs or something yeah
2025s that is pretty good yeah
2030s probably makes them
2033s yeah
2035s unless you're in a Martin Scorsese movie
2037s he's like no it has to be real eat the
2039s cockroach
2047s uh Kika white line said wait did no one
2050s suggest a paleontologist costume hmm
2054s that could be cute do a little um
2058s maybe you could do some Jurassic Park
2060s characters
2062s because we haven't done one yet
2064s no we have not
2066s just a nerdy little guy
2069s um parastrologist as a diver with the
2072s crest as a snorkel
2074s that's good that's good
2079s that is very cute
2091s I'm trying to figure out how to
2105s oh we haven't done a pirate either a
2107s pirate would be good oh yeah
2116s and then
2121s for Raptor as a parrot would be funny
2131s um what else are we getting
2141s awesome and has said my Crow Raptor
2148s I guess they kind of already look like a
2150s crow how would they
2152s they'd have to hide some of their kind
2154s of extra features
2156s yeah uh Kamara source as a catapult
2161s we're getting a lot of um suggestions to
2164s do an Alan Grant costume
2166s oh
2170s myosaurus is a catapult and Argent as a
2173s trebuchet
2175s a lightning rod
2181s a rocket
2183s that could work
2194s do you think this little guy also has
2196s like a
2197s pineapple basket instead of a pumpkin
2200s yeah
2202s he was like I really thought out my
2204s outfit this year
2205s he really went all in on the pineapples
2209s matched
2212s um armor tightness set all the dinosaur
2214s ladies need a dry Source head for T-Rex
2217s I'm telling you dry is the most scary
2219s thing drama's my favorite she looks like
2222s a little baby
2226s you just kind of looked like an alien
2227s though with his eyes
2231s um a couple of people have asked about
2232s this month's Dev Vlog so no
2234s unfortunately there won't be a Dev Vlog
2236s for this month
2237s um just because we don't have anything
2239s new to announce I think the only thing
2242s we can possibly tease is that
2245s um there has been some designs and some
2249s artwork getting ready for some species
2251s that you guys won't even hear about
2253s until the next update is released but it
2256s is fun to know that yes there is more
2258s species being worked on at the moment
2264s we're working on animals speculate away
2266s speculate
2276s speculation time
2280s yeah I think that's fair we need to also
2282s just do um we'll just do our current
2284s in-game
2286s um animals
2288s for costumes
2293s new animals is always good
2295s uh camera said I speculate it is an
2298s animal
2299s we can't prefer we will not confirm or
2302s deny anything you'll get nothing from us
2306s well really it's more like a computer
2308s code so it's more like a digimon
2311s yes there is a new game oh shoot it just
2314s came out in September it's called like
2316s 10 10 or something and it's kind of like
2318s a it's similar to Pokemon but it's with
2321s its like own world and animals it's like
2323s a farming game no maybe forming a game
2325s kind of Pokemon mixture
2327s [Music]
2330s but yeah it looks pretty good
2333s it's not like Monster Rancher no no it's
2335s called like let me just check I'll get
2337s steam open
2339s because I remember taking I saw it it's
2341s not on sale though
2344s I can do the REO skin right
2348s yes okay yeah the uh Oreo Skin's already
2351s been shown okay good just making sure
2353s yeah
2360s yeah uh yeah so for anyone if you want
2362s to check it out later it's called temtem
2363s t e m t e m
2365s and it's a really cool
2367s um
2368s kind of like open World adventure
2370s with loads of cool new just like if you
2372s like Pokemon Digimon these are their own
2375s kind of unique um kind of like monster
2377s animals
2379s well that's pretty cool it's not on the
2381s in the sale though unfortunately
2384s but it's a good one to add to your wish
2385s list
2386s we promote other people's games way too
2388s much
2389s someday they'll mention us
2393s um we have dryasaurus as Mr DNA
2399s it's another suggestion
2401s oh um Pro company says temtem is just a
2404s straight what is that a straight
2406s Adventure game no farming okay I think
2408s I'm confusing it because you can like
2409s customize your house
2412s and like add Furniture so if you like
2414s that kind of
2416s um
2417s those kind of detail games where you can
2419s like collect Furniture and Design things
2421s that sort of added to the kind of
2423s monster animal collecting in the game
2432s Shiloh is a vampire we've already got a
2435s vampire
2436s s
2448s oh okay so this is debatable I actually
2451s might start a little poll
2452s um some armor Titan says I'm fine with
2454s pineapple on a dinosaur but not please
2457s no pineapple on pizza
2459s I
2463s I get because I'm like a very picky
2464s eater so I don't so I'm vegetarian but
2466s years ago I used to eat not have a
2468s pineapple pizza because I didn't like
2469s pineapples but I would take I would pick
2471s them off but I actually didn't mind the
2474s flavor that's probably controversial
2476s like it didn't I didn't mind it it was
2479s okay
2479s but I would prefer I would prefer not
2483s I'm going to hit you with a really
2484s controversial opinion okay I don't like
2487s pepperoni on pizza
2489s that is pretty controversial yep it's
2492s entirely too greasy it's very like salty
2496s it is yes
2498s I like pepperoni but not on Pizza hmm
2507s do we have a name for a little Salida
2509s pineapple
2511s uh if anyone's good with puns yeah we
2515s need some good puns because we had like
2517s Dino count tacula nerdy
2522s so isn't there a name of like
2525s the lady that has a hat with a bunch of
2528s fruit on it
2530s um
2532s can you make a pun out of it
2534s yeah it's uh if I knew what the name was
2537s I could
2539s Carmen Carmen Miranda
2542s Carmen Miranda
2543s yeah she's coming up because uh people
2546s also ask who is the lady that danced
2548s with fruit order it
2552s uh we could make a I guess make a
2554s SpongeBob reference
2560s we could just call him a
2563s controversial pizza topping sponge the
2565s salido
2567s because he's in a pineapple Cam that is
2569s terrible
2570s his name should be sponge
2575s uh so Zen all said bacon on Pizza is the
2578s best topping yeah any kind of like have
2580s well I don't I don't eat ham or anything
2581s anymore yeah I used to eat like um like
2585s ham and cheese pizzas
2588s oh yeah Canadian bacon which is just ham
2592s is also quite good
2596s oh uh Salida Salida Apple slide Apple
2599s it's a light up
2602s it's it's easier to say
2608s yeah I think my go-to pizzas usually
2610s sometimes I try to get like um like
2613s vegan cheese if it's available or but I
2616s always put jalapenos and peppers on
2617s there
2618s and maybe extra tomatoes
2621s the toppings I usually get if I if I'm
2625s uh feeling splurgy is mushroom onion and
2631s spinach and I've got the little red
2633s pepper shakers so I just shake some red
2636s pepper on it when it gets when it gets
2639s delivered
2642s uh remember the name Nature's uh
2646s Nature's compendium said who lives in a
2647s slide up all under the sea
2650s Light apple I think that's kind of good
2655s solid Apple
2657s penis colosaurus
2660s Pina scolatosaurus
2666s oh dear
2668s have you ever had a anchovy on pizza
2672s and she'll be meat or fish
2675s it's fish
2679s I just feel like I think I kind of
2681s because I never used to like fish anyway
2684s um but they look like slugs not to turn
2686s people off like sardines and oh I don't
2689s know I don't know how people can eat
2690s that
2692s feasty
2694s um I just tried canned Herring for the
2696s first time five out of ten I'll eat it
2699s if I have to but it's not gross it's
2701s just it tastes like
2703s sustenance but canned mackerel
2707s I will eat that like it's 18.95.
