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The game will be available for pre-order for consoles once the exact release date has been revealed.

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01 Sep

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Can confirm that the game can either be played Solo or with up to 2 teammates online.

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That is indeed an error. Would you mind telling me which country you are trying to access the Connect Store from?

Is this the desktop app or the mobile app?

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Originally posted by WaterSquid

It seems you’re missing my point. I said nothing in regards to misguided expectations, the main issue I brought up in the previous comment was the lack of value in the game, especially when you take into account the high price tag and the value we could have gotten from shared cosmetics (given the fact that Extraction reuses models made for Siege). It’s just a fact that the majority of Extraction is taken from Siege (and for some reason what appears to be at least one asset from The Division), which in itself would not be an issue if there wasn’t such a high asking price, backwards method of handling cosmetics, and complete lack of integration with Siege. When Activision and Epic released significantly different (in terms of gameplay) modes for their games (MW 2019 and Fortnite respectively) they didn’t charge their players extra, in fact they made it free to everyone, earning their money off of cosmetics and main game sales. They also integrated those products with the main game a...

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I mentioned expectations as Extraction has always been advertised as it was going to be a full price AAA game using the Siege Operators. But all of a sudden, people are acting as if it was a fast one that was pulled. No one was deceived yet the community is acting as if they were and fabricated these expectations themselves.

You state it as fact that the majority of Extraction is taken from Siege. Aside from the common Operators and weapons/gadgets/Outbreak Enemies, the rest of the stuff is new.

If you create brand new Ops/Enemies/Weapons, it ceases to be a Rainbow Six game.

You’re also ignoring the new stuff, which includes 12 maps that are all 3 times the size of Siege maps that are brand new. There’s new gadgets and new enemies as well. Don’t forget the tweaks to certain Operators’ gadgets.

Don’t forget the entire progression structure, both on a general level and Operator level. Something that doesn’t exist in Siege. There’s also the MIA syst...

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Originally posted by SucculentLittleBoi

You were able to apply the U Credit discount? I tried applying it to the Xbox version the other day and it said that it didn’t apply to this product and I was bummed.

You cannot currently pre-order the game on digital console storefronts. You will be able to once the new exact release date has been revealed.



Nothing to share about any price lowering but just want to clarify that there won’t be a price advantage to purchasing the game after release unless it is during a sale. You’ll pay the same price now than you would on release day.

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