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Deston is a nice map. It plays mostly smooth and offers varying conditions as games play out. Although very sceptical at first, (most of) the new mechanics and gameplay features are an enjoyble addition, enabling new situations and possibilities to play the game while not being too intrusive into the core gameplay.

You may argue about things like the bluechip of course, i dont think it was the best idea. But since most of these features are only available on Deston and only slowly getting introduced to other maps, it is still possible to leave queues like its already happening for multiple maps. There are up- and downsides to new content being limited to single maps, but thats a different topic.

This is my personal opinion.

I dont even want to get into the whole "we're listening to the community" and is content good/bad debate.

I'm really just looking for an explanation on why the devs decide to not let the players play the new (mostly convincing) content. Content a lot of time, money and brainpower went into. Content i enjoy playing tbh.

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A few updates ago when Miramar was supposed to go out for a month, the devs decided to keep it in since it is a ranked map and that was one of the main points of feedback from the community as to why it should be left in the random playlist. Since Deston isn't a ranked map, it is treated the same as others and will be rotated in and out.