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Today, we are excited to officially announce that a brand new title ‘PUBG: NEW STATE’ will be coming later this year! This game will be a mobile title that brings an exciting evolution of PUBG and will be free-to-play. ‘PUBG: NEW STATE’ will feature the incredible gunplay that PUBG fans are used to and will also bring several brand-new features, such as drones, new vehicles and massive 8x8 open worlds.

‘PUBG: NEW STATE’ is set in the near future of 2051 on a brand-new battleground called TROI, where players will be able to discover how the universe has evolved. Today, Android users can pre-register for ‘PUBG: NEW STATE’ here: A pre-registration for iOS will also be available at a later date.

If you would like to be kept up to date about ‘PUBG: NEW STATE,’ you can also visit:

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24 Feb

I love the idea. I think it would fit in PUBG.

Originally posted by godkingnaoki

Sounds like an original way to add terrain advantage to an FPS. I like the concept in general.


Originally posted by Bubbles_012

I think on the other hand.. a jungle map like sanhok (where it’s hard to see) should allow for you to hear a pin drop in the bushes. Let’s say when you are standing still.. you should be able to hear the smallest of leafs being stepped on nearby. Walking hear less.. running hear less.

I also think birds should shit on campers. And attack snakes in the grass in the final circle

I would love to see someone in a bush get shat on, literally!


Originally posted by doubletr

I went through the store and couldn’t find anything that implied I could do that.

It's a bit tricky to find! It's under Store > Items > Utility > Nickname Change :)

23 Feb


Nice! There's something oddly satisfying about the way his body just pops out after the kill haha.

22 Feb

PURRBG Cats #1: Introductions


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Originally posted by BahaHamrouni

Thnx dude, I'm always trynna be positive. I don't flush my knocks in a normal mode very quickly I always give'em a chance!
even If their teammates get me I will do my best to be positive every game, cause I like this game it's my main game, and I try my best to keep players playing PUBG and only PUBG hehe

This is great :) love your attitude.


Hey Varamyr. Yeah, this is a really frustrating issue and it has taken longer to lock in a fix than we'd like.

I have followed up with the team this morning and they've confirmed the fix will be included with the monthly update in April.

I'll re-escalate the importance of this issue with the team and let you know if there are any changes to the fix schedule.

21 Feb

20 Feb

When do they post?

(GMT +0)
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