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Forgive my ignorance, but I wonder why mods can fix/improve core game issues like AI but somehow the dev team is having so much trouble? Don't mean to be offensive or something but genuinely curious...

It's a more general question too, not only for RoN. How come for so many games, mods so easily fix issues or improve the game so much but the actual game itself doesn't do these things?

Is it cause the dev team is a limited number of ppl and mods are created by third-parties that might have more resources, time, and people?

Also, couldn't the devs just partner with whoever made the mods and implement them into the actual game? I never really understood this lol

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about 1 year ago - /u/VOID_Ali - Direct link

Because we're still in development. Changing a value in a text file is a lot easier than pushing out an update. Mods don't fix anything, they just change values that we expose, they can't add in new behaviours or fixes. Keep in mind the AI is not final and we're not fully satisfied with their behaviour too!

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