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08 Jul

07 Jul


Originally posted by ShminiShmeat_YT

hey what i did fixed it thanks kinda :) ,,, ive never downloaded mods before but the fmod folder being removed and redownloaded fixed it .... file location steamapp/common/readyornot/readyornot/content/fmod

Good idea - and good solve! Reverifying is good, any potentially corrupted files usually get sorted out, glad it’s working. Enjoy!!!


+1, looks comfy as hell - I totally thought your steam deck screen was melted mush for a sec too and my heart dropped 😂

06 Jul

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02 Jul


Even after the 4000+ db of tinnitus acquired working on RoN, yeah it still happens every so often

27 Jun


Nah, its a Spider (2002) reference

26 Jun


Originally posted by nicolas1324563

220 ish



Originally posted by Jewish-Monkey

What scene does it reference? I can't find it

Hahaha I'm totally pulling your leg - I actually just had a huge chuckle

25 Jun


Nah it’s a Caché (2005) reference

31 May

24 May


They’re more of a continuation of the story and expansion of the world building itself :) the DLC won’t be required to be completed to get all the base game achievements and stuff. 

13 May

06 May

30 Apr


Left click for a megaphone!

13 Apr


Originally posted by HypeDancingMan

This is likely the artist.

Yup. Martin is an absolute legend.

12 Apr


Originally posted by FubarSnafuTarfu

I mean that’s not an uncommon DLC strategy. The Arma series has traditionally offered DLC comparability for non owners of the pack at lower resolution

This was our original inspiration - but then all the art gets diminished!

04 Apr


Originally posted by makstra

Reshade is not installed. (Actually had to Google what it is). No compatibility options selected on the executable.

What are your specs?

Try updating your GPU drivers, make sure it's a clean install