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3 Repair Kits have been added.

-Helmet Repair Kit
Repairs a helmet to full health
Weight 10
Cast time 7 seconds
100% Repair

-Armor Repair Kit Repairs armor to full health
Weight 10
Cast time 7.5 seconds
Repair 100%

-Mechanic’s Toolbox Repairs 500 health for vehicles
Weight 20
Cast time 8 seconds
Can not repair vehicle tires.
Can repair every type of vehicle.
However, fully-drowned vehicles can not be repaired.
Can only be used while inside the vehicle. Can not be used while driving.
Can not be used when holding your breath.
More than one player can simultaneously repair a single vehicle.
However, repairs will be instantly canceled once the vehicle is fully repaired.

Repair Kits can not be used on destroyed helmets/armor/vehicles.
Repair kits are consumable items.
Repair kits will world spawn with a relatively low spawn rate.

Available in Vikendi only.

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Thanks for your thoughts, everybody! There are a lot of unanswered questions regarding use, spaws, how powerful / impactful the kits are. We'll be able to see once these goodies are on the live servers. Looking forward to player sentiment about them after they settle in for a bit after the live server update. Expect some sentiment polls here, on twitter and our discord server!