2712s and guys we got a really good name penis
2714s Galata
2717s I really like that one
2720s penis galatosaurus
2722s they're really good guys I do like these
2724s names
2730s oh so vogela said that they find this uh
2733s smiloden would be really good as a
2735s vampire if we were to do vampire again
2737s because of the fangs that would be good
2741s still think if we do smilo he's got to
2743s be Puss in Boots yes that would be so
2745s cute
2748s because none of the costumes none of
2750s them have shoes
2755s little booties
2759s oh and he'd have a little sword and a
2761s big hat
2763s we can make his eyes look like really
2764s big as well like really big pupils
2767s boots with the fur
2773s oh lying in a Smilodon dressed like a
2776s lion
2777s in a yeah a fake line Maine that would
2780s be cute
2782s and a tape on tail yeah because his tail
2785s is shorter he needs like a little tail
2786s extension
2788s oh my God I love the little slideosaurus
2795s it is like yes I'm like I don't have to
2797s uh do work next Halloween now because
2799s they'll love me
2803s pre-made
2808s [Music]
2810s might want to start thinking about the
2812s next one pretty soon I think I'm
2814s I'm kind of I nearly want to override
2817s because someone said like a Sexy Rexy
2819s nurse laughs
2824s uh paleo stream said oh my God that's so
2827s cute Eda
2828s thank you
2832s oh camera said cookies and cream and
2834s pineapple do not go together flavor wise
2837s have you tried have you tried them like
2840s it would be
2846s you know what I think it
2850s hmm
2854s I think it would because I've definitely
2857s had a candy which was coconut with like
2863s lime it was like sweetened coconut with
2865s lime and then it was coated in chocolate
2868s it was really good
2870s and I bet you that would actually taste
2873s delicious
2880s um more suggestions downable dynaboo
2883s Studios that said celophytes is with the
2884s cowboy hat
2886s that would be cute
2890s uh oh one of the dinosaurs could be in a
2892s Barney costume or someone said
2896s yes
2897s that would be funny and I dressed up as
2900s my hero oh my God oh my God I totally
2904s found it
2905s Anastasia coconut patties pina colada
2909s flavor bam I am wham bam thank you Cam
2912s I'm sending this to you
2916s oh no go together
2924s foreign
2926s yes it is yes it is
2937s I'm getting um guys if you want to
2939s suggest in the chat on YouTube and
2942s twitch for the next couple of or the
2944s next um
2946s prehistoric animal
2948s that will be designing a costume for us
2950s so let us know now
2955s and then we'll also be doing a key
2957s giveaway just in the next few minutes
2961s so if you don't have Prehistoric Kingdom
2964s stay tuned or if you want your friend to
2966s play Prehistoric Kingdom then they're
2967s like I'm not sure
2969s you can give them a key
2974s um someone suggested a mammoth in a
2976s cowboy costume with a cigar and in its
2978s mouth and sunglasses
2980s very detailed
2982s cam suggested Cowboy rhino
2985s of course
2987s so I'm actually totally into that
2991s I think Cowboy should be one of the um
2993s that would be cool
2996s do that so you have to make the chaps
2998s because the chats would be real funny
3000s okay so should we should we say Okay so
3003s the costume will be cow will be a cowboy
3005s and then the chat can pick the animal
3009s or should it be see what else like other
3013s costume suggestions that we have
3016s um there are some good ones there
3021s Mammoth as a pirate what other costumes
3024s a pirate was a good one pirate Puss in
3026s Boots
3029s there could be a night
3032s oh
3033s someone suggested Edmontosaurus but in a
3036s Barney costume
3038s Mammoth that's a fire man
3041s I do really like Lighthouse
3042s Brachiosaurus
3045s yeah that was pretty funny that was good
3058s do an animal as a pirate they need to
3060s have my a microraptor or like an
3062s archeopteryx on their shoulder yes like
3065s a taped on a parrot beak
3069s yeah on YouTube illiterate scholar says
3072s draw the PK developers as dinosaurs oh
3075s maybe maybe that'll be um like another
3078s stream that could be like a little
3080s anniversary stream or something yeah
3083s I can already tell you I'm uh
3086s satacosaurus tibericus I'm a taco
3090s choice
3091s small and I bite
3095s okay guys I'm gonna while Eda is
3098s finishing the well we haven't got a name
3100s what is the the penis Galata I quite
3102s like that one yeah I like that one
3104s genius Galata penis colada
3108s uh Kim you are the woolly rhino
3114s absolutely
3117s foreign
3119s too but
3122s I think he's a woolly rhino
3131s hey guys so over on Twitch there is a
3133s giveaway for a Prehistoric Kingdom key
3135s so just type in pineapple in the chat
3141s love it
3163s I think I'm gonna make the pumpkin
3164s yellow
3166s yeah because he's really on theme like
3168s he really thought out his costume this
3170s year he's like I'm gonna win the costume
3172s contest yep
3175s he's just obsessed with pineapples his
3178s favorite food is pineapples
3180s yeah he has an obsession
3184s the others have tried to talk him out of
3185s it he's like nope nope every year
3188s my time to shine
3208s using this off
3221s okay so I'm just going to draw a winner
3225s okay so the winner of the first key
3228s giveaway is Gorgon bones
3231s so congrats
3233s so I'm gonna take note I'm just gonna
3235s send you a little message on Twitch
3239s um and then after the stream I'm going
3241s to send you your Prehistoric Kingdom
3242s teeth
3264s um apparently my nephew is watching so
3268s hi William
3271s I'm so happy you're watching
3275s kill it
3279s someone suggested that there should be a
3281s little leaf on the top of his little
3283s bucket oh here yes you are right
3291s someone else uh so Zen all said the
3293s handle should be green will that show up
3295s maybe if we do like a little dark green
3296s or do we want to keep yeah I can do
3298s green yeah
3301s that's a good idea
3307s uh arm and Titan said very talented
3309s artist great job
3311s thank you
3320s we have a suggestion from uh ecats
3322s Velociraptor as a samurai
3325s samurai would be a good costume
3331s organ bones I love your username but I
3334s will say when I first heard it I thought
3336s you was going to say gorgonzola
3339s hmm
3341s cheese of course you would hear a cheese
3345s absolutely
3362s paleo stream says there could be a
3364s stereocosaurus going as a spooky Castle
3368s you have like a major like cut out he'd
3372s be one of those people that wear like um
3374s costumes and they just can't move around
3375s they take up so much space
3377s yeah bump into everyone and everything
3380s oh so Gorgon bones um already has PK and
3383s they're going to gift it to someone so
3384s that's awesome I'm gonna give the
3385s children cool cool share it make sure
3387s they join the Discord
3389s oh saracosaurus could be a Hellraiser
3395s with all the spikes coming out of him
3397s yep yeah
3414s all right I think we are heck yeah he
3420s looks awesome
3421s I like already wanted to be in the game
3423s maybe we should have done this
3425s we should have done this before oh yeah
3428s that would have been cool maybe next
3428s year we can do one before um we release
3431s the Halloween update like a month before
3432s and maybe the winner can um get in the
3435s game
3438s okay guys that is our peanut Pina
3441s scolada
3442s that was awesome so guys I'm just gonna
3445s I think I have the next three
3447s suggestions that we got the most uh
3449s Kimora Soros steracosaurus and
3451s sealophysis so I'm just gonna set up a
3454s poll on Twitch
3456s uh where you guys can vote
3512s hey guys so over on Twitch if you want
3515s to vote for the next animal
3520s and then if um it's a draw then the
3523s YouTube chat can decide the winner
3530s Mrs T-Rex says amazing Christmas
3532s dinosaurs oh Wonder could um oh yeah we
3536s could do like um Santa an elves maybe
3539s for Christmas
3542s maybe like the pet she can be Santa or
3544s something
3552s you want to come on stream my cat has um
3555s she's going into heat
3557s oh so um she wants she wants everyone's
3560s attention yeah but
3562s we're gonna take her to get spayed soon
3564s but I wanted to not be in heat for a
3567s while first
3568s um
3573s okay I'm Gonna Leave the pool up just
3575s for another minute so Kamar source is
3578s winning by a lot and then celo and
3580s stracosaurus for about 50 50.
3584s it will only take a couple of boats to
3586s change the game
3597s of course
3599s oh God
3602s I'm actually seeing people make Mammoth
3603s cube in uh in PK I love it
3608s okay so the winner is kamarasaurus
3611s uh all right which um skin do we do we
3615s want to do
3618s hmm
3620s let's see I can pull up my references
3623s here so we can look at I guess it
3624s depends on which costume we're gonna do
3626s yeah yeah okay guys so let us know some
3629s costume ideas that you have for
3630s camarosaurus though any good ideas for a
3633s big sauropod dinosaur so earlier we had
3635s Lighthouse I think we had a catapult as
3638s well
3639s maybe you could like dude he could like
3641s play his uh pumpkin basket
3644s please don't do catapult I know
3648s uh 1800s cameraman camarosaurus might be
3651s funny that is pretty funny
3655s oh and he'd have a little suit on oh
3665s uh so Gordon bones has said Eda gets to
3668s choose the skin I mean overall edict and
3670s just start drawing whatever she wanted
3671s and there's nothing we can do about it
3672s because well it's true Cindy can draw I
3675s like if it was up to me I would be like
3678s in Windows paint trying to do these guys
3680s foreign
3690s it could be like an airplane I don't
3692s know Lighthouse is pretty good actually
3694s Lighthouse is pretty good that's really
3696s funny it could be a palm tree that's
3698s quite close to the pineapple but I do
3699s like palm tree
3704s a very weird head shape
3707s next come here
3714s he already looks so cute
3719s little
3720s stubbly spikes
3724s said uh he could be a crane a Kamara
3727s crane
3731s giraffe
3737s um Osman said if we do 1800s cameraman
3740s we could give it a little hat
3744s one of those straw hats
3746s I know if it's a straw hat or is it like
3748s Abraham Lincoln hat
3750s is that too am I completely going to get
3752s my dates
3753s someone else has said as Hydra
3756s oh a Hydra
3766s sock puppet next
3770s opera singer Knight is another
3772s suggestion
3775s oh no how am I gonna draw these
3779s okay so what what do we think are the
3781s kind of do we think light hot would so
3784s we'll we'll put like three to a vote do
3786s we think Lighthouse is doable
3789s yes
3791s okay it's very silly but it's doable
3796s uh I liked was it pirate pirate yeah
3804s oh um a Charlie Chaplin
3809s Charlie chap Brooklyn camerasaurus
3812s maybe
3814s um what do we have
3819s uh where's Waldo
3822s that one's cute
3825s it's very close to the lighthouse yeah
3827s lighthouses is like striped
3831s you just add a hat and glasses and it's
3833s Waldo we have uh don't make Kamara
3836s pirate make it a pirate ship
3848s I'm giving her the crowny post
3852s very cute
3855s okay need a couple of more suggestions
3856s for the vote oh Statue of Liberty
3863s Queen
3867s what about a dragon
3869s oh my God that could work that could be
3871s kind of cute Maybe
3874s there's another one that I liked and
3876s I've already forgotten about it
3878s Dragon Boat kind of like a Viking ship
3883s we have Surfer catapult
3887s and the bucket is the ammo
3890s oh no I think yeah I kind of pulled I
3893s think might be
3894s tricky was just uh what's the most
3897s difficult Halloween costume that we can
3900s think of yeah everyone got a taste of
3902s what you can do like okay she's good now
3904s let's test her
3906s it went from like pineapple to
3909s significantly more complex very rapidly
3913s giraffe costume
3915s giraffe
3921s um
3922s Okay so
3925s some suggestions of Lighthouse pirate
3927s dragon giraffe
3930s construction worker
3932s thank you let's put that in
3935s hi
3937s Hydra is pretty cute because then I
3939s could put like
3941s um basically like sock puppet Heads next
3944s to it so give it like multiple heads but
3947s they're fake
3950s that could be good actually oh they
3952s could be um Cerberus or something yeah
3956s or something yeah different oh yeah
3959s that'd be cool like a three-headed
3960s dragon or something
3965s so let me get some of these
3972s and serpod feet are
3974s very weird
