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27 Sep

26 Sep


End of Season 8 Ranked and Rewards Announcement


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25 Sep

24 Sep

23 Sep


Hi there! This is fantastic work! Would you be open to having this featured on the official PUBG social channels? I'll send you a DM to confirm. Thanks!

It looks absolutely amazing! Very slick design and smooth performance! I love using it :)


Update 8.3 - Patch Notes

Season 8...

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Thanks guys, this is being looked into. Let me know if you continue to have issues.

22 Sep

Getting a Sense of PUBG Pt. 2

What you see is what you get.

Creating the most authentic game environment possible means engaging with a player’s senses in powerful, distinct ways—the discrete components of the game each appearing, feeling, and sounding just right. In our Getting a Sense of PUBG series, we’re highlighting specific facets of the game in context of the five senses—touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. While you can’t—or, at least, shouldn’t—lick your screen when you play PUBG, these interviews should give you a taste of the delectable processes that make PUBG a refreshing, true-to-life experience.

Making things look believable in video games is almost always an enormous chall...

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Originally posted by RoSmuckey

Probably a long beard and white hair.

Yes, he is gandalf of pubg now

I'd love to see something like that added, agreed sir!

Originally posted by MrFiiSKiiS

If only they tried something like.... Manual, human based anti-cheat.

We are!

We've been running and evolving this system with a select group of players who have applied to be community reporters. Hopefuly soon it will be ready to be released to public! There are a few more things we need to do before we can do it!

This should be fixed with the upcoming 8.3 update in a day or two!

This one is very frustrating for the devs as well. It's been very hard to reproduce it and a potential fix was made not too long ago but got reverted as it did not resolve the issue. This is defnitely on devs radar and is not being ignored.

Floating weapons bug is not being looked into with priority anymore as there are other, more pressing issues to work on. Due to inability to reproduce it consistently it had to be put on hold unfortunately.

When do they post?

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