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Welcome to November’s Development Update!

In this blog post we’ll be delving into a brand new mechanic as well as showcasing a revamped dinosaur that many fans will recognize. We’ve tried to keep this one quite focused and streamlined which is something you’ll see more of closer to launch. Without further ado, let’s jump in!

At the forefront of development, quite a bit of work has been done on AI and power management (as we’ll discuss in a moment). In addition to those two items, support for theme styling and light recolouring has been added for buildings. This functionality was extended to the Mini-Aviary to allow for environmental preset switching.

Looking at the animation team, Max is very close to completing the core hadrosaur animation set. He’s been doing a fantastic job and we can’t wait show it off more. Likewise, Nathan’s made sure the Microraptor’s been receiving a variety of loops and unique animation to show off its adorable birb-like qualities!

Keeping the Lights On: Power Management Moving into new features, power management is mechanically complete! We’re still developing the visual side of it, so for today’s discussion we’ll be using concept mockups to show how it works.

Creating Power Electricity (or power) is a resource generated by utility buildings like the Wind Turbine or the Industrial Power Station. Providing an electrical output via radius, any amenities or exhibits inside their range will consume power.

Once placed, the radius of a generator can be edited by the player, directly influencing the power output, failure rate, upkeep cost and range. Each generator has its own benefits and negatives, so the usage of multiple types is highly encouraged.

What makes this system unique, however, is that when multiple generators overlap their output is combined. For example, if two intersecting facilities have an output of 50 Power, they’ll create a conjoined area of 100!

The crux of our loop here is to find the most efficient placement for electricity in the park whilst maximising the output to ensure all nearby buildings are powered.

Managing Power As mentioned above, generators have a random failure rate that can be reduced or increased by changing the radius. When failed, they must be manually rebooted by selecting the desired power station - gradually repairing itself after a short interval. Performing this action will also restart any failed generators nearby.

To help fight this, players can research upgrades to not only reduce the failure rate across the park, but automatically restart generators that have failed.

Restoring Power In your time of need there’s one thing every park manager requires: a Backup Battery! These objects provide temporary power to nearby buildings or paddocks in the event of an outage. Though they have no failure rate, batteries take time to recharge after usage before they’re ready to go again.

Placing batteries in key locations makes sure those troublesome dinosaurs won’t get a chance to escape electrified containment, no matter the circumstances.

Animal Showcase Straight out of the Horseshoe Canyon Formation, Pachyrhinosaurus and Edmontosaurus each feature a variety of alternate species to select from. In this particular digsite, players can find P. canadensis and E. regalis respectively.

With the available tools it’s exceptionally easy to create natural environments reminiscent of their ideal habitats. To promote this further, exhibits that house animals from the same formation or time period are granted a bonus multiplier that adds to the total Exhibit Score (something we’ll talk about at a later date!).

Keep your eyes peeled for more animal stuff next month, we hear it’s about to get cold!

Structure Showcase Powering the park, the last three items pertaining to electrical management are here at last. The solar panel, wind turbine and backup-battery offer alternative solutions for a variety of scenarios.

Uncover the latest in fossilized fashion with the Clothing Store, an essential facility in your quest to become the ultimate capitalist empire. How quaint!

Happy Thanksgiving! It wouldn’t be the start of the festive season without the 40-foot turkeys, though we’re not sure who’s eating who! This recent image depicts two Tyrannosaurus in a colder habitat, one resting and the other sleeping.


Thank you for reading November’s devlog!

Though the year is coming to a close, we have one final update in December until our big 2021 starts. Stay posted, park managers! There’s so much to talk about as we get closer to release.

Until next time,

- The PK Team


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