3976s these people would just normally think
3978s it's like oh it's kind of like an
3979s elephant foot but no it's they're very
3984s weird color yeah it is
3991s with surprisingly long nails
3997s how is it going to carry the oh of
4000s course
4003s undertale
4007s there you go
4008s these are base
4013s okay just setting up the pool now
4020s okay so we're gonna have four options
4022s here guys
4034s okay so the four options are going to be
4036s Lighthouse pirate construction worker oh
4039s I spelled that wrong and Hydra
4044s nice
4049s good yoga you're right I don't have to
4052s draw a ground sloth feet those are
4054s something as well
4056s very odd
4075s let me just edit it a little
4078s because it's case sensitive
4087s okay so the poll is open so guys just
4090s copy and paste the word just in case
4092s just to make sure it's not um
4094s spelled wrong when you get your vote in
4096s oh so it's really between Hydra and
4099s Lighthouse oh Hydra is winning by a lot
4103s so guys head over to Twitch so you can
4106s vote on what costume Kamara will be
4109s wearing for Halloween
4123s looks pretty even
4126s no no it doesn't let me see okay so
4130s it was closed hydra's winning Lighthouse
4133s is coming in then construction worker
4135s and pirate but pirate is sneaking up at
4137s the moment yes construction worker and
4140s pirate are drawing
4142s okay so just a few more seconds guys and
4145s then after
4147s um when the camarosaurus costume it's
4149s almost finished then we're going to be
4150s doing another giveaway as well so stay
4152s tuned because you can still win a key to
4154s play Prehistoric Kingdom or gifted to a
4156s friend
4169s okay so the winner is Hydra
4174s all right thanks for voting guys
4182s let's see
4190s all right
4198s yeah I think what I'm gonna do is give
4201s it like
4201s sock puppet the heads so they're like
4204s clearly you can tell it's like
4207s it's coming in somehow one is like kind
4210s of ripping off yeah at the end of the
4212s night or something
4215s I love it
4217s so maybe one is there
4220s um Primal Gamers that have you guys done
4222s a smile again yet no not yet but I think
4225s he was in the uh previous vote so maybe
4228s you can be entered again for the last
4230s one because we do we kind of want to
4232s push uh maybe do like a Puss in Boots
4235s while I did maybe we'll um
4237s will temper with the votes or something
4242s just so Cindy gets a little Puss in
4244s Boots smaller than
4246s oh I don't know if I can move my camera
4249s but my cat is
4253s oh she's in the corner there there she
4255s is hi Nyx
4258s oh Kitty yeah so we were actually away
4260s for the weekend I was in Ireland at a
4263s family wedding and then
4265s um
4266s so we have two cats and Nick's usually
4269s usually she's off by herself but she's
4271s been hanging out with me since I got
4272s back so that's how I know she missed me
4275s foreign
4285s I'm gonna go for the Caribbean skin
4288s Primal gamer says You Gotta Give It
4290s googly eyes with the soft puppet
4293s I think I'll give one of them a googly
4295s eye and one of them like a button eye
4296s yes
4299s just the you know
4301s she used what she could find yeah
4311s um ladybug says I also want Puss in
4313s Boots
4314s or someone suggested Coraline
4317s ah yeah that's actually I watched that
4320s before years ago and like I was an adult
4322s when I watched it and I was like if I
4324s was like like I'm terrified watching
4326s that now like I thought that was so
4327s scary but they're like okay for so long
4330s time oh we haven't seen it um you should
4332s watch it today yeah it's weird I also I
4335s haven't seen um the new Hocus Pocus
4338s yeah
4339s um guys let me know if the Hocus Pocus 2
4342s is good
4347s has anyone watched um The Watcher on
4349s Netflix
4351s I heard it's supposed to be very good
4362s uh someone suggested uh I'm hungry said
4364s the soft puppet heads could be the
4366s alternate kimara skins
4371s I like that
4373s yes oh The Witcher oh not the Witcher
4375s note the The Watcher on Netflix so it's
4377s meant to be like a scary
4380s um
4381s like I don't know it's sort of loosely
4383s based on the true story it's been kind
4385s of interesting I'm assuming they have
4386s they moved to like a new house there's a
4388s stalker or maybe there's like horrible
4390s evil squatters like living in their
4392s house trying to kill them I don't know I
4393s haven't seen it but I assume it's
4395s something like that I actually have like
4397s a weird fear
4398s where um oh I don't know so basically do
4402s you ever guys see like you hear a story
4404s and it's someone they're like oh I just
4406s have a small apartment and I noticed
4408s that you know the milk is kind of
4410s running low or there's a few things
4412s missing sometimes and then they set up a
4415s camera in their house and they go off to
4417s work and somebody like crawls out of
4419s like the attic or like a crawl space and
4422s someone is like living basically in
4424s their walls and they don't even know
4425s about it I don't know if there's a fear
4427s but like I'll leave the house to like
4429s put stuff in the bins because I I live
4431s in like a flat of apartments and I come
4433s back into the house and I'm like I bet
4434s someone is like in the house like is
4436s hiding living here I don't know if
4440s that's a fear but I'm always freaked out
4441s by that stuff
4443s aren't there like trickster elves in
4447s like Iceland that do weird things like
4450s that and they all have funny names yes
4452s oh ah yeah I love the you lads no spoon
4457s liquor is my favorite he just comes and
4459s licks your spoons
4461s so is it just like
4463s kind of slightly annoying things that
4465s they do yeah they're like kind of
4468s trickstery oh okay like some of them uh
4471s one of them comes in like
4474s um slams the doors and that kind of
4476s stuff I think one of them tries to steal
4478s your sausages that are hanging and that
4481s kind of stuff
4482s and there's like one you led per per day
4486s oh oh God so there's so many of them
4488s yeah I think there's like 12 of them
4490s kind of right around Christmas time
4494s that's kind of cute cute Edition I know
4496s I don't know do you guys have like Elf
4498s on the Shelf
4501s the little my sister does Elf on the
4505s Shelf yeah I just I like I know it's
4507s become like big in Ireland in the UK in
4508s last few years but I think it's been
4510s around for longer it's like to get kids
4512s to behave you have this like little elf
4514s toy and you just like you always place
4516s them somewhere but I think the idea is
4518s he moves around like every day and he's
4520s watching to make sure the kids behave
4523s yeah he's a spy yes he is watching
4527s I used to live next to like a really
4529s strange girl she's like a few years
4531s younger than me and her mother would
4532s tell her like the weirdest things like
4534s she used to say like oh
4535s um the seagulls over there yeah they're
4537s sent to seagulls and they're watching
4539s you all year round
4541s make sure you behave
4543s I feel like I kind of want to make up
4544s weird stuff like that to my kids and
4546s just see what happens you know like they
4548s turn out
4551s oh someone said Primal gamer said Hocus
4553s Pocus 2 is better than what others have
4555s said but still not better than the first
4557s yeah I thought that and then also uh
4560s someone said that
4561s um The Watcher not to spoil it but the
4564s ending is a disappointment big
4566s disappointment I have heard the ending
4567s isn't very good
4570s I feel like when it comes to um
4573s like a lot of horror like movies and
4575s shows and even in games I feel like it's
4577s very tricky to end them so that's why a
4579s lot of people aren't satisfied with the
4581s ending of like horror movies and shows
4585s it is awkward to end it I guess because
4586s it's like it's meant to be bittersweet
4588s ending can't really be happy
4595s sounds like a little droopy
4602s I love that that one's droopy
4615s all right blue line art time
4625s I tried to push my glasses up I'm not
4627s wearing anything
4628s I do that all the time
4630s I'm wearing contacts at the moment but I
4633s usually wear my glasses and especially
4635s like when you're outside or something
4636s you just get so used to like your little
4638s routine
4639s yep and then for a second you think like
4641s you lost them somewhere but you're like
4643s wait I'm not wearing them because I'm
4644s not blind
4649s uh so Pablo on is it twitch has asked
4653s what's our favorite horror movie or
4655s series if we have one hmm
4659s so I'm actually a huge fan of American
4660s Horror Story
4664s I like the thing
4667s yeah
4668s it's not really a horror movie but I do
4671s like Hocus Pocus
4672s yeah and also not a horror series but I
4676s do like Charmed yes I used to love charm
4679s growing up
4685s um so procompi said I really like The
4686s Haunting of Hill House that was really
4688s good I actually really like that season
4690s I didn't the second season I it wasn't
4692s as good but some people said they like
4694s that one better
4696s has anybody seen the witch I really like
4698s that movie Yes with Anya Taylor Joy
4701s yes that's like I'm a sucker I'm a big
4705s sucker for historical movies yes I
4708s really like that one that's what I think
4710s the director is like Robert Eggers or
4712s something and he did um
4714s damn what is it
4716s what Alexander Skarsgard recently oh my
4718s God I can't believe I don't remember the
4720s name
4721s um the north yes
4724s yeah that was quite good yeah I loved
4726s the the witch that was really good
4732s um but yeah I'm I'm a huge fan of like
4734s scary like shows and films but I hate
4736s Gore I like slasher films I know I just
4740s can't I can't like watch that but any
4742s kind of like psychological Thriller
4744s think is really good
4746s Have You Ever Seen The Descent
4750s for anyone who has seen it they will
4752s know but my friend made me watch it
4755s without any prior knowledge about the
4757s movie
4758s and
4760s it yeah no no thank you that was not fun
4766s uh someone else said screaming is my
4768s favorite scream is quite good
4770s like the first one I haven't seen the
4771s newer one
4773s but I guess that is sort of um
4776s you know kind of early 2000s like oh no
4779s the Killer's on the phone
4781s and I loved um the first two scary movie
4785s where they spoofed
4787s well in the first they spoofed scream
4789s that was very good
4793s um and then also
4795s I think it's Ari Astor is like the
4797s writer and director he did
4799s um hereditary and mid-summer
4802s they're quite interesting it's always
4803s like
4805s they're films where it's really based on
4808s like kind of characters like how they're
4809s feeling like their emotions and you kind
4812s of just throughout the whole film you
4813s just feel like really uneasy like
4814s there's just something like wrong like
4816s gonna happen so you're kind of on edge
4818s and it always happens he only has a few
4820s movies but it's like within the last 15
4822s minutes like the weirdest happens
4826s but they're quite good to watch
4829s Annihilation is also I support that
4833s um I love denialation is that Natalie
4836s Portman yes yes that is good yeah it's
4839s not too scary but it is it's like kind
4842s of weird it's creepy yeah it's very
4844s creepy
4845s on on the note of not exactly horror or
4848s scary but creepy yeah I love the secret
4851s of nim
4852s I've been wanting to watch that all week
4855s I might actually watch that later
4857s the bear scene is so good I still think
4860s about the bear scene in Annihilation
4862s yeah I love the picture oh yeah there's
4866s like somewhat of a bear scene at
4868s Midsummer I was getting confused about
4869s the two anyway no spoilers
4873s no
4874s um peel is an awesome director yes um
4877s get out was really really good and then
4879s us was creepy
4882s um and then I saw the newest one nope
4884s which I really really enjoyed because I
4886s love Keke Palmer
4888s um she's a really good actress
4890s but I think get out is my favorite out
4892s of the three
4894s but I think us is like scarier I think
4901s I need to see those
4902s they're very good
4914s I'm gonna BRB
4917s okay uh I'm gonna make some more tea hmm
4922s uh what knee should I make
4925s yeah what options do we have do you want
4927s me to do a poll
4929s uh yeah okay absolutely
4933s uh I have
