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The circle settings are so much better. The loot lets you get up and start fighting or rotating right away instead milling around for 10 minutes. The towns look like real places. The site lines let you know what's going on and make plans for how you to make your next move.

We took a break to go back into the random queue and got Sanhok right away and it was like going back and playing a PS One FPS after playing Halo.

I hope they learn some things about what works on this map. I would love to see these circle settings on Miramar.

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i just wish they added duos on NA pc, i only have 1 friend that plays this game with me, and playing duo squads to get smoked in 4v2s isnt that fun imo

Hey friend! Duos are coming!

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How about the Lynx, DP28, and spike strips for the most vehicle oriented map y'all have ever made?

There are no plans to add these for now, to my knowledge, but if the player sentiment regarding this aligns with other regions, I see no reason why some of these proposals couldn't happen!