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Originally posted by Klyysm

Ping Screen Mark: - If you pinged an item, it only disappears after 240 seconds or as soon as the item has been picked up by someone - Add Ping opacity in the settings

EMT Gear: - Revive 50% faster max . It would be already very powerful & very balanced

Self AED: - Totally removed or only in Casual mode.

Critical Response Kit: - Put it instead of Self AED, make it very rare world spawn - Revive a teammate 50% faster - Usable once per kit.

Emergency Pick up: - Be able to carry the Emergency bag on your shoulders (similar to how you carry a knocked teammate), so you can place it where you want without dropping stuff - Be able to deploy Emergency from ground - I think parachutes should be heard from further too (not louder), to alert slightly earlier someone is landing

Special Parachutes Backpack: - Maybe add some new rare lvl2 backpack with 3 times parachutes ability. Haven parachute system is cool but has too much cons, while the one on Deston is surely too generous

Jammer pack: - Make it rarer - Allow On/Off button, so we can decide when to you it.

Binoculars: - Place it on pistol slot

Drones: - Place it on pistol & throwable slot

Blue Chip Detector: - Totally removed or only for Casual mode. - 90º angle - Loud bip noise - Blurry in vehicles

BRDM: - Allow snipers to shoot through windows (-50% usual effectiveness) - Water speed increase to 44km/h instead of 22 right now

Gliders: - Added on all 8x8 maps

Side-cars: - Detachable side-car on bikes, hold a button to drop the side-car

Planes: - Planes should be only for people landing/emergencies/ comeback etc... While helicopters should drop stuff, so we know better what’s coming…

Hovercraft: - In swamps I’d take any vehicles rather than this, cause vehicles work fine in swamps so what’s the point then.

Mountain bike: - Destructible wheels - It climbs hills a bit too easy - Be able to deploy or to fold the bicycle on ground too (not only through the inventory)

Weapons: - SMG ammo (9mm & ACP) should be found by clip of 40 - Snipers bullet should have penetration (ex: 2 birds 1 stone on the lvl.1 helmets) - Crossbow: Should dealt bleeding damage if hit. Bandage/heal to stop bleeding. Get arrows back on cadavre boxes - Be able to kill someone with the flare gun if you headshot him, and big damage on body - MP9 is a bit OP in my opinion cause it is straight fully equipped

Molotov: - We should have to light the wick like we cook the grenades - When the wick is lit, your molotov can’t be cancelled, you have to throw it, like when a grenade is cooked

BZ grenade: - Replaced with a gas grenades.

Inventory space: - Melee weapons, spike traps, tactical shields inventory weight should be reduced to 18, or it will be barely used

Ascenders: - It is cool but should be rare, you should add normal ladders into the game

New animations: - Add realistic animations rather than dances to improve the game

QoL options: - More opacity options for all the HUD elements (like you did for the crosshair) - Option in custom buttons to leave the plane & vehicles with a quick double-tap on circle (to avoid mistake) - Option to get the bigger bottom-right minimap automatically as soon as you enter a vehicle, it would go back to the normal minimap when you exit it - Can’t save appearance (face, gender, make-up) in our presets, it would be nice to add it. - Loot Flash Effect: Pulse, Glow or « No effect » option would be perfect if added

For Ranked: - No 10 levels ranked restriction, allow a Bronze to play with a Diamond if he wants. (Stop divide community) - Add all kind of weather (except fog) - Ranked mode should be forbidden if your reputation is 0. (to avoid team killers) - More leaderboards! - I also think we shouldn’t start with 5 games to get a rank. Honestly we should all start from scratch at Bronze V, so we all have to grind our ranks and that’s it.

Team Killing: - If your reputation is 0 or 1, then you shouldn’t be able to dealt damage to your allies. Instead all damage dealt should have a mirror effect on your own health bar.

PUBG Plus Status: - Should unlock the 5 clothes presets for free & forever for PUBG+ players. It will even allow you to sell more skins so i don’t get your ideas to make us pay for preset, especially 7 days only it’s totally ridiculous - Should allow us to create a clan & invite friends - Clan leaderboards - Should give us a free BP crate for each Chicken! - Much more levels than only 500 max!

Weapon Mastery: - Merge the legacy status with the new one - Give us camouflage skins to grind as a reward for each gun, for example 1000 kills with a gun to get that last camo.

Default vehicles and skins: - Maybe add some more default colours for vehicles, like the Coupé is only orange and the Glider is only yellow. - The McLaren should be a rare spawn, like 3 per 8x8 maps, not a skin. - New way to apply skins on vehicles is so bad, takes too long and the visual effect for it make it looks like an Arcady game

Sound: - Lower the sound for vehicles while inside (not for others, just for people inside their own vehicles so we can actually communicate with teammates), same for our own parachute, and the first plane when jumping. Lower it at least 20%

Bushes: - Like for the haystacks, make bushes (big ones at least) destructible with throwables or while driving through them, or using machete

Bugs: - When opening boxes in custom, I always get « Error Occured » - On PlayStation, we don’t see PSN avatars in the PUBG friendlist like they do on Xbox - You can’t drive through a mortar, it’s actually a wall if hit with a car. So that’s the best spike trap - Menu is so laggy - Huge packet loss while playing

PS5 & XSX Consoles: - Add the Replay system (same as PC) - Keep improving PS5 graphics, 4K textures like XSX

Maps rotations: - For Normal keep all the 8x8 permanent and rotate the smaller ones only - For Ranked let us play all 8x8 permanently or it’s boring - For Casual you could add all the small map there permanently

Repair Kits: - Repair 100% of lvl1 gears - Repair 80% max of lvl2 gears - Repair 60% max of lvl3 gears

Multi drops: - Should have only level 3 gear inside the red boxes. Not the small ones.

Comeback Arena: - Only Winchesters & Crossbows - Only pistols, revolvers & melee weapons - Only level 1 gears and heals items - Only flashes and smokes If people are allowed to comeback, you don’t want them to comeback fully loaded just to get back on top of the roof to kill you. It’s not fair nor balanced right now.

Klyysm, thank you very much for taking the time to write your thoughts! There are lots of interesting suggestions in there. Thank you for the feedback as well.

Originally posted by SgtKarj

1) Redeployable parachutes need to be on ALL maps. ALL of them.
2) Gliders need to be on ALL maps. I said it, I meant it.
3) Each vehicle should have a usable 'trunk', just like the Porter and Zima.
4) No lvl 3 regular world spawn loot.

I'm sure there are more I can think of but that would be excellent for now.

Would love to see the gliders and reusable parachutes on all maps, yeeep!
Vehicles need to be rebuilt from the ground up in order to get the new trunk feature. We've seen it with Zima, it will highly likely come to other old vehicles as well. Thanks for the feedback!

Originally posted by HypeBeast-jaku

I'm thinking it's time to route NA FPP solos to EU. NA solos are dead all times of the day, all week. There's 0 point to keeping them around unless you like paying for servers for idiots like me to farm bots for Survivor Pass missions. It is literally a money pit.

I have completely forgotten what it's like to play solos with real players. Realistically, PUBG will do nothing, probably remove the solos mode from NA in the future, then the duo, then the squads etc until the game is dead.

The solo queues are going to get merged on Wednesday, Jan 18 when the 21.2 Update drops.