4936s Russian Caravan
4939s Assam
4940s Darjeeling
4943s uh Earl Gray
4946s and Royal milk tea it's not the actual
4950s milk tea part of it but it is the loose
4953s leaves
4954s all right so what like three would you
4956s like Cynthia Russian Caravan I think I
4959s spelled Caravan right anyway uh Russian
4961s Caravan Assam or or gray
4966s I have to vote on this one what was the
4968s middle one Sydney can you spell it
4972s a-s-s-a-m-a-m okay
4976s that one is my favorite but I'm running
4978s low
4980s okay guys help Cindy choose what tea
4982s she's gonna make
4989s hello on Hello Kitty yes
4992s yes are you being a sweet boy
4995s are you being a sweet cute boy
5003s do my pants smell like a horse
5007s Silva bar Earl Gray's winning with us
5010s some coming second
5013s oh
5015s it's changing it's changing
5017s so if
5019s um anyone else if you're checking us out
5021s on steam or YouTube head over to Twitch
5024s and help Cindy you can make all her life
5028s decisions now
5030s by voting
5031s in the very least one of them
5039s paste a few more seconds oh
5041s it's like almost tied with estimate Earl
5044s Gray
5045s oh
5060s okay so the winner is Earl Ray 50 yeah
5065s all right I'm gonna go do that and
5067s hopefully my voice doesn't cut in and
5069s out
5074s all right uh pumpkin
5079s so Primal gamer asks what's our favorite
5081s Halloween monster
5084s like any kind of thing
5088s I'm trying to think like what's my
5089s favorite and then what do I think is
5091s just like real scary
5094s I guess just any kind of like old like
5097s witch because that's like the kind of
5099s stories you hear that's pretty scary
5107s I was actually about to go in on the
5109s werewolf crew
5111s something about human becoming animal
5114s yeah actually you know what I think it's
5117s weird like aliens as well like if you do
5119s it really well as a costume like that
5121s can look really creepy
5125s oh do you know what's really serious you
5127s know if you ever see um like really old
5130s like decades old
5133s um
5134s photos of people that dress up for
5135s Halloween and the photos are like black
5137s and white and they're wearing like weird
5138s like just cloaks and it's just like
5142s they're like the creepiest photos
5143s they're so weird because they're
5145s costumes because obviously people
5146s thought like Halloween you have to
5148s um dress up in these kind of weird
5150s cloaks and costumes to scare away the
5151s dead so it was very very strange yeah
5155s the edwardians and the victorians yes
5158s yes they had some creepy costumes
5163s yep
5166s so yeah Primal gamer says monster wise
5168s werewolf but my favorite that scares a
5171s wendigo yeah they are creepy actually
5174s when it goes are like the Skin Walkers
5176s aren't they
5180s I believe so
5183s oh my God I love the he's holding the
5185s little bucket with his tail
5201s uh paleo stream said I missed the drip
5204s of these days these guys actually try to
5205s be scary
5207s yeah
5208s back in the day it's like um
5211s I was just recently thinking about like
5212s Mean Girls where they're like oh Hall it
5215s says like Halloween is the time of the
5216s year where girls can dress up as slowly
5218s as they want and nobody could say a
5220s thing and then the head girl basically
5222s she grew up
5223s um in Africa and she was homeschooled
5225s and she has no concept of like
5228s typical like high school life
5231s um so she she dresses up like scary and
5233s people are like why do you look so scary
5235s that's so weird because all the other
5237s girls dressed up in like lingerie and
5239s very
5247s I like when people take that but they go
5249s really tongue-in-cheek on it yes yeah
5252s those are funny
5256s uh so procompi said one year I passed
5259s out candy in a full body cheap werewolf
5261s costumes that people thought I was just
5263s a decoration until they tried to grab
5264s the candy and I jump scare I love it
5269s I can't wait uh as soon as um
5272s at me and my partner are saving for a
5274s house we've only ever had apartments and
5276s we never get like trick-or-treaters so I
5278s really can't wait to like do like a
5280s little dress-up for Halloween and answer
5282s the door and scare kids
5287s my oldest sister has a seven foot tall
5290s Frankenstein Butler
5293s and she has three adult-sized skeletons
5296s that she likes to pose around her house
5299s every year for Halloween
5304s our city is this one house that goes
5307s really hard every year they always have
5309s like a really themed yard and it always
5311s has like a story that they've thought
5313s out and this year they have like a Alice
5315s in Wonderland theme and it's really well
5318s done it's like even Alice is a skeleton
5320s like they got one of those really you
5323s know how like I think this year's trend
5324s is like the really tall skeleton that
5327s has like um
5329s LED eyes they took that and then they
5332s gave her a dress and like a wig
5334s it's pretty funny
5336s they did it really well I I love that
5338s house
5339s yeah some people go all out
5342s I have my um
5344s so I when I was in Ireland I went to
5346s visit so my boyfriend's older brother
5348s just recently got a new house so we went
5350s over to visit and they have like a
5352s couple of Halloween decorations out but
5353s their next door neighbor is going like
5355s all out with decorations so I was like
5357s oh he could be like your arrival and you
5359s could try like one of him every year I
5362s would totally do that with a neighbor
5365s does anyone else have that in the chat
5366s like neighbors that go all out for
5368s Halloween or Christmas
5370s I feel like Christmas like although it's
5371s nice if they're your next door neighbor
5373s and they go all out like those lights
5375s might be a bit annoying yeah it can be a
5378s bit obnoxious
5380s my um
5382s uh City of Richmond usually has a really
5385s makes a big deal about it and people and
5387s houses make a big thing
5393s it's definitely
5394s um bigger in America I feel Halloween
5396s yeah well at least if there's more um
5399s like events everywhere I feel
5402s like there's so much more like those
5404s like pumpkin patches like there is like
5406s a little bit sometimes here like you see
5408s it but I don't know we're like Universal
5410s Studios I would love to go to like the
5412s Halloween nights at Universal Studios
5415s I feel like we've been doing it for like
5418s at least 200 years at this point yeah
5422s it's I think it's kind of slowly making
5425s its way to Finland
5426s um
5427s when I was a kid it definitely wasn't a
5430s thing but apparently today some of my
5432s friends have had trick-or-treaters on
5434s their door and they're like I don't know
5435s what to do this I don't have any candy
5439s like we don't usually do this so
5443s all right kids
5448s I think I was like 18 one year for
5451s Halloween but I was like the oldest out
5452s of my friends
5454s um so like we didn't go out or anything
5457s um so it would have been back in Ireland
5458s and we just like hung out around I think
5460s we like we hung around the town and we
5462s were going back to one of our friends
5463s houses just to like hang out and chill
5466s and it was like eight o'clock so that's
5467s usually when like all the
5469s trick-or-treaters all the kids like
5470s they're gone in for the night so no
5471s one's out trick-or-treating but I ran up
5473s someone's driveway and just started like
5475s I wasn't drunk or anything I feel like
5477s everyone thinks I was and I just like
5478s knocked on the door in a sweet little
5479s old lady answered and I was like I know
5481s I'm old but could I have some candy for
5483s Halloween and she just laughed and was
5485s like yeah of course and she gave me
5487s loads of stuff and what was good is she
5489s gave me like the full-size bars as well
5491s it wasn't like the little mix
5493s oh my God I had a goal of mine
5497s she was awesome
5500s it's better than the people who uh
5502s hand out raising yeah
5506s I will say though uh the people who hand
5509s out the popcorn balls uh don't sleep on
5512s the popcorn balls they're really good
5516s popcorn is good yeah people people who
5518s make the little kind of um little kind
5520s of goodie bags that's always cool
5523s I think we did that one year you get
5526s like a mixture of sweets
5528s well
5542s oh Cam said went to horror night like
5544s three times this year yeah socam is the
5546s one of the devs and I remember I
5548s mentioned Universal Studios before so
5550s next time I go to California you need to
5553s take me there cam
5555s oh I want to go to California I've never
5557s been let's go road trip let's do it I'll
5561s meet up with you guys we do a road trip
5562s we have meet up
5564s I'm not road tripping out there I was
5566s gonna say that's like almost as far as
5569s it could be for you yeah no I'm I'm
5571s flying that's an eight-hour flight and
5574s uh three or four day drive I'm not doing
5576s that
5583s I like this little guy
5593s all right let's see the other skins
5596s uh Pro Comp you said next year I want to
5598s try making my own candy to hand out that
5600s could be risky I feel like you'd have to
5602s do like a lot of Trials and test because
5604s it could be really good or you could
5606s become the house where people are like
5608s don't go there that person makes their
5611s own candy and it is not good
5614s but that could be really good or you
5615s could become I don't know if anyone
5616s watches friends but Monica makes this
5618s candy for Halloween and she gives it
5620s gives it to the neighbors they love it
5622s so much they keep on like knocking on
5624s her door and getting her to make more
5626s well so it could go either way
5629s but that would be awesome I wonder like
5630s what you'd make because obviously like I
5632s can think of baking but I don't know how
5633s you'd actually make like sweets and
5634s candy
5636s I'd be worried about like allergies and
5639s stuff if you make your own candy because
5640s you wouldn't be able to I mean I guess
5642s you could just label it yeah
5645s uh awesome Aunt go to La Brea while
5648s you're there and write it off as a work
5649s expense I like the way your mind works
5651s yes
5656s we could do some team building exercises
5659s out there in the tar pit
5664s crust falls in the tar pit
5669s let's do it let's go
5673s uh Primal gamer says I love
5675s trick-or-treating but my favorite thing
5677s to do is Carl jack-o-lanterns I don't do
5680s that too often I did one last year it
5681s actually turned it okay I might have a
5683s little
5684s photo of my jack-o-lantern
5687s I thought I was going to completely
5688s butcher it but it was actually pretty
5689s good
5690s nice
5700s oh what sort of Pokemon did you do you
5702s catch at the tire pit scam
5710s pumpkin
5712s that's my last year's pumpkin for anyone
5713s wanting to know it was just a pretty
5715s small oh but um and because I can't have
5718s um we're not really supposed to have
5720s candles but I do have like just a little
5722s kind of battery powered light that we
5725s popped in and we were able to make make
5727s it look like red and then we walked
5728s outside the apartment so we could like
5730s because we're on like the second or
5731s third floor so we could look up we're
5732s like oh my god there he is
5734s my dad
5736s um growing up so he used to smoke and
5738s whenever we'd have like pumpkins outside
5739s for Halloween he used to think it was
5740s the funniest thing ever to put like a
5742s cigarette in the pumpkins
5745s so he's like smoking but we'd have to
5748s quickly take we'd have to take it back
5749s in after a few months or to like remove
5750s the cigarettes it's like we're like
5752s obviously a little kid is gonna steal
5753s yeah it's like oh it's like comes with a
5755s little candle to light it and everything
5757s thanks this is the cool house
5766s the other day they did a lion head
5768s that's pretty good some people do really
5771s cool
5772s cool things
5778s did anyone do a dinosaur or the PK logo
5781s I wanna maybe next year dinosaur pumpkin
5784s yeah
5786s oh dude um do you guys like the pumpkins
5788s and Prehistoric Kingdom this year so we
5790s have the little kind of uh smile again
5792s little kind of
5793s um you could see it's like kind of
5795s little face print the teeth and then we
5796s had the kind of more traditional just
5798s dinosaur scratch more kind of claw mark
