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Hey, the team is looking into the cause of this issue. Some players reported that by updating their gpu driver to the latest one has resolved it for them. Other players reported that turning off the highlights feature has resolved the issue. Restarting the PC after performing these steps is required as well!

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I was getting this battleye error intermittently as well except mine was blocking the file called Tslgame_BE.exe. Sometimes the game will load fine and other times I get the battleye error. I did all the usual stuff including verifying game files, uninstalling the game and deleting the pubg and battleye files, and reinstalling, etc. Still was getting the intermittent error in game version 15.1. Haven't tried since the update, but I assume it will still sometimes happen.

Hey, this issue is also being looked into. For now the workaround is to relaunch the game or the system if the issue persists.