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End of Season 9 Ranked and Rewards Announcement


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Will escalate this again with the team everyone


PUBG Black Friday Bundles


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That was a spicy nade. Good job sir!

23 Nov


Hey dasprofessor! I work with PUBG to collect awesome community clips! Would you be open to having this featured on the official PUBG social channels? Please let me know. I'll also send you a message.


Hey Nitesen! I work with PUBG to collect awesome community clips! Would you be open to having this featured on the official PUBG social channels? Please let me know. I'll also send you a message.

Originally posted by TastyCh1ckenSoup

It needs to be easier to export a clip captured between two points and be ready to go in discord under 5mins, Can the team begin making this feature as soon a possible.

Another feature which would be most welcome available only after watching your death cam you can then click export and while you return to the lobby the clip is generated in a folder on the players computer. No resources taken on the games servers but the player can then either review it further in replay or if the deathcam is definitive than it can go right into discord, , Again speeding the process of removing the filthy vermin from the game


Thank you for your suggestions!

Originally posted by winterymint

PUBG shield is a huge step, many of the redditors were trashing it upon announcement when they haven't even tried and see how great it really is. It's everything all in one quick judgmental package, very concise and has all the info you need to analyze as long as the submitter follows the directions.

We want it to be simple and as efficient as possible. We have many plans for improvement and will work together with players to improve it to be as best as it can be!

For those wanting to take a look, here is an awesomely put together video, made by one of our PUBG Shield closed beta testers, that showcases the system:

Thank you very much for your feedback/review! I am happy that you are finding the system useful. It will only get better from here. Working with players like you on getting rid of cheaters and evolving this system together is what fills my heart these days.

He is banned now.

Hey! Thank you for your feedback, man! I agree, my matches have been smooth and my squad and I haven't experienced any performance issues either. There are a few minor bugs that have been reported and are being looked into!

On the account of cheaters, I share your frustration. Cheating definitely has potential for a larger impact in BR titles than in other, traditional shooter games. Even though we cannot simply talk about changes and improvements that the AC team is constantly making to our detection systems we can say that they are non stop working on bettering the systems. It's a never ending cat and mouse game.

Additionally, we, the community team, have launched an initiative last week that allows us to work with players and ban those that circumvent our AC systems! We share the same passion for the game as you and want to help as much as we can!

Our system, PUBG Shield allows players to submit reports of cheaters and review reports made by other play...

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Originally posted by HypeBeast-jaku

I have one question, are players able to see reports against their own account? Or does the system automatically stop that?

Right now, they would theoretically be able to stumble upon a report against themselves but their vote on it would not have any meaningful impact on the outcome.


lmfao. Appreciate the creative bug report!


Remember it like it was yesterday!


Looking into this, will get back to you as soon as possible

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