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Seems bots are evolving? When they first launched, I read that nearly all of them had underscores in their name, and that they were incapable of looting so they just spawned at various stages with "appropriate" gear.

But playing yesterday, I noticed that bots have more "human" names. I think this was discussed in another thread so I won't go into more detail here.

But I also found some strange looting patterns. I found buildings that were oddly looted. Doors open in a cluster, but with good loot left behind (first aids, Kar98, etc). Some buildings were also left completely untouched. It was also odd because I parachuted quite far, and didn't see anyone else land near me. Now I'm pretty sure those were bots attempting to loot.

On Vikendi, I saw an enemy running through a field with no gun. I killed them, and then went to loot, and they literally had nothing. Using pubglookup aftewards confirmed they were a bot.

In a later match, I saw another bot running towards a shed, and awkwardly looting. They picked up a gun, reloaded, and returned fire. Again, I confirmed afterwards that was a bot.

Seems like bots have entered "Stage 2"?

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hi u/DVNO I wanted to thank you for calling it out. PVE is evolving! It will continue to evolve!
Always progress.

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Originally posted by IrregularrAF

Is it actually evolving, or is there locks in place until you release Skynet and later Terminator series? Lol

Shhh! We can't take over the world if the skynet plan is revealed too early.