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Attention Officers,

Welcome to the 36th edition of our biweekly newsletter! In this briefing, we’re going to dive into some AI improvements our team has made as well as explore future plans for suspect AI development.

Manipulated Chaos
As of our most recent update, AI behavior will be altered depending on player interaction. Over the course of the game, AI stress will naturally decrease or increase depending on how aggressive your team is. AI in high stress will not hesitate to shoot you and be combative, while AI in low stress will not be as aggressive. Our goal is to show you how your team’s actions impact the world and gameplay experience. As we progress, we hope the stress mechanic will create the opportunity for a wider range of dynamic situations to arise.

Slow to raise the weapon, wonder what else?

Suspect Gameplay

Our team is looking into improving how AI moves through the world by using spline paths during navigation. By using a spline path, AI will be able to move more easily and smoothly around sharp edges and corners, giving them more natural and realistic characteristics. Through the addition of more complex animation transitions, turns will be determined by AI speed and trajectory. In response to gunfire or stress, future versions of AI could slip or stumble during transitions. This new feature aims to make interactions with threats more entertaining and challenging in high-speed situations.

There's no Lombard Street in Los Suenos, but this will do.

Our top priority is improving AI movement and consistency during gameplay. AI can currently burst into full speed without any build-up; we will be introducing methods to slow down encounters, allowing officers time to react. Slowing down initial movement will make interactions more believable, but players should still proceed with caution, even if the threat doesn’t appear to move as quickly as before.

Think twice before you do whatever it is you plan on doing

For suspect AI gunplay, we’re focused on reworking reaction times and how they locate and engage with players. Instead of suspects simply blending between two poses (weapon up and down), specific states to raise a weapon and then aim it will be introduced, minimizing issues related to readability during encounters. Our next major update will also include the ability to startle unaware suspects and civilians. Startles will fill the gap when suspects are deciding to flee, hesitate, surrender, or shoot. Lastly, we are working towards creating more variety in suspect profiles and abilities depending on their role in the world. These additions should build up to create a more realistic and improved gameplay experience.


This concludes our 36th biweekly briefing, discussing AI updates already integrated in Ready or Not as well as revealing some exciting plans for gameplay against suspects. Expect more details on our plans to improve civilian interaction and SWAT control in the future. Make sure to tune in next time for more development news.

Keep your feet on the ground.

VOID Interactive

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Sad thought we could’ve played as the bad guys


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I'm new to the game and confused. So do we all already have access to this update or only 'supporters'. :/

This isn’t an update just a newsletter previewing future work (minus the stress mechanic which is already in all builds)