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28 Jan

27 Jan

Those are some amazing shots, man. I loved the video. I am the same, and love recording special moments to remember and be able to watch at a later date. No matter how good or bad they are, they are my moments and I always smile rewatching my old stuff. Here's to another 5!

26 Jan

25 Jan

This will depend on whether or not I have enough info. If I know where everyone is, I don't sweat it much and am able to observe / listen for info / take out most important targets while remaining calm.

Buuut when I do not know where everyone is / could be and I get into unexpected encounters, it it's multiple people - I literally sometimes do not breathe until the encounter is over :D!

I love the endgame adrenaline rush!

Hey, these should be resolved.

23 Jan

Hey, this is a bug, it will be fixed in an upcoming update.

Thank you for the detailed report of the issues! I've shared the videos with the team.

22 Jan

21 Jan

20 Jan

Reported, thanks for sharing!

Hey, it will definitely return. Whether in the form of a new iteration in LABS, Arcade or Customs is yet to be known.
Glad you like it!

Hey OP, this is not indended and being looked into by the dev team.

19 Jan

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