5801s they were pretty cool
5803s and the little faces that Nathan made oh
5806s yeah the faces
5808s I like those and then the one where it's
5810s like um he's kind of like melted or
5813s turning a little
5815s that was really good
5835s I like to approach this
5841s yeah I was about to say
5844s yep I was gonna darken it and then mixer
5848s yep yep
5851s these are looking so good I feel like
5854s yeah it'd be awesome to see these guys
5856s next year
5857s actually in the game
5867s do we have um like a little nickname for
5869s this guy
5870s so like a little hydrochem resource like
5874s if anyone knows any good puns
5877s or just anything anything similar
5880s Primera Soros it's a Greek myth
5895s what a goofy guy
5898s so if anyone isn't sure so Hydra
5902s um it's a serpentine water monster in
5904s Greek and Roman mythology
5913s Chimera yeah
5915s and if you cut the head off you will pop
5919s up
5922s two more heads that's actually so cute
5936s uh so uh IO says can't stay but pop off
5940s either this is adorable enjoy the stream
5943s everyone thank you for joining the
5944s stream
5945s um I think we will do another giveaway
5948s so I think
5951s let me just set up a little giveaway
5956s so it's gonna be just another keyword in
5958s the chat
5961s and then the final giveaway I'm going to
5963s select um a random viewer from YouTube
5965s so if anyone can't access
5968s um twitch and if you're over on YouTube
5970s watching don't worry you're going to be
5973s um
5973s in with the chance to win a game key as
5976s well
5984s we're starting to get pretty close to
5987s being done with this one as well
6040s okay guys so over on Twitch if you just
6043s type in the word hydra in chat you'll be
6046s entered in and you could win a
6049s Prehistoric Kingdom key for Steam
6067s yeah
6068s kind of said hydrochem for the camera
6072s stores that's not bad it's pretty good
6074s it's pretty good
6089s uh cerberosaurus cerberosaurus
6094s sounds like a real dinosaur name yeah
6101s camera
6104s cat camera draw chem draw
6107s that's really difficult
6109s it is
6110s yeah the server source that would be
6112s like the like Cerberus the
6115s that three-headed dog that like guards
6117s hell
6119s let me try to think about this too
6124s I am the Hydra man
6127s yeah
6129s toxic bubble says just call her Cammy
6132s maybe that's simpler
6134s oni's friend Cammy oh that's so cute
6138s they're like little besties
6140s they go to conventions together yeah
6142s [Music]
6145s okay so just a few more seconds for the
6147s chat guys type in Hydra over on Twitch
6151s to be in with a chance to win a
6153s Prehistoric Kingdom
6157s this one have a little tongue that
6158s sticks out yeah oh man
6169s Kenny the cutie
6180s Kate finishing up the Stream
6183s or sorry that
6185s the pole
6187s or the way okay so uh jkh01 has won the
6192s competition I'll just announce that so
6194s I'm gonna just send you a little message
6197s on Twitch right now and then when the
6198s stream ends I'll send you your game key
6251s uh so uh mama just asked what's our
6255s favorite of the three Kimura species
6260s um the skins
6265s Limestone the green one's my favorite
6269s uh what is the Caribbean yeah and then
6273s there's Cinnabar which is the the red
6275s one
6276s uh favorite to look at or favorite to
6279s make
6281s you could do both Cindy you could do
6284s both to look at it's Caribbean but to
6287s make it was limestone
6290s and the red one was hard I was gonna say
6293s was that
6294s it was it was
6297s the fastest but it was the most
6299s difficult to get looking right and I'm
6301s still not entirely happy with it
6304s but
6307s the life of an artist
6309s that goes
6311s do one more
6313s you guys you eat a Synergy of time for
6315s one more I'd love to do one more yes I
6318s have time for posts and Boots Smilodon
6320s okay well we just do put some boots
6323s I don't know I'm still I still like this
6326s I kind of like the sexy T-Rex nurse
6328s maybe that'll be like a maybe that could
6330s be another after dark stream or
6332s something
6334s okay so we'll do the we'll do the Puss
6336s in Boots smile it on
6338s just because we want to see it and then
6340s guys stay tuned stay tuned or head over
6342s to YouTube because I'm going to be
6344s selecting a random viewer in the chat to
6346s win the final Prehistoric Kingdom game
6348s key
6349s oh there's gonna be a sexy nurse T-Rex
6351s can there be a rocky Horrors uh see this
6354s uh
6358s oh someone said uh Godzilla Acro
6362s or Turbo that could be good someone said
6364s earlier um a mammoth that's a fireman I
6366s kind of like that oh that's really cute
6369s that is really cute these are some great
6371s ideas oh I can't wait to come up with
6373s new new ones for next week you need to
6374s do this more often oh yeah it is just
6376s gonna come back in like six hours with
6378s ten more yeah it is gonna hand in her
6381s notice next week and be like I've made a
6383s job out of just like live stream drawing
6386s these guys and selling like little pins
6387s and stuff more like oh okay
6390s things
6394s let's see put some boots
6396s I see your idea for Christmas Cut Out
6399s Diana Iris as Santa and I raise you
6402s fluffy pachy rhinoceros as Santa
6411s so should the smile I just stand like on
6414s two two feet two legs yes yeah like I
6418s guess like the other little guys yeah or
6420s like the um
6421s like Dilo and taco yeah
6427s hello WRX 91 welcome to the Stream
6436s Christmas ideas yeah we have edmonto as
6439s a um reindeer
6440s I love it already oh yeah Patchy the
6443s woolly pet she has a beard already
6450s like a big hat
6455s I love this already
6468s uh cam wants to know are we doing it
6470s with those cat costumes with the little
6472s fake arms and legs or is he just gonna
6475s have a little costume
6477s you're just gonna have a little I guess
6478s yeah
6479s I know what you mean now
6482s that is cute I think he deserves to have
6485s his own little costume to
6488s to pounce around in
6496s there could be an archeopteryx as a
6499s phoenix
6500s you get a little spray paint in his
6501s feathers
6517s I'm glad we're getting a mammal in as
6519s well
6520s yes absolutely
6523s um Brad over on YouTube said for
6525s Christmas
6526s um we could do the fake elf ears on the
6528s dinosaurs
6530s that would be cute because you're like
6532s dinosaurs like you can't like they don't
6534s have any ears you can't see them
6538s oh um Triceratops could be Rudolph with
6541s the horror no with the horn being like a
6543s red nose oh
6552s foreign
6582s would be Christmas Krampus
6585s I could see that
6590s we're just out of the tacos where does
6593s the Krampus tradition come from because
6596s I only heard that a few years ago I
6597s remember I was playing Don't Starve and
6600s during winter it helps Krampus can come
6602s oh okay because I was like what is
6604s Krampus and it's like oh he's like evil
6607s and he comes to like steal presents or
6608s something does he steal children
6609s actually if they're bold
6613s I can't remember I probably
6617s he probably steals them and use their
6619s bones for soup or something
6622s yeah I do remember it being like very
6624s scary like almost disturbing
6629s um what other holiday decorations could
6631s we do something for Easter
6634s um so Mom would ask that over on Twitch
6637s um
6639s I'm sure we'll we'll definitely come up
6640s with some ideas
6642s I don't know I don't know if we'd be
6643s releasing any content for Easter it
6644s would be cool if it um
6646s if an update was coming out around the
6648s same time it would be cool if we had um
6649s some Easter content and decorations for
6652s your park though
6656s it could be like little bunny ears that
6658s you could put on the dinosaurs
6664s I always thought growing up even well it
6666s took yeah I was always kind of like
6668s afraid of the Easter bunny because that
6670s kind of sounds terrifying like a massive
6672s bunny just like coming into your house
6675s and it's like oh but he's leaving you
6676s like nice chocolate Easter eggs but I
6678s don't know like I think I know about
6680s Santa I probably watch like Donnie Darko
6683s and was like uh I don't want that bunny
6685s coming into this house stay out
6692s so does anybody else eat chocolate
6694s Easter bunnies in a methodical way
6698s so I always ate them in a methodical way
6702s so are you like I mean like you don't
6704s want to eat his like face first
6707s no what you do is when you use ears
6709s first so you can't hear you coming then
6712s you eat his legs so he doesn't run away
6714s from you then you eat his arms so he
6716s can't fight you this is really dark
6720s and then you eat the rest of it
6722s I mean it makes sense makes sense yeah
6726s so have you been doing that since you
6728s were a child absolutely did someone tell
6731s you to do that or did you just do that
6732s okay my sister uh one of my older
6735s sisters was like Cindy you have to do it
6737s methodically
6739s that makes sense because if you were
6740s just like like randomly just started
6743s doing it in your family as like a
6744s four-year-old that would actually be
6745s really creepy that you thought of doing
6747s that you know
6750s but my older sister did it and I don't
6752s know if I don't think she thought of it
6754s because like other people do it too
6756s but when she told me that she was seven
6761s oh yeah that is still fairly young
6762s actually
6771s uh Brad said this guy is so cute
6775s uh and they also said sounds like
6777s something from the Tails Grim I think
6779s that might be the
6781s Krampus and like Easter Bunny scary
6783s stories
6785s children stories
6789s I like that Welsh Christmas spirit which
6792s is just like a horse head mm-hmm
6799s I've never heard that one like if
6801s someone mentioned like oh yo horse head
6803s I'm like do they worship The Godfather
6805s like what is that reference I do not
6807s understand
6808s mix do you want to be on stream give me
6814s give me
6817s nope
6827s foreign
6833s like he's so happy
6835s smile again he's like oh my God
6840s it's like when um kids dress up as their
6842s favorite superhero
6844s this is like the equivalent for him he's
6846s like oh my God
6848s he's been looking forward to this for at
6851s least three months yeah yes it's the
6854s equivalent I mean it's the same for this
6855s because I've been telling everybody
6858s for sure
6860s same energy as the pineapple yes
6863s they're both equally excited
6874s uh so mummled over on Twitch said
6878s um
6879s so as part of like Passover you could
6882s have Moses celophysis
6884s and a pharaoh protoceratops
6887s or a dilopharo that could yeah
6891s that would be funny to do like a little
6893s nativity scene as well with the
6896s with some of the animals
6916s oh my God Valentine's Day decorations oh
6919s cute very cute
6927s oh yeah I think um Mrs T-Rex a while ago
6930s was making a Tunnel of Love
6933s how did it turn out
6935s let us know Mrs T-Rex
6939s that's cute
6946s God I just love his hat
6948s should it be bigger should I think his
6950s back hat even bigger
6954s maybe make the Feather bigger yeah oh
6957s yeah all right I'll try when I get there
6964s the hardest part of making the costume
6966s was not was for this cat to not get
6969s distracted by the giant feather yeah
6970s yeah
6980s Valentine's would have to feature the
6981s Hadrosaurus lambiosaurus with the heart
6984s Crest oh
6987s oh
6998s I'm gonna have to flip the canvas
7001s is there any weird like Valentine's Day
7003s Traditions anywhere
7006s I feel like it's all pretty much just
7008s Parts everywhere
7010s chocolates
7013s eat food
7018s um in my primary school when you're kind
7020s of like slightly older like 10 11 12
7022s usually like for Valentine's Day
7025s in art class like people probably make
7027s cards and usually like obviously you can
7029s like write them like to your parents or
7031s siblings or whatever I think I wrote my
7033s Valentine's Day card to my cat
7035s um but I know what some people do I
7037s guess some people kind of like grew up a
7039s little faster like you start like guys
7041s and girls like or whoever like they
7042s start kind of liking or having crushes
7043s down on each other they would give the
7045s card they would hide the card it would
7047s be from like a secret admirer and you
7049s could find like a card in your backpack
7051s so what we used to do some of the girls
7052s is because you could see if you went
