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Hey all, appreciate your sentiment and I share your frustration. This issue is not being ignored. We are sharing every single ounce of feedback with the other teams and are in discussion with the dev team.

I know that this isn't the answer you want to hear but it is the only I can provide at the moment and that is that we have no update to share yet. As soon as we have information, we will share it with you.

03 Aug


Hey thanks T0m,

This is fixed in Update 13.1

02 Aug

Hey sir, appreciate your feedback. We are following up regarding the queues and hope to have an update for you soon. Reddit is one of many platforms that is used predominantly more in NA / EU regions, less so in other regions. A suggestion that makes it into the game can be made by players all over the world and do not necessarily have to be made here on the sub.

Skin releases are not tied to weapon balance changes. Nerfing a weapon usually takes place when the weapon is found to be overperforming when compared to other weapons, hence getting out of balance. The "nerfs" aren't meant to make a weapon unusable but to correct it's balance. The upcoming changes mean to limit it's use at very long range fights and help sniper rifles and dmrs find their sweet spots in engagements.


Hey thanks Ted, yeah that is a very annoying issue.

This bug will be resolved in Update 13.1.


Originally posted by Slamsdell

There are a couple of these in the Ho San Prison. You can also shoot up through the grated walkways but not down.

Wacky Jacky made a video addressing this when it was in test servers and it never got fix. Classic pubg corp having the community reach out and give crucial information about bugs and just totally ignore it.

This is resolved in update 13.1


Hey thanks Lokifenrir, for the bug report.

I've forwarded this to the team.

01 Aug

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