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It's never worth doing CBR if you die early game. Except 4stacking, but going AFK for 10 minutes isn't fun game design :/ I think it demotivates squadding up tbh.

The best case scenario for CBR is you waste 10 minutes. Spend 4 minutes camping. Then go back to your team.

It's just not worth the wait, when you can be halfway into another match with those 14 minutes. The survive/die gamble is awful. Here's the gamble you play when waiting for CBR to start

Your teammates live or die: 50/50

You live or die in gulag: 50/50.

Oversimplified, but there's 3 scenarios. And you only succeed in 1 of them.

1- Team lives > You live

2- Team dies > No CBR

3- Team lives > You die

But I'm being a bit dramatic. CBR isn't that hard to win. But when you win you have wasted time, and given yourself a slight reward (when requeuing would have been more fun). When you lose, it's immensely frustrating on top of being a huge timewaste.

It's just not worth spending half a match afk or hiding. (Unless that's your playstyle champ, you do you. It is BR after all)

So do CBR if you die close to when it begins. If you're 4stacking and your teammate dies early. Do everyone a favor and play as if there is no CBR. Play aggressive so all 4 of you have a chance at playing together again before wasting waiting 14 minutes.

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Appreciate all the feedback and suggestions. Thank you! Will make sure that you are heard guys!