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In Update 19.1, Deston will be removed from the featured map queue and added to the random map pool by replacing Sanhok.

This will occur in the following regions:

  • EU
  • NA
  • SA
  • OC
  • RU

In these regions, the map pool will be the following:

  • Erangel
  • Miramar
  • Taego
  • Deston
  • Haven
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Originally posted by angearael

I want Vikendi back... But so cool to see almost all the bigs maps at once!

soooooooooooooooooon :)

Originally posted by fernandollb

Uh.. I know featured maps hurt ques but I was having a blast playing only Deston to be honest.

Deston will have increased % pick ratio (40%) while other maps will have an even 15% for a bit!

Originally posted by angearael

For one second i tought you said soon about a revive system! Sad but no so sad... As thousands players inwant a revive system, but right now i want vikendi 😁😁😁

We are aware that many players want it in our region and are sharing that feedback about revives!

Originally posted by angearael

Honestly... Is there any chance to see it in the next 6months? If you don't know you don't know and that good for me, you're making an amazong job with a hard game to be community manager on :)

Thanks man. I do not know. It is not in a planning stage yet. The devs behind Deston are thinking about it. They are considering the sentiment in our region. I hope that the rest of the world aligns and the rest of the devs agree that this is something worth pursuing, but as of now, I cannot confirm anything.

Battlegrounds is a huge, huge game, played by milions around the world. It can be played in literally a hundred different ways. I understand that there are hundred different playstyles and that each of those ways to enjoy the game is the one and only right way to enjoy the game to each group of players. The reality is that, no matter how much we try, not everyone will ever be pleased with anything that is done in the game. That is just the nature of it. But we can try and make the majority of players around the world happy. And that is our goal. So, even though it does not always seem like the devs are listening - try to bear in mind that for every thing in the game that you like or dislike, there will be dozens of other groups of players who have their own, different opinions.