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Rainbow Six Extraction will have AI Teammates and Create your own Squad ?? Just incase not many people playing so we can play offline with AI Teammates instead It would be nice if we can create our own AI squad and set their loadouts and give them order like in Far Cry 5 and New Dawn and Ghost Recon Series

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There are no AI teammates.

The game can be played Solo however. The difficulty scales to then number of players in a squad.

An internet connection is required though, even to play solo.

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Can I turn of this difficulty scales? I would like to play full objective, like carry 3 foam injectors or destroy 15 nests in decontamination, in solo game mod

You can’t turn off the scaling.

Trust me, the highest difficulty Solo is difficult enough.

If you want to experience that for some reason, queue with 2 friends and have them die on purpose. It will not be a fun experience.

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