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Not sure if anyone else has experienced this but after I updated my drivers last night, the gameplay sound cuts in and out constantly. This only occurs in missions however and not in the main menu or staging area. Gunshots, suspects, voicelines, etc. will all be silent for 2-3 seconds and then happen all at once. Anyone else have a fix or experiencing this?

Drivers are 516.94

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Hey, thanks for posting - if you roll back your drivers, does this still happen?

What are you playing the game audio through? Specs?

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Just wanted to add that im on the 516.79 driver which shares a lot with the .94 driver and I'm not using the nvidia audio driver (external dac) and audio is fine for me.

Can try on the .94 driver if needed.

Oh nvidia… If you’re up for it, that would be a huge help!