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04 Dec

03 Dec

Hey sir, thanks for reporting. These issues are already being looked into. We'll post an update as soon as they are resolved.

Hey sir, this is not indended and is being looked into!

Hey OP, this is not intended, and a known bug that is being looked into!

02 Dec

Hey sir, thanks for the clip. I've forwarded it to the team to take a look at!

Originally posted by HaveARandomUsername

Not sure if it's related to the patch, but I just jumped into a game and the jetski was unusable. My player model scaled up like 1000% and all my view was obscured (though strangely the jetski itself looked normal). I rode the bike (which is awesome) just before so I wonder if its related.

Edit - Image for reference:

Hey sir, thanks for reporting. I'll have this shared with the team. If you experience this again, and / or learn more about repro steps, do let me know!

Originally posted by Galdive

So the Glider kicks you out of it when it reaches 0 hp now, does anyone know if that's intended behaviour ?

Hey Galdive, this is not intended and has been reported.

Originally posted by thepekingduckoftruth

Yeah this has happened to my squad a few times. A vehicle pulled up right beind us a few days ago without cutting the engine (we checked the replay) but we never heard a thing. We weren't in a gunfight or anything at the time so it wasn't like we were distracted. It was very irritating.

Hey guys, please share a clip of this in case you encounter it again so we can forward it to the team to investigate!

Originally posted by Hogging_Moment

I think you might have misunderstood his ump comment. Check the tweet from LosHD - it appears the ump now has little to no recoil. He can full spray with a 6x with insane accuracy.

Hey sir. This has been very possible to achieve with little effort prior to this update as well. The UMP is a low recoil, entry level SMG so to speak. Regardless, we have shared the concenrs internally and received confirmation that the recoil has not been decreased with this update.

01 Dec

Beautiful work OP! This is so cool!

Hey Krysis, this is not intended and being looked into.

Originally posted by yessuz

So... Leaning is faster and ump no recoil? Nice

Hey yessuz, the team is investigating the reported leaning issue. UMP's recoil was increased as well as damage reduced at greater distances. The UMP is one of the easier to control, entry level SMGs that is very stable at close to medium range. The changes made aim to decrease UMPs usability at long distance engagements. Close to medium combat should remain the same.