7054s around the back of the school there was
7055s like obviously windows that you could
7056s see into the classroom so we would wait
7059s and look in and see like where the boys
7061s would be putting like cards in but then
7064s what the boys found out so what they
7066s ended up doing was they would just get
7068s someone else they would like one boy
7070s would just like his job would be to put
7072s all the cards and like the correct bags
7074s so he'd be like it's not me it's not me
7077s I'm just putting I'm just the messenger
7079s so we weren't able to find out who the
7081s cards were from
7087s getting no cards at all that was me that
7090s was me
7091s not until
7093s not until a few years later anyway
7099s oh we could have super bowl decorations
7104s football helmets
7106s uh just bowls and bowls of guac and
7110s chips as far as I can see and beer lots
7114s of beer at the park yep
7116s for some reason we have Budweiser
7118s Clydesdale suddenly cam is thrilled
7121s beyond belief yeah
7130s uh so Connor over on YouTube says is
7132s that a smile agent yes
7134s so uh for anyone who I guess some people
7137s might be like hey is this like the game
7139s Prehistoric Kingdom maybe people don't
7140s know what's happening so as part of our
7142s Halloween update we have some very cute
7144s cutout characters that people were able
7146s to display in their Parks so we had some
7149s of the dinosaurs kind of cutified so it
7152s is just showing them off now so these
7154s three guys you have nerdy count tacula
7156s and Dino so they're available as part of
7159s the free update in Prehistoric Kingdom
7162s so I can give over 60 items
7165s all Halloween themed and these three
7167s guys are part of it and because they
7169s were so popular we decided for a
7171s Halloween Special live stream we would
7174s draw some live and you guys would help
7175s out and decide
7177s um what animals we're going to be
7178s drawing and then also what costumes
7180s they'd be wearing for the evening
7184s so I think they've turned out pretty
7185s good so far
7186s yeah
7188s [Music]
7191s the pineapple
7194s little pineapple costume love it what do
7196s we say Pina scolada
7199s Pina escalata
7201s then the Hydra Hydra yeah
7206s Hydra camera stores we're name name
7209s pending we're still working on it
7212s let's be decided possibly
7215s and then Puss in Boots and of course
7218s smile again we kind of picked this one
7220s just because we we just want to see it
7222s it's so cute Puss in Boots smaller
7224s smaller Jones dressing up as his his
7226s little superhero
7228s uh primalgamer mentioned for Valentine's
7231s Day two T-Rex is trying to hand each
7233s other chocolate boxes with their baby
7234s [Laughter]
7239s even just for our socials like either
7243s could make up make up something for me I
7246s love oh and also guys let me just
7249s oh man woolly mammoth with their trunks
7252s interlocking and they make hearts if you
7254s guys take a look just like switch
7255s screens um it also kind of spookified
7257s our Prehistoric Kingdom logo for
7261s Halloween so I think that looks really
7262s cool as well
7266s brownie skeletal yes
7273s probably not gonna happen due to
7275s Disney's lawyers but we would have made
7276s the fourth decorations that got me
7278s thinking what does Cinco de Mayo
7280s decorations
7287s no okay
7289s what would you do for Cinco de Mayo I
7291s don't celebrate that over here so I
7292s don't know what that is I'm like
7296s okay yeah sure
7300s oh um
7302s the color wallsingham over on YouTube
7305s said for Valentine's Day woolly mamet's
7307s making their trunks a heart
7310s that's very cute yeah that would be a
7312s cool drawing
7319s Cork and Bones mentioned would it looked
7321s at the skeleton logo as part of the
7322s update yeah that actually would have
7324s been good that was probably something we
7326s should have put as like an item to put
7328s in
7330s but you can be so creative in
7332s Prehistoric Kingdom you can make your
7333s own
7336s Star Wars Star Wars PK decorations would
7339s be awesome it would be very expensive
7341s for us to try and do that oh yeah but um
7344s I'm sure we could definitely
7347s um definitely put loads of up um the
7349s community could start making them we can
7351s start making them ourselves and just
7352s load them on the workshop that would be
7353s cool someone actually did make a star
7355s destroyer
7360s which is awesome it looks really cool
7365s that was when I think we I don't know if
7367s we were still in beta if we just
7369s launched into Early Access that but that
7371s was really cool to see I think it was
7373s like just after release yeah
7378s oh toxic bubbles asked as a Halloween
7380s stuff stay in the game yes it does so
7384s um obviously we like Prehistoric Kingdom
7386s to be
7387s um very like customizable in terms of
7388s like the items what you can build and
7390s make so you can like recolor the
7392s pumpkins and the buntings flags that you
7394s can hang so you can use the decorations
7396s just all year round and
7398s it'll be cool to see um how people use
7401s the Halloween decorations just
7403s throughout their park when it's not
7404s Halloween and see kind of how
7406s how they place them creatively
7409s I want to see some uh destroyed parks
7411s with these pieces that's like rubble and
7415s that kind of stuff
7420s yeah I think we'll see a lot of that so
7423s um eventually throughout Early Access I
7425s imagine like dinosaurs might be able to
7427s break out or
7429s a lot of stuff can happen so it'll be
7431s cool to see all the damage kind of
7434s um items being used with that
7439s uh so clemco said on Twitch it was um
7444s Rudy friend Kamal who made the Star
7446s Destroyer thank you
7455s oh we have a name uh tooth and Boots
7460s yes that's cute thanks Connor for the
7463s suggestion
7465s oh um so Brad over YouTube said Cinco oh
7468s oh my God
7477s are we still live guys can you see me
7479s okay
7480s Bindi Eda can you hear me
7482s one sec
7488s [Music]

Transcript (by Youtube)

6s okay guys let us know one sec if you
9s could hear us
11s I think some of this stuff is like
12s Frozen one sec
14s yeah I think so so sorry yes guys
17s [Music]
21s I think we'll look
23s [Music]
26s maybe just give it a second
29s so sorry guys if anyone can hear us on
31s stream my little cat um sometimes she
33s sits on my PC and it's extremely rare
36s that she actually steps on the button
42s [Music]
46s so guys let us know if you can at least
47s hear us so we can finish off the Stream
56s so I I kind of had to shut it down and
58s start again
60s but we should still be live somewhere
62s else all right we're just saying they
64s can see in here
66s oh twitch is saying okay awesome good
69s stuff
71s you guys Frost uh let me just yeah we're
74s Frozen
75s oh no hold on if I what can I do oh
81s it was just too good
84s the energy was just too much
86s what I can do is I can just remove maybe
89s our webcam so we can finish the stream
91s yeah
93s so where is
102s okay so thanks for sticking with us guys
104s so that is my little cat who decided
109s to um
112s oh let me just grab the game catcher as
114s well
118s or the uh Discord
127s so bear with us guys because we do want
128s to do one more giveaway
132s oh there we go
134s this [ __ ] did get jealous yes
136s she may have
137s all right okay good let us
140s deal with as well because I had to
141s restart the Stream
149s [Music]
162s it didn't get a treat so she pulled a
165s trick on us oh no
167s I know okay so sorry about that guys if
170s you're just rejoining some of you might
171s have had to click out and then come back
173s in but my cat NYX stood on my PC power
177s button
178s and it almost shut down completely I had
180s to just go quickly cancel cancel cancel
182s because sometimes I can save it but
184s obviously because I was live streaming
186s it just cut off our days okay thanks
189s guys
191s okay we're still streaming yet so we
193s should still be streaming live on Steam
195s twitch and YouTube
202s all right
207s over the eye
217s come on get down get down
235s um so climb over on Twitch said how many
238s people are on the stream live so there's
239s three of us so me Rosie and then I'm
241s with Eda who was drawing
243s um our characters and then Cindy's also
245s joining the stream today as well
249s my favorite part of drawing is figuring
252s out whether or not the curve you made is
254s correct I know it's very fun to do in
257s front of many people and then the
259s control Z lines
270s uh so in case we do decide to do some
273s Star Wars themed characters so mummled
277s over on Twitch has come up with some
278s names we've got trike Skywalker Darth
281s Rex
282s archeo D2
285s co3po
287s hence the taco
290s true brachia
291s uh hold on yeah and then princess
295s lambia does that make sense
297s that's better yeah yeah pretty good
300s those are pretty good
310s so anyone watching over on Steam on
312s Twitch if you also open up a tab to
315s YouTube you can be in with a chance to
317s win a prehistoric game key so I'm going
319s to be selecting a random viewer
322s in the chat to win so that'll be in the
325s next few minutes
348s how do hats work on a head like this
352s it's a good question all right so he
355s would be Maybe
357s the rim would be here and then his ears
360s would be poking out so
363s maybe kind of like that and then
372s should we try pull up like a little like
374s an actual cat wearing a hat or something
377s it's more the angle of the
381s stylized head that's giving me trouble
383s let me move his face just a little bit
386s lower
394s foreign
403s if anyone wants to just Google cat
405s dressed as Puss in Boots I highly
407s recommend that
421s foreign
428s with the hat it's because his eyes are
431s so close to the top of his head humans
433s don't yes yes
436s our ears are also not on the top of our
438s head so
443s uh
453s it will be like
461s see if this makes any sense
474s extincts you over on YouTube said I'm
477s getting some Puss in Boots Vibes that's
479s exactly what we're going for that that's
482s good fine that's good
484s his little Cape is so cute
496s I do love that he's dressing up as his
499s hero
502s he's um the type of person who like this
505s is all he dresses up as like at every
507s opportunity
508s to costume I'm ready
513s comes home from school puts on the Puss
514s in Boots costume yeah he's like that kid
517s that just doesn't wanna he won't go
519s anywhere unless he's wearing like a
521s specific costume
522s that's when you see like little kids and
524s like superhero costumes like in a Secret
526s outfit at the supermarket
529s I once had a
532s a kid in a Spider-Man costume come to me
536s I think it's last Halloween in a grocery
538s store and he was like
540s very short looking up to me I'm
542s Spider-Man I was like oh yeah you are
544s and then he said I can punch really hard
547s and then I heard his dad from the other
549s side of the aisle go no punching
552s the kid was gonna punch me I mean it was
555s a tiny kid like probably I don't know
557s three
559s cool Spider-Man thanks
572s um so we're also getting a few questions
573s will there be no Dev diary so sorry guys
576s there will be a Dev diary this month I
578s know a lot of you look forward to it
580s um but it's just because we don't have
581s any new information to really share
583s um we've pretty much been working on the
586s same thing so
587s obviously coming out towards the end of
589s the year is our big title update so I'm
592s going to over on Twitch and YouTube I'm
594s just going to link our public roadmap so
596s you guys can take a look at what's
597s coming in the next update so most of the
600s devs are prepping for that which will be
602s out shortly
604s um or at least by the end of the year
605s and then um the only thing we can tease
607s is some of the um departments have been
610s working on the next species that won't
613s be announced just yet
615s um yeah but that's really the most that
616s we can tease but we did just last week
618s yeah it was last week we released our
620s update three so it was our third Early
622s Access update and we also have a bunch
625s of Halloween items in there as well that
626s you can decorate your parks with and
628s they won't just be for Halloween they
629s they'll be permanently in the game so
631s you can use them all year round
638s um so extinct Zoo wants to know um how
640s big is the PK team so we're about 15 to
643s 20.
