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PC Test Server is now live with Update 17.2

Quick rundown of the update:

  • Spotter Scope Overhaul
  • Weapon Balance Changes:
    • Adjustments to the Mk12 and Mini14
    • Changes to the Mortar
  • Vikendi replaces Haven in the Normal Match Map Pool
  • Adjustments to the Colors of Miramar, Paramo, Haven and Karakin
  • Training Mode Updates:
    • New Area: 1v1 Arena
    • New Feature: Map Teleportation
    • New Feature: Aim/Sound Lab Score System
    • Training Mode is now available in Custom Matches
  • Tutorial Mission Updates
  • Survivor Pass: Galaxy Squad
  • New Feature: Throwables Timer
  • New Feature: Loot Recommendation
  • Bandages, Energy Drinks, Painkillers and Adrenaline Syringes can now be used in while in a vehicle's driver seat
  • UI/UX Improvements
  • Performance Improvements
  • Bug Fixes

...and more.

For a full rundown, please read the Update 17.2 Patch Notes or watch the Patch Report.

Please use this megathread for discussing the Test Server update, posting your experience so far, reporting issues you encounter, asking questions that come up.

How do you feel after playing on Update 17.2? Expand on your opinion in the comments!

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Originally posted by Petoah

I love the 1v1 arena, but please please please make it lvl 2 gear. That way its more of an accurate representation of what youll meet in game. Also ADSing when drivebying is bugged in the Training Mode.

Hey! Thanks for the feedback! Could you share a clip showcasing the bug you are talking about?

Originally posted by ClaytonBigsby2020

So pleased with the 1v1 and private training session!!!!!!!!

It has been very difficult to get my friends into this game, as the average skill level is very high compared to other games. I know I'll be able to use this to help get my friends up to speed, without them getting completely smoked over and over again and feeling discouraged. I can make it fun for them, all I needed was the tools to make it happen :)

I'm glad you guys are trying to get the mortar some more action too. These changes make me feel confident PUBG is headed in the right direction.

u/SteveTheHappyWhale, could you clarify for us if PUBG has an official stance on the "revive" topic that frequently comes up in the community? I noticed a couple former PUBG figures stated that they'd consider returning if a great revive system was implemented. While those public figures themselves may not be hugely important, I have to imagine that they represent a selection of other players who have left the game and feel similarly. Just wondering if it's something PUBG has ruled out or has a stance on.


Hey Clayton!

Glad you're liking the training map / mode improvements.

We've been forwarding all the sentiment regarding the revive system. There are no immediate news that I can share but that isn't to say that a system like that has been written off / ruled out.