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Starting season 14, my team and i have experienced a massiv increase of players cheating, we alle have about 3000-5000 hours of the game, so we can feel when something is wrong. Lately we have dying to goods, who has not played for serval years, and are at level 80 or 90..... In ranked im used to it, but now also in normal, its crazy........

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Hey. If you have a feeling that someone is cheating, feel free to report them to Shield and we'll take a look.

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Why is the in-game reporting feature being ignored?

I've used it to report a cheater, nothing happens. Take that same clip and game results to pubg shield, player gets banned.

Why is the footwork on us?

The in game anticheat system is being updated on a regular basis. No system is perfect however and some cheaters can slip through. Shield was created to help us catch those that do slip through. It was something that many players wanted to see so we've worked together with the community and a few devs to create Shield! We have quite an active community over at our Discord server where we discuss all things Shield related on a regular basis!

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Hey stavtwc, what is your local region? Shield is currently available in NA, OC, SA and EMEA regions and if enough demand is shown in other regional community channels then there is a possibilty to open Shield in those regions as well if the other teams want to support it.