645s 15 ish yeah yeah so we're a small team
649s and we're about 50 girls
653s yeah we've got a pretty good uh gender
656s ratio
664s that explains why every single time we
667s have a Dev stream and it's almost always
668s ladies
677s foreign
682s reference
688s we're going to saber because it's a
690s saber tooth cat
730s foreign
758s oh my God my cat's trying to jump on my
760s PC again no oh
771s she's had enough I know she's like you
774s said you'd be finished by now you're
775s supposed to play with me
779s rule
806s right
807s it curves towards there we go
819s mobile has shared some uh Disney costume
822s ideas so we could have Dumbo Mamet
825s ers
827s Scuttle RKO Jafar Dilo feast nasudo and
832s Bel Proto uh Parasaurolophus as Snow
835s White and then obviously Donald Duck as
837s dinakaris
839s they be very cute
841s yes
845s I'll die now
851s absolutely see that
890s there we go
892s now I can color
910s tell him I say hi
914s no okay
918s oh say again Cindy sorry I I said tell
922s him I say hi okay
929s foreign
934s God I love him I love the nerd I think
938s it was like the Hat has really come
940s together I love it oh yeah
944s where is he gonna hold his bucket
947s uh honey he could just like he doesn't
950s have one he just eats the candy
953s the candy he just wants to go around in
955s his costume
957s yeah okay not gonna lie when I went
959s trick-or-treating I always carried
961s around a uh a pillowcase that was my uh
965s that was my book it was the full-on
966s pillowcase a little ghost
972s oh bag over the back yeah
975s Will's over on YouTube ask Will PK come
978s to Mac uh so we'd love to have
980s Prehistoric Kingdom on more platforms
981s but just at the moment because we're in
983s Early Access
984s um we want to concentrate and work on
985s making the best game on PC
987s um but hopefully you never know um
989s coming towards the end of Early Access
990s when we get to full release
993s um and if there's enough of a demand we
994s might be bringing Prehistoric Kingdom to
996s more platforms
997s uh so yeah just uh keep up with this
1000s and uh you never know maybe Prehistoric
1002s Kingdom could be on the next gen
1003s consoles one day that'd be really cool
1006s that would be pretty cool
1019s um
1020s on YouTube Conor's also asking have we
1022s heard of hawkwood Hall so I think that's
1025s actually a haunted place in the UK I
1027s haven't actually
1028s not
1033s how is it spelled uh
1037s h-o-p-w-o-o-d and then Hall
1050s um paleo stream on Twitch said that uh
1052s smilo could have a little backpack to
1054s collect sweets we could pretend he has a
1056s little backpack like under his cape or
1058s maybe he just like feels like his um his
1060s little boots with some kind of deer or
1061s something
1063s yeah maybe there's some candy coming out
1067s uh Pro company on Twitch said I did a
1069s Reaper costume one year with a hidden
1071s Pocket for the candy that's clever
1073s that's good
1080s whoa that's like so bright red
1088s um Zen I'll also asked will every
1090s species have their own statues at some
1092s point
1094s um I believe so that could change but I
1097s think that yeah we would like to have
1099s each species to have his own statue
1117s toxic bubble says um he could have a
1120s candy stuck on his tooth oh that's a
1124s really good idea I might do that
1128s oh toxic bubbles also said that he could
1130s have his little bucket around his sword
1133s yeah yeah kinda
1135s that's cute
1137s I'll see what I can do after I've
1139s colored him we also have a request for a
1142s fake mustache but I don't want to cover
1144s his little whiskers he's so cute that
1146s would look funny though yeah I can do it
1148s on its own layer
1151s out of the dinosaurs you know the fake
1152s it's like the glasses and fake nose and
1156s mustache there
1157s oh yeah
1159s I don't want a dinosaurs in one of those
1160s one year he's like he didn't really make
1162s much effort for his costume he just
1164s bought one
1165s what's the laziest animal
1168s the ladies and oh
1171s um
1172s this
1175s also this is the laziest costume
1185s Proto has a lazy feel to me
1191s [Music]
1197s my Smiler reminds me of um Animal
1199s Crossing
1201s oh yeah
1205s Chief hug a dinosaur I don't think I can
1207s get my arms around a dinocyrus but it
1210s can get its arms around you sure can
1213s very small
1217s knit is very big
1230s uh oh so we have a bit more information
1232s on the Hopwood Hall so apparently they
1234s have like pictures of ghosts haunting
1236s the house
1239s pictures of ghosts
1244s does anyone have any like haunted
1247s buildings nearby I don't think I've ever
1248s had like a ghost or like Paranormal
1251s experience
1253s I'm pretty sure Richmond has a whole
1255s ghost tour
1256s [Music]
1259s I did go New Orleans has it because when
1262s I was in Arlo we actually we
1265s um went on like a little school trip to
1267s somewhere like near London and we did go
1269s in like a little haunted house tour and
1272s it's mainly like nothing happens but
1273s like they tell you all these stories and
1275s obviously obviously it's at night that's
1277s like an old building so they just kind
1279s of it's just more like The Vibes like
1280s they just make you feel like kind of
1282s scared and freaked out
1284s oh I didn't realize Patrick Henry did
1287s his speech in Richmond I feel like I
1289s should have known that
1291s all right
1293s this isn't telling me about ghosts
1296s website about Richmond ghosts
1303s [Music]
1309s they're just talking about people who
1311s lived in Richmond
1312s [Music]
1318s um Richmond's booming trip
1323s yeah that should be a different color
1328s red Underside
1334s [Music]
1335s we have a suggestion for the Iguanodon
1338s it could be the dining like the fake
1340s nose and glasses
1342s with like the Party City Tag still
1344s attacked yeah I was thinking so I have
1348s the animal list I was like well maybe
1349s you're going to Dawn
1355s next update part of me is really tempted
1358s to throw paleo plushies a ton of money
1362s and have her do this as a plushie yeah
1364s yes IRL Rebecca yeah yeah yeah and then
1369s um
1370s I'll put it in my PK inspiration Shelf
1379s how am I gonna word this how much money
1381s will it take for you to make this for me
1384s oh yes Peewee blushes we love your work
1390s no it's going to be your work
1394s this is gonna be this guy I guess
1397s our work our work
1407s all right let's give him the fake
1409s mustache yeah
1411s I'll put it on a
1413s different layer
1420s I don't know what kind of a mustache but
1424s let's try this
1429s I was thinking like the big handlebar
1431s with the triangle beard
1435s okay well I can give him a little
1438s oh my God paleo stream said a milk
1440s mustache oh
1442s that would be cute
1444s [Music]
1448s very cute
1451s if any of the viewers checking us out on
1454s steam or twitch wanna
1456s um open up a tab to YouTube we're going
1457s to be um selecting a winner one of the
1460s viewers
1461s very very shortly the next couple of
1463s minutes is going to be gifted a key to
1466s Prehistoric Kingdom so head on over to
1467s YouTube where we're streaming
1469s if you want to be in with a chance to
1471s win a key
1478s I like if he's going to have a mustache
1480s it might need to be skinnier
1482s yes you could do just the little like
1484s you know the Pencil Thin
1486s like just a little mess I think I'll
1489s give him whiskers yeah whiskers yeah
1504s thank you
1510s like out of the blue I'm going to DM
1515s feel your plushies
1517s do you take emissions
1522s she might we could I'd love to see a
1524s crowny yeah we could request just a
1526s little crowdy one maybe like I love that
1529s can we get a few or something we could
1531s um do like a big giveaway where someone
1533s could win one and then yes you know one
1535s each for us or something
1538s my God
1541s I mean I still want
1544s tooth and boots but
1548s that is a good name actually it's pretty
1549s clever it's cute
1568s clam over on YouTube has said official
1570s crowning marketable plushie I know it's
1572s something we'd love to do I'd love to
1573s have like a a little merch store and
1575s even if we sold a
1577s the Halloween cutouts is like little
1579s stickers or pins that would be so so
1581s cute if we got to do that
1583s so hopefully in future we can set up
1584s something especially the plushies I love
1586s the idea of having
1588s um all the prehistoric animals as a
1590s plushie
1604s all right candy candy time
1608s so let's see
1612s hmm
1614s he's like swinging it around here so
1617s it's like
1618s and sideways and maybe some Candy's
1621s already falling out oh my God yes
1624s like it's just kind of
1626s he's just so excited
1633s and maybe one here it's the wind of the
1635s wrapper
1644s the goofy guy
1695s toxic bubble says I wish I could draw
1697s like this me too toxic bubbles
1703s when did you um start drawing Eda where
1706s you always just did you like enjoy it
1707s when you were younger yeah I've always
1709s been
1710s I've always drunk
1713s but I also have
1715s um
1716s a lot of art education and background as
1719s well
1720s I I do believe it's a skill that anyone
1723s can learn
1724s for sure
1725s yeah I do notice your kids I just know
1728s some some kids like they're kind of
1729s shown a few tips and they enjoy drawing
1731s and they just keep at it and you can
1732s improve like throughout like early years
1734s in school and if they just keep at it
1736s obviously they um
1738s they just get better and better yeah and
1740s I know a lot of adults doing that as
1742s well all you gotta do is do it like
1746s you just gotta keep going and if you
1748s draw something and it doesn't look like
1749s what you want it to look like you start
1751s over and you just keep doing that until
1753s it looks like what you want it to look
1754s like and then you die a little bit
1756s inside and and you drink coffee and you
1761s Grouse and that's how you become an
1763s artist I don't always end up like you
