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Originally posted by Raizle36

Loot in those concrete and wooden shacks on Erangel still not fixed.

Hey, a fix for this is coming in the upcoming 15.1 Patch.

Originally posted by suttonjoes

The mortar is cool but I found my first one And it came with one round! It needs at least half a dozen to allow for zeroing in etc

Thank you for sharing your feedback suttonjoes.

Originally posted by suttonjoes

My pleasure, just out of interest does this actually ever get seen by pubg devs?

Yes, feedback from all regions is being collated and presented every week. Here are some notes on the reasons why, in my opinion, sometimes some of the feedback is not acted upon or not acted upon immediately:

  • Feedback is not always unanimous, or commonly shared in majority of regions or common among majority of players within a region. Battlegrounds is a global game, with players from all around the world and the sheer amount of ways that one can play it, is huge. This often leads to conflicting feedback, not only between different regions but also within regions themselves. Pleasing as many players as possible is a very difficult task and one we are dedicated to.

  • Development schedules. Having developers work on different parts of the game in multiple countries all around the world makes it sometimes hard to shift focus from things currently being worked on while having to maintain schedule. Shifting to new plans also takes time and planning. I am not a dev so I can only imagine how complicated all these things can get and this is my understanding of why some changes can move slowly sometimes.

  • Sometimes it is important to give a certain feature / change some time to settle in the game and for more players to spend time with it to really be able to gauge if any changes are needed and to what extent. This is obviously not the case with every piece of content / feature that comes out. Sometimes a change is pretty straightforward and it is clear that something is requested by "the whole world". Rushing changes is not always the best way to go about things. There has been cases in the past where changes were made to certain features just a few days after their release due to vocal minorities requesting immediate change and once the changes were made, the majority of players came in and requested a change back / revert or a different change alltogether and this stuff can cost a lot of time.

I know I went a bit off topic here but I hope this provides some more insight. We love the game, we want it to be best it can be and we want as many players to enjoy it as possible. It is a symbiotic relationship and without your feedback, none of this is possible.

Originally posted by snowflakepatrol99

So when is TDM getting fixed? How long do we have to have smg and shotgun abusers? Why can't everyone have lvl 2 gear which would be far more useful for warming up and improvement - the thing that the mode was designed for.

DMR still haven't been fixed after the nerf and only come with 30 extra bullets which is way too little and the main reason why the sniper maps are being infested with ARs. There's like 10 AR maps and only 2-3 sniper maps. Is it really that much to ask? It's changes that take less than 10 minutes to make that would greatly improve TDM and help players from every skill level to have better practice.

This has been talked about by multiple people almost every single feedback friday. So many pro players called out the changes immediately when they happened and what do you guys do? Nothing... But the moment someone talks about the most useless and pointless item ever added to the game you guys are taking notes? Cool.

Hey, I appreciate the feedback and will forward it. As I mentioned above, not all feedback will be acted on at all times, or can take time to result in changes. For a change to happen, feedback must be widely requested accross players from all around the world as any change that is made affects the players all around the world.

The reason why AR's come with lvl 1 armor is to provide balance against close range weapons that are not as useful in medium / longer range combat. Therefore, close range weapons come with lvl 2 armor.

Ammo for DMR's was reduced in order to reduce instances of players camping one spot for too long and make them move around and loot for more ammo.

We appreciate all constructive feedback and will continue to make changes where necessary.