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Meaning in the other game for example Vigil isn't doesn't have access to a nitro cell only impact grenades, Can any defender use whatever now or are they tied to what they had before?

Being able to use smoke grenades on Hibana now when she doesn't have them in siege? Can we do that when we level up?

if you still have no idea what I mean basically can we put react equipment on whoever we want?

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Yes any Operator can use any REACT tech that you have unlocked.

However, they are split into 2 types: Explosives and Gear.

Explosives: Impact Grenades, Claymores etc. Gear: Body Armor, Revive Kit etc.

You can only equip 1 from each type so can’t have Stun Grenades and Frag Grenades equipped for example.

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What about recruit? How react equipment is handled? What guns they will have access to? Will there be upgrade for them too?

There is no Recruit in the game.

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