1766s wish it did but I just imagine like a
1768s five-year-old like not happy with their
1769s like whatever drinking coffee I have to
1772s do it again Cindy said
1774s like a candy cigarette yeah
1778s for some reason speaks with the French
1779s accent now this child is French in my
1782s brain
1784s yeah I I do personally think that a lot
1786s of the time adults have an easier time
1788s learning
1790s um art just because you kind of
1791s understand
1792s what you're trying to achieve
1795s and as a kid you're just happy to draw
1797s usually like you're way less critical of
1800s what you're doing you're just doing it
1801s because it's fun
1804s I don't know I was pretty critical of
1806s myself you were yeah incredible I mean I
1810s still am but I was even worse I remember
1812s one time I was drawing something and I
1814s just kept restarting and restarting and
1816s it wasn't looking like what I wanted and
1818s I just snapped the pencil I was so angry
1820s oh no
1823s I mean I was also a very angry child so
1827s yeah I remember I was just happy to be
1829s there like getting to draw stuff that's
1832s the best
1837s I still think that'll be one
1847s I tried to do that but like Meanwhile my
1850s subconscious is playing the PO the
1852s original Pokemon theme I want to be the
1854s very best like no one ever was
1864s Pro Comp being an artist is about
1867s drawing something getting sick of it two
1868s days later and having to draw something
1870s new to fix it yep yeah that's a pretty
1873s good description
1881s you have a candy should I draw flying
1883s out of here what do we like
1885s is candy corn that's the classic correct
1891s Swedish Fish okay okay
1896s and she's the red like fish candy right
1898s okay yeah it's just it's just a red
1900s gummy fish
1902s this cat would like it
1906s foreign
1930s I'd love to do more art art streams
1934s yeah we could do more art streams I look
1937s looking like little behind the behind
1939s the scenes Street
1942s well definitely art streams like this we
1944s could do more but um it just depends
1947s like what we're working on I guess yeah
1949s like what we could like yeah what we can
1951s kind of show off yeah I would like to
1954s show
1955s um kind of the design process on some of
1957s the modular pieces sometime yeah
1966s I like to do a sculpting stream again
1968s but everything I do is so Secret
1974s yes Cindy just works in secret in like a
1977s little cave yeah and then we get to show
1980s all the most like amazing things she's
1981s been working on for just a short while
1983s and then Cindy has to go back again yeah
1985s yeah that's how it goes back is my cave
1989s yeah
1991s um is the stream Frozen
1993s is it I think so let me just
2003s oh no no is it working now sometimes
2009s all right sometimes I just feel like
2010s click into uh Discord again
2012s so if anyone wants to know we're just
2014s using um because we're um all around the
2016s globe so Eden Cindy are both in you guys
2019s are both in Virginia right nope I am in
2023s Mississippi
2026s actually using Discord just to voice
2030s chat and it is sharing her screen
2032s through there as well
2040s all right
2042s should I do the candy on the tooth
2044s it's pretty cute
2048s just seeing the paper and everything
2051s he was
2052s my story for this is he's just really
2055s excited to go around and show half his
2058s Puss in Boots outfit and he was also
2060s eating the candy so now he's also sugar
2062s high
2063s yeah and because he's a cat he just
2066s likes the candy wrappers not the candy
2068s itself
2070s oh my God
2073s this is like the best night of the year
2075s for this cat oh yeah
2084s doesn't read very well from the distance
2089s maybe make it yellow like a caramel yeah
2097s almost done though
2113s of course now I think I have to scrap
2116s that one just because it's so
2118s tiny
2121s [Music]
2123s line art coloring and then I'll be done
2142s Rosie are you still there oh yeah I'm
2145s still there okay my cat she's um she's
2147s got the Zoomies
2150s hear like crazy things like in the
2152s background like something
2155s good just making sure so I've got it
2157s probably after the stream I'm probably
2158s gonna spend like 30 minutes playing with
2160s her I just need to tire her out
2161s otherwise yeah
2166s all right I'm getting really close to
2167s being done with this heck yeah
2176s [Music]
2180s toxic bubble says now we have to get one
2182s of the three in game maybe
2185s yeah that'd be cool so closer to um next
2188s year's Halloween maybe we could um
2191s bring them back and see if one can be
2194s available in um in the next Halloween
2196s update that'll be very cool
2204s all right
2207s couth and Boots
2210s here
2213s he's beautiful
2217s we put all of them on the next to each
2220s other
2223s so
2226s why not
2230s yeah they're so cute
2235s oh my God
2241s there we go
2246s I love them so much they're so cute
2249s they are so cute
2251s Guys open YouTube um really quick if you
2254s just type in Boots in chat I'm going to
2256s take your username down and I'm going to
2258s enter you in with a chance to win the
2260s Prehistoric Kingdom key so over on
2261s YouTube Type in the word boots
2264s [Music]
2273s next the original guys I like how it
2277s looks like the camarosaurus is looking
2279s back at the saber tooth tiger yep
2282s [Music]
2288s um
2289s merch group
2291s hello the pineapple guy
2297s he seems like he's a really sweet guy
2299s too he's really fun and really nice
2309s what does choose your starter yep oh my
2314s God yes
2316s make this
2326s [Music]
2327s there
2330s [Music]
2340s [Music]
2345s so many of them
2348s foreign
2350s [Music]
2373s looks like this one's eating the Hat
2377s okay so the user is um entering on
2380s YouTube so I've uh numbered all your
2382s usernames that who have entered and
2385s um
2386s used a random result generator so the
2388s winner is
2390s uh Clem Koga
2393s so congrats
2400s here we go
2402s um so if you have a Twitter
2405s um like act or a Discord username if you
2408s don't mind just typing that chat just
2409s because I can't message you on YouTube
2410s and then I'll send you a private message
2412s and send you your um key there
2416s [Music]
2418s foreign
2420s [Music]
2441s do we have all the names or do we
2444s remember the names for the newer ones uh
2450s genius Galata
2452s yes tooth and boots and we did not
2456s figure out what we were going to do with
2457s our camarosaurus Hydra yes Cami it's a
2460s work in progress name
2473s yeah I would give all the candy to these
2475s kids
2477s absolutely it kind of looks like
2480s tooth and Boots doesn't need anymore but
2488s God they all have their own personality
2491s I love it
2493s did you know you're a really good artist
2494s Eda thank you
2501s thank you everyone for the very good
2503s suggestions for the animals and the
2505s costumes
2507s I could have not come up with these
2509s myself
2510s huh
2515s pineapple
2522s I'll be posting these um on the Discord
2525s channel right after the Stream
2547s um just really quick Clem can you send
2549s me if you're on the PK Discord can you
2552s just send me if you you can see
2554s um
2555s I'll be one kind of just underneath the
2557s developers in the pr people just because
2559s I can't find your username
2564s so if you just send me a quick message
2565s over on Discord
2603s we have a name someone suggested uh just
2606s cam Hydra for the camera Soros
2609s cute
2620s oh wait Clem I did find you actually on
2622s the Discord
2626s okay great so I found you um so you yes
2629s at Rosie I found you as well
2638s um but thank you so much guys for taking
2640s part in our first
2643s um Halloween Prehistoric Kingdom
2645s Halloween special
2647s um we were really looking forward to the
2648s stream we're so excited to draw these
2650s characters for you guys and it would be
2651s very exciting
2653s um if we did if these guys popped up in
2655s Prehistoric Kingdom and next year's
2657s Halloween update but
2658s um you'll have to wait and see
2660s um but yeah thank you again we hope you
2662s enjoyed today's stream again I'm Rosie
2665s Edith was drawing and then Cindy was
2667s joining us as well Cindy also had the
2669s most amazing dragon costume at the very
2672s start of the Stream
2675s cut the streams short and if anyone
2676s misses it basically all the re-uploads
2678s are on YouTube but because um we have to
2680s restart the stream it will be in two
2682s parts so you guys can if you missed it
2684s earlier you can see
2686s um the little pineapple costume and then
2689s the little Hydra one with the
2690s camarosaurus as well
2692s um so thank you again so much guys sorry
2694s that my kitty had to
2696s um literally step in and make it for a
2700s little while she just stood on my PC and
2703s um look that I was able to save it from
2704s completely shutting down because that
2705s probably would have cut the stream off
2707s for about 5-10 minutes
2709s um yeah happy Halloween we hope you guys
2711s have a good night stay safe and uh if
2714s you have pets or anything just maybe
2716s keep them inside or keep an eye out for
2718s them
2719s um but yeah happy Halloween guys and
2721s we'll be back next week on our usual day
2723s so we'll be streaming um every Tuesday
2725s we're going to continue building our
2727s Prehistoric Park
2729s um we usually stream um at about 4 P.M
2731s GMT so that's British time so basically
2736s five out wait is that right three yes so
2739s five hours previously from now if you go
2741s back in time five hours that's the time
2744s we'll be streaming wherever you are next
2746s Tuesday
2747s um but also we posting our new stream
2749s schedule for November on our social so
2751s keep an eye out for that as well so
2754s thanks again guys for watching our
2756s stream and helping come up with the
2758s costumes for these little guys and we'll
2760s see you next week happy Halloween
2762s bye happy Halloween party hard y'all
2772s [Music]
2782s thank you

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