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Here's a couple quick wins for the devs. What are some other easy things to add to the game that have fallen on deaf ears?

  1. Give everyone level 2 armor in TDM because it simulates a more common firefight experience.
  2. Reduce the lobby timer to 30 seconds (or less once the max # of players are queued). Back in the day the devs used map loading time as an excuse to not do this. If you're not running at least a SSD for gaming in 2020 IDK what to tell you.
  3. Let us use our jump parachute bags as a level 1 backpack. I know it goes against the whole "land loot survive" thing they are stuck on, but at this point in the games life, can you just give me a level 1 bag off the rip so I can get the basics quickly and go fight?
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If they don't want you to be able to use the gas can as a melee weapon while you're in the car, they can just change the code so that you can't use the gas can as a melee weapon while you're in the car. This is a much more reasonable solution than just forcing you to drop the gas can on the ground when you get into a car.

This is to do with the way the gas can has multiple functionalities. Previously you could only have it in the inventory and use it while in vehicles to fuel them by pressing the lmb.

Now, it can also be used in a melee weapon slot and has gained 2 new functions: holding lmb to pour gas and being able to aim and throw it with the help of rmb.

Because of these conflicting functionalities, its core function has to take priority and that is to fuel vehicles while inside them. This is why the game will attempt to move it from the melee slot to your backpack upon entering a vehicle.

It is not a perfect solution and the dev team is aware of it. It is not a high priority fix so it may get improved in the future.

Hey, thanks for sharing the feedback all.