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Originally posted by slo1q

Scarlett is not really designed to be a good playback device, it's meant to be a recording interface.

Most PC DAC/AMP are just an external sound card, equipped with a better digital-to-analog signal converter, than what is in your PC.
All the sounds you hear are generated digitally, then something has to convert it to analog. The better the converter, the better sound you get. Your headphones have a DAC/AMP (the dongle with loudness wheel) but it's not a very good DAC (I know, I've had Could II). And you can't really connect them directly to analog output because they're designed only to work properly with that USB dongle.

You can't really get a better sound out of these because of the way they're designed.
Cloud II is a decent gaming headset and getting a major sound quality improvement would cost you quite a lot of money.

Scarlett is not really designed to be a good playback device, it's meant to be a recording interface.

Highly disagree here. The Scarlet2i2 is designed as a professional audio I/O interface. It has both high quality inputs, plus outputs. It's DAC is of high quality and is perfect for music production and powering audio monitors, where high quality audio and true-to-life reproduction is required. And is grounded very well.

This includes the headphone port, which runs off the same DAC and is used for headphone monitoring.

If u/Hashtwister has a Scarlet available to use, I would highly recommend just using that over anything else.

However, for OP, I would say: If you are using HyperX headphones, you likely won't really notice a difference. Gaming headset...

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22 May

21 May

Originally posted by Chrysocyn

Had someone try this in final two earlier, except he hopped out and the the car rolled into a nearby tree and he blew himself up. Ez dindin

yeah that's what my experience has been so far haha

Thanks for the carry Oreeoo! Witnessing that first hand was amazing!

20 May

Not all game files are replaced with a standard reinstall. Check out the guide below on how to do a clean reinstall to rule out any game files being corrupted. I'd recommend taking a look at all of the ts suggestions in there as there are other bits that can be helpful.

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"Niiiiice" at the end - love it. They are fun, they get really fun if you decide to use them in situations where they do not shine, and you make it work by outsmarting the enemy / forcing them to come to you rather than charging at them or trying to snipe them.

The melee king.

Originally posted by Tudar87

Agreed, I enjoy the dynamic fog but there should be a chance for a full fog match.

Unfortunately I think this will be an unpopular opinion as the droves of try hards will come forth to bitch about RNG in a competitive game.

It amazes me how many times I see people complain about the red zone. Mind boggling.

There will be people who enjoy something and those who don't. There so many ways to play and enjoy the game and that means that there are that many player types who prefer specific experience. No matter what setting, map, item, mechanic you mention, there will be people who like it and those who dislike it for their own personal reasons.

I am happy that we have the dynamic weather and that we can still get some foggy time on occasion. It's a good middleground imo. I can totally understand why this was changed from having full matches with 1 weather type.

I like the fog. Makes the need for butt clenching just a little higher and contributes to higher excitement when things go your way!

19 May

Originally posted by ChristinaHepburn

I found this in Windows logs after PUBG crashed (again):

Path of the faulting application: C:\Program Files\Common Files\UNCHEATER\ucldr_battlegrounds_gl.exe

Path of the faulty module: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll

Has performing DISM and SFC commands fixed your crashing issue?

Hey Mike. This was trialed on a few occasions in the past and was not a reliable solution as it was preventing players from accessing the game due to their distance related to server location who are located in the same region as the servers.

Originally posted by rwhockey29

Hey Steve, you might not see this, but has the dev team looked at the possibility of something backend/server side leading to the crashes? We have a decently active pubg discord, and we have been having multiple players crash at the same times in a game. We all have high end pc's, and 2 players in our main group are software/game developers, so I can't imagine all of us somehow simultaneously having OS issues.

Last night playing squads, our BDRM driver (playing on a thread ripper, 256gb ram, nvme drive, and 3080) says "my frames are dropping BAD" and within q5 seconds he has crashed. 10 seconds later a 2nd player on our team crashed in the same way. We had a 2nd squad of 4 playing in the same game (we matched in together), and they had 2 players crash to desktop at almost the same time in the same game.

I have a very hard time believing that 4 players in the same game can all have OS issues at the same time.

Thanks for the details man. We're sharing any info we see and hope an issue will get identified and resolved.

18 May

Hey op, we've been working with the dev team for several weeks now, forwarding any and all reports that we see on our platforms to be looked into. So far there has not been a conclusion that an issue is caused by something internal, nor that the issues are widespread.

The team has not noticed an increase in overall crash rates and looking at pretty much any reported thread so far, I can see that there are players who report that their issues were caused by either a corrupted system file or a corrupted game file, a third party app or that they do not experience any issues at all.

We've been looking at reports on all our platforms and were collecting information / tips from those who reported, identified and resolved their issues over the last several weeks. List of those troubleshooting tips can be found ...

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Originally posted by slo1q

That's... okay I guess. Not really necessary but might bring some more life into the character.

BUT if you're on the topic of animations, movement, etc, take a minute and take care of one of the current biggest movement problems - the 5-10 cm curbs which stop you dead, can't walk over em, gotta vault or jump.

Appreciate you. Thanks for the feedback. I know that the movement topic has been brought up in the past and I'll continue to feed this sentiment back to the dev teams.

Originally posted by Bubbles_012

And I appreciate you 👍🏻 whatever you can do to let the devs know thanks mate

I know that this has been mentioned in our community on a number of occasions over the years, especially the ground movement. We will continue to share this sentiment, just like everything else :)

17 May

Thanks for the report, this has already been reported internally.

Congrats and welcome back sir! A lot has changed! If you have any questions about any and all the new features and content that was added, feel free to jump into our server and ask around. There are lots of helpful people with a lot of game knowledge who will be happy help.

Originally posted by daiei27

Haven't verified but I suspect there could be a memory leak in the most recent update. My FPS starts taking big hits after I play a handful of games so I have to restart the game to get back to normal.

Hey guys, please reach out to the customer support sharing the system / hardware info as well as screenshots of the memory issues from your task manager if/when these occur. In case of crashes, please attach the crash dump files in the ticket as well.

CrashDump Files Location (Press Windows Key + R and in the search prompt, type %localappdata%\TslGame\Saved\Crashes - right click the latest crash file, ZIP the file and add it as an attachment to the PUBG Support ticket)