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This didn't used to happen until about 2 major patches ago or so but when I and my friends go in smoke our FPS implodes. I go from 140 to about 30 and it's not been really annoying until Taego since every circle I've had has required smoke fights and trying to fight at 30fps ruins the whole experience.

Before some dickhead comes in with a "DoN'T pLaY oN a CoMpUtEr FrOm 2010 AnD yOu'lL bE fInE", I'm running a 3700x, 16gb of 3600mhz ram and a 2070 Super. Not to mention the fact that this NEVER USED TO HAPPEN. Please fix it.

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Hey all, please submit a ticket at our customer support page and provide info such as you hardware / driver details by including DxDiag in your ticket. This will help the team identify issues more easily.

Things to include in the report:

  • Date Seen:
  • Full explanation of issue:
  • Dxdiag Information (Press Windows Key + R and type dxdiag in the search prompt, click the “Save All Information” to your Desktop and upload as an attachment for support).