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Welcome, Park Managers!

We hope you’ve been enjoying the recent release of Update 10! In case you missed it, this update introduces the new prehistoric mammals Elasmotherium, Sinotherium, and two species of cave lion. On top of that, there’s a brand new map, stone age building set and an updated boreal biome!

You can find the full patch notes for Update 10 here. We don’t have a traditional Dev Diary for you this month due to the release of Update 10, but we do have a rather exciting announcement instead!

Supporter Bundle

We’re proud to announce that on March 8th (next Friday!), we’ll be launching the Supporter Bundle on Steam: featuring volume one of the Prehistoric Kingdom digital art book and soundtrack!

This collection has been lovingly put together by our team’s artists and composer over the last few months, working together to build dozens of beautiful pages and a gorgeous selection of music from the game.

The Supporter Bundle is intended for players who would like to continue supporting our development team and will be available for $7.99 USD as optional downloadable content.

Alternatively, the art book and soundtrack can be purchased independently.

The Art of Prehistoric Kingdom, Vol. 1

Available separately for $5.99 USD on March 8th

Over 180 pages of artwork, including exclusive early looks at upcoming animals and behind the scenes information about how we work on the game and our design decisions.

Non-final previews.

This volume provides an in-depth look at our process, animal concept art, the science behind some of our creatures and a deep dive into the wealth of structural art we’ve painted for the game. Whether you’re a paleo fanatic or simply interested in the art process of game dev, you won’t wanna miss this!

Prehistoric Kingdom, Vol. 1 (Original Game Soundtrack)

Available separately for $3.99 USD on March 8th

Ranging from dino-sized orchestral soundscapes to introspective instrumentals, take a walk in the park and enjoy 30 minutes of music of Prehistoric Kingdom composed by Byron McKay.

This release features 15 tracks (including 4 bonus biome medley tracks) in addition to updated music arrangements not yet heard in-game with live woodwinds performed by Joe Di Fiore and mixing by Adam Miller. You can wishlist the soundtrack page on Steam right now!


Who is this for?
This bundle is meant for people who would like to continue supporting the development team, that may have missed out on Kickstarter rewards, or simply want to listen to some PK music and read a book!

I’m a backer/early adopter! How can I get this?
We’ll be sharing info on how to get your copies next week! Thank you for your patience.

What does this mean for the game’s monetization?
We will continue to release free content updates as we continue to go through Early Access and beyond! It’s way too early to think about paid gameplay/animal DLC.

These art books and music releases simply help fund development and give the community something to enjoy in return! We hope that everyone looks forward to and enjoys the Supporter Bundle when it releases on March 8th.