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I stopped playing for a few months. I think right before the update where they brought Karakin back. I had no issues with performance; everything felt smooth. I came back recently and I been getting a lot of stuttering. Basically any time I am getting shot at the framerate (along with gpu usage) tanks. I feel like it's caused me to lose a lot of gunfights and and it's very frustrating. I've tried so many things, updated graphics drivers, messed with graphics settings, turned off the replay recording, etc... but nothing helps it. Is anybody else noticing this lately or is it just me?

I've been playing other games and they are running normally.

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Hey, here's a guide containing some community fixes for the recent performance issues some players have been experiencing. I'd suggest you close all programs except the game and monitor your hardware usage and temps as well as look at the DISM & SFC windows commands and how to use them. Some windows files can cause trouble in various situations if they become corrupted / broken so it is a good practise to scan and repair your vital OS files.