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Originally posted by ZeusTheRecluse

At first, i thought the VSS would partner well with the new 9mm primary weapon.... but no.... turns out you can put a 6x and compensator on this new JP123 (whatever it was called)....

Can we get this JP123 (*) thingy on all maps....

It's JS9, short for Jason. Just call it Jason 🤝

Originally posted by TecnologicHedgehog

What did he write? lol tell me please!

"The set is temporary, relax" - yeah, kind of the whole point of this meme

06 Dec

Originally posted by meeu

if it actually lands on your head does it frag you?

oh yeah

Originally posted by eXistenceLies

Did you zoom in on the replay on purpose or is this how it looks in game?

Oh yeah, I zoomed in to get rid of the UI - its a live match recording not a recording of replay though but not that that matters in this case :)

05 Dec

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03 Dec

02 Dec

Originally posted by Pennywise_M

Super excited for this one, features and all. Particularly like the armored UAZ. I wonder, though, two planes but still 100 players? Like 64 on ranked, if/when it enters rotation? What do we know about player numbers?

No mentions of player numbers to its safe to assume it will be the standard 100

Originally posted by NL_LegendZelda1989

the little amount of water excites me!. The excitement is strong with this one!.

Yep, no need to rotate over any bridges if you don't want. The whole map is connected

Originally posted by thisisaname308945870

neatooo... can't wait for the game to always end in the same 4 general locations whewwww

Hahaha, I really hope there will be variety

Originally posted by ZeusTheRecluse

and thats an almost full 8x8... other 8x8 maps limit where you can go..... this looks like you can go to the very corners of the map.


Originally posted by Zentti

Has there been any news about the extremely bright light seen in the gameplay trailer? At about 1:33 in this video.

No, could be how the sun looks behind the bluezone and the 40 lighting effects added to the trailer

Originally posted by kgbfromvt

I like the look of this.

I'm excited to explore the map. Especially the on-foot rotation gameplay in the northern hilly areas and highlinds on the edges of the map.

Should make for some great medium-long distance sniper fights!