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Since last update, I’ll get major drop in fps for a few minutes at mostly the start of a game.

I’m not talking about microstuttering.. I mean down to 30 frames.. crunch hard.. for 30-45 seconds at a time. And then goes away as the game goes on.

i believe it is sometimes accompanied by major ping lag too

PC: nvidia 3080, 9900K intel, 16GB xmp enabled 3600hz, 2TB SSD

Windows 10

I’ve never had fps drops before.

I’ve made no changes to my computer recently and the only reason I turn my gaming PC on is to play pubg

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Thanks for all the reports guys. Sharing the feedback with the team. There's been a no downtime patch earlier today to resolve an issue associated with crashes and in-game replays. Let me know if there are any improvements since then.

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