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I've been looking around for possible fixes, but nothing. For the last couple weeks or so, the game will randomly crash as I get to top ~20ish. When I try to reconnect I get 25 Battle eye query timeout error.

Anyone actually know what the issue is? Please spare me the "disable everything on your computer and all anti-virus" PUBG has worked fine until then.

Tried windowed/borderless etc. Changed GPU settings, changed firewall settings/turned off, tried with and without VPN, full re-install etc. Running out of ideas

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Hey, could you check if you have the setting "Xbox Configuration Support" ticked ON in controller settings in Steam Big Picture mode? If yes, could you try turning it off? I've seen information about this causing battleye query timeout errors consistently for some users and once they turned it off, the issue went away.

To check, you need to: Launch Steam Big Picture -> Settings -> Controller Settings


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turned out to be the Razer mouse profiles

Glad you got it sorted!