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Hey there @JeSuisUnSquid,

Thanks for reaching out, sorry to hear that the game is crashing for you!

Please could you ensure that you've completed all of the steps in our PC troubleshooting guide, including verifying the game's files?

Please let us know how you get on after giving all those a go!

04 Apr

    Ubi-oof on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey @Lord047!

I can confirm that this issue has been reported from our end but as you mentioned, the fix will likely need to come from Nvidia. I actually had this issue as well with my 1660 Ti and it affects numerous non-Ubi titles as well.

On the bright side, you should be able to do a simple rollback to the oldest driver version that is still available, and you should see a drastic improvement. This issue started gettin...

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03 Apr

27 Mar


@Druout1944 Hi there 😊

I am sorry that you cannot use your desired resolution within the game. Could you please provide images of what you were describing, as well as of your graphic settings? Also, could you let us know which monitor you are using?



@Bombastic0013 Hi there and welcome to the forums 😊

I am sorry that you are having the same issue! Have you already tried the general troubleshooting steps suggested within this thread?



@Heelloooonurse1 Hi there and welcome to the forums 😊

I am sorry that you are getting this error and have not been able to play the game because of it. Thanks for already trying so many things to resolve this!

Could you please try to reconnect to the game and see whe...

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16 Mar


Hello @TheDohnJoe

Sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with Rainbow Six Extraction.

Could you please follow the steps in this article ?

If the issue still persist after that, feel free to come back.

In the meantime, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask and we will do our best to help you ! 


Hello @DingZhen-QAQ @hakanr339b

Sorry to hear that you're experiencing connectivity issues in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Could you please fo...

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08 Mar

    Ubi-MrM on Forums - Thread - Direct

@GeardoTheVet Hi !

I've taken note of your feedback, and I'm sorry to hear that the Issue prevents you from enjoying Rainbow Six: Extraction.

The case will help our investigation, in order to isolate the problem and determine the best possible solutions, so we thank you for all the elements provided !

If there's anything else we can help you with, or if you have any questions, feel free to reach out !

07 Mar

    Ubi-oof on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hello there @FabGold! Please note that you're currently within the English Player Support Discussion Board, and we are only able to help in English within this Discussion Board. This is because we try to avoid automatic translation tools to make sure we're avoiding any potential misunderstandings.

If you'd prefer to receive support in another language, you're welcome to create a support case on our website, and a member of your regional team will be able to assist you further. Alternatively, if you'd like to continue...

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Hey @Axios-115

I'm sorry that you had an issue with the Battle Pass.

Could you please tell me more details regarding the issue?
Have you finished a challenge but it did not unlock or you did not receive the reward?
Could you also tell me which challenge is not unlocking?

Thank you very much.