Hey everyone!

Welcome to another PUBG Shield update! We are very grateful for all the support this initiative has received since we've launched into open beta and we want to say thank you to all the great players in our Discord server who are reporting and reviewing reports made by others.

Today, Shield is receiving a new feature - Leaderboard page, which will showcase some of the most active users in the system. We also want to express our gratitude by giving out some cool rewards to our most active users! Our leaderboard will showcase the most active reviewers from both Steam and Console platforms in the last 30 days.

We also made some changes to the report submission system. You will find that you are no longer able to report players for Verbal harassment, Inappropriate in-game name, Discrimination, Teamkilling and Stream sniping. Originally we've started building this system with the goal of helping get the elusive cheaters banned more efficiently and with time we added more report options. While these infraction types all breach our rules of conduct, Shield's original intention was not meant to support these report types and we've noticed that being reflected in the sentiment you have been sharing with us over the past few months. We have decided that we want to focus on the core of this initiative so we can be as efficient as possible in this battle against cheating.

We've taught our Discord bot some grammar. You'll no longer see duplicate words in it's report updates!

For those of you who are hearing about Shield for the first time, please read our announcement of the initiative for more information on what our goals are and how to join!

We have a long road ahead of us full of qol improvements and new features. We are also working on expanding Shield to other regions so stay tuned for more info on that! Thank you once again for being part of the fight and we'll see you on Discord!

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Originally posted by hotsoccerdad

I never said I expect it to be 100% perfect. We all know the real issue has a lot to do with a specific geographic area that could be ping locked. They also won't explore that option nor implement hardware id bans. Hundreds of thousands accounts we're banned last year, and at this point in the game's life cycle (as it nears the end) things could have been done a long time ago. You could argue they did look at those options, but I don't see how when the number of banned accounts is through the roof. It would have been done already.

Hey man, hardware bans have been a thing since late 2019 but we all know that those can be avoided as well. We have explored introducing a ping lock on NA and EU servers - we have done a few tests in the early 2020 and it caused a lot of players from remote areas in these regions to not be able to play the game.

We understand that cheating is a big issue, the AC team is working tirelessly every day on improving our AC systems and staying ahead of cheaters. Hundreds of thousands of cheaters are being banned monthly, many of them detected before they even get into a match but as with the Anticheat vs Cheat being a cat and mouse game there are always some cheaters who avoid the AC, at least for a considerable amount of time before they are finally caught which is what this initiative aims to help resolve and we've been successful at it!

I often see reports of cheaters who have been banned quite a few times temporarily but always managed to elude the systems and it feels so good to drop that ban hammer on them. I hope that by working together in Shield we'll be able to improve the overall cheating situation worldwide. Shield is expanding to other regions as well - we are currently working on bringing it over to Latam, and China has recently adopted it as well!

Originally posted by keith_talent

From personal experience, 100% of the cheaters I’ve reported via PUBG Shield have been banned vs maybe 50-60% of my reports via in-game reporting.

Keep reporting them sir! We'll get them all.